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WWE Hall of Fame announcer & BBQ connoisseur Jim Ross with Sean Grande

Mar 10, 2013|

Every year when the Celtics visit OKC, Jim Ross joins Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell for a quarter. Since the guys really can't talk too much WWE during live game action, Grande & JR took some time to extend their conversation. Enjoy!

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Well we appreciate you punch us up here online needs to figure out how to you know networks by now I occurred to me a couple of years ago first time that we do this -- Taylor that. The problem was so many people want to hear and you have so many fans worldwide net the team broadcast itself with -- by the NBA so it's one shot deal you have to listen live or you're not -- -- relies so many people -- it's it can adapt. So we view this online people -- listen to whenever they want -- their leisure at their desk pretending you're working and lost them by as many different ways. If you look at this particular conversation which I know what a lot of you. One here we'll we'll get to comedic bit and it's being. Now playoff season yet AMP events playoff season in them that you get that second place. Any thunder situation here when we first started doing this but thunder were on the rise. They were a young team they were losing a lot of games this support of the fans -- and now you have watched -- -- many many games it part of this Oklahoma sports scene. And now this become the team in the Western Conference what was this part of the country estate in this city like. During the NBA -- Or as crazy you know and I learn something -- this morning up -- mystery man -- the in the day. He owns everything else up -- him out of on the India. In a secret way pay patients. It's all it's just a matter of time that David Stern probably won't be the new broad general manager into the -- I pay to see those two guys roomed together those workers stuff out organized conversation the the atmosphere was. The only way to describe it for. A sports fan is that. It was frenzied much like the sooners going to the national championship football game. It was yesterday everybody was all in. Allegiances. The thing about this team is that. Since the federal building was bombed in Oklahoma City several years ago. I think the state just look for something to galvanize. All the constituencies whether beat the sooners the local state team what -- what -- maybe. And at better -- that they have brought all sports fans and their respective -- bases together. And I think that's been really great for the city it's been a great economic boom for downtown Oklahoma City. And all the ancillary businesses so. The Oklahoma City Thunder has been extraordinary for the state you know we -- talking at dinner last night about their fans at Tulsa. -- that's at 200 mile round trip this season tickets that directed at a mile round trip to come to every home lenders. If Philly in the heavy we will go there aren't that many markets left worried is the primary thing in that particular market is like going on New York dislike or not a policy is like going on Chicago. But in knowing San Antonio in salt lake city Oklahoma City seeing a little bit in the NHL but it it really you really think he ripped. Spring practice is going on for you for your services have very very busy time here you are you excited about though the fall. Yeah I think you know we're we get a thumbs up three new coaches. And we'll have a new offensive system to some degree because -- quarterbacks vying for the job that probably will not be decided until. All of this. Can run and that's something that's in the last decade was Sam Bradford and Landry Jones that we haven't had a -- running quarterback. -- pine for the days and quarterback brawl. That we never saw. At least the last four years that seems to know is that this is the RG three college athletic -- now in the NFL and that trickles down. Other problems don't use a little bit of the the bring in the coach some of that of that and a -- that. Champion that off this afternoon in the 49ers are run and we've got a big kid name public bill that's -- of a young Roethlisberger is 66. 250. The bar. Hard to get them. That type players that we get a couple others that are not that large obviously but that they all can run as the bottom line and in -- it's a fifteen year. Replacement coaches which is highly and you feel his style in this thing. -- as we transition to our annual you know are dumped heavy conversation comes wherever we happen to come to Oklahoma City and this year and last year to. It was sort of this time a year now Ager in the march obviously you know -- wrestle -- season we'll get to the second. Unprecedented. Hall of fame. Class and it happened at Madison Square Garden of all places but this was a very difficult week for a lot of people in the industry put himself because. It is extremely rare. -- particular business when you hear someone universally. Those grades and the character and everybody knows all there -- no movies passed away this week he was one. If -- was especially on Tuesday at the age of 58 and I had a long history within going back to the early eighties and his personal friend of the third. He's a guy that grew up as a resting in a Mobile, Alabama always wanted to be in the business didn't have the athletic skills to be a wrestler. But he had the entertainment skills to be a manager and he was very account manager. It's hard to. -- them for some of us that have been around the undertaker. Incarnation that television persona since its inception. To see the -- without Paul there. Our own without the potential for a reunion as it -- so he's -- -- that was severely missed at Vegas. I don't know how it is in in professional sports that I know that in show business you know obviously someone is universally liked and doesn't have any. You know vocal enemies. -- kind of rare if you mentioned John and I think that. -- in this. Paul -- bill moody polished solid person got -- I. It was arson doesn't need be if it. He was always Ballmer on television person behind the scenes. With a real name of