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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on Celts win over Indy

Mar 7, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni as the Celtics come off a huge win over the Pacers. She discusses where they rank in the East and if Doc has a chance at winning coah of the year.

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Got much I'll dig down and show -- I'll kick your ass like -- no problem doing and -- loan. It's -- money in Maloney showed. Can't wait to get -- again play that black clothes and a white black blue -- there and break it down fox Sports Radio WEEI. Lunchtime hour -- or not -- three point seven WEEI -- if you -- being around Boston today yeah here in the northeast you're okay on the roads. Walking by some of the people who work here during the break tell me how bad it is now there -- so -- -- they're stuck get it. Hope you're okay not a big win for the Celtics last night. And Jack McMullen ESPN boston.com joins us on the AT&T hotline -- we just say biggest win of the year for the Celtics last night -- Yup and it continued most recently and only for the completely different now I think this one was because. Second day of back to back on the road to play in the number two seed in the east. And you're trailing by eight in all twelve points and twelve points in the fourth quarter. And when -- -- that that 13 year with how much I forget how much time was left. To put them back up nine -- reporter asked Brett I'm thinking all right well -- not not tonight and then they come back and won the game and not only guys did they win the game. They win the game with Kevin Garnett playing thirty minutes and Paul -- playing 34 minute and and that's what that's about as good as you can hope for. I think it was an eye opener too because some guys in Miami Heat is no question about it I think they respect them and they realize what they have when they played and they saw that last year but. Some of the other team Chilean not to respect is there I know they respect the guys there on the court they still think they can beat this team and think Indiana Kong open their eyes -- the last night. Then I -- -- I can tell you this that the coaches don't know better. You know when when the heat loss to the Celtics the game -- Rondo went down. And they were -- -- one of the Celtics -- one of the -- officials said to me that's why nobody will ever won a plate and in the playoffs. So I think the coaches really get it but sure I played the kind of cocky they had a got a little bit that. You know Paul -- just trying to make his own you know mark on the league -- having an unbelievable year. So yeah they probably think we're superior and remember we are left for the David Glass and -- laughter and the wondering why David West into the -- when he could be with the better team the Celtics. And you know he's got the last laugh perhaps in some -- as well. They they faded down the stretch eleven nothing and that game for the Celtics pacers took a lot of bad shots is not a game. -- we look back and say boy Doc Rivers got the best of Frank Vogel and -- final four and a half minutes from a coaching standpoint. Well I thought duck a duck -- really did coach a great game I was thinking again when it got to that nine point. Yet some decisions to make you know that they did they're trailing the entire fourth quarter and you want a he wanted to stay firm with the minutes in this pierce sitting on the bench united played 28 minutes to the three quarters. And it would be -- he wanted to put him in a little sooner than is normal time to come back NN dot didn't follow that temptation so I just got docked the way he used his personnel. Remember Courtney Lee and Jordan Crawford there on the floor for part of that come backs so that's right -- Douglas was terrific. I mean imperative to -- although. This guy took some pretty good shot that it didn't go down. So I don't think we should make too big a deal that. You see you liked the way doc approach it down the stretch we debated this earlier -- where does -- rank right now middle march where we are. In the coach of the year conversation -- top five candidate in the league. Do you think he's done enough to warn that kind of credit so far this year Jackie. I do think he'll never win but yes I killed but I mean I -- I think -- docked it one of the best job of coaching last year. When they got to the Eastern Conference final round how we did that spill. And let you know they want to get the -- to pick a team that was just horrible and antenna turn it around or guy like Terry Stotts to China keep Portland above water and don't ever heard of -- -- another -- has -- been in the league a long time and had a lot of unexpectedly. So it and I know it's early but when you say he won't win it Hewitt is not a guy right now yeah. Just because they is that Celtic they're the people against -- -- comedian Paul -- c'mon you know that's just -- doesn't -- that he shouldn't -- and I'm not trying to put the damper -- his chances. I just know how the voters think he thanked. -- or