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Dale Arnold: Tyler Seguin has turned the corner

Mar 8, 2013|

Dale talked Bruins with Dennis and Callahan this morning, They discussed why Marchand doesn't fight often, and Seguin is ready to break out.

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Welcome back doesn't Callahan joining us on the AT&T Holland to discuss a little Bruins hockey bill. What really battered and in the car the car while I'm actually -- I'm. In carpool at the -- it's too high -- at mount saint Charles academy funny thing. It -- because -- bottom. Much under -- at. A fast the -- -- Got up there. Yeah you know the teacher had in this morning Gerri you may be longer get home and -- at least I don't have to be anywhere in. We used to mock and really are you glad -- -- -- you know to be on at 10 AM today -- On the regular job. How did you ever did dollars see you want to highlight right away and theirs -- -- your face. And it worked out. I I'm pretty sure the halfway through a strike or labor stoppage a season. You can't say it was a must win last night it's what they really had to have based on the two previous games drew great. Yeah and especially the -- load really emphasized things in practice and and have them about how they've been playing broke it all down. Mistakes they've been making. I love it it's kind of human nature that that -- things had gone really well her you know a long time it was going to be to the rest of the way in. But they learned that I think they shelled last writers that -- that -- deputies in the National Hockey League and I'd like it mattered. At last night. And the fight -- Against what's his name Frazier. Was one of those deals because I've found that -- important discussion the other day fasting when those deals. Where one guy says the other guy in a we're gonna go and it. Now wanna watch flights are watching differ that try to see if they're talking before the fight. And it's pre planned or is just an emotional outburst which kind was that last. This would be emotional outburst. Frazier and take a pretty good run. At that and I can't remember who was -- Gregory Campbell over against -- or write this was. And and that was one of those. Sort of like Chara the other night against -- -- you'd just -- like I. I'm coming is Dade without one of those excuse me sir you have a moment not one -- -- what is. Doesn't mean someone fight -- and -- just the code or is too small. Yeah I mean I've only. I only remember one fighting ever at an atlas with PKX who -- won't fight you. It's the only guy PKX Obama will ever go after I like -- -- I'd generally speaking if you know little guys don't get challenged all that much as big a pain in the -- and this same AP. I think you know. It it's almost embarrassing if you beat up Brad Marchand it's like -- beat up your little brother what's the big deal here. What do -- smaller guy like a PJ stock last night almost happened. And it was -- -- their captain. And they almost did and almost had little dust up they both went to the box and saying I can't they fight. Yet it did have a little -- -- in that would -- well within the code and they could have. -- -- -- -- -- Really all that cranked up about it. Generally speaking that's subject to that stage he knows when to pull back. Last ready -- -- not pulled back and I wouldn't have been surprised to see him go but they just elect not to. As it has sickened during the quarter. All we -- -- you know he would turn the corner for weeks now and it didn't have the results official or. He told Billy jacket great story and in the locker room the other day. Chaffee said -- you feel you feel like you're right -- you know it's funny. I felt this way or for a week or more. Like I was right there and the other night in in the air we hadn't he said were on the ice and and we got an empty net goal. And I am actually thinking don't. -- -- I don't want score an empty net I want the next want to be a real goal. And I really -- I'm on my way need to pay him he didn't score the empty net goal. But he's been playing a much different brand of hockey for a couple weeks. And you buy into the Switzerland playing the bigger rise the the the the less aggressive style is is what was ailing him. I think that's part of it you know it wasn't just but it was a less aggressive style. He dominated all I mean it was like man against boys. He literally what scoring a goal -- game points per game. Our -- per game. And it was like whenever he wanted to leak could score and and I think that was a big part of it is well but I hated it wasn't as much the picker right -- just. The caliber of -- was just different world. Is it only we were karma does just that dale is no Bruins in the top forty. In scoring. Isn't only a matter time before saying guns in not just top forty but up. About ten or fifteen. He's close and your right it probably it's just a matter of time it interesting note Jerry if you if you look at Chicago Blackhawks. They don't agree many types in the top twenty and scoring -- You know there another one of those teams like the -- and spread it out pretty effectively the Chicago Blackhawks have at twelve. Different guys scored game winning goal this year. The way they play the style that they play is similar to the Bruins spread it out -- all four -- all three defense fares. You'll see guys in -- the only alleged signals that the Bruins high -- -- and you're seeing it now is plot line. We're gonna either first Spector murder in the league Bergeron is right there are a top five or six in March on right behind them. Back to -- and a correlation with the team in general it seems to me -- that it's human nature of the when things are going well for you you expect him to go well and then maybe you don't invest. Quite the effort quite the energy -- you suggested it -- and and others have suggest that -- situation might be on the same. Attacked it but in the bigger picture. The Bruins had a going easy for the thought it would continue used to correlation there that that that kind of success oftentimes in hockey where work equals success. Complacency can set -- I don't think is any doubt you know and I think that I think the Bruins to a man would admit to yet. Except at the other night they have the three nothing lead and ended up losing a game and they also had. We got cocky we thought it was going to be easy out that the beauty of hockey players and you guys know that you've been around them as much as I is that. They are the most honest professional athletes are far. You'll never hear -- -- -- I played pretty