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LB talks about the Bruins win over Toronto

Mar 8, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the recent Bruins win, the play of Anton Khudobin, and the dynamic second line.

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-- not a three point seven WEEI. So you what a lot of people around this building. No heart. No effort. I'm just talking about our producer -- -- -- Let's stop for coffee before he came into the showed today at -- calendar year thanks for being here on time again. LB Lyndon -- Hackaday. It's not valid here regardless of what seed here Hill Man Morning Show unbelievable off today because -- I -- get on the plane Hillman is on a plane to a chartered flight to Florida with a bunch of high pollutants salespeople. This station clients of the station. He's gonna wind and -- people of Fort Myers and there's no live Hill Man Morning Show at the knicks -- tuned in always there's -- okay well talked LB next week. It was -- all ten minutes ago studio door busts open I think about to get. Are out there it was Austin. LB who drove and is GMC. I have not cocky outside or you might. I'm Canadian I was in that fast lane I was on the -- -- you forget love brewer died it's awesome I'm so jacked up I was with dealer do the little lady and -- last night we -- BC's Bob and all spent. Little 89 action will at a McQuay who -- Let the guy sort of came makers let's. See that all is said this don't fight the spread of its face it's it was classic -- stuff. Stick their mug up there they load the big game maker in the knees give. So is that he called federal open -- I deliberation and I was off equate to be he did great man I was I was to tilts did tilts and I was listening guys and in an area that was that was that it was it was going to be a tough game -- are we're playing better. As a hockey club and I thought because the Bruins -- MB and and they were being lackadaisical. At the end the last I would sale last three games I -- the police I had an opportunity not to sneak up on him and then now recommend a place in my. Some tough Iraqi boy -- old school hockey too. There is huge talking about a two young probably -- in the last couple. Couple years no question about it but that was more to do with them right look at themselves in the mirror the Bruins. You jump ball to a lead hold on let me finish the game regardless of the opponent Christine can it handle. Again -- always prefer thrusters were fans -- you know we watch it it's a little more it's a coaster ride I admit for all of us you know week. We we we hinge are our emotions armed almost every shift now in our UK you can -- there I mean if somebody has a bad just like god that's it. I was out -- butter -- and we're gone they're there heads aren't in it. But they pay good for them -- you know like I said you can't. With this schedule in the 48 games in and where the arm in the logjam in the east for her out of the playoffs set up. You can't lose you know 34 games in a row and nine B and you know a couple of times you're going to be out of the major union back to Mexico. So it was good it was fun fun hockey fun day I'd just dropped the world's drop -- -- seek. Great job as schools open -- next generation now less and less and do the right thing. -- LB -- knuckle head and I I would never want my son. We get to where I am the way I got here. So why aren't doing the right debris at the school is clearly a great today at a next generation people for you -- -- dads out there. The next generation. Lyndon byers -- -- -- -- couple a things -- take away from that game will get to the goaltender real love -- -- played real well last night. Maybe obviously to the party but Patrice Bergeron locally -- not enough credit LP all. So a hockey world hockey world choose Bergeron and everybody gets it and everybody gets what he is what a great guy he is he's one of those special athletes that guy's a better human being -- -- is an aptly. And I don't ever -- You know I think you -- remind people that people that did you know the pink -- -- would never even pick up on trees but -- -- stuff that -- -- -- don't give enough credit for what -- -- a -- shame -- you -- -- you know top five in scoring on your team in the best defensive player in the and then in the -- I mean you know. He's not a defensive player what he is is he's a superstar. Offensive player. That takes the ultimate pride. In his defense and he is a spouse you cannot -- guys' -- all honesty annual -- but my mind you know you guys are saying how he takes the body. He makes room for he makes room for -- Our shot -- always -- -- Bharatiya all of it it's none of it is sexy you don't mean back tick for -- and the principally does but still great offensive player. Face offs but he dominates -- mostly disabled don't. He said in the hockey what the players across the -- the analysts yes. But when you watch in the game is over -- -- -- but yet you point out that it you know headlines right steps for Sagan -- You know to me it's a it's it Annika right about Bergeron every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What people don't understand is the trees