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ESPN's Mike Tirico with Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell

Mar 8, 2013|

Mike Tirico of ESPN joined Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell during halftime of tonight's Hawks/Celtics broadcast.

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Few nights a year. We'll get the cream of the crop we get the least we get. The special yes the people to whom we need your entire show around it makes career here on the nights they come -- -- tonight I'm here. Right now -- that's what Tuesday -- -- of the putts at. Mike Tirico is -- you know voice the a Syracuse salaam last night we did the continued national television -- -- plate dominance. -- -- university with Marvin -- eagle at the end the and it's an IU a -- passes a game and -- doubleheader you know like some some schools -- quarterbacks. Running backs linebackers quick parts. When you turn up many of the -- so make sure we -- usually brag about please think if I chose poorly. We've got coming down to Syracuse and you know I was I was staring at a I don't wanna wanna be behind in the line of like thirty other people wall once I try to carve out my own path and Agassi and here I -- and -- when he you can see the game well and the involvement -- you know among many things will get to the team and how -- -- the game we all learned that -- -- -- how fascinating it was with the dissemination of information. But today as someone who you grew went to Syracuse. Grew -- in New York on -- with the keys. Like mormons here in the building tonight news -- -- pervert the big -- back in the day. This is has to be very melancholy heavy day for those with the group BS's. -- it really use it'll be hopefully going to people who. -- missile or the big east we're going to be in New York -- we can turn it it'll be -- -- like an Irish wake him bill bill Drake can celebrate. -- life well lived in -- Batman -- -- was for about a 3%. There's progress when you really do pull back -- an Jim Calhoun was an outside the lines. On Friday but he made really good points. Attitudes for a long time. You can't have teamed with the eight billion dollar budget. And teams in the 120 billion dollars or sixty -- about basketball budget. Be in the same house and playing for the same thing that they're philosophically knuckle in the same way of security -- sport so in the long -- -- Smart moved to Providence street -- the other half of some schools I feel bad for connected to -- -- left -- Syracuse Pittsburgh West Virginia found homes the hole lead to disappointment what he grew up one. And win something. Moves on because of progress technology or finance. It hurts you because what you were raised on its disappointing agree to watch it and one last time glad that the -- these pieces of equipment. But throw but he talked about that I look at. You know how they -- he was making me see this as I live their pullout so -- a book or allow the South Carolina with it yet. And now it is all up and down the coast which is the bases to be that the -- that and Jim Boeheim said it best. Bill because tegra -- to him to lose -- he was the guy who. It was clear point he said. You know what our rivalries and those schools they're gonna end. Y because real playoffs every year it's at saint Bonaventure was Syracuse -- biggest rival for the big east. But even dream about point 28 Bonaventure when you do it's an important game so the people who live in your new house we've beat up on. We scheme to defeat those people who become rivals and you're right. These -- South Carolina people that -- that really yes they were back in the day. And they were darn good and now that will form at -- -- with Syracuse and Pittsburgh as long as they maintain equality. With North Carolina and duke in the other schools who have taken their turn the agency be great basketball league -- football league -- No hope with Boston College you're going to use that piece has been missing from the week. -- -- VCU like now fire in the ACC because they have the competitive. Beyond football it's interesting how those of us that it sort of two -- we get our jobs we cherished history and evolution sometimes comes. Harder I think for us it's interesting to me -- the -- talking. You hold. What we grow up that's the most prestigious play by play job exports more than -- took off the job itself is much different than it was growing up just as in thirty years from now whoever is now growing up watching you do it. The job will be completely different then. And you're in the same boat. Running most of this job I remember doing a big east game when night Daniel Abrams -- BC and it was in the old garden. And I remember being able to do a game up above earth where Johnny could -- -- service -- Now I got it now I understand why it's so -- you just felt that history. Flies TV has come along and more people consume the games with Mike you Tommy do games on TV that you guys -- the disrespect whose. People love security guys when they're out about listen. If you look can ship the comfort -- it's just to change the radio play by play man was the one who associated. As the voice of the team. And it's evolved on TV so everything has changed but the -- football used to be the only game you've got. On prime time at night during the week -- get to those yet Sunday three of the seven nights at football games before we know it will be every other night. Have force forced them on how do you period that you did to our listeners. Into what you do because -- see you. Golf I mean we've that you with everything we haven't that you it is NASCAR yet and I think that might be confident about being true that you. Although -- that you do so easily in -- which it is I appreciate that I love what I do on the man. And it try to maintain my approach to man right at the -- bogged down as they did early on and snaps and -- -- About the people would be the lost art department and try to do that and network with great people and the events are very similar pictures. It means that familiar the charity of the people. I think like doing. Your Lebanon -- you leave. Around here and if -- studio were -- 6070. Years. College football basketball go back to place your State's thirty years now for my needs student. And golf is seventy -- here Ramsey people's views and on player after player but think that on for me now one man on. Were in the World Cup for the first time -- it was a short that was -- now