well yeah I picked up might all in the all its might and look at guys get all that bad old line from baseball they are not like that. And and they to a man were honest you know we get cocky we thought it was going to be easy it's not easy anymore. Well after last night Bergeron Bergeron jumped up to 26. And Marcia and jumped up to 32 in the league yesterday we talked about -- -- at a -- was in the top 44 in the league. And for Chicago Patrick Kane is ninth but. I wanted to ask you about Chris sport because I mean all the inside again is from UIC one TB here on the radio I listen when you talk. And you think this guy's a player obviously he had big numbers and DHL. He's -- way of I guess for the purpose of going back to -- do you think this is temporary is -- coming back and is he gonna have a good long career in the NHL. It'll depend on how he -- things here -- Looking led the American Hockey League in scoring a year ago. You know offer for guys who aren't -- at all. I'll use a baseball term for guys who are almost babies -- the tribe or Sega Doug Hamilton types for many guys. You're your road to the National Hockey League. Begin with -- apprentice ship in the minor league Marshall which you can do the job at that level of and you get -- -- with the big boys. Well he's open he can play at the minor league level. Hasn't proven sufficiently at this point. But he can play consistently at the National Hockey League level the big thing here is. How's he gonna handle this demotion they'll probably clear way neighbors happens at noon today you'll be assigned to Providence. There's two ways this can got beaten down there. And and can be determined to get back up here and players rare and often and -- that American Hockey League sports he's been in the past. Partying -- and their bit depressed because the -- -- camp on the team that is bad you know became famous -- and it didn't work out. He takes the second -- might not see him back here again -- take the first group I wouldn't be -- will. Is it effort or skill and horrible. But wisely and then waved. It's our effort and that's quite honestly I think one of the reasons why this team. Gave him the twenty games that they gave him because effort is never an issue. You know each us. It maybe it's just that and not heard the term used Jerry or a player he's a guy. You know who's that cleaner between the Arab the major leagues and minor leagues. And and it never going to be able to make that jump he's got great skill it's like close used on the power play from time to time and effort was never an issue. But results weren't issues but it's a result oriented business. They'll tell us what we need to know about Swedish star Carl Soderbergh and see the solution of the problem on the third line. I don't know -- solution but -- -- certain. -- set where people think he can play at -- level. -- draft pick and then the other all these new rules under the CPA. Could not would not have to clear waivers. To join the Bruins at the -- their playoff run there in Sweden in the same way that. Ryan O'Reilly. I had to be clear waivers would have had a clear -- -- Calgary and awarded a waiver claim on him. Sort of Burke wouldn't have to keep me here imply I'm not collide inside -- at an -- lot of dispute because I don't think he's been around much the bankrupt read about -- the things I've heard about him is that he has the the skill set to play at this level -- appealing Peter sure -- and relied more on somebody -- already done it at this level and -- -- he's trying to go out and make. Well more than one deal. I know he's trying to get some extra help on this team and I think you well. He's 27 I'm reading in Steve -- was Bruins know Balkan I guess had a -- A breakout year over in in Sweden 3129 for sixty totals. But now just a matter of them finishing your playoff run and that he -- over here. Yet he's Carty said he wants to play here. Like I hate to break the news that Carl might not be here. It if they determined that he's not quite ready. It could begin with a stint in Providence to get the North American game under escaped a little bit but smaller right surfaced that the current pace. I wouldn't be surprised he got an opportunity to try something here like when -- crew finished it is our college. Career a year ago on the Bruins brought him in here let him play a little bit at the end of the season. Out of Toronto. That he never. Is never good -- never -- up to seem like Toronto should be like Detroit. You know every year contending. We are with Phil Kessel. And and I. Way to -- the deal was made Brian Burke is a long time friend of mine. And I talked to Brian Burke and I think you know I can't think of a less Brian -- liked player in the National Hockey League until capsule. Brian Burke is blood and -- and hard work in an ordering -- and Cassel has the exact opposite the joke what do you get nowhere at the weight room -- Austin could never used it anyway. Are supremely. Unbelievably talented and skilled. I don't think he's got the best pocket I'm not sure he'll ever -- in the -- pocket. They'll just alike and ultimately cost Brian Burke whose job and -- now in in Toronto the word is to try to figure out I think irrelevant and probably won't be able. I know I was watching when you watch Toronto you watch for Kessel -- in round RC at the crowd. And they were long stretches where he didn't even see you didn't hear from them didn't touch the puck and they needed offense and there was no Phil Kessel last night. Yeah and I mean I'll I'll I'll give the entire -- police -- that that excuse that ballot. Hope I played good right before against Ottawa in Toronto had to travel all of that stops. But they've got a bunch of guys quite honestly to disappear for long stretches of time. Until Mikhail broke off -- sport that's been around goal made it 32. I wouldn't know he was on the right flat or another one of their skill players. They got a bunch of floaters on that team and until Randy Carlyle and gave notice who's now the general and lead them out of there. And -- and -- -- -- papering some grit like the Bruins have Republican at -- I'm competing. I've got to the top of the -- -- dropped I dropped off the girl they silently out. -- on their way out of the. Sometimes getting down off the -- there's hardly getting up to the top dale just do it. Jerry here do elect ticket from Medford Bill -- no igloo and spend the night may be tomorrow the better coming gotcha yeah OK I'd tell my -- that conversation -- -- -- -- on the AT&T outline. AT&T -- LTE.

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