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John Ryder and Lenny Megliola React to the David Ortiz Injury News

Mar 10, 2013|

John and Lenny are concerned about the health of David Ortiz and wonder how many games he is going to suit up for this season. With the potential absence of Ortiz’s power in the order, the guys look at who would handle the DH duties.

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Yes you heard correct judge John -- now joined by a -- meg really check about metro west daily news doing a baseball journal of the Boston Globe as well. Millennial world we were kind of catch -- up during the break anyway. You've pretty much share the same oppression let's face it this was d'souza. Pretty boring game today for for Oklahoma City which is a highlight real but this was a boring game that's -- I mean. You'll Mikey teams -- -- you throw these opportunities yesterday -- history and in who they are and I was and how they've been playing a couple all famous and then and all that. But yeah I it was a drab game. To me the title. Reggie Jackson -- shot dissuade us now is unbelievable. And and we shocked by that by that and he also had quite a block well which I thought should have been blocked Jason that would be chased down. -- that was yes best idea so anyway yeah -- -- -- and not not a big thing. And all I know it's been out and play each other cities. I don't I think will now there would be nice if we know what that would mean but anyway with that. The F dive pretty much the same impressions. As usual will get into the Celtics also as well again and it is about David Ortiz -- of the latest on that. Inflammation of both heels not just one bowl problem. Right now and shut down for five to seven days and you know and LB more than five to seven days past ten to twelve -- even though and it's. Initial toward my reaction was the same -- young and even yesterday with Pete when we had drug breath and on any -- talked about what was happened today. My first reaction even before results of those. And this isn't good considering that -- and I asked Brett fitted. What's have been Ortiz his body language -- -- always happy guy and smile lights up the room and I'll latch on and visualize you know he's been not moody but. Obviously something on his mind and so this was hit. And now more bizarrely is how they gonna handle it Farrell's -- you know. I mean this Ortiz gonna talk after Farrell because -- it is his body so. Here is can address the media -- not today -- tomorrow I would think -- headed back to Boston or something but there's no reports of that -- speculated yeah but I he's saying out of the way they doing if I was gonna talk first about Britain and mental analysis and say you know talk to Pakistan can be happy Bowden. But it is it it makes you wonder are looking at that exploited. On the Texas he'll play eighty games in one Bluetooth. -- -- Throw there's a lot of concern about Aaron and obviously it was distributed it yeah it would team that. Doesn't have a lot of pop that we know of com. Analysts don't you know surprises that you know Napoli hits through the and going through its 25 from the -- but. Com yeah it's big concerns date they need his bat and that it's just not good. It certainly is -- and that means that someone else texted and as well to me earlier on well before the last break. Lou what are the DH options while I picked will be DH by committee not quite will be. At times a BC Mike Napoli a DH is probably means. A guy like I'm I'm just guessing throat and out there a guy like a moral goal mark. Moral Gomez -- Ryan the foreign way to start the season here. With a Red Sox as as DH options and Gomez complacent first base so that's probably the case I would think. Well how about a -- DH seeing private time you can you -- that. Miss -- dogs yes I think LB but they'll be a real mixture I would date for the first week or so -- Then why not keep Jackie Bradley junior and them play left field grown since. I know won't get as many bats as he would it part tucked a -- now that's a possibility I mean if they're looking for away again -- -- hinges on. Ortiz. Long term. But Saddam if that's going to be our you know ongoing problem for Big Papi and and going through some possible you know TH guy in not a great defensive player. Can't keep Bradley is your fourth I'll feel. Yeah well today anyways sources say that Bradley will likely start the season in the minors although -- the team hasn't announced that but. Likely my guess would be triple -- and a few flourishes there and there's some sort of other injuries they'll bring him up reform struggles -- one of their other outfielders struggles. Could be a quick call up for. For Jackie Bradley junior yeah that's the most likely scenario it's -- now let's get to the phone calls in nine years Carlos in Providence -- Carlos. It's -- Carlos. -- Put to Carlos on hold here's Tom in Salem made Tom. I don't know that -- -- you. -- brilliant connector and ET. Will click on I'm lucky that it might contain him entirely Napoli. Would be terrified. Because that motivating good combination. And and -- I think he's going to be done. But I'm not I'm a pessimist. Believes that's. -- signs. The reason -- -- not being accustomed -- I don't get that. Look closely at that scene how are. You know get ago led the wealthy get all the word is probably. Didn't. Right I right I I -- I'm would you Tom anatomy face in Miami the first round of the -- around just try to avoid them hope someone knocks a bath for. I never wish for injuries but something extraordinary happens and if you meet with a -- Eastern Conference finals that be terrific book. The soldier under -- You know -- already is coming out of our group that -- giving Sunday eventuality -- we haven't seen close up media. And