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John Saucier - Tyler Seguin's 21st Birthday Party

Mar 9, 2013|

The Sauceman is back in action on the WEEI airwaves. John was at the bar where Tyler Seguin was celebrating his 21st birthday and it has prompted him to ask our listeners the following question: What would you rather achieve - a homerun, a touchdown or going into a bar filled with beautiful women and leaving with any of them you wanted? Listen here to all the great feedback from our fans.

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To -- across the New England airwaves and ripping the Internet -- new one on WEEI dot com. Although they have it is -- the -- -- and radio program. And now. He used those -- man. On Sports Radio WEEI. Sauce -- made it now has today's gas and feelings. WEEI sport Saturday breaking news abroad when the Bruins went to -- chasm manhood back read out the the final messages are. -- stop exports flies from a man Christian -- on my name is jumps -- CA in you are suited to the one early saucepan Sports Radio program. Here on WEEI. The phone number if you don't know what's right down 61777. Seven -- 37. The best way to get in touch is through Twitter at. Real -- to -- also Texas 3793. Civil we take phone calls thanks of course suites. My personal purposes tweets solely because. You can text him but there's no -- here taxi just accident that you want if you tweet -- -- something I guess somewhat. Either good or funny -- -- have a Twitter accounts though. My personal favorites are tweets but go ahead Texas 37 ID 370 to a -- -- out real salzman and to get to as many as possible. As as weekend today -- went three nothing Tyler say you'll know the goal. And as anyone that was saying me he's the boss is really eating their issue right now I believe. By the way I was at Tyler Sagan -- birthday party this year is back on January 31 that night the Bruins lost to the sabres seven to four if you Robert Thomas manic. At that Patrick they are both low. Really push the -- around but. So what happened was we went to the game and an out or one -- who want the local bars downtown is made much my buddies and the balls -- on the bar. Was there it was -- -- -- first birthday which I knew that tonight. And that he was coming at the bar so we're pretty trade say OK how's -- other Sega -- celebrated sport for sport. So were in the air till about midnight or so it's called 1205. And all the sudden we hear all winter comes they get here comes the the -- walks it came with two enormous guys who have the most of his bodyguards what have you where will those reflective police jackets and I think that's a sort -- the hammer release the bodyguards at CM. This place was absolutely mob so what Sagan did was he rolled into the bar person. Put up -- hand and -- battle Mike forty snapped his fingers. And all those on the manager rods over -- clears up the VIP area in the sparse Sagan and his boys role in the air. And literally. Every single diesel wouldn't girl in this -- -- over and you know was hanging out with -- actually. I don't know why apple bad for because girls were hanging off the biscuit are all over him. All over the place they're literally grabbing -- sure trying to grab this here trying to get his attention. And to discredit guys had a pretty good job these females he was you know to me a second look at paktia global -- But I'm talking twenty girl's finger on this guy. Grabbing him trying to get his attention to is going out to room. And it's it just brought me this question. And I always -- live life released through the eyes or looked through the eyes professional athletes. You know -- Tyler Sega and the -- role in the bar. And that's the scene that brings to this question I want you to answer this question -- your tax on a 37937. -- -- -- -- -- -- And also your phone call 6177 have a 97937. -- this WBI sport salary is burning question about all week. Would you rather -- okay. As a professional athlete. Put yourself in their shoes what do you -- the best thing to -- slam dunk. Whole run. A touchdown. Be able to go to a bar -- -- beautiful women and have any one of them that you walk that's my idea my question of the day I guess or take -- I can't I can't gadget that went. Which -- get a massage from a man. Or surgery from a female doctor may adversely IU played basketball in college so -- you know been through the slam dunk before. Played football high school but through a tough sell before 611 -- baseball player driven title home run that doesn't really plot may go to the bar filled with beautiful woman and having -- when he won. -- A bit of Florida have been able avenue -- you want not -- smoke who talks on the radio for a living. -- taking the role there and have girls wrapping up his -- so what are your thoughts on that today we're also gonna talk a little bit of Bruins were going to do a lot of Red