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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, discusses the Bruins second line

Mar 8, 2013|

McGuire makes his first weekly appearance on the Mut and Merloni Show and discusses the Bruins win over Toronto and the play of Patrice Bergeron.

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Our two -- -- ID three point seven WEEI we're talking hockey on a very snowy Friday across New England specifically. In the Boston area were very Burbank said today and I quote. I've never see something like this. As he points -- a storm hanging out. Over the city of Boston -- a lot of places Framingham was both places Walpole -- place whether you actually so the straight face. They're gonna get more snow. And they got during the blizzard a month ago in these places -- of. I think it's awesome -- -- -- -- at a party knowing donors. Now whatever happen to those deep ball. It ever get fooled. You don't need a weatherman nobody give us through airports don't bring their latest alarmed at the end of the year. Give us the update to the jets were gonna get this they did. Well to where -- they said there was two -- where -- we we have -- We we have now occurring on from my neck and smoke show -- toll call that she -- college -- -- -- -- guys she went with the yacht. The European weather model that said. We did that we deal north and west a former -- five and and sign a little bit inside that might get posted with flight ended twelve inches yourself shore. At a you hear all this should -- one authority now she said to wash dishes and Nat and and -- -- was generated crushed and and north there was gonna get -- he nailed it man not so adamantly -- -- was -- where it's always good what do you care. You know back in the day -- Prejudice and opened the door there you go real real real wheel drive and bang it out. Four and a half hours to get to work -- I -- apologize to the -- ever apologized but you know later at a Washington and feel guilty -- conveniently leave him. -- you today at a at a plow right through the bank is plow right through the -- it yeah vote. I don't know it -- -- -- -- rabies though hurricane doesn't matter our next guy is between the boards whenever. I -- -- Pierre McGuire. NBC sports you see him do the -- NHL games he joins us all the time and turns out. He's got to be irregular on the she addressed the hockey season here it's not Lou Lyndon byers I get out today how -- you. I'm doing great motivator go to Ireland and -- if there everybody I'm and then the best of the best right there are people this guy knows his stuff he's the genius. I learned that I know you're gonna happen provided all allied hours -- -- media -- medium -- its analysis you know what scared -- -- if they've been there always toughest when their back in the or corn and hang on to go for the Iraq. We started the show it to the appear talking about the Bruins went last night and headlines locally or Tyler Satan gets back on track and maybe honestly to the party but here locally. I don't think Patrice Bergeron is is is herald it as he is nationally what's the natural perspective on Bergeron as it is a pound for pound player in the NHL. One of the top ten players in the league when you talk to coaches around the league if not so much about the offensive productivity even though that kick in the year. It's about what he doesn't face justice about what he doesn't penalty kill situation what he does on the power play. It's what he does matchup against the other team's top forward. There's really no let down his game and -- can tell you from having been in the dressing room. When you little player like Raymond work every night you know you're gonna get any effort it's the same thing from bird dropped. The top players always can deliver those -- effort you know -- NBA player one may -- deeper than Mac share earnings player almost every night and Patrice Bergeron hasn't and that's why. I mean I just spent a lot of time Chicago a lot of time Detroit and profitable -- coaches that's not a pretty leads that that's what they talked about the talked -- -- -- You know he's a guy I think next year's time one more year -- he's on restrict the got to believe Friday mean. This this year this offseason kind of extend to not let him get that last year. You know what's -- about the Boston Bruins especially commercial -- can really be in there and I actually and you know dotting the camera obviously Bruins and I think they understand the value players like that in a city like Boston. There's so proactive when it comes to kind of players they wanna keep. You look at the extension saying you look at the extent -- -- you know that there aggressive when it comes to identifying players that are really important they're teaming -- try got to believe at some point they're gonna get aggressive with virtual. I doubt that's an Auburn netstat an automatic you know an idea right. I so agree with -- would appear you know -- -- are so many great qualities I agree -- and great players and bureau and if he you know he can talk aborted after me. Superstar players above average players in like I was -- here you know just because -- Bergeron won the sake trophy you know he was still top five and in his team and scorned. That doesn't tell me he's a defensive minded person he's an offensive minded person that that you completely. Completely is it cares about is -- -- defensive game but people like ray Bork and Patrice Bergeron superstars. And it didn't Bigelow. They they bring their a game insisted I don't know but but Patrice Bergeron screws up and they score. Patrice Bergeron doesn't loses mind doesn't get doesn't get out of sync doesn't lose his focus. They hit that that that that that mistake is behind him and he he he writes that mistake. Probably gets him on two or three goals you know Bob and now you know but ray -- to get twist didn't you know -- Maryland you are you know very few people what some but. You know who you are in the best of the basket screwed into the -- once a while. But he would never dwell on that he would never get to the bench and be you know after a site gambling and -- what I do you know it was gone gone and and and move forward. And that attitude. That attitude when it when it gets in that team in that locker room