bill -- finishes and some of the multiple personalities that we all deal with a on a daily basis and John or sports entertainment but he is that he is a good good -- will be missed obviously his funeral was yesterday. In mobile. Young players develop in the NBA in professional sports we have veterans around them and in the sports entertainment industry. To -- the undertaker was probably going to end up in the hall of fame eventually anyway he would have been down that track but. It's hard to envision it happening without someone like Paul -- -- to be with him at the start and -- as a fan as a longtime fans watching now. He sees me there's so much young talent as much in a lot of ways there's ever been but now. Part of the business doesn't think it's easy to be as many young manager -- development and -- the people to enhance the young him. Well it's a very unique skill base and and yet have a a a genuine feel for being an antagonist. And a lot of guys that are great managers that we can name. All the very guys even the Freddie Blassie's in the grand wizards and and some of the classics from the WWW. Days. They all. Learn their trade in the and other territories of the regions of the country before they made it quote unquote into the big time in in the northeast. And so I think that's the that's the issue -- that. I don't think that the dividend be created this intentionally moved away from managers as much as. It's like the NBA. The find me a seven foot two gathered in two to three or seven to -- can play with a back to the basket. He has to learn a further back the basket it. So it's a different ball game with a different environment. That you know Paul Raman is three mere. Figure on WW television. But he's a product of the environment that we just mentioned and he's also very very good antagonist that. If you and I talked about at dinner you know we've you can argue with him and apart for -- you know you. Vociferous argument about what would have -- but that's just his personality and he's very very good. -- what we get up get -- tiger you you always says you don't believe. The street today after those circumstances really under which the streak shouldn't do it every year is a unique situation. And to me it's almost the fifth as the fans. If there was a guy. I mean this is a this is the one thing left -- it makes it unique and special after Qantas with too few punches with the year that he did. An unprecedented run in this data in the Twitter -- to which we have no patience for anything -- the longest run. In 25 years the only thing left for in the ultimate -- left to be passed as the undertaker street get Russell media and to me as a fan. If there's a -- Pittsburgh to its Ian thought well you know even though. I personally believe the undertaker will never lose wrestle mania. I think that this story leading into April 7 at MetLife stadium will be very compelling. Because. As you mentioned if I would tell the story on WB TV. It would be in this that there will be other definitely champions there will be other long rains. With a -- law and diplomacy and -- that remains to be seen but it's doable. There can only be one person. Ever be the man that in some winning streak only won't ever in any incarnation. The man of the year to -- time. So I think it's -- really an intriguing. Storyline. It's an interesting match up with styles. Both undertaker and follow are big MMA fans. I think that -- you'll see some of those elements. Utilized. -- the question always has to be. Whether we like to bring it up or not it is. At the -- takers aids late forties and all the injuries that he's had candy hold up and is he vulnerable. From the fiscal standpoint and does the WW believe that maybe it's time to -- In your -- man forever that you -- if you beat him to it is and that's kind of might not my thing you know the only opening you know sort of -- years you know in this in this conversation. With a -- favorite industry is. Isn't in the end of the day is in the business cyclical nature of it isn't passing the torch at every level. Huge part absolutely without question it is a huge part of it is the obligation. Of the older guys to somewhat anoint all our elevate the younger guys that the next generation is. As strong if not stronger than the previous. Whether that decision and now those. The thought process will be. Will be very intrigued I disbelief that. The pope's ability to verbalize the story that can be told. If you -- tell the story that it for years -- get the undertaker seemingly. Impregnable. He had a coat of armor that could be dented. Is it really is mother nature just -- here. It's not that way he has only -- we have seen since last year and -- last year he has his major surgery. So he's had he's had one match on the road that was in Waco Texas off Broadway not advertised. -- well physically. But how can he hold on. That's the biggest night and our and our Super Bowl. On April 7 because -- -- about half. Folks a machine he just keeps coming -- -- coming and that's those going to be real interesting of the clash of styles there. It will be one of those matchup with the broadcasters dreamed of all. It will be one of those matches that if you're a star. And -- follow it. You're gonna really -- Anxious moments because -- got -- follow such an emotional presentation. This great shock to me. Is as big a singular element. Today Israel so many presentation. Is anything that we had. And you kind of vindicate them again I don't think people truly realized when you think about that show. The placement on the show. The corporate structure everything involved in this suitable the pressure of what they're two of the biggest game players of all time on the first ballot hall of famers. But the pressure on Johnson you know. And a rock to do this again. To carry the show it to end that she could tell in more compelling story in a rematch. Situation is to me that's that's extraordinary restaurants absolutely in the other factors that we have to is that human element of fans sitting there for four plus hours that way if you factor in the time that they get there they parked the get their seats weather could be whether there can be