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David Ortiz and his ailing Achilles

Mar 8, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about David Ortiz and his bothersome Achilles. The two debate whether the Red Sox should have been more cautious in offering the slugger a two year deal.

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Lunchtime hour on a snowy Friday -- -- not 237 WEEI your calls until 2 o'clock in the big show. With Pete and -- 61777979837. To -- Texas AT&T text line 37937. Chris sport clearing waivers. No one is on waivers today and across the NHL so be clears waivers the Bruins can assign him. Back to prominence certainly keep an eye on that will continue to keep an Iowa it's one on. Would David Ortiz it's spring training we had a yesterday right Joseph we had some pretty good audio I thought. And the only audio that I heard -- David Ortiz sitting gallon rob Bradford. WE DI dot com and basically admitting. That look I'm so sore right now the season started today I won't be able to go right. On -- better to. -- about a -- To do. Weeks. I think. That. But you know we'll be. You know. -- the it was. Try not to get worse that's a little bit concerned. The idea that it could get worse you know I keep talking about what's the next step after it's a strain. Lou blow thing out have and have surgery or finding a bigger here than they think is their habit of surgery which are probably not come out this entire year much of the of the offseason next year. But no matter what you think what you were in the Red Sox a -- he -- amity just hate this team like lot of people where did you last couple years. You have to agree. That the idea of him playing a full six months coming up the cards right now on the is really not a true back up and you have a right to be concerned about Ortiz not just early in the year but can his body with hole. The entire year at that side of that injury in 2000 yeah. -- -- You know the way make it worse is try to push without -- at that's that's the idea so meaning not gonna give you -- 15050 games this year. Just the way it is so. The question of not letting him play. Until his confidence behind in the team's company that's behind him that he's he's healthy enough that it's not going to be another issue. You know he's got to be able to run on -- you know comfortably. Because if not need just -- circle go to the go to the calendar just throw darts when disguise for season going to be over. At some point as he's gonna be over he felt their plane and it's not healthy to -- been packeting get to a entire season. Within with an Achilles that -- it's gonna have actually blow lot at some point. And it can be done for next year so it tells what he want won their opening day and got gotten. Got it out and get differ opening day is important what you want rest the year. Good enough. Started to the doctors did you. More advice today here. Bring them. This way. -- -- The sort of goes away. What made you. What made you -- -- -- you felt. Good those of us thought. But yesterday -- -- it. That was Ortiz of Bradford yesterday down there at Fort Myers look I get the need for David Ortiz. Last year without and they went 22 and 48. On the games under 500 since 2007. They've been one game under 500 without Ortiz 91 and 92. While going 443. In 346. Almost a hundred games over 500 with him around. Rob rafter writes -- WE DI dot com some suggest the Red Sox were offering Ortiz a semblance lifetime achievement. I'm presenting his latest contract the on the field importance of keeping him around can't be ignore I'm not debating the be on the field impacted David Ortiz. I think you made the point many times that teams away from DH is in the American League because they don't have guys like David Ortiz and Gavin David Ortiz you pay and and you keep them. -- you -- problem. Has that type a DH at that -- raw power that Ortiz has is in the commonplace -- it used to -- take ten years ago in the American League. Thought it was a lifetime achievement award from a a Red Sox standpoint I do think it was a huge gamble. And my question today the kind of move the store reported what was the difference between the David Ortiz Achilles. And the Mike Napoli -- Yeah you had all offseason last July's on the spurs happened he came back and played one game of trying your doctor -- let all the information. That you need on David Ortiz all of it. And he's still sign in to a two year 26 million dollar deal guaranteed to be at least at least. Or thirteen million bucks per season the next few years for guidance late thirties coming off an Achilles. The Mike Napoli deal comes up. And he feels as far as I can read here no pain in the hip. It was strictly or a concerned about something in the MRI. Three years 39 million bucks we can offer that might we can't do is a one year five million dollar incentive -- deal. They were so aggressive with ride in the crap out of Mike Napoli. Why did -- -- the same thing with David Ortiz because it would have made the best baseball -- offering one year deal or let him go and sniff around for contract instead. They said to -- 26 here's your deal in pulpit about contractor in the offseason. What's the difference -- What you can tell you. Is there is not an -- look at Mike Napoli. In a minor -- at a at a shoulder issue. 