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Mar 7, 2013|

We check in with Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge after what most consider the biggest win of the year for the Celtics.

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Are back on a big show on a Celtics Thursday Cedric Maxwell is here so is Paul flattery. Since it is the Celtics Thursday we talked with Danny Ainge Danny is brought TU bar quality insulation Lincoln technical institute. In northern bank and trust mr. -- pretty good game last night which would take away from come back went out with him. And that sale item needed -- On you know -- -- and Mack daddy and all outgoing and all the obvious. And I'll raise you get values in this. An excellent phone connection yeah today you sound great. Yeah I have no escape today. Well I mean last I would say it was it. A good win for us puppet sitting in there and scored -- -- what became my united I think we've played particularly well throughout the course the game but. You know they've really grind it out it looked like what -- when we came all the way back and tied it up. And then they win out and hit those three straight threes to go up. That was. Not looking promising but. You -- credit thought all the quick time now that the guys reorganize. Without a couple runs ourselves that's about what course Strachan. In that -- you know perfectly. On the last play. It's -- that last play hard Avery Bradley has the ball when he three and a half seconds left I think in these he's setting up the play did you have any idea. What was coming because I was looking at the Indiana bench and it didn't seem like. Any of their coaches. Had any clue about what was gonna transpire. No I actually thought that it was going to be with Avery holding the ball I thought it was gonna be me. KG of halt ten -- Appalled catch in curl. And make a play in the free throw line area or four. -- to catch. And then -- that a quick pick and roll. A step up pick and roll with KG. More likely leading to -- G chip shot at the elbow that that's what it looked like the formation was set up to be when even pulled a ball. But one thing Danny at the U it and you know this is -- to -- but one -- you -- seed that I think is how surprised in the me is the fact that. This team has chemical and in the other direction. When does that last time they've set a play for anybody other than -- Kevin or Paul. It -- last moment shot in the trusted Jeff Green to take that shot that show me that there this led to grow with Jia. Get out. You know I think they've built by the way that was not a good past decade. Yeah it was in the ball. Oh they're great cat and now. Well you know so there was eighties. Right we've we've brought play in the -- that we sort of botched. It turned into a Paul Pierce step back jumper that we normally see but. About what was the play was called. And just poorly executed there's going to be times when like the play that was called there was war chest that was sort of the first option on it. But it had it not worked which you know good defense will sniff that out but apple was David West who was guarding Jeff. Reached for the ball. Try to poke it away from KG as he ran by. And was completely blind sided by the screen. That all that and of course Paul -- not gonna come off the body in and that allowed the played -- -- -- so it was a great execution it was support these fans. And you know we'll take it. -- the -- as we're sitting here right now you guys are seventh place where you've been for I don't know about the last month or so. But he early game and a half behind Brooklyn in -- does not a lot of there's not a lot of room there between these three or four teams. How important do you think it is to get a home court -- to get a seed in the playoffs for you guys down a stretch. I I think that it's secondary to. Health and rested freshness. But it is more important. And just fresh bodies and we see what -- happens with KG with a few days off and now he's responded. You know where he was looking. -- -- And so you know it's not a perfect side she can't predicted that temptation. Is to continue to grind it push and fight. For every win and I personally. Oh let's stop make these decisions between dot PG -- I would try to. Figured out that we got to trust KG is to talk to us and I think that he. Is more willing to do that if he ever has been in his. That we get older that happens a. Right and I think I think he's wiser it sort of gets -- and so I think that we. Need to figure out what's best for him and not only him but Paul Altman playing with a sore neck. When we went in the really bad stretch after winning six in a row then we went to the bad stretch. I think a lot of that was Paul applaud every day during that stretch just really. In pain and you know a little -- warning in as we started winning I don't think it was a coincidence that -- started -- -- -- better. So I think that out. You know those two guys in the adjacent area I think also we -- -- I think with the addition of Jordan Crawford. You know about that and after riding him as much and you know we can really -- -- -- when he. Big like it was last night last night he was big both -- of the court down the stretch but he's got that experience in completely afraid at any moment. Do you anticipate. Any more games like the Phoenix game for example where Kevin doesn't play in that game and I think he came back in the next what was Portland I think it. I've played out that