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Pete Sheppard - David Oritz has MRI on Both Heels Today

Mar 9, 2013|

Rob Bradford calls Pete and Lenny with this breaking news from Ft. Myers to discuss Redsox Manager John Farrell's press conference today where he announces that David Ortiz had MRI's on both his heels today. Listen here for the latest news on Big Papi. You heard it first on WEEI.

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David is. Wait to have him come back he's he's undergone an MRI on bolt has -- us. And that's it. Where he's been feeling the discomfort hasn't been that left Achilles specifically has been overall involve yourself. Just just to rule everything out. He's undergone that it would be here today but I think the one thing that we still hold an office that while the timing might. What was initially expected. The bigger picture is still making progress. He's been able to run the bases as we go on the days that perhaps he's been taken BP every single day so. There's progress yet. They give us passes as he might have anticipated or hoped both. I don't know whether the screen goes this guy and a plethora of emotions north -- And I'd let you brought it up earlier why take this long to have this MRI I know he's been you know tap dancing -- for three weeks down there com. Yeah we haven't seen them you know an action for instance last summer. And now they're waiting to it to go to five if -- -- both hurting. I'm I mean wind that's not. Is what the answer is a lot of questions and I'm sure rob Bradford can answer I was Red Sox have made of Jennifer allegation and no just a little while Gordan for Myers rob Bradford got Riyadh -- -- -- -- us to try and -- some light on the situation what does -- mean. By his bad -- by the way to file abroad black the flyers right three nothing. So they have bullets I had backed down to a Fort Myers rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com joins us rob bus surprised by the news Ramallah. Mister Ferraro. A lot of late -- -- to get its enormous surprise because it will open I think there was some concern and certainly aren't he'd -- -- -- it invited the -- I think -- -- -- -- due diligence and and maybe fourteen countries -- -- I compared Gordon in the darkest yet mark compared to what they had before. There could change in the might even include improvements that need might ease his peers although the American people a little bit better about points or. The but he said it's not related to the Achilles it's say no to both legs now lower legs but not related to your achilles' that. Is -- is that possible that is not really Achilles and -- that bring up another red. No should be read more concerned now because it's not the Achilles. Well who basically what they're saying is that live via our eyes are all he'll spend the -- killed just because they wanted to take all precautions. But what you're saying there it is kind of -- it is because when you're you're going through this UW's Hercules -- used up part of your leg that your infrastructure and other parts to your. The body you didn't and that's what you all to generalized area so law I don't think it's it's one of these things where they say oh well you know what he. He's got the same sort of dramatic probably feel the heat doesn't kill you now -- -- agreed to -- wanna kind of take everything out equation. First and foremost make sure that there's no -- static -- it says. The other -- can be sore that you that's part of the process and they took a million times but they can't how many things happen that Achilles and -- -- out there like bullet or. Hey rob buy is CNN at the weight that he forward today who want him to be -- can you tell. I think you've got note that a little heavier and nothing dramatic I don't think it's what he's -- -- you know while Derek Jeter's. -- and that's only natural because you just aren't able to do. Why you're you know one can do because you can't move as well by all that's said it is not conducive to getting utilities better because. Are you guys are -- if you if you support more torque on utility. And -- bitter guy it becomes you know more problem we start to hurt you yesterday about. You know if talks which after more than a retreat doctors Shaq left Achilles problem was visible big guys -- viewing will be out of big job. But it gets your question way I don't think it's as blatant where you fill -- -- -- -- of -- and only one I just think it's kind of a byproduct of what we're going on. Clubs do they fear something though I mean now Farrell -- in this thing happy make it down in and stand -- right if this release are gonna panic and this is the only. Being a story about what. I mean is what just sense do you think this is going to be. Not so revealing and that it's you know you don't worry about guys or it's it's back to worry wise it's just the you know he'll let you know that was damage and has to get better I mean. Any any sense of it could be a little more serious. What Wright says -- we're getting up against the clock a little bit and it three weeks it could mean three weeks -- What four Monday that opening day. And and so it's kind of silly to keep identifying the opening date is fine if you're back and furthermore the person you wanna help you ready for opening day. But as keywords you told me the other -- hey you know it's if he's like he's now he can't play. So that you got to get them to where he feels better -- that he actually do better what if you'll look back or whatever and then go from there but I think that what does the current. She's not that we're hearing it a little bit of that. Like from Baltimore beat him from the team where it's hey you know what that our focus on opening day let's focus on getting it right. Or you can even capacity by a month to get the most that Turkey