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Dale Arnold Opens Sports Sunday Going Around All Four Major Sports

Mar 10, 2013|

Dale is solo on this Sunday a.m. and starts off literally talking about all four major sports - he mentions the Bruins easy victory over Philly yesterday, the free agents available to the Pats and if they will resign Welker, the roll the Celtics are on and that he believes they are in fact better without Rondo and finally the brawl at the WBC involving the crazy Alfredo Aceves.

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Happy Sunday morning -- Sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI my name's Dale Arnold in here till 1230 today we will take -- to the pregame show for. Boston Celtics basketball. But there -- a whole bunch of reasons why you wanna listen to Boston Celtics basketball on the radio. Mrs. And on requested. Testimonial on my part. I think Sean -- might be the best radio basketball play by play announcer in the country series. Now lord knows not yours I'll let off your seriousness I think John grandy is as good at what he does anybody in the country. I think Cedric Maxwell. Teamed with John -- is an enjoyable listen on all occasions. -- when you add to of that today. It Jim Ross is gonna call the second quarter of today's game. It good -- JR is gonna join show on granny and Cedric Maxwell on the broadcast today that my friend -- appointment radio right there. -- That's -- Music and he's hers and I mean I'm just Sonia. It will be a -- shocker today. When when good old. And and Cedric Maxwell in the broadcast Booth today. As the Celtics take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. It is a 1 o'clock tip -- on the year till 1230 which is -- pregame show happens. I'm just talent yeah. I would be listed today especially the second quarter -- all the time anyway. I would really listen the second quarter of today's game just to hear that. We got a whole bunch stop we will discuss between now and 1230 today it it it is one of those rare times and capitalize off. I want those rare times on Sunday morning where as far as I'm concerned all four Major League sports. All four Major League teams and please don't text in the about. The rams sin across. -- our thoughts off the four major sports -- -- before major sports are all in play. Bruins shut out Philadelphia Flyers yesterday three to nothing at TD garden eyes my body or lose access at one point during the telecast yesterday. He said it that that's a team looks that looks like they're playing get their coach. And my understanding in the building was that there was a closed door meeting in the flyers locker room after the game. I don't know because I was on the fifth floor at the time the meeting was taking place down on the third floor. I don't know whether the closed door meeting with players only where players and coaches. But apparently there was tea a little closed door session for the flyers. And I kind of feel bad for Peter Laviolette has meant that looked like a listless bunch -- out there on the ice yesterday. Even Tuukka Rask said after the game that. You know he pretty much sign everything really -- rebounds to worry about. And you know that was he he didn't say that I'll say it that's about it easier shut out as you're gonna get the National Hockey League so the Bruins shut up Philadelphia Flyers yesterday. Celtics as we set our inaction today. In Oklahoma City and and yes but the texture -- Jim Ross the wrestling announcer the fact -- have to ask that the New -- treasury off. Mean if you're listening to mean you don't know my wrestling. Connections and then in my wrestling references. -- want to turn the radio off but of course it's JR it's good old JR. All black -- He's going to be there and and he and Sean have been friends for a long time. Sean Randy might be the most knowledgeable -- them. Believe this if you don't know this already by just tell -- -- it would be crazy. Junk Randy might be the most knowledgeable wrestling person right now. You might know more about wrestling and he does about the NBA. And and he knows a lot about the NBA but yes that's who who -- talked about. Celtics in action this afternoon. -- have that very slowly here raised my hand in in abject shame and humiliation. And and look -- I have to I have to admit -- -- there was a time right after Drew Bledsoe got hurt. When I was saying well of course when -- -- help he's got to do his job back right now and after awhile after you sombre play for awhile. Is slowly but surely had to say while it was my idea of course you -- templates -- back in Brady been quarterback had to you know keep doing. There was a time back when when I actually thought you know I thought of Paul Pierson. And you know the way the Celtics played way back and then but he had a teammate who was more talented than him and I was an eighty. As Paul Pierce clearly. Had a whole lot more often than. Guy he came into the NBA then and there are times when you slowly but surely after to admit a mistake. I think the Celtics. Are playing better without Rajon Rondo. I think the Celtics. Dare I say it are a better team without Rajon Rondo. And that runs counter intuitive to everything I've ever thought about sports. You know it's that that classic line the the star player. Gets hurt that team you know sucks it up they find a way they win appeal and then when the star players ready to come back. And fans -- will what are you gonna do when someone so it's back in the lineup and I always say you put so and so back in the lineup nightly question. Now that's not an option here it's not like Rajon Rondo can return. I'm telling you. They're playing better. Without