servant of the you get there early. And then the show that have the paper music for our broadcast. And they're gonna close that for our broadcast so. They have no option but to the extraordinary. They got to change their matchup a little bit that some of their presentations. Yet to fan favorites the lack of better term. Insane and rob you of those in this somewhat polarizing as we've ever seen. So the pressure of those two guys is something that is never really out -- we've spoken about in the locker room area because. You wanna jinx anyone kind of goes unsaid but we all know the pressure on those two -- to deliver is enormous. That's going to be amazing weekend I think that the hall of fame class is going to be stacked anyway before. Also it's really interesting a couple of years ago we were doing the UN -- to -- in the -- first time it. We had little live within seconds -- between free throws like kind of throughout. Very quickly be the standard mount Rushmore question who the four guys to put on mount Rushmore -- it. My own in my own mind to. If I assume geographic bias and I was surprised when you said Bruno San Martino an idea of -- what a hundred guys as they can always be entertained. Now surprise that he -- to the front of your mind. You know again geographically was thinking to realize what Burleson were to -- was. I was really happy to see the reaction of things against type and our lack of attention -- Real sympathy to us from the -- thirty years and yet the reaction in the respect for someone. Who has really been for a lot of reasons has been a part of WB TV rights to see that reaction that that -- for me to be realized that New -- -- -- reason. All the while thinking you're right about that it's going to be the most emotional all things we've ever had regardless sold out it's the -- of 188 time that Bruno sewed up the hard. And we're give him credit that sell out because it wasn't sold out of that was that was announced that front -- but you know it's great to say hey Bruno. With a 188 times he sold out the guard but he has meant so much to so many people. Wrestling villains and territories. Would dedicate their body of work to get good enough to get there quote on quote run and -- New York. Which as the northeast Boston. And -- in New York City and Philly and so forth. So everybody warned that run when Bruno when he got if you're lucky you got one shot the garden. My boss bill watts who was Atlanta -- third year in the business got three runs with -- Bruno in the garden three shots. And that was highly unusual. And so who villain and for those relationship. I felt like I knew Bruno because bill referred Bruno many times in my formative years. And of course I was a product has arrested venerate the monthly wrestling magazines -- and my god you couldn't read a magazine. That -- -- Well. Reload she gonna last in every situation include like -- -- this is my show. And I grew up idolize pop back. I could be the only one targets and not with burdensome to rather with my back and it's overshadowed again my guy Madison square just it's just the way it worked out. To be it's funny you have you're you're crazy childhood biases -- who look at the businesses fail to recognize. Who vocal was snorkel with a simple we all have our guys and to me that body of work when we talk about with C upon justice will always be two guys came before -- and after Bruno while back the body of work will always be. Unappreciated arm of Bob back them. Passes the Oklahoma territory. After. Coming down from. His college days started Amarillo. Inning made district food Oklahoma's just made since the adjacent territories. And he was here for a little for a little while. Very quiet very Joseph you would never thought that -- had their run but you know the story goes that ms. McMahon senior wanted a Jack Bristol life. Figure I wrestling hero. And -- -- Bob back when he got that so much more because Bob was reliable and durable -- the strongest guys in the business physically and mentally. And I'm happy for Bob of their great night if I were format in the hall of fame. I was struck that you all -- it slowly up and get Roland gets some laughs out there because. I think a lot of the other inductees. Are gonna have more when -- things to say and -- -- gamers you know that wells anybody is. Some women usually unique think. With him about it stand it would be great but what is far this -- great night and might be. Obviously -- throughout the Sierra Club back when my good friend Mick Foley and of course when I get older I had -- a certified electrician differently. If I was that's different -- -- if podcast. For those time all right obviously thank you guys are rough for much of the stuff we don't need to do -- refuse if you can't do it during the game up to play is going on and obviously we can do it we can do it for hours and hours and go on with a but it is -- you were. Extraordinarily. Popularity and love the people have for you just wanted to hear your voice that demand for this. You know it's fun for us to have you here I know you love being around these but this is. This is something we do because you were. Resonance with people. They just want more and more of today are some numbers we appreciate. Appreciating -- I was always great to have you here enjoyed. Always -- -- your valued friend that. As such respect for Boston in that area. You know I I Stiller coming -- -- -- -- that one day. Where we had a paper view in the old garden. And I have I share locker room of the size of -- plausible gorilla monsoon and it was just an incredible day because. He told me so many stories about his experiences in the garden as the bad guy as a good guy. You know -- one -- Bruno all these things. So to Boston's. What my favorite spots that. First place very raw oysters. And not -- We will talk about the kind of fortune you maybe. Last night and I. May be a quick picture over later maybe I won't -- I will say that you Amanda I and I won't exactly tell you what it is that they are happy last night except to say this. To eat them. You have to have its. And believes that your man thanks for -- himself.

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