2007 sprained his ankle. -- -- 2008 shoulder issue came back and he talked about that before is that he's had some labor issues labor issues in the shoulder it's never. It's an -- it's been going on now since 20082009. There have been a problem. There's really missed any time since with that it's there he deals that straighten it up it's not a big deal. Last year's Tammy acted up a little bit I think when a deal fifteen days for quads for those types of injuries. And he's a catcher. And played no DH first base whatever he's never had hip did they just find -- to be able to reduce. That salary because it was there. Don't know when a case of David Ortiz it's it is a little strange you know this and yet you could have done this couple years ago. -- to wait Tillie misses half the year on an Achilles the -- two year deal. But again you know two things number one but at the way they want about the season the guys that they signed in and change the culture and fan base and everything else. That's awful tough to do to try to change that and not bring back David lot of people up again. So it's -- past performance it's also potentially vote future. Now that that'll they knew that he was going to be injured coming to camp or we gonna miss a lot timer market to camp or whatever wasn't. If this is gonna be an injury I was gonna end his career if it did blow at some point this year -- be ready next year you know that the look at that saying. If he's in the lineup where they look at the impact even the that we have we sure they'll look at it that injury -- -- brings up what is a basic point but the -- give -- a physical. Like what's that game was a goal but what didn't they see it -- their players they had for ninety days when new reason to -- their the last two months of the new with the progress was. They're looking at it every single day and -- is figured in time it would heal well and hasn't healed. But when it has a real like complete rest now he's -- now these kitten baseball activities going and it seems to be getting worse. Forget healing -- get worse -- just now. Breaking it out now he's running on his breaking things up or not but. He's he's a game -- -- -- out there this lineup. Due to say let go and bring on hoping it'll grow. The look at signed Josh Hamilton. So they figured okay worst predicts a month I get five months David Ortiz at a high level -- could get -- absolutely. The risk of everybody there's no question -- We look at impact bats he's an impact back but to guarantee a second year for him. -- bat coming off an Achilles. And to grind down Mike Napoli had a hard time getting past that whenever a hard time getting past the idea that the two year deal was less about baseball. And more about. PR and keeping David to keep his mouth shut -- all of the plane here that this can beat copier for our team. We'd all hands on deck and the best way to do that would David is to guarantee that second year and look -- a panel for them he might be a thirteen million dollar player next year. But he is coming off an Achilles. So if you gonna grind Napoli down two year five million box where I couldn't feel the injury. One let Ortiz go once in a -- deal the other is the rumors that there was a two year offer was. Was that you know negotiating on the tight side of Ortiz -- with a two year offer. Abbas strongly talked about this couple weeks ago on one of his baseball and I chose where rob Mariano Rivera was a good help burning leaves a free agent. And there -- sniffed around the Red Sox his agent the time. Kept on people I have a seven year deal. And -- only set after I think sorted out couple years later found out the the deal that he was offered a GM to help out the agent. Was a seven year seven million dollar contract with a billion dollars a year for seven years -- gonna be here if I got a seven year deal. Like if if the seven this many problems. When other teams have looked at the Ortiz Achilles go you know two years but. Fifteen million total or two years twelve million with incentive -- I just look at it now ago. -- have been a lot more incentive like we're getting away from that Amir Al what do your what do T October. Kind of look at David and say you know he probably won't be -- in spring training to be more attentively and with the potential to make a certain amount of money. Would have been guaranteed. Migrating them an -- with the -- issue sort of -- -- -- -- -- -- like you said flat -- is -- does that -- if you wanna do that Jason Bay and he surges let me. Q you wanna do that for feels no pain is surging -- litany. That that's your right is a team right yeah that's right it's a team you wanna grinding guide down. But the biggest key -- he's lying to a 26 guarantee when you have like -- said there's no replacement for him. I guess Napoli opening day will be the DH Mike -- awhile over basically for space. Lars Anderson walked through that door that okay if you don't have somebody. So you don't have an answer what are you guys up there as an answer as Red Sox fans. About why give Dave Ortiz two years and guaranteed. When he -- our soldiers culmination of two things. Yet there's obviously some PR side of it there's no question about that but then again you know up finding and impact -- -- -- out there for two year deal. Well for one year deal -- happened 6177797937. That's the phone every can text us. AT&T -- line wide open for 37937. We get a 92 break and -- your phone call. Go to FaceBook dot com slash WEEI for good laugh today our buddy Pete shepherd. He sells the big -- today -- couple years ago and it's and curling over and was -- north screw that topic curling rink and -- -- Takes a dive there will bigger repeat good good sport here today with Pete. And -- in the big show. As promised right your phone 61777979837. Rob is in Georgetown this afternoon erupt. Well my gut that whether our -- guys -- to work where US ports the road on that ninety biting your then. And in home from Margaret dealership by -- -- automatic on a -- you're technically or comparing Mike Napoli -- that David Ortiz but you know area. On to a championship. Or out Ortiz. You can call or an award what -- the got a contract called date because it it didn't -- Because he can't they put up but he put a -- yet still pick and -- based on what he's giving you the last eight years. -- -- -- comparing past achievements don't comparing who they are right now what we're comparing is they they you know Mike Napoli there reduced at three year 39 