him than they did win them. And it's it's not it's not a question for this season. They'll play out this season the way it is they'll just roll on through the end of the playoffs is as far as it goes in. I was listening a little bit earlier on ESPN radio and and now. I think they are probably good enough to be in the Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat as the announcer did this morning I don't think they can win. The Eastern Conference finals against the Miami Heat maybe they can maybe they can't -- I I tell you right now that I. I think they're better team. Watch the game the other night the overtime win. You know use seat. And they're they're sort of lie in the NBA the lie in the NBA -- that. Rajon Rondo is one of the best defensive players in the National Basketball Association he's now. He's so quick. He's got no such. Hand eye coordination that he can steal he can you know he can hustle he can move. He's not a great offensive player Avery Bradley is a great defensive player and there's been a team wide commitment to defense on this team that didn't exist. When Rajon Rondo was -- This this team is better without that that this team is better it's just a fact. And I don't know for can go long term it'll be interesting next year when he can play again how he assimilate himself back into the -- here and whether he is taking notes as to what this team is doing right now and how they're doing it without him but at this moment right now. They are clearly a better team than they were when he was playing when he got hurt they were in seventh place. In the Eastern Conference standings and all they've done is climb in the standings since he went out a lineup and they went home they went on the road. How -- -- real tough to win today I'm going to be honest with you but the way they're playing nothing would surprise me. Idea I I have several text messages already and out for summary tonight I am. I guess these are all fans of another show on another radio station. First Dexter says feeling like an idiot now dale concerning young Bork. Another Texas says the NHL has spoken in the caller was right young Bork doesn't belong on the ice. With all due respect to the -- it's the same -- nevermind I thought it was two different -- now it's the same. Out with all due respect to the person from the 207. I know the NHL has not spoken and -- They have not determined that Chris Bork does not belong on the ice with the Boston Bruins. Does that mean every single player who gets sent down to the American Hockey League doesn't belong on the ice. In the NHL every time a player gets sent now it means he doesn't belong on the ice let's just -- Chris -- was given twenty games. Did not perform at a high enough level. Excuse me. The Bruins made a roster move that I think they were right about. They sent Crist down to Providence of the American Hockey League they recalled Jordan Iran. Ron had a nice game yesterday got a very nice assist on Chris Kelly -- first period yesterday. Pop it right him on that third degree on that third line looked like he did a great job. But I love the people who turn that into saint culture Chris -- doesn't belong in the ice in the NHL. There -- a couple of ways to get to the national hockey. One is you are incredibly high draft that you're rate Tyler Sagan Hugh Laurie Taylor Hall. Sidney Crosby. You get drafted high. Very high in the NHL and you jump right from juniors. Angle right into the national hockey and it happens for European Ohio graphics like that. For many other. Players. It involves an apprentice ship in the in the minor leagues usually in the American hockey Elaine. And what you do is you go there you hone your game you work on your game you prove that you can play at the professional level. And then you merit a promotion to the National Hockey League and the higher levels of hockey. Chris Bork led the American Hockey League in scoring a year ago. Was the highest score in the American Hockey League a year ago so no for the -- from 207. No this did not prove that Chris Moore doesn't belong in the ice in the NHL. What do -- is that he wasn't playing well enough to stay here right now. I guess is you're gonna see him again before the season is my guess is you'll see imminent Bruins uniform before the season is out. They did the right thing right now Chris his game was struggling. Whether it was crisis of confidence or whatever wise. He should have gone down to Providence of the American League. I -- I was frankly surprised it was -- who got the recall I thought it might be Ryan Spooner but that's fine you know then they made the call the Koran. Got the call he came up did a good job yesterday. But this idea that you will never seek Chris Bork -- Boston Bruins uniform again. Sorry. And I don't agree with that. And and that the person who just doesn't quite understand English I'll repeat this one last time just for you and York calling from Brunswick my home town so. I was kind of hoping you'd have a higher intellect and you apparently -- It's the same -- says UB rated a caller last week and stuck up for young Bork now you agree that he gets sent down -- what I disagreed with the caller wise the caller said. He doesn't belong on the same ice surface in the national hockey. That's the stupid comment. And I'm sure that even use sitting there in Brunswick listening to the radio can understand the words I just set. Yes I said it was stupid to say he doesn't belong on the ice in the NH. Yes I agreed that it was time for him to go down and work on his game perhaps get his confidence back up. You may see him again this year you may not look yesterday Jordan Ron played very well on the Bruins got the