way. You see that happening. That the final week of the season is a different animal because it may be thieves are set and you can rest guys and what do you think in the the next 1015. Games. You can see one of those situations where Paul doesn't play a game or Kevin or our Jason doesn't play games. Yes I can see that I I don't know when that is. We haven't had that discussion but I could easily -- that. Danny it is there's one thing about I want you to explain it to our listeners. Explain to our listeners and in this is your view of how this team is different without Rondo. Playing and how this team is playing now because whenever rob saying recognized and translating to a lot of people just let them know what you think. Well well first of all I think that. You don't -- bill. I think it shows you that any one player I think that goes throughout time. That's -- you and I played with Larry you know Larry -- missed the game we find ways to win a step that. Have to win game seven on the road without Larry we all of that and that you don't put -- championships without Larry. But you know that other players -- good players. And sometimes win you have dominant players. They don't allow the other players to do the things that they do what they're capable of doing that as an example. You know we see Avery you know step it up just with the ball in his hands or come about screen rolls up gunshot I think he did this silly game. We've seen Jeff Green last night example but he said the slot you know grab a piece it's a rebound and go coast to coast. Those circles are examples of plays that you don't see when Ron those planes and it's not -- those fault always. Sometimes it's the fact that the players' deferred to the other great players. Sometimes they don't practice -- because you know it's just so easy to get the ball -- go to bring up all the time instead of Avery GAAP and that these offensive rebounds and pushing the ball the court itself -- over the the other wing. And the -- swung the Rondo and then you come off the pick and roll and so I think that. We're all learning from this we're all learning that the game can be. The respect of the other players -- is growing and they get the respect that they now deserve. As opposed to being the guys that you aren't living up to their potential. It's just it's estimated in the two months ago it was Jeff Green importantly. It Jason Terry that work. Playing well enough now siding with thirteen or those guys are all playing great. And I think that you know Rondo was that voted a starter on the all star team. And you know now that we can't have kids. Without I think this cup is -- The trend pillow and you know I think there's a tiny bit it's true that all of it like Rondo can adjust his game to allow the players play. A little better moved better without the ball. Play a little bit more. Cut harder. You know and -- Washington mid range jump shot war. I think all the things have turned the ball over -- But I think that aren't we have a much better chance of beating Miami in a playoff series with -- on. While yet de -- -- just a follow up on that brokerages are hitting out of that it will. What does Rondo taken from this you know what is what is he what is he seeing what is the as as he watches this team played really well without -- you know what -- think he's he's he's gaining. Well also let me let me clarify something else to that -- with -- were missing out and that is. Last year we we we're stink it -- to play in the first half of the year. And we -- Rondo who was a big part of it we went on a great stretch for the second half of the year. And the year before. The same thing happened we were playing terrible -- four point seven important that we get to the playoffs and we put the best basketball. Of the key G. Paul Pierce for a reality here six years -- put to bed and -- was a huge part of that. So. He hit just this. Statistically just say hey we're better now because we don't have brought this to happen every year. Our team is I think he can play better at saint Paul's playing better it is. Help is coming around I think -- is getting back from the injury getting more comfortable and feeling more part of the team I think that. All of these things are. I think I I was predicting back even before the -- -- you and I were sitting there in the Indiana game say and I told you this does mean we will be better. He did not look at them go on you crazy. Do you -- to go to and. And I thought that because we were 21 indecent. And I -- not worried about defense and endeavor and I'm more worried about office. Because that's been our Achilles heel or. Five years and so I think that. Our defense now is -- in the NBA bought up 2121. At that time. So I think that. And we're doing it in different ways you know we don't have great individual defenders except for KG in a -- But we have a lot of guys that are Smart. Clever and you. We implemented. -- own. And -- and demanded. You know it's it's helped us through this stretch. Our -- of Danny will talk to you next week. Artist Danny Ainge joining us and I know we're totally screwed up he called in a little later. But we -- regretfully called -- later because the phone connection was much better. In the original connection we've -- first called in at 435 and cellphones rules Rashtchy. And call back. Clear line and he said so my interest in things we'll talk about it with you guys. When we finally catch up we will catch.

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