birds aren't stride and and in the way he plays straight up and down. His skating style style doesn't look fast doesn't look pretty. He's a he's -- he's he keeps up of those two guys you know he's there every dark you know it followed Tyler says any -- You know he wasn't biceps behind I was saying he doesn't get back all of he's not right until Palestinians but when that rebound comes outside -- osment. The other take away it was built it 22 game losing streak and clouds sticks in the plant who building gets -- start Rask gets a blow. And look they win the game going away for two empty netter. Who go made some big saves last year -- or something went blank opportunities -- second period -- is there early third period don't dog and I'd also be able sub questions about his goaltending tandem you've from the beginning of the season. Have talked about wrap scandal and a champion number ones he played Michael one last night I thought it was terrific. That way -- it's it's awesome you get that -- -- from that guy and the guys responded affirm my target deep play Depp played a whole lot better a whole lot more physical. And novels and -- -- the board Gary I know he he's the waiver wire to the way. We are yesterday's got -- -- -- -- -- our now our reserves presented in hours seventeen minutes teams that to claim that they claim that go to that team if not right send back on a problem right now roster spot opens up and make in the way of you know and structurally it's set the table. Well he's OK Taylor is a little bit how you doing fellas you -- well don't give up. If -- that the game I felt the opportunity -- thing and let you know it's -- -- the one thing in sports when you're team starts -- changes are going to be made. And you know and it's only two games you don't mean but they'll. That change is gonna be made in your -- back to dole went. I love the fact he threw out there because. You'd have a play -- -- baseball lower to the case Sunday day game you're gonna play in this game is on the back up to give that the regulars you know little rest share. But you -- Friday night into Saturday night. Enact -- note to manager kind of titans up a little bit as you know what I need to win this game. So does the wrong thing right I think is this what's the plan play the starters who need the break for a reason. -- and I ended up losing that game as well tonight haven't gained anything -- the right direction is down you lose the game to lose three straight pick a -- two tough games. It was very easily from a signal. I need this game membership -- you know put my number one guy out there he does Eagles would open the stolen game at that winning twice my -- on our candidates like. The birthday party. Yeah well might be another change to the province journal's reporting that that Jordan Koran. As a recall by the Bruins -- so you get an opportunity for and we talked about his game started out horribly this year Providence but is that what you know ten goals now and then. Better so maybe he gets the opportunity is good last year we know it -- that took -- -- third line with Beverly and with Chris Elliott say. Let's three shot man 6177797937. Your phone calls all day we start with Bruins. And we start with this site traffic that's out there it's begin Bryant in Pittsburg Brian how Rio. Hey kid without. A draft. LP eight a lot of -- -- -- heavily -- out still out of Westfield right now guys. And it and it saw it like drivers and California in the back roads collapsed that different. Up they -- enough -- heavily -- site would policy. And you keep anybody who -- parent -- The next felt that -- The it's a great compare contrast the right Cassel was back guy. NE CM last night do nothing and -- just all over the -- thank Bergeron helped remodel their pitcher right nice compare contrast in the two last night Bryant. Yet -- last I looked like Joseph juvenile eighty mile -- -- count that as an arrogance that make it look that you stop on a dime that you -- that are awake it is hit. That's what gets a look like I. Yeah united if I was just those agent you know he's making good job there army needs blood -- blood at least in scoring a couple of years I mean you know -- he's got its current track these guys that. Outside a man that that's a hot stove up there at Toronto and Montreal it's crazy the pressure do you think pressures -- from the -- out here. The hockey media in Montreal and Toronto is killer can eat a career up in a heartbeat and that kids again Katie got atomic terror and they are. You know he's he's got to get a changes -- get some guys in -- Play well you know that they've caused a big a few from Sagan and it's. The last couple weeks actually -- three whatever graphic this year the all around game has been better. Last that he finished near finished it was beautiful beautiful to see that was shot to set up from Marshall. But you know. The big FE -- But people sit there and say fine but that's what I wanna see from him I mean that's what they've been looking for now they look close -- but it the last couple what you -- a better all around play. Last night it was a little bit different so if if it's a big FE of that spike that's