stock traded at a public asked not to vote now for fox TV. Be ready called World Cup when he tennis I've done -- last -- we've Wimbledon -- -- down hard you know so. I promise -- spend -- we checked out on tennis at Wimbledon it's not cram for finals. Not that I ever did that and I don't go out and I would never happened there and but it's refused -- do we want them as too. There are lessons you -- you can have a conversation with a football coach in the production and months later something you learn a lesson like that will hold out and indeed. Apps to curiosity. People and for me and now he's growing on me. And I'm still amazed now on it's -- docs office earlier tonight and -- -- to report things that not all -- that I had for a day emergency team that -- to resonate. Avery Bradley interviewed him. It's -- talked about the whole Texas along. Page of NBA players and -- Seattle based Seattle Tacoma based group regards. With Google -- and he does it very simply I think world really good like the batteries and all rock -- -- one. We spent a lot of time in -- hit them here if we couldn't go out that we don't want to go quietly. I've read rainy day they think that while those guys got good way to get. Never got. Or they way they ball players don't come from the northeast -- -- in the south because again that's what I'll I'll remember that it's not -- -- you know what cardinal last hope. And next -- when you do an NBA games Seattle which conflict obviously real well. The interview tonight with David Bradley the last time you were here at the pre interview -- did it was with fraudulent. Because we all thought it was going to be playing that day at Miami game we just assume. And then. The plug got pulled in this fascinating world of which were all in with Twitter which people at home we're getting -- -- we used to get information first or but it -- gets it. And all the sudden you and me and who -- was calling that game that Miami game within a completely different world trying to watching information. Disseminate. About the Rondo injury and watching the narrative of the team's season entirely -- well against the. And the most bizarre part of the wrong -- The end of the game stars asked all just because to communicate while you're just communication. We wanted to go fifteen news. And the coaching staff that what dobbs didn't tell the players at halftime and so we were under the impression that they do it that we've been saying that bubble game. Miami's players -- Because Dwyane Wade went into the locker to use the facilities to the bathroom during the game you know that's the third -- -- -- a potent -- -- McMullen. And found out what what what you -- back here. Broncos HBO out via really hear it almost councils are received them released art you have back -- -- -- -- players knew everybody in the building. Everybody watching on TV. And the Celtics you know those that really just an odd. Day and evening and I still can't believe they're here I am back here for the first time since. And the Celtics are 113 for me veteran whose remarkable -- the other gonna ask you that your view from -- now that it is. You don't have run though the team is playing well. What do you think from the outside the team's not better they're playing better why they play better if everybody's doing everything. You know it if if -- -- at Uga will be that mutated but please when you made that. That line. I use that yesterday on talk radio got this. That is the bull you're out of me but -- you know I want my accidentally hit fed -- on -- stand without benefit. The team everybody else now it. And the big thing I would if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce hit them with a beat everybody else accountable Paul -- is the problem. If that's what is the equipment. But two point one -- if you're at home do you think -- Everybody's got their chores around the house and somebody can't do -- -- for whatever reason for the bomber data advocate what happens to -- towards not get that no other people picked up. Have a quality of how they get done. Could be significantly different. But what you might realize is yours on May be the best dishwasher in -- house he leaves for popped better than his older brother but you never know it could it ever had to do. Rondo is terrific defender run those great distributor. Rondo gets the basket scored. Now he's not -- one. All square witnesses guys the defensive tone that we need help people like all the little things -- -- They can sustain it as it goes on it it'll be hard particularly good it was hard to get better plug. We know that every applauded for now and without those two up Paul Evans execute the obligation that's the one that keep me up tonight. Who's the best battery company in any sport or any team that prepared Paul -- accomplishments. Leadership. Longevity. And residents in a lot. Almost any sport I'm not familiar with hockey I can't get one of the NFL I'm trying to publish scramble hard because it's out what I can't -- -- But don't you write your really your Detroit Red Wings teams late ninety's you know those veterans in -- 2000 that's about the only one that they've -- to doubt that this was you know it's about the way back. That's the that's the dad travels a lot. And everybody else has been towards the pick up on that god I've got no doubt I said to pick up things a production means -- but -- -- that -- And file I found our way my son Derrick put the stuff -- just -- at them vote. Fact fact a lot of world. That thing is for let's -- to -- working here. -- -- anyone that standing in the place where you are to show Twitter -- all of our lives. Some of the better so for the worst but regardless you have to -- we talked about evolution. What has been the patrol in the -- of you being -- I need it and I'm and I'm a silly stuff out there that is neat experience. Negative and how are people without any consequences or the ability to face them money. And -- Wednesday. Positive I'm -- I worth anything more knowledge Seymour if you. Waves and also understand that they what people want to see over the east Lothian for me. But this would -- 10% to -- -- -- but. Politics it's about driving. And so. They -- it it may get the best to move on Mike Tirico joining us though is we love spending -- time and you know that that was that lunatic -- that's not an overrated so. Love you also let us right back but I can debate right you know --

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