Sox some Red Sox -- old slop that for you on WEEI beginning. At 7 o'clock tonight and I wanna get into a couple different issues of Red Sox the big issue in baseball today the retirement of Mario Rivera would get some great sound clips that came out of that. And also the long awaited an avid waiting for this for a good long while putting a lot of work in Europe for -- exciting. That's right folks. But miss Boston accent faction. -- -- -- -- -- We are going to do have a finalist for miss Boston. Accent pageant on and they're going to read -- some college basketball previews -- -- college basketball. -- started coming up this one the best of sports times of the year -- -- Las Vegas. Loves this as well. They loved college basketball season try to get a -- Las Vegas circles -- -- season you're not going to be able to sort out some of the girls who made finals with three finalists -- -- Boston accent. And you're to be the judge wants -- taxing your responses -- 37937. You can. Creep me out real -- we're gonna find out who is. The sauce -- Sports Radio show miss Boston accent as a winner and I'm super excited to answer my own question. I guess my choice would be the touchdown it's a team effort. Touchdown you get the most points but eagerly going the way home run that's pretty cool to roll on the bases to get you know. People go crazy and who knows maybe can be a walk off. Maybe you can be staring pitcher down maybe you'll like the pitcher. Of spit tortoise general direction if you want to all the way around the bases I'm not sure but Tyler Sagan. That is his reality going to bar snapping his finger and literally having any girl he wants out there so. Hey that's just Howard goes from once again -- taking your tweets out real salzman. And get up -- -- go through already and it's like your rights of these -- I don't think you could dunk. That's the sports week right off the top starting here that. This guy here on our tax slide 37 and not -- 37 says I'd rather do the whole run because it's a big part of who's scoring chances and also you get your name of the box score. Okay thanks -- -- corporal Ron my vote is for the touchdown to what you said it's kind of a team effort and let's let's -- a phone call here on this question we got might. My putting up for him. There are are you so far this Saturday -- Senior dunks so. -- know that you can do it black leader he he's not correct canal and around. But with that's not. I would take the home run. You know here's my reason why you know could be a game and a year -- you can. Point that -- can be some. General you know stairs and down spitting his direction which you also got that. And twelve seconds around the bases Hillary you just get enough. The spotlight on -- little group -- As you could always -- like -- Little League kids do the fizz ball before you are on the bases and if you know it's going to be a home run the great part about it is swaying and they just can't. It don't matter -- out to stand their -- on the pitcher this if you know it's real riots though. Above all run for me it doesn't apply in a play baseball and it was awful it did so. We got to vote for a whole brought thank you so much Michael appreciate it or ticket phone calls this afternoon it -- 617779. 7937. All clear text messages that. 37937. Yes I'm so pumped up about -- miss Boston accent it looks like a drunk picker upper quarter on a hurricane and held jail which we could how Munson -- the judges with balls tonight and put. Now you believe him as a man of -- got to do. So anyways. Speaking of touchdowns this was Walker's situation of the patriots is a pretty interesting one because if you fall sports news you know a lot of -- to report this earlier this week that. Wes walker he plans on testing out a free agent market. I think it's genius move on his part why wouldn't you. Because. Per the argument that Welker really hasn't had two was leverage in these contract negotiations. With the -- -- wanted. A a new contract a long term contract that anybody out there it's going to disagree that he doesn't deserve what he's putting -- -- catch seasons. Relentlessly all the time. And why would he deserved one so. On the other hand I think the patriots do actually have a little bit of leverage in this thing because Wes Welker is a specialty type of player especially Tom Brady. You really think it Walker's gonna put the same numbers in different system where he's going to be lined up in a bunch of different places all the time. The patriots know that -- the patriots biggest piece of leverage throughout this whole thing. It is the fact that it's the dropped. Game winning pass them miserable -- to big pass -- -- championship to -- you don't think that sticks in the mind of Jonathan -- -- when they were in that room negotiating with those two things. You're dead -- may remember and that has held that I think in my opinion a lot of clout