that's a lot of play is a lot during the collection and why not an end date biggie. Surprisingly lock up some of these scenes -- it if you if you great. -- ultimately you want him. You know arm strength and I don't think it's backing him because -- and an old team. No I don't think there's any backing was steam I think to this one thanks for the call Tom W I mean considering what they're up against I'd say that they've. Exceeded expectations. Of heavily exceeded expectations ever since Rhonda what that guy meaning me Aaron out yet yes that. Absolutely right it's as the playoffs. I'm leaning towards what he said today I was ambivalent about. You know who they claim for a strong enough is going to be eighty into one entity. But you -- given the chance to you know I mean if they wind up playing Miami and not not in the first round. Then you know that's successful season because if you're gonna get to Miami and have to win the cup series so. You know like. Like that that outlook and I still you know they won't beat Miami mountain in my estimation you know that's not groundbreaking. But yeah I like to see him you know. Snacks -- and a couple of text messages here. Why you downplaying the Celtics last today the game was right here for the taking -- -- the Celtics being the team you don't want to play. I think these these teams are familiar with a with a Celtics aren't the most teams are familiar with the Celtics yes if the Celtics are the seven C -- the six theater. They're facing. Did the knicks -- the pacers or whoever their matching up against in the first round I'm sure most teams are merely kid -- week -- canopy of land and -- the Celtics at the most teams would feel that way yeah -- -- I think guys -- despite tonight in today's lots. The teams look the they're very familiar with this. With the with the Celtics are the Eastern Conference in price for -- yes sure. Another text ray writer Roy Utah why won't you talk about the World Baseball Classic elimination game between the US and Canada on wanna talk about that. A right now they're tied up -- tool added to the bottom of the fourth. There the elimination game. Most intriguing part of the World Baseball Classic the -- while Israel us last night. The the brought not only does Canada. Vote would Mexico on the field that with a minute brawl as well they did they did about GC Larry Walker's comments about that now about the seven that satin I saw saves -- eyes he has such statement is not well at all CNET right Bobby Valentine's our -- and it's. As seven is right -- goes out there. And and probably none of this and dirty -- right -- the Canadian manager. And said you know if run differential. Wasn't a factor in determining how the World Baseball Classic he probably wouldn't be seeing that -- that her game last night you probably wouldn't. I agree with them and also if this is regular spring training and this service was involved like that I -- will. -- -- -- -- suspension or fine you notice that when he first went out they're all lies pretty much for at least the gathering right around amount -- him and an immediately about seven guys. War on top how many -- -- few punches thrown his way -- -- -- they they realize this -- a -- job people familiar with the squad you know. Watch out for him -- he might. And they send three Canadian plays -- penalty box and one -- game is to conduct all the sirens were put. That. World Baseball Classic. Teams I could tell some of these teams here you wouldn't you wouldn't have that happening if they didn't care. But now white is a big guy like. Some Mike -- was here watching the United States play why don't we have that they've gets some -- better players that they don't have the top US players feel and now it's not. Indicative of The Who -- the American yeah. Well certainly not indicative of the US team. Lately because the best plays out there it was is the third one. I believe I this is the third or fourth I can't remember I don't. You know I'll watch some of it and it's it's not like appointment viewing for me now. You know it's just. Doesn't have that you seen any irate enough numbers and then ratings. I have nine dollars all on the MLB network -- -- to and of course this game in progress right now elimination game I'm remember Canada won it last year and I remember when. -- could forget what Japan. Ended up waiting to Daisuke Matsuzaka putting on an unbelievable performance and they are getting that huge contract he became a name that day. Went when you say world baseball classic the first name that comes to mind is Daisuke. Probably always will certainly for the good -- the bad at that you already -- around here show yes I would think so. Think he's as starter I haven't checked out how he's to a -- and and Arizona with Cleveland. I sorry he had one good dot outing and have some quotes from my frank -- understand how anything he can do baton you know and he knows how to he knows how to pace at all nice things yet they all say nice things aren't they can look at Farrell I mean he said you know. Hasn't criticized anybody down there and not show idea I mean again I -- we -- John and in terms of the the pitching. Dot com -- we had a really collar Lackey looked great today and day in Biden. That's fine but you know that some of those Linus they're facing to acquire C Arabic league lineups you know the manager looking at big guys for it to make via. You know -- disquiet and 24 25 guy so. But I guess conversely. If but couldn't get the ball low today -- -- appearances a Lackey get laid up with you know we be seeing -- my guy -- regular season -- -- -- -- take it for what it's worth you know he goes out there and as that as a good day. Good yeah I mean that's encouraging I'm not gonna say Elvis said with a Lackey Evan is solid outing that are