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John Saucier - Sauceman Sports Trivia - Rich Levine

Mar 9, 2013|

Sauceman Sports Trivia features Rich Levine from Comcast Sportsnet against our text line winner Wally from Providence. The two faceoff for an array of prizes.

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It's attends sauce commandments one that gives the call. Soon gives the text. Three hit me up on Twitter. And four would like to welcome. This week's guests representing Comcast sports net doing and it also. If you are already -- Bostonians this guy doesn't excellent dollars in as Russell being have long been a fan of his and finally -- radio show now Mon. -- -- -- -- -- I do and excellence and as we've been asking this question of the program today if in fact you were professional athlete. Which one -- -- if you wanna go -- would you rather do a slam dunk. -- hold on a touchdown. Via the walk into football or have any woman you want what's your answer there. Okay then yeah I could only do that wants. That's the thing I didn't really set any programmer is -- it's though it's open for interpretation. I'm saying within weeks spin OK so right value of its two day march ninth and you're gonna do one of these things touchdown. -- home run or walk him the bar and sale that you you were you and your sister Watsco. Okay. They didn't do a lot of us like you're the TV audience like this is a random and we can make a buck who thought -- might. Maybe help exceed yeah I do like that -- under tomorrow afternoon sir I. You know. I'm I'm tempted to -- former -- That would that -- W. Well we've got a few onions and I I think -- hundred -- over the bunker pulled over the bunker. That would be a special carrier are you right and I left handed. Armor and Hendrick seat for me hitting -- little. The monster would be better exam lefties a -- to -- over the -- and rob Bradford still waiting for that it bites of the Boston media game anytime -- demand Antonia a -- -- do his job rich you get the invite to the Boston media game against the Yankees -- I can't really -- it's not as well. I guess I get -- -- because it which is kind of cool a little bit with a lot cooler -- -- Miller electable I'm doing just Mineta. Well I -- actually quite -- by one. At the garden. That -- -- -- all I'll say it like a really like Poland he's had a chance to sunlight. Dual threat numbers as you're moving a reality. I elected to really do Poland -- lamb and lion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're talking rich -- from Comcast sports they are the saucepan Sports Radio program rich if anyone reach -- call they note your specialty is the Celtics. And I want this next answer from you in your heart of hearts -- this Celtics team. Beat the heat and some sort of playoff series this year. Yeah it is blatantly -- and my part of our. I think I certainly -- a possible. I would not. Really -- a bottom under current regardless of the you are you know it is not a template I think it's -- call him at the very elite. I I I think it's the I think it's illegal at least at least six and -- and maybe you know things happen with. You know it would directory is the number on him come certainly they would have on court maybe it is because I have. But -- -- that -- -- -- the Celtics are gonna win the championship there obviously gonna go out to go to movies Meltzer is the last of the question because it overwhelming question is. Kevin Celtics team actually win the championship for me I say no we -- think they can get by the heat seven games they went to seven gives them last year they went that. Seven games and a quarter with -- -- you know you know this put. Not everyone realizes that that's scores tied going to the fourth quarter of game seven and LeBron just cut out his wife and it was a series. Can the Celtics team do again this year I don't know I think blast your cell -- might have been better what do you think. Yeah well it it's hard though because look they are -- you are on the front that and an enormous. Minus but -- You know you can look at -- And period ever to regret it was time because the disagreement congress will go out there -- I'm not Michael -- -- plan on one leg it was pretty much. You know it was the victory. Rondo passed. I don't part of Peters say and I'm like don't Buchanan ran on the ticket -- not -- You know. Your ticket because you're buying a remodeled Rondo was arrogant about that looked in the dispute that. That and I think they're they're they're lucky this year and I know that we want it to play out. That is the registrant a bunch but you know they have a core -- guys -- it. You know it it made -- it together and I think that now the last 223 or so again that's exactly what it is. Are going to be big in from maybe getting Jeff Green to another level. I conducted at certain there are not getting you to know little dated the day at -- -- -- shown -- Of being a guy who didn't. You know the computer can compete and other than a little a LeBron or Kobe but you know who can who can be a got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- every -- Gotta love it as -- the bad stuff we were talking originally be from compound sports that's the saucepan Sports Radio program here on WEEI sports Saturday and a rich you don't know this. But I do want to read this celebrity guests for the Saltzman sports trivia segment site hoping you'll stick let's -- as were going to ask the question how works as. But I like to do was hit eight collar up against our celebrity guests usually an expert -- DJB and on we although he's an expert. And to work to see if the expert can beat the fan are you doubt that the up to go. But politically it is it's it's not distributor has. Our report while we're gonna do to trivia questions for each one participants in -- and non sports trivia question. And our prize today once again it's the saucepan pleasure Packers with a -- pleasure pack includes the rich. You don't really get anything it's wind because you know you're a part of -- I don't get the pleasure I'll that you want to -- here's what's in the south and a pleasure you get. A stick of winter fresh -- the Trojan Magnum condom a dollar bill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A stick when a fresh -- A Trojan Magnum economy at a dollar bill he is the question now rich you don't answer this one you sit