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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross Joins Dale Arnold

Mar 10, 2013|

Jim Ross will join Grande and Max later today during the C's/Thunder game, but first he spends a few moments with Dale discussing his love of sports and his friendship with Grande. Good Ol' JR is the man!

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Up bottom of the hour and take Oklahoma City where the Celtics play the Oklahoma City Thunder. And joining me right now this -- say this is a thrill and an honor for me and I'm dead serious when I say this. Not only do I think that he's one of the great announcers of my lifetime. He is the single. Greatest wrestling announcer of my life time. Jim Ross is with -- JR thanks for being with us this -- -- -- dale are about it I couldn't be better and I'm very excited to hear you working with Sean today he's gonna carry me through a quarter the second quarter regret America. He -- and F -- you anywhere my friend I've heard your work for a long long time now that you're a big basketball fan -- I am indeed on the I'm a sports -- And you know I -- as an only child -- small farm in eastern Oklahoma so like I grew up on sports read the sports page in. And hearing the storage and let them program products on the sports guy. I know you're on the sidelines for those Oklahoma football games all the time yeah I got my I got my good friend. Coach Bob -- takes -- on the sideline tonight. I've missed I used to commute from Connecticut and I work for -- dead equal time. In the office I used to commute though you games home -- away out of LaGuardia that was an adventure but not not -- -- -- I said this earlier in the show and I meant it sincerely there may not be anybody who knows. The wrestling business better than the guy you're gonna work with John -- pretty good at that business though you have the value as visa visa and unique. Realm of understanding what we do that crazy genre the misfortune of things that are are progressing as a what's called want to. You know way back in the day I I like it better when you when everybody just admits that sports entertainment don't you yes absolutely it's entertainment and it's not a sport it is entertainment and we do try to entertain now are there athletes that are entertaining US live. That's great athletes but it is an entertainment and Indians and of course we're excited about the road wrestle mania which is. The third you guessed that neck of the woods so it was the eighth in the MetLife stadium April 7. Are you a little worried about being out doors April 7 in metropolitan New York I'm a little worried about whether -- you -- on taking a -- they'll have to. -- make -- a big pillow right and a coat and I have my hat on it by I don't know that I am actually go to work a match that if not. I'll be in the sanctuary of a sweet. What they nice beverage in hand and join the festivities will no beverages in hand this afternoon and all that basketball to call my friend we're gonna get serious this -- really should be an outstanding game both teams are hot. Both teams are winning. So I was of them five row the voters went for in a row in the -- pretty hard to beat at home. All seriousness it's been a real Roland an honor for me to talk to you thank you bet they'll into but I appreciated thanks that is that'll. AR Jim Ross who's gonna work the second quarter of today's game in Oklahoma City. With Sean -- I just got a direct tweet from Sean -- He says and -- a -- attacks he says. I thought you'd enjoy this so I -- show on 120. I got a chance to talk -- did JR as well I gotta get out of here Celtics basketball coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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