when it comes down to these things. Soul and real thing too is worse the market for -- -- that's the most interesting thing. About this whole situation is that when in fact he does dipped 20 win as I've heard exited -- on this they said the EP made that reference and a lap because I think -- click on the radio just said tip -- win. And we'll see you outcome that we'll see any teams that -- so much of this cap room. That wanna guy like walker were going to put up the amount of money. That is going to be enough for him to stray away for the patriots -- Welker you're gonna need -- in my opinion either significantly more years or a good large amount of money. To move out to go to -- different team very thick body you're sitting in your job and you've been very successful at a certain type of job. And you get phone calls they make -- 60000 dollars a year OK you're happy with your job along with a policy that -- for whatever years and all the sudden you get a phone call. And it's from a company cross the state hey we want to become an hour Fries were at least 65000. Dollars a year. You know an extra five grand sure it would be nice but in the long run to that you think bet com for. As. You know a little bit of bargaining chip there Lisa my but it does so it was walker. All indications of course he's going to -- the patriots but it's worth talking about. He's what the creates a market's going to look like for now audit team which several were talking about it to sit with him as the Houston Texans can imagine him to match up together. Don't be too shabby but. Texans have less count from the patriots so and early sit echoing on the all the work. Way that I believe the patriots have leverage in this situation is look at these receivers who were just coming on the market you know. The first two days here of the negotiation period for a couple free agency already today and -- Boldin could be out. Would Baltimore you've got also. You know the big one today was that Mike Wallace. Is going to be out there on the patriot radar so there are other guys that the patriots could go to. Will they will they not I don't know. We're gonna take one more call here -- -- -- in the car and he's got a thought on the question of the day which is once again which you rather it'll hold on to the slam dunks -- out -- -- -- walk into the bar and have any woman you wanted what he -- Steve. So are afraid you're doing great when he got forward well. I think it immediately answer -- -- career home run home run to the hole now is this the same -- is this whole book for the Red Sox we've got a lot of baseball I sing that well earlier slam dunk either are unhappy at not they're Arabic the Olympics the most skill. All right this touchdown you. The important tradition if you're lucky enough. I think -- refrigerator Perry what extent they did not agree aptly. But Hillary you remember -- name is because he scored that touchstone. I don't know made uses -- teller Cingular is first birthday party go to -- anyway he was swimming in women he couldn't get it. I felt bad for. Pro rightly condemned as a -- Tyler -- dearly want to sell this point you're 21 -- our world virtually one you really -- -- vote woman who's in her mid thirties you wanna -- without. Multiple girls who are our two point you're 21. Our group spoke. That's it was Steve thanks so -- was for the phone call. Are fought over here at WEEI 61777. I had 793 said he detects that your answers as well. 37937. -- got over a hundred tweets on this question. Real -- man is Walt. And once again the question -- -- run slam dunk. Touchdown or going into the bark with -- are going into the bar BO league yet any woman. That you walk anyways where will be coming back with a miss Boston accent Padgett today our finalists are from -- -- From Charlestown and of course -- boss -- Willis. -- March ninth 1997. And we losses. The greatest -- all the time. As the crystal ball is notorious BIG and today's instead today we're honoring -- -- bopping back with -- all -- today. And you know quite feel Avant nieces and Obama may freestyle rapper born of these -- -- -- the prom with me. Freestyle round is I could get the dump -- going to you know mind starts working in weird ways and I sorts where. Equipment lose my show. -- -- south CA you're listening to the saucepan radio program on WEEI sport salary are -- -- -- against 6177797. ID 370 Texans -- 37937. That's what -- -- is on Twitter. At real saucepan and -- I'll read all your tweets but a promise I will look at them afterwards. Or or at least while we're gonna go to tweets and air. At Matt coliseum says saucepan -- with a slam dunk flying through the year in jamming on someone's face must feel also mumble only five foot seven monetize them mad. It does feel loss of it's it's really great there's nothing better that is a huge slam dunk -- the crowd goes absolutely nuts. And I guess -- your