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Jordan Crawford, Celts SG, on playing with the Celtics

Mar 7, 2013|

Crawford joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Celtics win last night, what his reaction was when he got traded to Boston, and discusses the video of him dunking over Lebron.

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-- -- West George. And Stevenson four on the board George -- would sort of the sat at about five tenths of a second remaining. Ball in the hands of Giorgio Wilcox who guardian -- -- lots it'd. And it's picked up five appears at the Celtics had no possible. What would put the Alley you. What all the years that ended really well -- you don't do something we'd like sport you can either -- something you know for the people of having. The Celtics come in Indiana and score the final eleven points to steal one. From the pacers 8381. Of the final. John grandy on the call a huge win for the Celtics last I've been talking about it all day it's not live united three point seven. WEEI one of the newest Celtics made an impact on this team ball scoring off the bench. Former hawk former wizard Jordan Crawford joins us here on the AT&T hotline eight Jordan it's like and -- -- you. Rory to thank you for taking a couple minutes you guys are down thirteen points in that third quarter last night on the road I think a lot of fans. What is said in a lot back to back against Indiana okay if they lose this game. What was the atmosphere like as you guys -- make and that comeback in that fourth quarter eventually beat the pacers 8381. Well it started. Asylum in Barton gave them each other notes on what type of -- -- -- -- -- for the -- -- payment. We always thought it was -- taken hold we do when given ourselves while we got it together you know these Florida. -- we've talked a lot about this group to score whether BE KG Paul doc Iran goes banged up but. They have something a lot of teams don't they just they know how to win they have that experience is that won the first thing you notice coming from Washington this Celtics team. They didn't -- they -- a lot of women and walk away I mean I've been and that and like half the battle right there will be no you know it. It -- barker went in on -- tools at. That was -- that core there's about. Do you believe in the NBA Jordan have been on now three teams that -- as a team you have to learn how to win that's something. That you gotta gotta figure out as you go on you and you grow with a nucleus of a team. Yeah I did because you got a gun battles Gaza. And we believe in -- you know I have a passion every night for a decent guy and let you know that's our. You know you come -- government can -- and they have. You know you're on fire there for awhile washed and put up a lot of points the last couple weeks. You know not in their time their minutes are down what was it like feeling at that call that you were traded that is today. Our -- -- it was a blessing. There's more than saying you know exciting you know take on challenging. -- -- -- -- Where you look him to get traded you BA yet tell those gains towards the trade -- -- -- had some BNP's. Was this a hope Jordan that. It was a Celtics not the Celtics that you would get off that that Washington roster and land somewhere else at some point this year. Yeah yeah me. It's out of your -- our computer writing on the wall from the beginning and they'll begin to see so. I mean what is out of work woman -- that stopped saying you know. Well all the old that you grateful and you know -- You know at a -- you know. So look talk on the -- if you talk in volume buying into that system -- guy goes up their takes 1520 shots a game your career and and now it's a different roll hall of difficult does that Bennett and the communication between you and talk about what your role is. -- not a little all ball -- No woman -- -- hotel that. And Washington no problem aren't a lot from large to provide to give fair interview today. Because he sort of took care -- me and you know. You know like game after game so we've actually known to have Vernon Washington in years ship. You know minister down -- like a -- from the vessel you know it is not a playoff run but you know less. Talking to Jordan Crawford one of the to a Celtics after the celtics' biggest win. Of the year last night Lotta people while players we talked to talk about -- impact on them as a player -- a short period time Jordan but. Can you talk about what you see from doc as a head coach in this league. So we. Got an old and don't know you know in and out on me do it to perfection. Still -- that players. And fifty -- no doubt you know. Won't you won't want you to be focused. It was common practice have been doomed either you can -- -- -- -- and -- on the books you know that. Jordan -- the story out there view is to pick up game we KG during like that locked out you guys had some words what was it like. -- a locker and first time with -- joking about it how that how that play out. I'll do -- and Salmonella there's Barton. You're about corporate no you know what happens in the heat of the moment basketball -- is in the home. We'll put it normal for me that because I got sick after -- got to offer him back -- all to say about that result. Forget that story what about the YouTube video that I've watched about a hundred times. A view Duncan -- LeBron back in the summer 2009 why did Nike up to squash that why can't we see it on TV commercials Jordan. I couldn't hear behind review I'm not -- -- That you thought about it. In terms of this season now the mental preparation of of a playoff run -- like. That every night you're playing one of these games the impact you know whether or not you're five C to succeed a four seed is that a good thing as a player. Yet up the great thing -- we get upwards. You know you when you -- there's. -- are often don't know warned that want movement OP debate that you get hired me on the map out you'll know maybe since I've been. No partisan. You want things -- talks about it's here's a player me and you come in here and bring some energy instant offense but it sees the talk blah but the defense of side of the ball for you and and also passing the ball certain guys up that summed it. That you this team is kind of brought out in new. Probably -- writers directors and a lot simpler you know probably have to play out well while the defense plan that was the guy over. A good football. -- the shuttle promotion. And -- -- all wanna be normal when it -- -- -- won't be so. Simple that wall. I'll put you on the spot on alike get you out on this we're talking today a little bit about bizarre athletes you know we talk about -- we talked about. Dennis Rodman and his -- a couple of the guys you played. In the league for a couple years is there one teammate in particular Jordan -- stands out as the most bizarre guy you play with during your career. OK you know -- Why KG. Who know the goal and you don't -- -- and you put it yeah -- rebuild. You know. I'll probably -- well. And when the blood Britain's -- resulted. In this crazy but I don't talk so you know not as well. Because. You've got to be -- somebody. Now we know he talks like trash also -- before. You seem like tech talk a lot of trash yourself at -- Thomas. I'll -- government or diploma so -- on the you know. We've gotten applauded debut moment got some missile due to a different day and not automatic -- -- -- us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You score points off the bench at Celtic fans love that went last night Jordan Crawford -- thanks your time and best of luck the rest of the season. Oh yeah. Jordan Crawford joining us on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds -- the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible as a reminder. Jordan Crawford play with Andre Blanche who consider one of the most bizarre -- currently in sports and he just told you KG. Is the most bizarre -- split with. Like to point out is for good Nick Young. Played Nick Young was also out of his mind there just thrown up shots everywhere. And he said KG I was surprised by that answer. And if you have not seen the video yet Jordan Crawford -- LeBron. Google image or -- to be YouTube's search right now Jordan Graf or Jordan Crawford Kabul LeBron James. Back in 2009. He's is Xavier come out Xavier he's LeBron James skills academy in a plane picked up and it's this. It's a grainy video but it's up -- like a hand held camera. And he comes off the off the -- and dogs on the brawn. And they had this great video of it Nike squash that they want their guy getting dumped on the this one guy put on YouTube and it's got millions of views you not watch it go check it out. LeBron Jordan Crawford YouTube.

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