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Pete Sheppard - Bruins Beat Flyers 3-0 - DJ Bean Calls from the Garden

Mar 9, 2013|

Pete Sheppard and Lenny Clarke are joined by WEEI.com writer DJ Bean who is live from the Boston Garden following the Boston Bruins 3-0 win over the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Back here 61777. Night seven not 23 Seve -- Texas 37937. If you really want to kick you can -- -- -- -- three through six. Always nice Lenny megs there and house with me until -- 5 o'clock and a sauce man comes your way and I have no idea what to expect we had a mind. Repeal a day Friday I think just talk about what we've talked about on the upcoming show at 5 o'clock and it's only a break down the patriots draft him to do this blah blah blah and says MI prick up with a girl on the -- -- government knows were out windows. But what we don't expect pretty -- -- we expect that have a lot more -- DJ being used down at the garden -- witnessed. A five performers by the Boston -- that we're in their second straight day on the flyers 91 and one in the last eleven in -- -- shutout win. And I thought it was kind of eerie DJ because -- gad embraced Philadelphia since 2010 we know what happened last that last game. The Bruins had a three nothing lead similar game seven it was the third period. And thank goodness like he didn't strike twice. Right. I mean I think they've been able to shake that off over the years but. Here's one thing I didn't notice -- I think you mean the -- to beat the flyers right now. That what. I watch some of that debut tonight against Pittsburgh and -- blew that four through a 401 Leo that was just that was unbelievable. It's unbelievable yeah I was but I was writing my column and it's just like. How would your take away from this -- the -- the big takeaways which eroded. That there are the -- are we got secondary scoring but. But not likely to wait for -- CPR and a there are a lot of friends there certainly are required to be great. But while. Like. The fact they're miserable history together more than two wins in a -- -- this book to be eighteen to challenge. In the Atlantic and they were away for the Bruins today there was no fighting them at all. I area it was great to see though Jordan Koran that third line get going because before this game that Kelly was minus seven privileges minus eight. And that I thought it was a great sign to see that line negative -- again. How about that he. There's life. For -- are really had a one goal. It's sixteen games together in the Somalia for Eagles but. Two of them were high in the Bork wasn't playing the other one -- one goal on the power play but you know that that goals they scored the in Toronto you have works all right we're going -- that daddy you know incident in which was great work -- -- -- -- the only goal that's the battle -- scored. So with Chris -- goal today. The -- Kelly are relying party hasn't much offensive production. The -- Kelly probably line and so a very positive sign and you know and baccarat was supposed to be guiding figure to be in public anyway. And they are easily treated Benoit pool got. It in -- and Ralston didn't return because that's helpful in getting their right but. With that the lockout happening around pharmacies in the HL he's getting hurt in the HL and let him greatly -- -- very well -- HL. Huge the job to automatically. Once the -- sport but right now you're see what. The Bruins probably intended to happen but her numbers circumstances it was able to happen until now. -- I did that Rask after work today any you know really. Outstanding stay -- those that that -- -- Well -- the -- and very good job of keeping everything to the outside. But the best seat but the game wasn't able to perhaps we've been spectacular stage I -- say you know who raced back I mean I know that. You can see the play happen -- you -- chickens coming way out of bed and he's. He turned on -- off Lotto cute they get likely taken with their Q let it get away that note taking absolutely great back like incredible back check. Using his -- a lot -- them kind of on him or not use his speed the way you should take some point. Any rate to a park that he ever loses because he should be able to get to the ball -- -- capacity is delivery closed up to that a lot of it had but. I need to get back there regarding Chris harper could carry about it after the game and what you put it was like. Back I had a goal and how they get -- you is still able to get back and make that -- so that was probably. -- more impressive. Plays of the game it doesn't have. He doesn't have good off factor of the Michael Ryder went against the Canadians and I think he's five because that program with a different but. I mean just held played from -- agent who. I can. Tell people to pump the brakes on the they can becoming a great two -- player talked. But there's no doubt he's becoming better to player and I mean the biggest thing you want a secret to scoring in that you get more that's. Today from them in the -- tonight like all the birds do they always been correctly. All eight games Nigerians have probably seen it. They're getting the opposite problem still I think he's got thirteen points in the last eleven game that's -- we'll keep. The -- -- he's doing you really start to appreciate. The fact that he has become a more complete player. I mean I was gonna run exploited by I I very wryly I don't use the word great until you for you for a bit you know by the time we talked about this last week through DJ certainly. He is improving -- on a game by game basis -- becoming a better two way player every single game is so out of he's not afraid I thought he took up a pretty good hit behind the net in the Toronto game the other night. I made a nice pass out and fraud and that's something I'm not sure we're seeing last year. Where he only China does it in flashes that this is probably the most prolonged stretch. Of that sort of comfort with the potential physical game to show I remember in the in the yet what he -- playoffs it was game three I think against politely. He scored all those goals and put up all -- pretty -- -- make a big deal of it. But my biggest city late in the entire series for terrorists they -- with -- play -- -- to -- -- school. We're kind of held on to a park and tour guides to it with something smaller that. It made it -- while once he becomes a two -- player once you become the guy who isn't afraid of contact. Once all people the opportunity to be such a good player. And now he's showing it for more prolonged