win. -- baseball actually -- weird sort of way became part of the conversation yesterday and by by weird. I immediately think -- services and here's a little a little tidbit for Alfredo Savvis and it's just you know words to live by Alfredo as you go forward in life. If there's a bench clearing brawl. And York team is involved in a bench clearing brawl just couple of tidbits. One. Probably not a good idea to get into a bench clearing brawl with any team from Canada. Because my guess is they're better at the brawling thing and you are -- Title if you square off with somebody. Playing for Canada in a bench clearing brawl. -- probably not picket guy with a Mohawk name Tyson galleys. I probably leave icing delays in his Mohawk alone. Alfredo sevenths involved in an ugly bench clearing brawl yesterday it was Mexico and Canada. And I'll say this the reason for this bench clearing brawl. Initially I thought was one of those unwritten rules. -- up 939. Inning guy bunt for a base hit. And you wanna talk about the unwritten rules that you you don't break well there that that's one of them. Except I find out as I read more deeply into it that among the idiotic rules for the World Baseball Classic. Is try to determine whether you move on or not. Runs. Is one of the determining tiebreaker someone other words it's sort of it's sort of like. In in college basketball or college football you know where where they are there actually rewarding you for running up the score. Candidate knew that they were gonna be a borderline team about whether they could advance or not. So even though they were up 93 in the ninth inning it was to their benefit to try to score more runs which is why this -- I'd wanted for a base hit. Which is why bail that's set which is why the third baseman who wielded the bond told -- pictured you hit the next guy. It took to -- three tries to hit the next guy. And after the second try to hit the next guy and the umpire warned both benches he finally did him on the third try. That touched off the brawler in the deadliest part of the brawl because usually bench clearing brawls in baseball as we -- -- not that big a deal. This out wrapped up pretty good. Because there was a Canadian with a Mohawk named Tyson -- And there was a Mexican named Alfredo was -- who REIT defines the word race. That is a tough mixture. He just lost that's well and quite frankly -- expected so. I think everybody learn from it I think you you obviously topic of conversation for everybody for a little while. And maybe -- recent white race and understanding or maybe -- this there. That's -- -- Crown Victoria who is the manager of Mexico. And and is he said. In a normal setting a normal professional setting I should say and 93 bunt in that fashion would be kind of out of the ordinary. It would break one of those unwritten rules. But in the World Baseball Classic you're supposed to score as many runs as you can you're supposed to run up the score if you can. And Canada was put a position where they had to -- 93 ninth inning guys just try to get on base because I gotta get moron we got to score more runs. -- that touched off the Mexican team. And that touched off the brawl and wouldn't you be shocked to hear that Alfredo was sevens was right smack dab in the center. And football is all self. A big part of what's going on because we are. Entering the free agency period the freeagent best and for everybody around here that means where it goes Wes Welker. The general rule of thumb is once a player reaches. Free agency they almost never come back. People who I know and respect around the National Football League to cover this sport on a regular basis seemed to think that this could be different than the norm. It Wes Welker could get out there in the free agent market. Could see what the offers -- could get a very healthy offer from somewhere. And ultimately make that decision that he's better served to come back into the patriot system to come back with Tom Brady as the triggerman. And that he would be better off staying here and playing for the patriots for what will be a very healthy sum of money. Even if it's not as healthy as some of money as he might get elsewhere. So he's out there. He's up he's available to -- If you're of a team in the National Football League. My gut feeling is probably ends up back here give me another name it's available to you patriots fans. You wanna sit and dream about the possibilities. James Harrison is out there -- by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Speaking of redefining raising James Harrison is available. I'm sure their folks out there are gonna say that's exactly this sort of thing that the patriots need a little dose of that meanness that ordering us. Signed James Harris and bring him in here remembering that attitude on your football team. And see if that doesn't improve things. So this is one of those days where all four sports are fallible for sports are on the docket we will talk about all of them with you. Bruins after a couple of game losing streak of kind of righted things here posted back to back wins over Toronto and then yesterday against Philadelphia. They've got a very tough two days coming up tomorrow. I play tomorrow in Ottawa against the senators than they come right back the next night in Pittsburgh against the penguins. This month of march schedule that we knew was going to be awful world very slowly but surely catch up to them. And of course the Celtics are playing this afternoon in Oklahoma City against the thunder. We've also got baseball on the docket we've also got football on the docket will dive right into with you at 6177797937.

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