five foot seven order shortly can't touch that he can't get out there that high then it's even a much more from me I can never know hold brought. I'm not like it up to not tied -- really quick -- but basketball football. This other guy says at B -- mil 33 little salzman game winning touchdown pass from Tom Brady and then have him be your week meant for the night. That it cool I think that I would rather have groping might lead blocker for you know some sort of sweet touchdown. And then we go across and we can of -- wrong Kazaa -- Wearing man. For the night -- -- rock -- about a when -- ready at this point break to go to bars anymore swiped up. Sebastian on the line that he wants the vote here or taking your calls you wanna do if your professional Utley -- would you rather have -- -- rather -- did you hold -- slam -- touchdown or. Like my good friend dollar Sega video that I analysts -- first birthday be able to walk into the bar at any warn you want to -- -- -- All right I get out of the -- It I'll run around it or borrow I don't -- -- -- off the only one thing I need to out. I love it Sebastien you know what your man's man is what you war. Okay go to the bar and taken down whatever or you want this off the -- that is all brought many times in my right. That program yeah. Sebastian Alec is style now if you're the patriots. -- what's lawyer to hold on this was walker thing before you lot income up what's the deal here broke. Are putting all the spots. You or Jonathan crafts and -- was with us or Europe or are already out. But you'll thanks for the call anyway as I appreciated six or seven sevenths of 97937. Record broke the record for phone calls. Here. On this side a release from my show the two shows here or take one phone cause it to be taken for so far. So anyways back to this Wes Welker finished speaking of short guys. With the Wes Welker and the patriots obviously he's a niche player. Is there anyone out there it's in the camp that says the cells. Why are we -- a walk while we put all this money when I say we the patriots won the patriots put his money into las walker one of back they can have a number of different guys -- the same sort of thing. That Welker and obviously the first comic comes to mind a guy they. Already have -- element. You remember early on the season first couple games it was adult and getting those -- and not Welker and that's got to spurred the sole debate because you know. Welcome reportedly I believe these reports his -- of some of the few press reports about patriots from that I -- -- barker didn't feel too good. He really didn't feel -- good about the fact. That you know. He was being up behind and if you're Welker -- -- -- -- that you don't get a contract regular I'm not think for me the biggest. Com thing that points the fact that they are going to -- while smokers the fact that they did not put the franchise tag on now they would -- -- Pam several million if in fact they've put different sides franchise tag on they did last year. It's and you'll get a for a know your contract like I was in the cable for the franchise tag. Came out before the deadline passes that why not tag walker one -- year. And this is like because -- that type player him. More than ever. He sticks his face out across the middle of the field so much catches all passes it's absolutely walloped time after time after time -- say how many times. Welker it's not about some Vanilla thoughtful lord. He's in trouble this is the concussion this is something and he just ball. Pops right up and it's fine. And so that's -- -- commuter gonna give we got it done so long term contracts. Especially as a receiver especially -- they're going to keep this or while that so. There is that the other thing and this guy would be a fill in for walker and I'm sure we're gonna get all sorts of negative -- about this but. The question has come up. In the last couple days. About Tim Tebow the jets obviously tried to dump Tim Tebow and why wouldn't day. I've heard mentioned that the patriots might be interest in him and why not. Pre draft we have the news story about -- Jack Tim Tebow up the north then -- -- the visual. It was all the sports lives that day and I thought no way a couple of the Celtics is doing this because him and Urban Meyer the coach of Florida at the -- good bodies series trying to -- steeple Strauss sonic he's doing is his friend a favor. But look what's happened since that Tivo item one I would kill successful running in Denver. Had -- terrible year with the jets and I think that's jets ball -- Tebow I don't know why they were took him and admitting using correctly either. Let's put medical wildcat formation looked -- -- once and he. Wants and great great while activity can doom oh and the guys can knock going to wall of that but. The teacher's office coordinator is Josh McDaniels. -- -- dropped to Tebow put his whole -- re your ET both