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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 03/07/13

Mar 7, 2013|

Four guys, four topics, four o'clock. Today we have best and worst of NBA contracts, the worst part of snow storms, animal fears and more.

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Beaten and then you know hey into the NGOs for poor and toward more -- -- yeah. -- yeah orange ball. We go to -- yeah. It's my favorite part that James Brown. Cannot count. And -- liked IMAX -- for reported topics that we haven't discussed yet young Andrew Young Benjamin have come up with the topics we'll get right into him. -- young Benjamin number one what is. SI dot com's rob Mahoney wrote an article on the worst and best contracts in the NBA. I wanna know who you think has the worst and best contracts -- him yet of flattery to Austria -- by the literally your router. The worst contract in the NBA can be used to Johnson's four years -- Because a lot of -- paper guy who is now it's you know the -- one new. Cookies he somewhere what are CNET due to wish. Maybe game winner game with a Jim Johnson. Exceptional moments for a publicly these countries right now. Paul Gasol. 38 million for two years. Oh via a BQ -- mean 89 million for war. -- -- which go to take right now it to adjust the focus so. While -- health advocate. What are you evil Google hill the right now because our health think assaults over so just some about his everyday some about his game. About entry entry fields eighteen billion I love that one -- that was why that that was rather try to match. I don't know -- he'll -- The worst contract. In the NBA right now is three years 47 million for Carlos Boozer doesn't want -- the worst country because caught those -- should be. If you look at that -- skills you think OK this is a big rugged power forward who can do things for you but he just. He's got the body. Of that guy but not the game of that guy in little things bother him. He can't stay healthy. He should be much better than he has so when you enact a guy like that and under achiever you can have 1516 million dollars a year that's real problems -- I think the best. On our about the role Republicans of these countries but you know what the best contract Malaysia. Obviously the Providence yeah brown now. Eighteen million dollars a year to look for punching. A Coke would make a thirty next year do you consider cheque was at 331. Time. But that relief to -- it was. His contract. This came at the time when it was the whole collective bargaining agreement that's why he is at that point. Put that thing what they did the oldest had to deal they had to control can't control a lot of these contracts but if you could see some of the comptroller GMs from giving up Keller. Texas a great way to -- in the AT&T text line text and say David Stern. Customer -- contract. The retirement though. Retirement we're less than a year away from the -- stepping down -- The rain is almost over can't wait for Adams over to take over. For David Stern can't stand. All right another winter storm is upon us and I wanna know what your least favorite part of the winter storms here in Boston is is that the weather people driving you crazy with Iran predictions and of reactions. The shoveling. Or those trips to the grocery store where everyone is just going nuts. And -- -- goes back crazy there -- goes back crazy. As if we don't live in New England as if it into the winter we're not gonna have some storms there. Like if if they say the bridge is a common among our people brokers. To a -- coming apart at the same reaction no matter what does he go to the store if they're hog and a bread to try to take autumn Belk. Committed their rules. Keep it. Get accused with two with three of gallons of milk here is take take another well we might need that relate to what -- -- to let that woman who's -- -- -- trident from a you have an umbrella and why was it. And I. I -- via the fact that people changed their driving patterns don't even slight hint of snow. You write the rules don't change left you stay the left lane is there to pass on you cannot travel left wing. So it's snowing doesn't mean you go publicly described fifty. Iraq and people were driving yesterday before any note was here. 37 o'clock. It's -- -- It. Is coming. And it just -- I -- defensive end. The law is written left lane traveled prohibited except one -- that and to understand at one complaint about the it's when people completely would go there it's now the house. -- Well. Strategy he got to -- -- and he's still -- devolved for that. Only -- driving ban the actual he did a good -- And -- Right like myself haven't. That Patrick why. I think that's how right now. Should -- -- and I was really. Is because everybody in the world at the start. With your -- And -- Texas as everyone goes crazy about the weather and everyone complains about everyone going crazy it's an average sort of circle Iraq actually right in the course story. -- young Benjamin he had anything. I hate the shoveling because I'm lazy. That's just basically it but it's great exercise -- right sure no enemies of the great exercise I live in the progress. You right out of an apartment at. I don't drive my -- -- governor I look at the department Cuban I get suckered into going to my parents most of them -- -- is that he is running public. All also but Texas is a worst contract -- -- about this when. Kendrick Olajuwon Abdul Jabbar O'Neal Perkins. That is a bit counter now elected trade like that -- of creep into Perkins. And that that this is -- -- All the way they'll plane at that time audio is still with that -- but you know what at in the the day in which we will go back -- we will relive this one day. If Jeff Greene becomes the kind of player. It UC glimpses. And maybe one day in my mind would just change about that. I just felt like the Celtics -- the chairmanship to have a championship to win at that time when Perkins was playing with him as a retriever and I'm Michael Jordan is getting married to his quotes longtime girlfriend her. And. Well and well let's go back for Elizabeth -- roll back his longtime girlfriend. What's what do you consider longtime girlfriend but he does get divorced. Well he's been that was a while Butler three years -- in the and an -- on either that deal is now probably not a proper security -- years yeah. And then she got she got injured in the -- on injured forty billion. Any storage so that the longtime girlfriend it's a different woman who was bringing the fraternities -- Once it did last name to be Jordan she wants some benefits to. That won't be covered -- would not want the asthma who will give benefits if it affect the test comes back well listen she's condenses the specifics. Swap the test -- But yet they're ready for big test. -- very hard to say. -- got -- got a glimpse. Professor and hold stated Michael Jordan center Jordan and so -- -- stores. I mean -- majority did is -- you know is that guys you know you think about a guy who is it would arguably one of the greatest around but. I think woody did he show. The new era of players right now how to market themselves. Because you we can still think about players are mapped to clear could not did not -- themselves. Michael has that you know he signed -- you do as he taught tiger. How to -- these deals these Malta -- million dollar deal by trying to break break the bank but he taught players to. Have a a commitment a loyalty with brand names that players didn't do want to -- there was not a huge deal that was it. What -- Michael daddy and he stood decided endorsement deals that were away from basketball and you did not see much of that. This -- Richardson had like three different she figured you know I think it is like Libya on -- -- -- any other and they can flattery did you cover Michael Jordan's. All the fame. Half did hall of fame speech. Where he was just okay he was bitter and competitive and all the things that we came to love about Michael Jordan holds a grudge. So. Terry Francona saw that when Jordan was playing minor league baseball players from Birmingham Barons. 930 years old Francona was his manager was a much older the coaches were on Abbas. That Jordan got for them on your drive him back to Birmingham. Jordan sitting near the front of the bus with a coach you heard them talking about playing pickup basketball game. It's closer Francona says and on and on talking about and you can't play like we're just talking about the -- -- -- and play and pick up basketball to get back to Birmingham the -- playing basketball. At a public playground in Birmingham. Word travels around the neighborhood my usual is that that Michael Jordan is out there. Hold neighborhood comes in droves there's always wanted to every neighborhood right now rocked up 2526. Year old guy Michael George. Take you -- so. This guy's talking trash to Jordan Jordan has passed the ball trying to get -- and eventually. The competitive. Angry Michael -- takes over. They've got to hold dunks on them. -- the rim. It says bitch don't ever talk believed to be home hardcore gamers. That is by Michael -- story was number four wow. Number four brewers general manager Doug Melvin was stung by a scorpion because he tried to pick it up. Here's general on scorpions the smaller they are the more dangerous they are -- as the spiders usually what animal are you most afraid of it either. -- the states. Let's go to -- Berrian. Our -- -- aide and editor at either the what -- about the -- until it. -- -- -- -- -- It's sticky sticky and it did they have these huge claws which they -- petered out with a scare into you know Terry it to bark. And they're very very dangerous animals if you give them court. What brought you are bought into a lot of trouble. Have you ever wondered if it happened really is rewritten under -- -- -- because that's what it was like that you like to TBT. Unit a lot of years in Boston Obama had. They that you -- crocodiles -- our growth and there's one. How close I was running in Mexico. And that's maybe is now out here and that's -- -- -- Scared and remind them -- where where Mexico why are you running last night it was John and -- we'll let our I was I was I was on the run. From the -- rallies that looks like I just remember with a crocodile zigzag but yeah well it looks like talking it was -- Like a dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's easy. -- -- Now really Michael Kabul notice that the schools that this has -- this history programs. Musicals back to -- -- Well we had them -- would pop up in the strangest. One story you know asking mom. And don't. Don't. Really gonna get caught. A clip from -- Verify. Embarrassing to. You can't have anybody over your house -- I think I'd just like some people mistake. Actors so Q I've just never if you had them they're not Q well. Michael roaches are we had a two roaches are are a lot more bears -- that -- -- -- are coming out that way my door that was three years though. We went to a friend's house that's you know Q that was admits -- and she just all of -- that looks and good daddy. Roche. It's a opens. Up its. It would pick it back do you have kids so are you wanna keep it is honest. You can't make -- -- If I was just embarrassment to the people of south but the -- they -- you guys are if your mouse in your house that's that's not -- not trying to read -- -- -- about. What you re not for. It 280 pounds and the shipment and Mike -- That -- -- and -- it felt like on the hang it up the evidence is like a little bit in my life yet that. About it. -- -- It happened and editor at the -- that it. The ice could put it back to our. America's second break we need to regroup over the back nine.

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