of people looking for. They have high expectations for the -- LB limit -- hanging out we continue your phone calls at 61777979. B 371 of our favorites. All talk populace at 11 o'clock NBA weekly spot on the show we do that top of the hour. Butler and ID 37 WEEI hope you're okay -- there was up. -- -- -- -- I mean Q Jimmie I do what do -- get when he minutes no you have seven sponsors here live fire sponsors what is your studios was colonial last LB come down he's brought to you by breast bookshop in Plymouth Pembroke Austin where ham arraignment on. MI LBC -- doctor doctor Robert letter change your lettuce. Change your life call 1800. Get air -- your phones on Bruins early the -- commute out there'll be mated and you can -- spikes -- mass -- far. Down payment number -- aspects -- we get to the pike -- it. That would battle we get it on to a drawn an apparent mental shouldn't call -- -- we get a tweet from H. -- probably should probably got wobbled on Iran is not gonna work up there it is not gonna work up there. Nice guy -- a few times. He's really not shown much this year shocked he's been called. Iran they had to get shot that's our has no -- -- I've just spent some -- from someone who has been his situation worry -- had a really really good start to a career and then now. Shot and -- you line in a broken wrist in a -- blown out near and you my world turned it turned upside down so but. I I would hazard -- yes the fact that he he played as well as he did last year. And I didn't really get a shot. This year. Little bit knows action down a little out blow out and going into right it was actually act Greta kind of -- out. I will -- semi maybe a little hungry and -- -- might be good -- I'm I'm thinking this is going to be good during this -- at the back -- hang with the big boys feel like a big boy again. And you know give that title a little -- down to minors yeah. -- would vote. Our current terrorism before Terri crisp was my that was my daddy and hit. I greatest -- greatest mightily -- line of all time buyers. Paul. And Gary Gary. -- Winger for Carolina Gary Robertson. Guys on the same line same line they ordinarily they were rookies. They went there -- after ten games ago they can do it came down from the big boys like we have teachers catalyst he's too much talent -- him. And other semi out of Milwaukee of the Central Hockey League office and a primaries are rightly or get to Milwaukee player or two games blow my wrist completely apart. Had a major -- told I was never gonna play again. And -- I bet you know you realize so Holland Roberts is -- weren't -- -- -- I just got -- -- Donna you know I know they went up in Calgary. Out there and sailors and proceeded to -- BN -- apart and become -- hall of famers but I wish -- listened. I adjourn -- he's got all all around the world that these the Bruins dropped to them because these can be brought that so. But salads are good -- for this kitten in the if you listen on the way and directed to the dad -- Your socks up and -- you know what some bought. He jumps in Philly tomorrow Ronald and -- very today Ronald what's going on. Did and I was London that you guys that don't give enough attention to Carly looked up with. How hot curling aunt uncle -- are Izzy and Al -- -- and Eric is he Brigham I. Mixed. Mixed and Canadian national champions back in the -- in the in the seventies. I thought it was the second most popular sport Canada you know that's one of those things you you know you -- you know you are you guys play like pop Warner football baseball -- here up there. I was 678 years old. -- Arafat -- to the curling Canadian curling association in the wins a tournament -- -- -- stark. Over the second most popular sport Canada afterwards as for candidate won by -- hit by a thousand. -- and rising and say hey -- you just love watching the Olympics coupon you can smoke and drink and encourage -- -- DB a world champion need to be hammered and smoke and -- why your plan. So as you love and that sport odds and it's instantly command sporting a small currently. I mean NASCAR's figure to relate to open that while a little bit yesterday and illiteracy -- shepherd girl. Nobody Carol I'm -- put -- our FaceBook I gotta do it merely curling. Well played -- -- curling again the only even -- -- elders the country club Nash when -- a indoor curling league a year routing and Aaron. Robert Gordon in the points is scheduled population 2200 -- did nearly ten sheets -- Indoor indoor. And sheets pub upstairs what are we don't we're going to the ice whenever I guess I was -- Molson upstairs I like Nelson a Democrat sober. No no that's not what it's -- it's like darts I don't think I etc. are they telling you yeah you know 67 -- you hear that number and all they want. He's taken rocks out. So it's awesome. The slowdown is a curling segment Joey say that save that -- -- -- they go to your curling for a the year 6177797937. To detect this. On the AT&T -- lions 379. -- 371 of our favorite guests. When it comes to the NHL Pierre McGuire will join us coming up your top of the -- can join us every single week and not Lou 93 point seven WE.

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