hands losses job. And I think that maybe. -- -- Materials -- I've Dramamine if you got -- -- coordinator lineup with six foot five inch tight end. And put him as a tailback in I'm talking about Aaron Hernandez here or why could -- Steve Vogel sort of situation put -- -- -- What's he -- slot receiver put people want to give Brady -- on the back in the backfield to discuss all sorts of weird the patriots are not afraid to replace. And -- says it's. And at times defined. The Brady area patriots so what's your take your phone calls over -- 6177797. -- threesome the best way to get a touches on Twitter out real saucepan. I -- think I'm crazy for wanting to Tebow then okay sure. That would be good we got one text here on our question of the day the songs from act MC FC are like real sauce -- scoring coal in the World Cup. I guess on the world stage that's probably better then doing either a hold run a touchdown. War. A slam -- grabbing any woman -- one of the bar by -- -- this is America do you really care about the World -- that much I give it up from the United States and I'm sure that we fought over Spain France south America's story all the World Cup as a constraint. Well mine. Really the only way that World Cup soccer's. Watchable is too. Place say friendly wager. Forward nobody just for firm handshake on the over exist here for goals -- would like to do. Anyways we got a couple votes -- Freddy's now in Springfield and he's gonna vote on the course of today Freddie would mean. Fred is gone unfortunately but. We've got show HL what do you know what's your vote broke. Go a number of all I need to go look a little off the grid I'll tell you what we had considered dunk contest is kids on that -- program. Over the parks I've gone to basketball might not be contents marimba. -- dubbed the best of it a home run in my beliefs escorted touchdown pop Warner scored goals plan hockey. How in the backyard. And one time one time. I picked up the hottest chick in the bought me a hole and want what's -- looks like. -- -- out of the hole until it out there you know -- I -- them Brenda pull any -- they want -- -- one time you know we've we've you know we've brought on the group of girls and I got the hottest ones like you know. That's like I can name -- hat on that one forever. While there and -- you need a hole in one. The hole and thought it while you're making good argument Joseph and I appreciate your phone call very much hold wanna guess wasn't really on the on the agenda but hey if were different sports -- -- season while little hole in one that's way more rare goal as plug and they'll probably hold was much of the clubhouse. Andy's gonna buy everybody -- drink so paper maybe you could double bogeyed the hole went one. I wanna drink and then you get back to the clubhouse who bought these girls race -- good avenue won't you want it so could be. A dual threat there now. Possible 6177797. ID 37 we're living Gallagher sports fantasies. We've got a phone call here. -- nick in New Bedford. What's going on nick -- I ignored and you don't just represent -- Boston I was over the New Bedford. I can't complain complain about it but down that there. Aren't big. Ball you're -- guy around. A team guy that's down a touch Celtics team efforts the whole run. It I don't know if you -- all the team effort to slam dunks or the slope of a team effort. Touch saudis team baby nothing. The thing with football -- he played a -- on the game's biggest crowd. -- you know -- the growth in the background -- you know I looked up with the hottest book the body and -- I was aren't enough -- Archie was so. I mean that can happen any given day but to -- -- -- it went down to mobile widget squad at -- special man. -- -- be all that all the way you know I agree I've over the touchdown and I love our callers we've got there were two for two on -- who say they've already got with a lot of scroll bar. And your point about being drunk enough to think you got the Oscar the bar. Who hasn't been there and auditor and -- thought and I've been there played sides that is sometimes eight that sometimes what it takes -- It's not mean have a great night we want Mike Wallace to hear New England yeah brought up. Our YouTube body attacks 37937. My balls to England I've picked at the pipe dream unfortunately I hate to say I mean it would be cool. To bring him in boy I don't know -- again you know I checking Twitter out real saucepan -- -- cup doing -- sounding home run doing -- -- that's real. -- -- I'm on Twitter out real -- many here this is about to -- patriots they broke quick I'm a fan to bring in Tim Tebow for. Multiple reasons. And analogous like you described really think that with him and Josh McDaniels if an NFL team could use him the correct way because let's face guys not a quarterback with really a cork back. At Florida. -- -- -- There's a damn good college quarterback has been