what that final play of the game in -- -- give credit our analyst does Democrat the Paul Pierce does he. The week he -- maybe just maybe not given the best pick in just realized that he was going to be the option right there but he bought in consider great pick on west. Knowing that Jeff green was the option to win the game. Absolutely you can't say enough about what Paul Pierce has done particularly in Toronto has gone down because he's. He's he's assumed all sorts -- old you know he's been a rebound I think. You know there are times when he likes to take over the game but he fully recognizes. -- I thought the best part of it would've done what the final let's 3040 seconds of the game he's up there with the big grin on his face. And you know what exactly what it meant it with the intent was. These equipment -- as you know what we're gonna win this game and hey all you pay a guy who think. You've been there before well guess what we have been there before and I thought it was hilarious I loved loved. -- McMullen is joining us we continue to watch this you re emergence here Jeff Green and you watch the aggressiveness he wrote Obama couple weeks ago. I feel like he's taken up. -- if this -- impossible another step we're now not always the aggressiveness there of flashes. He always seems to be that aggressive Jeff Green like that that light has been turned audience and she wrote back home a couple of weeks ago. Guys I think selling and you know that it's funny that shot that he missed last night with some of the most impressive thing he did you know that little junior junior hockey looked like Magic Johnson gone in the lane there. It didn't go down to what a great -- great take quite a great shot what a great idea. And you know he's obviously playing with a lot of confidence right now. And -- plus ten on the night in that game and you know again on the floor when they made that huge comeback making plays. Playing hard the rebound we'll TARP on the rebound he had seven rebounds last night the only one I had more -- decades if they -- may be pierce didn't appear had a lot of rebounds last night to. But you know that's. That game last night that -- that's exactly what you want from Jeff Green he concedes he -- comfort level again you're right he's getting more and more comfortable and again. I know people get any kind of let these guys come out major heart surgery. And there's something to the mental ability to get over that hump and I think you can't with Wilcox who by the way tell -- But Avery Bradley because we know we. We were praised him for his defense and rightfully so I think you know it -- first team. You know all defensive team don't think even with missing some gains will we saw the other night -- Philly game you know put up 22 points or what I. What does that -- is that the next step for the -- because if we didn't score there and score points to go their defense he's the middle level. Yes you're right any it was a little bit of his own now that and that game against -- -- extreme confirmed issue -- -- had -- going -- You know if you look at navy badly early in his career the way he scored was on all those backdoor cuts remember talent base at the back -- cut. But if you can add a reliable. In all I'm midrange jumpers to get a three point shot. I would say guys that they really want that last in the league -- -- as you -- -- that midrange jump shot and Michael Jordan or the told me that. You know it's great to shoot threes that's fine. What you got the midrange jump shot if you want longevity in and he's working real hard at developing. Hi -- your thoughts of the Jordan Crawford -- so far as a guy off the bench scoring production team. Well he's -- a candidate like one big area like catching your throat because he's a little bit at least he's got Tony Allen and a little bit except -- So much better than Tony Allen offensive and obviously and you know that's what he is he's a fearless score. He's all about the professional score that's that's the title that Doc Rivers really gave Paul Pierce. Not quite as committee added this period. A lot of when he goes coast to coast I like the fact that he wants to get down there and go to the rim they need that -- I think early on he was transferred. To his older more celebrated teammate. I think what they told -- look the reason you're here is we needed to score. And we needed to score early and often. I think he's putting a better fourth effort defensively so that's good continue to stay on the floor a little longer. And I think it that it would you guys that believe that was the key guy today said that I guarantee you know when you two maybe three games this year to generalize when the wind because when you're the guys go cold. He can fill it up for it. Yeah we've seen him -- he's getting his minutes to a ship off the bench like you said what are what are what's really doesn't brought in here -- Terrence Williams who saw a piece of Shavlik Randolph D. J. White came into that. Those guys to death you know don't -- -- of foul trouble guys go there could be you know give this guy blow