because of injury concern yet they gave to 26 guaranteed to -- That's compares. Like what Mike Napoli collapsed due course. They put numbers last year. Would finish the year he was healthy most of the year hit on a home runs in Texas. But it seems healthy you know your enemy and he finished the year helped lights mean the deaths that it did mr. -- an Achilles. I still I still can't I still can't see a guy can even from here. Well they're locked up again and again and again the argument is you again. We're talking about the contracts -- -- you your putting you know words and -- throat and pair. What David Ortiz has done -- -- Boston Red Sox what Mike Napoli that -- not -- headed with this. He -- like you're you're getting you're giving giving him a lifetime achievement award Nancy Red Sox fan -- -- -- -- expand. You're you're you're okay with them investing 26 million dollars guaranteed. Per diluted finish last year and looks like he's still sore this year with the killings. Yeah I don't know four point six million goal a look at what they. But couldn't renteria at -- -- apple ordered apparent to -- go -- the -- all the contracts will Google thinks. The care it. Compared to Crawford UB final day of saying. If this team that Casey telling us they're they're getting away Jabbar Karl dig your dignity is what we get away from signing guys for PR for lifetime achievement rob. This what if feels like I I think I would send a lot of Red Sox fans disagree with you that's okay. The pay a guy specifically for past reports that for PR vs what he's gonna do next year and the year after when he's getting paid to do. And had a lot more to it I think it you know at a chemical co -- out with a lot of space to keep you know and stability. And what you can do it you know it is a young guy. I I don't think there's a lot more to a literary late goals -- hot and it still got it probably -- But beyond that old Internet -- are you happy it this year you know. Come back here put a big number again. In 3738. Years -- well I'll take a lot of data that's a big part of it again there's is no word out there a bad lies sick and you would David can do healthy. The question is health at all. Not to compare what is done his career with that's not -- compensation triple -- of people -- he's done more for this organization and Mike Napoli. And again debate that now so the problem is you get a guided and finished the year game to use two point six -- that it. That it -- finished a year. Healthy and found some other injury out of nowhere to reduce the contract and take whatever but I have to do. Right off of fifty days. I'll tell you what if if most Red Sox fans or majority Red Sox fans like Robin Georgetown rob thanks for your call. In the Red Sox are all set this year you got a guy just call and say I don't care what you paid Ortiz he's meant a lot of this franchise. Go ahead and given two years and 26 scared he'd. In a guided didn't finish the year last year as an Achilles injury for guys and is there if you guys feel like that is Sox fans today. The Red Sox are all set the ratings will be good the interest level -- there will be good ship lollipop all yearlong. Of rob speaks for majority Red Sox fans -- Big poppy he's got salsa. These guys got a restaurant. He's our guy. Not once saying he's not act guy he has been as clutch as any player baseball history my question is why the hell would you guarantee him two years. When we don't know -- other offers route there why is that okay. And it but it's also -- not okay to give Napoli dealing grind him down because he means -- the French. Paula let me ask you this -- you talking about David Ortiz before when you first heard he wasn't running. And what what did you say about. How important is this team. David Ortiz just hugely important this -- why. Because they have no depth that DH and -- invest any other dollars and that they gambled a 26 million. Ortiz is gonna be their guy and there's no other back up for the opposition thing -- and it did -- -- they'll be out there if there were about the Josh Hamilton. He's important this lineup because he's the one game changer in this one. So that's why you sign them because there aren't game changes out there. Now if he can get. Four months out of them. So be it for much of David Ortiz -- be were thirteen. Million dollars more than thirteen million dollars a chain victory for six most likely I'll marks a hole with a mix and all your phone calls when those on the Bruins remark. -- a -- with some good afternoon yes after -- now mark thanks your call but. But he qualified -- better than my community you you know count how many do usual controls. When you're at the authorities say you know ultimate I was in third grade and I almost stole a lollipop but it didn't. The most better life than your -- checkbook like double figure and it -- that. I don't like call but you gotta talk about a little while ago and this -- kind of been it's not something I lose sleep over but with the -- -- -- today figured I would call and ask you guys that's. Three leading questions. Then if you're -- given the keys for the -- tomorrow and you had to keep. Patrice Bergeron and David Perry can he keep. Bergeron. I would say -- a -- allergic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gonna choose though the title I like that is what it's all we get to mark who picked that we -- the entire second -- the first one. Why in the world to the vast majority of Boston sportswriters ESPN you can go go find it anywhere. Consider great -- the first line. I sent off the air today why we collided cold in the first line. I must admit that it boggles my mind last year. -- do that at the front line was up plus 101 for the year. The tricky line was plus two. Debate here. He apparently until is the best two way player hockey. -- boggles my mind and they don't get me wrong. I like -- like -- like Lucci but that