stretch and I don't blame anybody now offer -- getting overly excited I will say -- he's always going to be guide it. Because media. They and might overeat in a little bit. They might get a bit unrealistic. Like I thought all along that say it will never be the bruins' best player is going to data which are Patrice Bergeron are are on the team. But -- what he's added that. That's not all the time but what -- that is that any great things that nobody else the secret break. When he's 27 years though -- could he be a superstar are you saying he'll never quite reached that level and that's okay. I'm not sorry that's a knock on -- get under a state like as long as you've got a team with -- -- all time great players in the NATO Chara Patrice Bergeron. And I are -- first round -- class for sure. I don't know that but he even if they can become. A -- like they're coming up with a good comparison but even if you become. Like got messier. -- like the car you are car. It's people like the council numbers so. That then -- then. -- -- -- It -- because like over the prude in me but obviously condition. Appreciate great defensive play Bordeaux that a guy could score a bunch of goals. And that's why did you expect -- or. That's why they're article right. How -- they -- now more so than last year were scored goals. Now he's scoring goals in -- showed that he can do. The other things that are required of him in the system. I -- but I don't need not gonna say -- say that he'll never be that nobody. I know you went that I -- and how far you think you could take cues you know his status and a. I mean but the best -- but it'll always be there coastal -- effort. Then I went about vehicle -- -- up here on the third line and also I know -- I was -- -- the kid from Sweden and whether he's ever nice season over there with 31 goals 29 assists. What he's done with this post season -- what's gonna take -- couple weeks. When he's done do you see him comedy and but possibly in skating on the third line or are coming and help this team what's what if he's gonna happen with a third line in Toronto Ali he's going to be here. I like drama that large and I always have but he's just not consistent enough yet to string together. Often has not been one of the things the -- here -- the -- the current data out of the like are you just you fight the game it's like how. Oh how frustrating is that to watch a guy who. So often you're talking about he doesn't have a game like it was as even the so. I think -- karate. It's as simple I -- are probably higher on -- that most people are are likely trees that line he's more physically yeah. He's more physical guy he didn't try to do agree -- I think he's -- along all. It's far sort -- like to see him. Get a longer look as far as -- also -- goes. That's kind of the big wildcard you could possibly. I mean yeah include Juli about the guy that you like ought to see it tell you what about it because that carried it over in Purcell who aren't like would you expect. Would you expect people over here to nobody and so that's one of those things that I had a word quite compare to. When you put in a would you put it correctly or whatever it out that hosting thing on a Beckett Matsuzaka. -- I -- values. Please go along somewhere else how much he really go out there you go the numbers -- there you know that he's a big guy but who say that -- been separated and become a very good. NHL player that's a little beat up not verified and. But it did you know they -- scouts all the they have that you know evaluate differently in different levels the -- in different countries I mean it -- -- -- sent to your -- right there's emotional way I mean it's like well and we news this guy memorized -- we're all going to -- -- -- -- -- Europeans -- you know what policies you know but that that's -- the that's the other -- sometimes that think that they have an -- Can they make it in the NHL the greatest league in the world. Yeah I think that I think that at this point they just better off to try to find an NHL player right now who can hold that position. Europe dresses even to even -- -- played well leading up to treat it like you always wonder. One cold again so I don't think that. I think he should add somebody to. Put into that -- -- -- not assume that it could be that -- also were going to be able coveted since day. If your producer Elliott DJ was against speaking DJ being with a double Riyadh outcome was at the Bruins threw up the win today at the garden out what do you do you think. Before the trading deadline -- at the trade deadline to pick his team is gonna -- offense -- defense I mean I like the other night I about parents have one of his better games given night finally. These kind of -- them one at a bit of a disappointment media this season watching the game by game basis but what direction do you think they're gonna go for a defenseman or. Not and -- only know what snipers available of somebody that put the puck in the net. I think our offense would be the obvious priority. But if -- -- Shirley are the two guys the top vote. Like shopping with a countersuit for the mood go for Jerome delay Calgary because. I mean all of your all of the questions -- -- would be answered that. And the -- defense. Turco -- straight on on the islanders in there you have your puck moving defenseman. That you have. The be offered that you -- apparently happened or eat give the guy you can move up so. It if I'm sure -- that's -- -- and arms surely make it separate. And accidentally targeted make it doesn't like he did a couple of years ago we decided finally make that big treat for our relate that. It's the -- cable news in the cup that the team worth investing it may be future prospects and. They may -- the mid one of those trades who do you think we're going to be affairs would be -- I mean what do you semi obvious not -- doctor to get something from nothing so. We've got to -- I don't think they would treat anyone out there HL roster right now unless it is a guy like Iran and I mean who -- Carter and appear. Partially so other -- got to look at him. I can -- a different situation they were a couple of years ago they were able to offer a team like Atlanta too. Good relatively young NHL players and Blake Wheeler and Mark Stuart but I think generally just gonna have to be a bunch of graphics. All right TJ thanks for the info great stuff and look forward to reading your column coming up. They are effects like DJ being joining us from the Boston Garden at TD garden should soon.

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