tight I want the techsters Texas and were gonna call one of the taxes were correct answers during the break. And we come back we'll do the saucepan sports series take me here is the question at. Techsters accident at 37 not 37 vehicles or some like this Milt Schmidt -- day with the other day he turned 95 years young. Why is the name of the famous bruins' line that Milt Schmidt center once again built -- 95 birthday the other day. What is the name of the famous -- slimy he senator tax cigarettes -- 37937. This osment sports trivia segment with Comcast sports that's rich Lavin. Giving away a saucepan pleasure back is coming up in just today yes that's right ladies and -- about the wind and Foley's house man's torture is segment the question before the break Milt -- -- fifth birthday the other day the name of the famous monies that are of course the crowd -- would -- do mark. Bobby Bauer and Milt Schmidt and a weeds you have a guy who is going to be pitted against our celebrity guests today's celebrity guests of one and only rich Lavin. Comcast sports net and of course he proper Bostonians in my opinion written not to sucking up to you because in my show one of the protocol on this in the city. Anyways our -- you're welcome body. Our today our contestant is from the ocean state Google -- Rollins. We've got wall late now Wally are you big Bruins fan. And are you even there. -- from Rhode Island. It's the small states. -- looks like. When we got to Tennessee gone. How low Wally -- you there. I'm Eric what's it's not meant. I'm not much into my daughter's volleyball game. Old very nice hope this does -- play. -- -- always -- liberal family comes that was volleyball. Only grow -- Okay well. We've got a lot of substance here let's get into these sports trivia segment Wally what you're playing for today is a saucepan pleasure pack that includes eight by ten autographed photo mean -- and you throw away if you want because not worth anything I have too many these damn things that in my house. I got -- -- Also included this announcement pleasure taxes stick of winter fresh dump it Trojan Magnum condoms and eight dollar ability to put that stuff to good use. Yeah I love chewing gum okay and wonderful body here -- -- going to work I'm going guys -- question. Then I'm going to ask our celebrity guest rich media question. Guy has got a three questions seats to over her about sports one of them is not if in fact it's time after three questions each tie goes in the collar. Rich -- -- step up to play here because so far no one of these celebrity guests of what you would be the first even back to -- so are you ready for the challenge. Yeah OK -- the first question goes to you if you take too long to look at -- you're going to hear this sound and when I say look -- -- that's exact we're going to be doing to take too long okay so you get about like I am writing you are like you know it's radio a lot you'll tag -- the radio so I believe you (%expletive) driving with some of the of the people that didn't ball flight might not so his answers to a music and here's question one for you sir how many inches long is -- regulation NFL football. Eight. Also close. And I have that eleven inches long so your form the next question goes or -- rich. I hope we get this one it was -- youngest MBA player to score fifty points in an NBA game of all time the youngest got to do it ever. I doubt you'll run LeBron James is correct answer my friends. Are we are rich on top one nothing Wally this next question is going to you what former NHL team I say or NHL team to Bruins head coach Claude Julien spent two seasons with as a play here. Montreal Canadiens all my so close. The buzzer again ups our body that's incorrect. No good there at the your clothes as a former NHL team of course Montreal Canadiens are still exists is so look for the Quebec Norton. Rich next one is yours okay well basically baseball team drafted during the patriots quarterback Tom Brady as a catcher and eighteenth round of the 1995 Major League Baseball drop which team that drafted Brady. And I noticed -- I am going to say. -- it was a brewers a. -- -- -- Actually the Montreal Expos who dropped it Tom -- the catcher so -- you've got a chance here -- there. While the other give the callers and argue that. So Wally you need to get this correct -- hope rich gets the last wrong -- went okay curiouser last chance -- securities. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine 30% of men. 21 on the first date Omega three choices is it eight get bored. Beat fall in love or C. Lie in court -- Cosmopolitan Magazine 30% of -- -- one of the first state is at eight get bored -- Beat fall in love or C lie what do you think Wally. Why he said C lie and you are correct my friend 40% of men -- the first date 100% get bored and 0% below. -- -- -- Our rights and rich if you get this right you win if not you lose because it would be tied once in the tie -- of the collar. This one has -- current events and quite honestly it's a late it's a layup. The late Hugo Chavez was president of -- country what country was Hugo Chavez present though yeah yeah. That is correct my man -- I mean if you. Arkansas' man's sport should be segment champion Wally from Rhode Island I think he got screwed and because his questions were way easier than yours work. Up so nor am I ordered to at a rate. You did a great job and I thank you for calling in and good luck to your daughter's. Volleyball match of today I hope she spikes one awesome girls face and gives her black guy yet -- our Bonnie we thank you so much for rock calling in. And -- -- thank you also overjoyed to -- sports trivia segment and for coming on the show they're break SOW want again. Any final parting words. You wanna get a shout outs in their for your column anything you want. -- yet it's been your only love and yet and you -- come check it -- a lot of fun and you're probably about I'm Magnum because. That's -- necessary permit. While we -- we Getty taxi set anyone saw so that dumb and or economy is in use so don't worry is and he singled up the magna because you don't need magnate Rick is you don't use condoms. Are you -- you -- okay -- -- leave Comcast sports net. Check abouts on their website he's the man great job there's a saucepan -- the saucepan radio program of harmony in my own show.

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