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Thursday, March 7th Whiner Line

Mar 7, 2013|

Max is scared of ant-eaters? Who knew?

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My view -- excuse views expressed and expressed the wind like this -- is like AT&T. Proceed with caution. At least this discretion -- still. Pulling Morris can now -- Laura you're alive. At 546 argument where Brandon lovely studios. And after my house burned fifteen minutes and now there armed. There he is twice and they burn their harsh not Iraq. Various song did but WEEI. Who -- -- lying there are handy wipes their hard papers there are doing all there are scrambles. There are growing doubts dial 61777935. We thought you might just when you show us your -- Okay I go home now yeah. I don't when he goes whiner line I'm serious judgment I want -- open -- office. And our first long commercial break. I'm gonna take this pile of stuff that took be fifteen minutes to collect the clean up so Gerry wouldn't commit your rant rave like I am right now we -- and a little -- and I saw this ad -- Pacman Jones and make get -- and rain and now what is that. Used methods it used tissues look at that yeah. I. WEEI. Comes. To swine. Mike you don't want that to happen I don't -- it happened. Big show risen -- At 6 o'clock in the morning dollar or 530 whenever a ticket it was here Steve the last season you worked. You -- that messed up he should be law you strike and by the -- if -- -- -- Joseph surrounded by that bill did you think noticed he throws it opposite. -- -- -- Pilot never hears that starts it never -- dollars -- -- those -- Baxter wrote an earlier today. That all -- talk all ha ha ha ha yeah -- -- Paul flattery. And -- Louisiana today and it. All flattery the lighter side has -- you. -- AT&T WE -- lives available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most -- coverage in New England Andy they'll get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Future LC these strategic -- you hate people party that permits judges I just really what happened. I corrected the guy and he continued to go right back decision so it's -- What about our Halifax. Built Obama Manuel called I have not gotten the incredible for mark level. What that campaign met -- about who got the capital could not believe apple. Our football -- -- -- country now -- it started -- problems. No look -- -- has let it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just like. Thousands like him. If you watch the show the show he has with it's on there were Kevin Hart. In. Who's got married Mariah Carey Nick Cannon. Dempster and so we'll remember Leo from the Cedric the Entertainer just terrible show but he was Leon with Larry David pretty -- That show -- them. -- to come out and dance for like ten minutes the beginning and it. Never thought like Ellen DeGeneres. Or some news. But it point five minutes. Play better tactical -- you as a guy who won I -- MVP. Interest stop one out -- I got traded Harper's or being a bit of pit stop that I bought at a comeback are. Whatever they had known that we need to. Anyway they property back. And match. Speakers etc. I like like that they commitments which -- -- -- right as a team that's adjust -- Freddy got hurt it L which showed an answer so they'll ability to about them. -- Act as a big time to do it correct that would make a -- Again it was it would be funny. I would. I -- it -- story. We get so big now good product leak case leading our media apparently what. -- different kind -- story happened. Right now was not have a job when that thanks after what we saw you to be should include Charlie Murphy in that group as well at home. Which you can talk about that -- a restricted there. Bought animal toys and don't -- this. Mailman but they've been here. I got a I would -- that not been paid. Got flat out got paid. And that acts but wow. I gang of perspective actively. Trade and -- -- in my vehicle -- -- -- -- a Mikey did you get attacked about while Turkey yeah drink and asked how. What turkeys do that I have in my yard out the boroughs. And they come after you could do -- stupid. So so obvious why they come out because they don't know what to do -- because she really well but that that's all they can do well and results -- we saw that video those Harris we saw the video of the -- is certain yet hilarious again you yard small -- they can't get over the can't figure out how to get in it's like -- ED -- is lucky that. Somebody in that wonderful time of Cambridge in -- PC -- its. You would expect -- in Cambridge a strike protected Turkey and not the best that we do we protect the Turkey will. I don't know about -- but unlike the past year. People like Bob will be ever come I didn't -- -- -- -- -- yards but they've come over and back at me. That I kind of quite a bit. I think -- -- and a -- a -- last comment honey a -- every morning. Well. But apparently. They've got to -- here. Well you know. It's -- -- happened -- -- -- well well. And this message scrolls the deathly plot against -- Cuauhtemoc if you get of your house in your editors of the new that's -- I was kind these -- Burmese python stupidly with the will be Amal. And they came up. Grabbed my hand about all of my whole handed. It's about who will be put snake wrapped -- my arm and I tried as much as I could not just about fashion ethnic crop. But always -- and and ended up my friend put got couple dropped a -- that the bankrupt it would go you have to make. And a couple of drops -- -- I -- snakes. Like but there's only about -- have apparently know this is good to know end of last. Explain what I did that at bishop got. I don't think there's a lot of awards about it at a local -- been my best. I sound too good very nasty. They brought him down from Canada frank Markey -- the eighteen hundreds of. Yeah I had the good but I'd I'd. About that didn't need -- -- than -- of but I have to -- the pictures. And that -- Surprise about quote. And it is because. From what I already have on all the way up those moms have come -- that I have great balance that. And I. We'll. And I stuffing. -- OK I didn't you know what to expect -- -- I am back in about -- ought to know how people get worried. Good and have to cut our way. Are the bread at the -- guy you didn't come home. A lot of people -- you got a big one right. Across. Give it up play itself could go back right now. To a random right through it. Yes I -- perfect room -- the last plane ever there's nobody differences it'll take our grocery store and left -- Rollins. Beaten -- so fire all of our Barbara. Came by today. You're eating before this even during the dog food that is exactly what happened. We have to thank the sales people help themselves -- met him. Tour office let themselves. Weeks. We had now the thing is that fair and it wasn't just -- it -- promotions people those are guilty of the. -- only the good the good closes usually bring more than we give me as a show. They brought lives and they brought pulled pork in the broad objective and agreeing big gains Cole's law at all. And his call. It happens half of -- sit in the -- Sausage too. Bay got crock picked up okay great I have to -- about got. -- And -- groups that show us all. Take our -- back. My back didn't -- the states of mind and I definitely. But the fact that. Is. It connecting. Roberts. And yes you can't go back and now I'm not sure how I know obviously you can't get it. It trivial vs real life it. When they -- welcome. I haven't called and did. Did call aren't we dad is doing a bill role would be. Rove has been -- death broke they have Bob -- they'll -- -- -- they've got a problem they people who waited. Brain get -- man made it felt sick very political how important do but it bounces. -- Yeah. I'll island state -- like him more than any Russian -- -- it and getting. Like this but given -- -- is expected to dispute. And other than I would at Memphis and it occurred and what -- Yeah I never written -- technical and you know are now Bradford I don't know bongos Ari you don't now. The discipline that you ever wonder what we're gonna beat Annika you -- to tackle as the -- disputes the -- but not the bar and it's -- This dude well the numbers don't -- Where all that good without -- I'm Margaret -- potato and message. Washington. Don't apologize -- as professionals but that indiscretions -- You know I wanna go get her -- partly black. He's coming ending -- black and share my -- didn't he really can't. And that message. Maybe general purpose. Who's got healthy you know -- introduced -- -- down. -- vote. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After repeated itself. Talk to a -- yeah. And the grip -- captured more relevant it didn't. End. -- voices. Mikey Adams left the mess again. You know what this means -- after my -- Problems for fifteen minutes. But on the enhancement in. -- You can't putts but you got here. The body yet. Yeah. Its own deal. Excellent yeah. Well. Honest I batted cleanup song. You know the -- of them actually on. Mike -- -- that show. The Green Zone and -- mean them no you know everybody's. You know management and his command everybody everywhere and they get the bill. I think I. Now that's good -- president. Effective they're razor -- firepower by AT CH. Oh yeah I'll bring -- -- and every stop stop members. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins were the most -- G coverage knowing.

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