dropping what are national champion sure. But the reason he was so successful because -- -- total aptly be God's got the size is of serious speed is not free to put his head down -- it's somebody. And I think you have to look at Tim Tebow is a new double play is not going to be cornerback in the NFL. He's not your blood so it's not Tom Brady is gonna sit back there abuse statute so on -- Josh McDaniels mold him into something day you can do with. Like that idea quite honestly and also the jets are gonna try to get rid of corporate nothing -- they they need to get rid of Tim Tebow jets. Season was an absolute joke it was a huge ugly -- discussing joke and speaking of bad discusses the coach Rex Ryan -- a big reason why it was such a joke was because of the fact. That they brought in Tim Tebow they had all those were things going on you know blah blah blah. I don't know not a huge fan. Anyways others -- saucepan radio program which continues here on this WEEI sports Saturday were at least you all the way up to Red Sox Orioles tonight was allowed all the network for you here on -- 37 WEEI. Our question of the day governor heard yet if you're professional athlete what's your dream -- a slam dunk to a -- to a -- brought a touchdown. Which -- -- -- field -- beautiful women and have any of them that you -- and speaking of the beautiful women. We've got the miss Boston accent pageant coming up to -- all of us. They might. All -- -- Sports Radio program. -- All the ladies in the plays with Dolly greatness give me golf. That's that I -- I got songs ever audio program continues here on WEEI sports Saturday some of your guys text messages are absolutely. Free game. Hilarious but sort of the five away. Ortega but about health played a fourth quarter from a hundred times the big gals that crushing every tick on the campus. But not -- on this one -- -- your question is flawed. Because of the fact that if you do a test out -- girl run in any big game. That's gonna lead to girls hanging on you at the bar so all take anyone of those or all of those combined it. I -- -- right. For the bulls farm bill we deal and we get this guy on Twitter -- salzman and a sports fantasy winning the Daytona 500 requests of the day that we are asking. Is a pretty civil war and I can't gadget that went. Which -- get a massage from a man. Or surgery from a female tactic no that's not it but I details tonight joked. Here is our question of the day needed to once again Texas 37 -- threesome on the phone number six looks up at 779. Seven ID 37 of the best way to me up on Twitter at real Saltzman and I will see it that will read it. As if you're professional athlete won't you relative. In order to a slam dunk a whole run a touchdown will be able to go to the -- filled -- beautiful women. -- -- have any one of them you want the reason mass in this crisis -- I was at tablet Sig is the first birthday party and that was the case. It would not leave this -- -- that being said ladies and gentlemen will be a long awaited. Missed Boston accent. We on this -- that accent coming up here on the saucepan radio program and I need you. To be the judge. As we hear that music I need you to be the judge we've got three finalists for a miss Boston accent on the -- radio program. And the first of the -- no stuff. Our twenties I -- play as this is while Saddam was so the first of three is a very lovely young woman. And her name is Tiffany and Tiffany has representing -- and -- then. Give me a stunning young woman. And it workouts judging her on her looks today as -- beauty pageants meet personally I think that the boss an accident in a woman is absolutely gorgeous law can be at times. And the most interesting thing about the -- -- city you live in town is that different neighborhoods of the city actually of different told different parts of the accident itself. I really wanna get into that today so we've got three beautiful finalists are first up is Tiffany from -- -- and activity welcome your -- also next. So it somewhat in the reader and also that. You liked talking to reach that. And later Adam Walsh. OK guys who have Tiffany from -- -- and we're gonna do all three we've got. Are the two finalists are a beautiful young woman. Who is -- and excel Bosnia those in Charlestown but. To get you ready for the college basketball season -- -- -- is going to give you a nice little -- -- preview Tiffany takeaways we'd -- once again tax the end. At the end we will find out who miss balls and Jackson is so once again here's -- from the beautiful and stunning and historic town brawls on dale. Russia got. 25 -- -- regular meetings and possible. Could be trying I don't -- and they were they EXP and now let's try to point per game also -- -- You say averaging. Haven't. OK we have Tiffany from -- the bill is she really is a sweetheart. Like what are our. -- -- thank you so much for entry you can vote. It's very