that attitude of let it go it's behind us you've got to move forward. And I think that's what makes the Boston -- so good because that start to Patrice Bergeron and and way and that attitude. In the year he's also on that line -- lot of responsibility right young kids -- -- young kid Marshall last couple of years credit. Teaching them the way to be that complete -- You look at the plot line Patrick Tyler -- he has Brad marsh and last year's big part of -- because of Patrice Bergeron each and not playing around on. I'm convinced that I've putted decently Bruins seemed every year that's the one thing again with consistency level player like that. You know I think it probably grossly unfair -- -- -- but there's a lot of similarities to -- -- -- those -- what genre tell used to do when he was in the prime and I mean government tells legendary player yeah. And there are currently -- so someone you know I grew up watching jarrah told dislike women buyers -- You know the one thing about job the consistency in his game decide on repel. You know web partnerships necessary rigel bearable people Charlotte tell. On the board game winds down in New York court or you can actually -- -- and I've done and they've worked influence of our economic damage huge. Pierre McGuire joining us this team with the roster move Pierre where crisp -- on waivers clears -- can be back at the Providence HL level as early this afternoon. Carl Soderbergh a guy that they traded for is -- across overseas for a couple years. That's the rumor trying to get him out what do they what do you know about this guy could help the Bruins. I know what kind of bottom ridicule from almost stream. Tremendous player in the street she's the lead been there for awhile and I -- was -- all three year -- four draft. My memory sure the -- round pick. The thing about him that's so good that she's she's range he's about six foot 36 foot four. The ball 195200. Somewhere in there. Serious skill level he's moved on from now long gone up to play for eventual thing which is in the center part of Sweden. But huge -- huge offensive skills major breakthrough year -- this year. More mature probably now than he ever was and so I wouldn't be surprised to see you play ready to win the national -- Obscure reference science appearing Sweden and how it was a good player playing on the world junior team for Canada and we we stayed at castle hotel and -- saying. You saw the thing about lynch opening journal lock out Mike Knuble -- better Morse and played there and it in the general manager of the -- to actually got to play with them at the University of Michigan. -- -- If we -- how quickly that transition Biamila we just know. Andy at taking gold over a talk about the league and how is different kind of game he comes all we hear what's their playoffs or roll over is there. That quick adjustment is -- some time may be down Providence house of work. Well I look at Damian brewer and what he's doing what the Detroit red going to come north from -- structurally played good last year but before that he put purple and flyers and there was the development process that he went through -- never drafted as a player like sort of -- was drafted by Boston. And so you look at what you're doing the national hockey great now more than better rookie. Scorers in the league part of it because the plane was Zetterberg and part of -- -- because he's played in Detroit but he still. He's not overwhelmed. And he doesn't have nearly the size confident that Soderbergh has so I don't think it's not going to be that -- and it -- Is this guy an impact guy that you thinkers system. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appear you don't see the body you know CP or Charlotte Jeremy alien and -- stolen a major deal. I think you know unless they say hey this guy gonna follow regular lap we get a -- like I can't see them blowing up chemistry of the team I've. I just love the chemistry this current team I mean I didn't. Pretty strong and that since the beginning of the year I just watched from the evolved and remember doing one other game took the Montreal and won the game to one that came from behind to win the game but. There was no panic point I mean they were just so calm cool collected and they knew they had enough stepped over -- Montreal -- -- they did the last two periods that the game. They'll be we've we've criticized code in the past you know Bozo when the company -- -- his -- Consistent maybe some people might say stubborn that well we did last night in sticking with the dole would -- -- that put him in net because. You drop a couple tough games have been very easy to go back is that we need to scale put wrest back in he doesn't do that Dickey sees the big picture. And Philadelphia to make it took you get a little aggressive because I don't think -- who was so good option to the other Washington -- -- -- In -- -- -- they now are you making your voice -- was not a -- internal competition. But -- is really I cal high caliber player and I think he understands Korea's in the pecking order but. When you get a -- a can step in like that and perform like that that's great it certainly didn't look there. He had Morgan had -- the last it was great because they pushed one another -- really good. And both guys were popular with their teammates and I think the same thing can be said about these two -- very. Pierre McGuire NBC sports is joining -- the NHL sounds like they wanna push for mandatory visors our report this morning. Where the in the NF and the NHL PA Pierre is gonna fight back and -- -- -- -- individual thing a real candid about public in the league players association to get this done for next season. Oil that would be about what I think it's gonna come down to resist insurance companies are gonna say we're not -- anymore contracts of players. That the where -- protection I think that's true doormat. And so that's why I think the NH LP is probably have to go for the grandfather thing. I don't think the players -- a problem with the grand fathering an -- and too little too young to be part of the 790 grand bothering of how much but not that far. From behind them started -- -- public average. I played with McNamee didn't -- -- -- -- I was there I think you do you remember. It'd be silly. Brad marsh when cam and -- simultaneously simultaneously hit Brad marsh who was -- atlas who I didn't Wear a helmet. His head hit this -- the bench side of the glass not from the brink side of the glass on the corner. -- he was two feet from me and when his head hit the ice and there was about eight feet of the lies in a matter of seconds. I don't know who won the planner who lag you're gonna love me Tebow to fire ever sorry there's no way there's no way I would have been weren't. A full mask a full national mental deal that was it was scary so you know. I can tell you guys -- said -- been a lot of different trash from since the -- halting happened in New York the other night. And what I hear from guys were dead set against weren't shield and now all of a sudden -- we'll put shield I'm. One of the ms. -- sort of second Pittsburgh. Another one who's gonna take it off Johnny Mitchell let her rip I have facial injury. I'll Longo he's gonna keep his body was gonna take it off he told me the other night Chicago peacekeeping has not. Here's some of the reasons why I think this stuff is happening -- players are aware of it. -- why I think they need the eye protection won the offensives on -- bigger. So how do you manufacture a lot of drop that puck come back to the point because everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- bigger topic is on more point shot would have more point -- me. More -- -- more comfortable in front of the net so when you're tied up with the guy would have your defenseless so if you would happen mark -- Point shot quite -- deflection by or checked into the face to stall the -- -- so when you have today don't chart shooting the puck in the -- books or text that. He did miss getting hit with a one timer by visiting you know charge just additional way even if I could -- that -- couldn't -- -- -- to -- to our and that would guys are seeing it. Gary got study just a pool going over there yet but when Chicago loses -- the I'm look at the schedule that Colorado couple times Edmonton Columbus. Since they've been they'll listen outside a -- that that Chicago Detroit game was phenomenal bid at the other in the last year was for that I don't know yeah I was it was a Sunday game meant. They are today that they're not win in Lackey day they -- they've been working. And and winning and and that's that's that's pretty special from a pretty special bunch -- guys when you can not stay that motivated. Jonathan -- to me anyways is about captain in the National Hockey League guys I've seen the change in their team the maturity factor mean these are guys to work. After they won the cup there were -- young guys are just run around and they were while they -- wild in the Stanley Cup -- resisted for them in more ways than one. Written about the -- I. Think they realized over time you know if you -- hold their themselves anymore and Odyssey that had to do little roster rebuilding but if you look at how they've rebuilt. Nick would lead to a trade that was a total height from up. -- Minnesota they treated the way Cam Barker to get Nickelodeon equities -- more improved defense in the NHL then they brought me draft the kid. Marcus Kruger editor -- Sweden he's the most -- -- in the national hockey these unbelievable when you watch -- kill penalties and take place out. And Andrew Shaw who is the third hour for help sick cattle and now he's been unbelievable so you what you just look at their team they've rebuilt internally either -- trade. Or drafting now a lot of reasons she's stuff. Get out on this the Bruins also welcome in the Philadelphia Flyers they are out of the playoff picture are right now 23 point two trying to fight in and last night. For gold rally by the penguins Bryzgalov pulled again -- what do you make of his Philadelphia team name any chance at growling into playoffs -- -- right now because you don't have a lot of supplemental offensive everybody loaded up -- true in -- -- -- -- -- their top line after -- insurgent -- cardinal and pork chicken and -- gonna come and all are sort of the four guys -- shut down a little bit off. For the in the manufacture -- that's no longer an automatic call that's tough no wonder Amazon also closely watched three every day NHL players from your defense. This golf course and the problem the last ten it is Sean -- -- -- -- party and I think it's more fatigue than anything else. I think they're gonna real tough time making it I really do I watch the entire game last night. Along with the Boston -- game and along with the for the Washington he believed not to do in Washington on on Sunday. But I can tell you mean. That that pull off these -- in trouble right now and what I would be surprised if they went on trying to make one big Latin and before the trade deadline but on the off will be enough. Yeah and I'll tell you you know I know Chris Pronger you know obviously a hall of -- just a great great great great great guy great leader and to think that his career might be over that -- -- he did not sound not sound too happy. When you know his career. -- last year after he was should kick in Winnipeg he called me up -- his first coach. And he wanted to know about his career he had trouble remembering some of the early parts of his career. While and so we were talking about that and you know I've known -- for a long time we first draft of it in my house so. I just think you know I think the world level might know people and a lot of cities located on what you looked at it came. Know for sure doesn't get most of my career because that in play them much until this point -- stand up I think I. It's Tibet's -- that's. But it -- I yeah I'd be very surprised but again. It's Pierre great stuff we're gonna enjoy talking every single week we told -- part of the -- watch you -- Sunday 1230 Rangers in Washington Aaron NBC thanks so much -- an agreement related yeah you that's out of the fellas you're here you're awesome. Thank you were not Pierre McGuire. NB CNBC sports joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T rethink possible here will be weekly guest. On our show talking hockey both locally with the Brunette. And across the NHL every single Friday 11 AM you'll join us on the show. And not be second break we'll get back to your phone calls but Lou LB and analogy.

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