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Mar 7, 2013|

We talked Celtics hoops with Cedric Maxwell and Paul Flannery and Danny couldn't help himself and called us back!

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Ours back on the big show. Cedric Maxwell is here so -- Paul flattery we're about a twelve minutes away. From the -- line. While we talked for Danny -- a little late today but it was worth that is the line was good review what he had to say you asked him a question about the guys asked the question. That he didn't get to all on your question acts that he didn't get through I don't think you heard -- on your question about Rondo would now. He could you know what he's learning from this would -- that -- good question. He ducked out dated but on max's question where's Rondo right now -- Here you hit it and limited to those countries where -- until -- I -- I don't want them you know that's on the question just don't ask because it's a different era -- -- guys have a tendency do we really want to know because guys are not like they were Durham optically here. If you injured you were at least when the team with home you'll want to bitch. Decide -- team Richard teammates now. I have a tendency day. -- vacation there could be spotted any place I think that's strange. I don't regret that I know about but I think -- candidates I think it's weird I think -- should be on the -- -- -- -- How ignoring Rondo as well as you do I and I guess and speculate whether it's Sports Radio respect little time. You think he's hearing. The talk about things -- 2% thought experience may be for throwing all might be 12% felt they were better without. You'd think he hears it and if he does here. -- you how do you think he is is responding to. Boy here's the big -- Michael I think their Rondo is here and it. But the big -- they law is is this that he hear that from. Somebody else because a lot of players don't necessarily -- what it's -- want a broadcast. They hear a translation. From what somebody else heard that would say it and that's what is what is boys all. Man accurate -- you better yet I think it definitely yeah. -- don't what it and they'll come to you or did their you know go -- while utility -- what did I say. Well. -- you looked to me. It's. So I don't know a -- -- hearing I am sure he's hearing the disappointment. In the negativity which is surfacing. About you know. Threw for aliens. But I don't think he's here today. Directly and that that's a problem for me with -- almost anybody who votes to second guess what might be said about the. Is the biggest question for me is the biggest question going into next -- how is he going -- Come back from housing and -- the player how's he gonna come back from. For from all -- -- the swirled around is -- -- -- you know fit in without without these guys everything up to go is -- back to square one a little bit and we are all of the opinion. But he's a he's a really good player and that you know they're not better off without and Monica stuff but that's a series what is -- -- -- -- show me again you vigilance -- Rajon Rondo is in Sarasota. He's in Sarasota. Is still in Sarasota he's rehabbing twice today they don't even want -- -- In Sarasota Florida this was an odd place is that where the surgery. That place I don't know. And it just called he told me -- of their. -- that you're gonna tell you think you can tell our eggs are so how about the other question did he hit in -- -- and a. -- -- aren't quite sure where Israel ever but I matters -- -- that's viscerally. But that's their way of the world now with almost any player. Because when they go someplace they get a surgery from an independent doctor it's not like -- in my particulates. The self when I got her. So that's what you see me every day they want to see me. Rehab -- they would -- practice they they they want me to be be physically where they can't reach out -- touch you. Now the players have doctors and not team doctors but other doctors that they go to the do surgery. It will go in rehab on their all and -- independent of the team which is really -- Let me ask that -- -- you when your plane and even when when you were hurt a did you did you wanna see guys were hurt hanging around. You know when you were healthy but then when you got hurt did you want to be -- I want I want it to be yeah well because that's still he's still. Want to feel like you're part of the team and me even if you look at Rondo when he initially got hurt. Wasn't he the guy who is not absorbed through four different times. We first got hurt he came out of the back and sat on the the title role in this at all. And then that would times without a -- out of the back after this when when Rondo got -- there -- four games after that. -- -- it's just stand back in the tunnel and that little area and ice called acid club Rondo could the F two or three people back there they'd be paying about. It's like so I don't I don't know -- it's an -- thing. I don't forget that this era and that players order because you know what we think back when Avery Bradley was -- -- every Bradley and birds. Eventually be sir I expect someone to -- in uniform when I knew we wasn't gonna play and everybody knew what -- -- and it may actually got close and it. Let's say this superstar players -- smokers who don't you don't know what looks like OK for instance what was Andrew -- the other day. In Philadelphia. There was no Andrew -- and he wasn't on the bench I haven't seen -- bound them around there. In Philly and he's every time is there at the disaster out so I mean you don't see -- get with a break our team was the first guy -- know they got hurt like that it disappeared and that you didn't even know where -- There's this there's is -- on the phone claim the beginning games. At this stage like this -- that -- by started in the course and about -- like that are. Prevent all this but the the first thing is he's insert sort of that's where he had surgery that's where the intended to rehab early. Eventually he will be in Austin rehabbing in the takeover of the -- have been. And probably go back to Sarasota periodically. To be checked by the doctor that did the surgery. Doctor Andrews so. Most of heart surgeries are still performed by doctor McKee and in his stay out. On this when Rondo felt strongly that he wanted to do it this way at this time and he loves the rehab down there it in the on the retention. And you know we communicate with him almost every day. Would that doctors. So he's doing exactly what he should be doing as you guys know Rondo and determined he is determined to come back. And be better than ever and be back quicker than anybody. And so forth so I don't think that down. It's that much different next in -- and you were doing it by the way that we have worked BO. Yeah yeah I haven't analyzed. The last -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right you'll work it out there. I want you line I want the social Paul flattery or -- broad question and remember what it was. -- it was an aberrant but not getting my question it was you what you think resigned as has learned sitting sitting out well I don't I don't know when you that don't -- on about that. All right. I illustrated dot question that was I was answering that what we learned. -- I don't know what Rondo has learned that Anthony but it it's it's not -- users can perform well. Is happy handset right I mean everybody wants to be appreciated it and yet I know run -- -- users teammates text me during the game. Kept me out the after the game and I know there's a part of him too excited to see. You know -- plane as good basketball he's playing console ports so I think that he hoped it keys to its learning like we all learned. We're all replaceable. And we we need to appreciate and grateful for the opportunities that we have been hurt given to perform in and play game we love and and down but you know and that we're not. You know we need -- hell to win and I think that he does note that that it's always a good remind everybody. Art. Gradualism. We appreciate I don't -- I don't make any have grossly inappropriate because anything out of Boston accent. And that might enable Mac and away in my maybe help would dock so that it goes so well know. It tells that story -- tell you what did the info out there and very Danny Sullivan at the collar and a scholar always. Good drives -- crazy. He always calls up and does that give that a -- in -- What the water and educating five year we had been healthy enough to cause this coveted championship. So daddy did that cost the Celtics championship in 1985 we're not being helped. Wallaby that we'd have a healthy mats we've certainly been a better team no question. I don't know because I mean that's how we were a better team anyway in the east side. And we weren't in 84 but I think Macs that -- net so open team. They I thought enough then he's out -- they're right. All of waited for a Albert with a little jab there but it did give it to him aren't you are. In. Order. Our dirty birds about our. Through that's the post script. And we -- I loved it as we used Aetna you know how the truth. Goals are now with these guys and they go to all these different -- -- batteries that a test was comfortable with our our our. Our doctor at the top. And -- at the -- that you -- something high physical was done with the Celtics during that particular time it. And you know people might get mail whatever but this was your physical. You comment. And he would say I don't publish some of like pretty good. He says okay dropped the pants are -- To either call. -- -- -- All right have a good year where men now tell you to cough being conveniently lead the way we know Yahoo! got a -- what -- out there aren't yet another got little boys down there got -- for -- and and then then you say that golf -- sepia hernia and the need say a okay. Have a good year. That was it does -- bled to death those dole. Electrocardiogram. That was that was not there at that time I read it. That was you if you don't. Yeah. Have a good summer all okay. A -- is now pop I have a good year what's the physical if you decide to new contract doc. A little something here could imagine a million. Oh my elbow on a date we -- as like why are you cannot say in the got a little something if you about the sun country concert you have warn you say it. If you're if you're in the contract here everything is rob good Perry -- growth that. Though not a not the most extensive physical in the room and lets the doctor Manuel Manuel is installed name Manuel. Ali -- you doing great you. Alternate number need but I'd I thought you got hung up by you I'm not -- me out -- -- -- that would accept. You know you -- let my question about -- -- noted that the pointing out I don't like to connect I couldn't tell. When it with I mean the question that you guys east tournament entered. Into an -- watching you won't give up and whatnot competition yeah. -- -- -- -- With that question. Yeah Oscars I don't remembers over -- regret. -- -- -- just got to bundle and then you play on the other night at large you know and then I told you. Don't need to act that got it back. And I felt lucky and let -- let you -- I don't remember that name without being able it's ridiculous but actually I didn't think it died you'd never got into my. But yeah a bit of up. There are what you -- about what it would Rondo at his best controls the tempo of the game. Five teammates. Here's the boards is making -- -- fifteen to eighteen foot jump shot. This really -- aimed at defending to rock at his best. I think it's more than just flashed all via all of that you put it altogether. If it's like anything else. Away from round this say you're great players. Are great players. Master fundamental. So the mastery of fundamentals. Looks spectacular. Because you can go look at it didn't go left you can go right they can make your jump shots. You have you have the perfect angle when you're when you're. You've got your man on your hip. And yeah you beat him -- -- into the spotter reported to all of these things you're playing good fundamental deal deepens the mastery of fundamental is actually expect. Well I didn't until rooted in fundamental. I think one thing that we we have touched all Rondo -- -- lot of callers have not talked about. Is that Rondo. For his side. Let's make sure yep that's right -- Portis might be one of the biggest rebound that we've ever seen in the NBA. Because here's a guy who had triple doubles it is if we don't think of who would that small. Barely six feet tall even begin in -- What guys we think who have really done. Maybe the gas we talk about who triple doubles like fat lever out like that about 64 -- it was that actually is six feet tall. So -- his size if you put -- team. That's the whole another dynamic that we haven't even talked about you rebounded to about as godless flattery. Modern players. LeBron James Dolan besides you know players from from the old days so to speak. Magic Johnson sixth and yet say Richard whatever the other anything and it's Jason Kidd 64. The conversation that was the only people who have record the stat line like LeBron will Oscar got out and -- And and that's pretty good which -- you have pretty good company and at some but Hampshire right now. What people -- -- stats are amidst the ridiculous that it does anybody. Still. It's still hard to Florida are coming out don't go anywhere.

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