simple tax in 37 not agree seven on -- out real Saltzman basilica all the finalists coming up here. For the miss Boston accent pageant and that was Tiffany from -- -- Until then though we do advise serious matter to discuss and this is the biggest news today by far. Mr. Mario Rivera the closer for the New York Yankees announce officially. In a press coverage this morning from Tampa Florida that he is done we've got some of the sound I want to listen to -- talked about it granite white out. When I don't mean. I mean. Now's the time. Not that I'm immune. I have it everything and this time is almost and to -- The thing that I the only the you know guy that I -- -- that if everything -- easier and after the -- I didn't -- everything. So mean nothing left. I did everything. So. That's -- To me the most interesting part of likely you got. That is there anything for these hearings -- now believe me I'm the furthest thing away every yankees fan not a yankees fan whatsoever. A lot of people say bill goes far it's a respect in the yankees' organization. You can make that argument I think one of the reasons that if you do respect the Yankees organization you'd do. It's because of guys like Mariano Rivera how one of the best. But defeat. Best one of the Yankees your respect along with -- tutor Corson who I think is it that the greatest player of his generation. It speaks volumes to me the entire yankees team was that today's press conference another -- speaks volumes to me about Mario Rivera. Is the fact that last year. You know he's out there shag balls and why -- would expect it was going to be his last year. And it didn't work out he tore his ACL -- freak accident. And he said then I'm coming back I believe what he says you know he's getting old at the time probably use 42 he's 43 now. He's already Major League baseball's all time leader saves he's one of the all time greatest if not the all time greatest enemies -- bristles of all time but this guy fought back from any ACL injury. And said you know what oddly it all on my terms -- care from gonna have to go through all of this rehab and get back in shape -- one more time. He's going to do it on his terms at a gala Mario Rivera you really hamper respects. Donald because what he's done but just his history and the guy was signed with the Yankees when he was a teenager -- didn't speak any English whatsoever. You know he. Came from Panama and left home went to Gulf Coast League didn't know anyone didn't know anything lonely homesick didn't know who's gonna make it. And it's. By all scouts from back that he was a fringe prospect but. You know we start getting better worked -- -- -- through it now he is what he has like it's a degree is all time so. This is definitely. You know a and on -- I -- -- mr. Mario Rivera. One of the all time best and if you really don't think that that's the case that I guess here. In my -- not a Smart baseball fan. If you're one of those yankees -- who hates every single -- no matter what that's automatic assert yankees respect. Now there's definitely yankees -- some people love -- the sodomy against an important sought. Allies maybe it's that up -- face statistic apply. Not sure about it. Where -- the saudis doesn't do for remarried are very Derek Jeter when those two guys make their last efforts at Fenway Park I will be on two feet standing and clapping. And I hope that. You will be to the saucepan Sports Radio program -- want to get their phone calls it 617 cent a seminar at seven ID 37 attacks. 37937. Thomas -- pageant today and it's also backs and -- in today -- and we just had Tiffany from Roslyn Dell the beautiful lovely Tiffany. So it somewhat in the reader and also said that. You like having a parade to. And later. -- a couple of the feedback here abouts. Activity -- -- Lendale symphony was that so this is that somebody Olympic -- before the tip the zoo. They'll have that with Stephanie. That's me that's me it's also met this is from text to be self Liggett to out of a ten. Well when it -- I mean that's Tiffany from Rawls and Alice is a beautiful young woman I I'm not lie do you guys say all these women who were going to be in ms. Boston accent. Are beautifully ruin our activities -- she does actually spoke new ports don't worry she does Arnold he has -- -- rode off -- Durbin I guess. In a position to find out there with Tiffany. Anyways is I'll transport service segment is one of our favorites and that we are going to fire that up very soon our question of the day just in case you miss it you're professional aptly -- rather do. Slam to call -- touchdown are going to -- beautiful woman I just got a -- -- at some guy I would rather win the Iditarod. If you're from Alaska I'm sure that's great it's a saucepan radio Sports Radio program here on WEEI organ of the salzman sports trivia segment coming up next.

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