right there it is -- right he's gonna win sixteen game. Certainly a step in the right direction yes but again to see these. Like your take bloodied. Last couple starts last to spring training starts for establishment -- that's when it kind of looked into hurried into a little bit more especially since they are being stretched out by them yes right in using it NN that point they're now working on one page in particular exactly or. Or or something new usually using their whole array in trying to locate entire repertoire right then and an -- and by then until. You have some of the better lineups united -- these guys that are good restart and the season did the double layer somewhere Joseph you know received a lot of the regulars there. A lot of the guys trying to make team or death Symbian mines will be you know there will be cut by then -- -- by -- now who's gonna make -- so it's yeah it's much -- a better indicator when -- -- six innings -- -- -- an inning at third or two innings by tech. Again and you know we have -- to looks terrific Michael X ray -- looks great it's all terrific now and if they weren't having good springs we'd worry remorse from just take that as a positive. Greg Craig -- issues producing today always comes up right away whenever idea. I mentioned something with the information he has a Daisuke 2.5 seven ERA this spring three games one start. I gotta -- the Cy Young OAS -- idea again -- -- ideas issue at the back end of that that rotation typically on the as a shouted to. Are you part of the back into that rotation sharp. And who knows better than -- Daisuke stick around Derek Lowe recently signing -- Texas minor league and a in. Kyle Lohse is still out there and who sit Everett is anyone never gonna and I wait for the season start for a team you know what it is is. Now there's some American League teams with the interest but he's in high pitched well in the National League central and their wander in and his agent he's looking for a little bit of money. What is he gonna give it he'll probably only you get a one year deal wherever it would be it yeah for maybe pretty good money and he'll be in the American League there reminds me. Of boy like royal assault that's what provides we have -- -- -- and accurately when one is this guy gonna sign it worked out. Oh well had a pretty -- better attract record in terms of all US senate career life so I did it here right it's a guy that's just holding out waiting for the right in the right team and -- -- Probably -- what did o.s welcome back midseason that yet -- with Texas yeah. Dexter Bradley and lefties say DH could be Gomes or salty one Ross's eye catcher can -- Jaco against the lefties that -- there's there's some variables he can go it here but -- Like it it's not just the DH position it's what David Ortiz can bring in the middle of that lineup that's what it's all about here and now they're going to be even more dependent. And Pedroia a middle Brooks and Ellsbury and of course Napoli as well. You don't want -- you don't want Bradley making the team and and maybe standing most of the gains on the on the back growth OTC injury that's the bottom line you you want him there. I don't think. And and or in Bradley junior don't wanna give him enough at bats and see if he again this guy's only had one year of of -- of experience down at the minor league level. I think they'll still wait and see give my little bit more timing down there before they bring him up he will be up at some point and probably earlier than later -- this season. But I understand if they're looking for any excuse it seemed like Farrell. In the early going was looking for a reason. And say excuse or reason you know maybe to keep these kids on the club -- but he couldn't. Because. You know you had your opinion you know -- Karl fields from -- And Bradley -- they should play every day. But if you get in the lineup almost every day with Ortiz thousand. -- Gomes you know DH in more often than not. It it's possibly on to sort of out -- and I felt it happened CIT Gomes is gonna plan he's a horrendous fielder meant. -- -- probably only play will be that part time player against against lefties. Yeah well yeah I think that's true right I think you know tell you probably that you probably would have Bradley Gomes in there at the same time anyway -- -- Bradley. You know it would be going up against right eighties who would say to them. Couple of taxes I had a multiple textures -- -- fall box globe and I -- watch the fight last night but couple attacks and I do want to mention it Bernard Hopkins. One the IDF light heavyweight championship twelve round unanimous decision. And it's his couple -- point 48 years old 48. That says more about the boxing. Predecessor the competition that and yes I mean at the record I'm a good good like that template you know it which Evian name you. Bring up boxing don't -- Don king's name anymore. Now now what. Don King is he. Late seventies have studied how old is done in his seventies I did. Not is not a look at them ignited. Is the seventh and another text or they always do this appreciated to alerts me this is the third World Baseball Classic as his performance was 2005 via the good news. It is the third the fourth and -- are right to 61777979372. Text it's at 37937. Whether it's Ortiz is injury Celtics today in Oklahoma City and going forward. Also a Bruins we haven't discussed that as of yet NFL free agency -- -- -- coming up this week. Looking forward to that as well weakened we can discuss all those matters and and Greg districts Don King is 810. Is a real -- holy macro that. I'd does so is hair it's 85. Bright -- Still has better here than Donald Trump I agree and it will be back in just -- ninety sic what a pair.

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