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Pete Sheppard - Curling Injury 7 Years Later

Mar 9, 2013|

Pete Sheppard is joined by Lenny Clarke where the two discuss Pete's first and only curling experience over 7 years ago. Lenny was actually there covering the event as part of the media. Pete describes the pain he still feels in his shoulder from the fall on the ice that day. Listen here for all the hilarious graphic details.

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But it they've won restored for your practice because we're -- you view the list of the shows in Europe on everything and what are your thoughts on. Top -- we've been talking about as well callers but. Yesterday during my Maloney. I don't know LB was on LB starts talking about curling. Men I don't know how it came up came up of course Joseph -- Smart -- -- easy reporters you know puts up. The -- liberty for me that was what 67 years ago. And that'll happen because Olympics are one day of my big fat mouth stuck my foot and a big timers to curling is easy guy to be real African deal a blow block him -- got called up and challenged me come out there and whale and right whales and -- club guy you have to be YouTube election artist are you got to witness it and as hours and -- and probably good fifty pounds every and I am now which didn't help. Out of shape obviously I couldn't do -- did they put the the little ice packs on your feet all that's the whatever they're called and I'm sorry for not going to tackle or whatever. Thought I had to be just the -- sleeper guy on one little rug over W college. I report is the way through almost have a heart attack ball doubles bust my head on the on the on the stone right people are up in the in the rafters. Videotaping laughing their -- and I went on the same thing out of left that neutralize the leprosy. My shoulder to this day letting my left shoulder still hurts people trying to fall. I still heard this likes the six or seven years ago if I'm mistaken I feel to blame you there and members prescription that's -- why should you could. It 'cause I'm an idiot. I tried -- in my where I'd never I didn't -- -- -- curling club what I hear you know I did I was I was horrible but it ultimately see solved I don't know I mean it is that I'll tell you something it is that's tough for anybody who's never done that. It's I it's it's it's it's it's very interesting it's fun it's worked out I mean you get more respect for what they no question no question Agassi did not want to watch on TV that the people actually tried it. -- included a person I think they'd. It's funded -- -- and it's a lot of fun -- it I feel the same way about like auto racing as did area like damn that's on them again one of those things like dead ads aren't BC. -- gave him down and shall write yeah tickets overdue the -- speedway and OK let's get in those things are not driving by is the passenger. And now. Monetize I was themselves he would and exhilarated the same time -- and that and it just Illinois in -- Vietnam right and how those guys and everything. And widgets don't go round track where where and in -- not a hundred cars you know it was that site I got a lot more respect. For -- race ever at the cronies are against his right after they get down with a little segment talking about a -- WEEI I'm over him -- you know get some. -- gets some. Someone is from people and stuff and they see this week at the some below opens says attorney at law from April -- commitment guy's name like what the hell is this gonna do now. And hope it's not a bit I don't know -- it -- I don't know I mean what what happened the minutes are up and up and it's this letter from a very nice attorney. Annie writes -- I remember several -- I -- he's talking a few months ago. About how your shoulder still hurt from curling eagle on on and on to describe. This. Way of healing myself not a kind of politically what -- Taking. Some pineapple enzyme and everything else in particular if there are several several it's logical and there's this whole letter. But how he went through the same thing he thought it was recited this shoulder and it was these cortisone shots that ultimately it's -- curling expert. I just thought it was hysterical. Look him out of the studio I said look at this letter. Because of the attorneys questioned this is is that you wouldn't believe it -- it -- to talking about this enjoyed the opposite I don't check the -- what was yesterday's -- and that has -- -- talk about the -- the -- accurately it took ahead right at the -- to get right at Indianapolis -- that run with the current almost they almost got almost got -- almost went ahead in the -- somehow I -- and people -- -- -- -- -- -- and rightly so. Well videotape it on YouTube. Now I admired you for a yeah I just writing a little story I mean I hear you if -- -- -- and none of them miles from my house -- -- it. Last and one writing about and then break your enemies YouTube spent my -- one.

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