just second line. First one birdie on one hand down. -- of all -- on the show from now on you'll not hear me call. The -- she lined the first line because of your passion for because I agree with -- the Bergeron lighted now the first line for the steam -- -- on that second line. Or something it's actually called mark. On the -- that if anything on a day like today on knicks and Bruins -- talk and socks in a violent. Our Richard in the car with a thought on job fairly Richard. Okay what I don't an elegant look. Up. I don't state and get on the act gave the luckiest thing is that they can definitely -- -- like even like he contract. Hit the patent thirteen billion. I can't wait for the guys that compete in the bat but. You really think that the ability Britain's Mike Napoli. Product that is that they pain and hearing it. When they're healthy. No it's not known that that's not that's not the point it's who got two guys of the injuries one guy a -- and up in earnest salary upside down game 15 the other guy. With -- -- injury didn't finish up last year Richard you guarantee him to a 26. -- -- get it did all let me get lack you're right how we got them all right don't let totally right technical. To be at that -- did you. But that's okay all right. I don't know how John Black actors are suddenly got hurt right. Right to what are what are they gave John Lackey an extension last year. Extended and two more years -- let's did you elect is -- career was over or -- -- at all last year and extend -- two years come up Tommy John. Yeah indeed that you picked up -- I don't even -- -- that my whole point but. The -- get more money Katie Borough like David Ortiz. Richard -- -- horse today Richard Richard Richard you again. -- What are we comparing. A healthy David Ortiz to anybody that we done that at all Richard. I gave you that hit an advocate that he went home run. Yeah definitely. If he's on the field he's gonna -- now thirteen million LP in fifth -- And that it's important that people zone about thirteen million yes about that problem apparel. At that tipping point -- like the manager of the Red Sox a bigger problem and Ortiz has helped -- yet but it lie to. All right well then. Why. Wouldn't a weapon that -- a good break that two year. Exactly you know what else I would not sold on Terry Francona but you know what -- -- I became agree -- -- -- and that -- me a break and editor now. It's been -- Dayton here this week and being made it -- baseball the first thing is -- X denotes the a lot of pinch hit no one of the guys to play no -- -- hit -- you -- that -- -- -- the -- tactic they -- prepared game. The easiest thing the second thing didn't work. Then the and second thing is to become motivated -- -- -- -- the -- that played ballot checked out I parked out that's why our bet that would be great coaches because they're motivated. And what good -- greatest -- babysitting on how to get the three. And number eight it that your baby but it makes little silly little -- and little -- too late -- has embarked up that way. Went about a baseball right now is to make frequented strip. Ritchie is said that's the third most important thing before you said it was the most important thing which is. That's the spirit being that is the most important thing is being debated in the easiest thing is. Oz like a 321 year leading up to the big Ellington and -- his -- Warren. Right illicit. I think that the very important thing of managing is dealing with personalities. I think you're right. And and that. The number one thing in baseball the Great Britain out. OK so what Richard Richard what do you think -- Francona when he first got here sucked in Philadelphia we sucks to you would think Belichick Belichick got a terrible track record. Boy he's got to be -- Political trouble finding one of the guys bumped -- I wanted him. I didn't. Unavailable and Joseph manual audit is the best Edgar baseball -- a lot so Joseph is not available -- signed a deal with Tampa. I know I wanted to -- well. Apartment now. And when did you watch a man to sign an extension before they hired by the VG wanted to set Tito a first -- -- Francona redacted out I want to. I want -- -- and without and why would you about Joseph Maddon is a bench coach at -- will the will of the things you. Was just the bench coach and in LA when did you hear the great things that. I didn't always it to you waited so what he was like Tampa. But why did you wait he saw what it was like in Tampa before -- revisionist. -- article about that you looked up and I mean look like Erik went up and coming back about six years ago all up and coming agitated that battle but I. We didn't do and it's -- can get out while the team event that god will play at the respect. Francona. I wouldn't say it's on him I didn't -- or not I don't think Michael Jordan back and Andy -- and then again maybe whenever I -- a lot. But then I mean I don't know that sound ridiculous Francona won the 2000 blunt LT yet in the game you would that -- -- -- I didn't give him but he actually turned out I think that debt debt. Thought he was lucky and Richard. Rich is just lucky. The -- lucky. That would deal with today John Ferrell Sox -- He might not be the manager of the year candidate -- might be the best manager Red Sox history but. What he's done mistakes sucks for -- guys have failed on a smaller stage get two guys in this county of guide Doc Rivers. Doc Rivers coach of the year year one. Fired the next year to ten games and Orlando went about it before 07 Bill Belichick act. Run at a Cleveland that disaster. That take over in New York he -- he ends up year. Terry Francona and -- ends up the year pretty good Ron. Again John Ferrell secondly tech college fired up relevant passion c'mon. 6177797937. On the AT&T -- -- at 379837. Maybe you'll get back fearful calls the phones are like we come back.

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