had the UK and so that's kind of -- -- global leadership throughout the oldest to remember. I didn't about a week ago. They were identifying. Right around now it's him playing of the game for the first time obviously at lap right. Rob you know. When he gets back whenever that is. You know mind -- matter how many rounds he hits one in the gap you know and eight pat refers sizes hit a lot of doubles over the users you know but. Now it's like. You know what do I even -- this story and on my Freddie hit the bag at the corner and make the -- I mean. Maybe I -- and maybe Ahmad bin melodramatic about it but I'm also thinking why he might be thinking once he's healthy again he doesn't -- to go through this again. And it's gonna limit -- he's never in our great you know based on anyway Brady's gonna be even slower and you know big patriots' first bases it's not -- -- -- of the offense and second basis through different. Yeah I know I figure out why they where they've gone through those between drill them and you watch him run guys -- -- -- -- during those trying -- you really can't tell a difference. People indoors pretty hard time with them but the problem is is that the next day and even a day after that and -- soreness there and so I think they may be able think -- to the point where it's just as he he round the bases. It's not a tremendous amount of concern. By what happens the next it would restore what happened about playing in that game because as India and you might have to look at plays from some of -- sort of content openly targets better. At what point you -- got kind of leap of faith and sent a you know are bitterly going to be totally better but I'm going to be able play -- it's not gonna get and worse. And rob also -- we talked about this last week of Michael early got to pick on Tuesday were Iran on the big show. About the weather factor as well I mean that's got to be concerned -- with the type of injury if he was actually available ago. Early April. Yeah I thought so I'd be go to New York in a bit but senator you're available and ready. It is it is not conducive. Cold weather is not going to be conducive to having an -- is not good tight enough. But I think gave downplayed that a little bit and it was sent to basically he would he would team by the bite in the back -- that might indicate that -- -- -- And yet to run on -- little bit so it's it's what he's saying where he I think he he I'll go and put the cart before the horse -- respect. I think they wanted to let you happened over the next week or so and then kind of figured out there. All right I got a -- and now is gonna say I arrived can you guys see down. Any discernible. Concerning him I mean yeah are you as you've been -- and happy for the most by -- happy go -- six mile light up the room kind of Big Papi. Or do you sense that I mean obviously -- about this but. Is that they can you tell if it's a real deep concern in this spot that might just changed his personality a bit. Yeah I think definitely I usually I agree yes -- -- it he had the other bit of a roller coaster but there's certainly been patent. One a couple of kids have been very recently where he has been concerned and has been down -- Until you know what is going on me until they tell me that you are the progress and so forth and so on. It I think there's some concern and certainly he would -- -- some days where he has not been up you. -- at all until maybe this is part of this. MR IRA say it's deep seated at the vacant teletype indirect as -- Obama -- Eaton who the guy who knows what he's still -- Larry Bird upon other guys. And so. If you're telling them that hey listen to our progress it'll get better. By a rookie just four and yet memorize take a bit with. It is that you could still getting better and it is okay but maybe that lol I don't blatant -- mood and put him in -- -- in my don't work. Our rob great stuff thanks so much for check -- and then and and tonight I Jackie Bradley -- bad second tonight SC. Yeah yeah I'm very side there are local another and so when absorbed -- quote you know what what contingency plan atlas or -- I'm ready now. Some or thrown out here you can move should go to it Yates could have Bradley junior. -- called the alto he said that they haven't really talked about but he's certainly wouldn't rule it -- I'll think they really wanna get into a contingency -- court yet. Our rob breaks -- we'll talk via a server a sooner rather than later thank you very much information different. Thanks a lot rob Bradford -- mud WEEI dead duck congress reset here. A date -- -- you guys all lined up lots going on but you're coming out of the garden tonight this afternoon let's talk about the Bruins as well. No question they scored three goals and a couple of minutes in the first period that's all they needed -- Kelly imply it apart plague all of that. And -- like the up flyers today three nothing in the 911 against Philadelphia. Between Philadelphia Toronto they played and it was like one game a year. They own poster team not one of wanna get suppliers in the last eleven games of the brewers are. It's early talk about that I watched the whole game today -- and here was great love the -- flight today. With Ronaldo -- there was a problem with name. -- -- great by today's well. A great stuff by a two rational thought about that and also the suit that just came in John Farrell. Moments ago -- -- your -- Bradford reiterate the storage -- -- saying that they were tees having both. Having arrived on both heels as precaution. To compare to previous MRIs so lots of talk about lots concern that. Lanny I can't. Okay latest OK it all out of broad broad rubble that's for the win absolutely we'll get back to walk off beat -- let him -- until 5 o'clock radio Sports Radio W yeah.

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