guys and it doesn't hurt to have that it's something that they really haven't had. That's consolidates these plays have going down one after another. Found -- Crawford Crawford the -- that together focus on. And I think -- plays these last you know what is it now going to be thirty games or so where. The other half game out of six and there are game out mole and of the five spy game and half out of the four fray yet he's managing minutes here yeah I know we keep saying that the standings are less important in minutes but at some point -- EZ go boy. We get a chance to get out IA home around there in the first round I'm a place some of these guys they -- and I wanna claiming in the final thirty games. What you already know the answer hasn't seen candidly we saw last year. Doc is serious about the minutes. He's serious about the standing. He's even -- he really is more concerned about two minutes and you know what he should be I think down because they had all these had all these overtime games. Right before the all star break there I've and it really looked GAAP estimate. And and I think doc has done a great job with him in -- all the way through but even sell it big you know take stole all of OT games. And and I just think it's imperative to keep those guys not only rested and healthy and when you get hurt was. Down when you get tired so I'm onboard with what he's doing it because I honestly believe if you if you keep them fresh. Make team better command team that you win more games in the middle of the scandal take care of themselves. -- no no concern at all meaning. It's only mentioned earlier teeing off your other eight CD catch Miami and at first round you're the freshest you're going to catch him Letterman than what people. I just don't do you really think that they'll be the eighth seed in the. No I don't want to go to that fourth fifth seed is probably set up that second round only barely better off today at six or seven. Well that's where they've been sitting pretty much no longer so. We can only guess -- right. And have you heard anything on Derrick Rose return -- -- Casey Johnson beat writer all along has said march march march became yesterday and said. I think he's now out for the year what are you here and I'm -- Well on it's it's funny show that there were talking to a GM yesterday not a doctor -- -- get that he came up in the conversation ends but you're talking about players and what you do and and there's just. There's some hesitation on the players. The side here because. He doesn't feel like you can trusted me and I've never had a torn until have you guys you wanna you know it yet and for Miami did with a bad news is one of the worst. And you know that idea of trusting that -- again is what you have to get over that's the -- people have to get past. And he just can't seem to get package and I think it's as much mental as it is physical. And I think you get the ball. You know life. I don't know what's gonna happen this year you don't wanna blow off a whole year of course not. But he's got to feel ready you can't tell when he feels great that's a huge mistake especially this started -- And we're connected to workaholic he's not he's got a kid that's softer you can call many of those names. So he's mentally in -- prepared to put that -- test you have to be patient with us. Jacki let's get John as we're gonna bring disappeared just a couple of minutes a bizarre athletes in sports we got a couple of guys that we think in the most bizarre you've covered. All sorts of teams also -- -- -- as the one player that stands out is the most bizarre athlete either saw a sports are covered in your time. While that is the big spectrum of -- -- -- yeah I I know what you're saying I know what you guys to get mad and I'm -- Dennis -- that on your list and probably at the -- you lift your non stop me -- -- he told you this story but. I think it was the 92 all star game. They it's Saturday night when the journal the dunks and all that I ran into Dennis -- in the in the tunnel so they couldn't stand couldn't seeming like an out on the court. He's wearing jeans and tickets to that -- where he didn't have a debt to really didn't have any bring even heavier and nothing was just a kid from Oklahoma and a pair of jeans sneakers. They are now in the all star for the next day. And they start naming all the names and they stuck -- his name and they -- -- living daylights out of all the whole crowd would do and I couldn't see him but they were born and he looked at me -- kids in the guys. Why pay me -- leave me actually think depiction is not really you just keep doing what you're doing you're gonna get there you don't -- patient. And given in this conversation you know and I think at some point -- common decide you know what. They hate me already -- -- region and gave me any PDT hi this crazy agent and they decide to go this bizarre way. And and it's really doll manufactured. Until until he really developed a drinking issue in the guy's got a serious serious thank you probably make me very very sad. And and now I think he does is alcohol fueled and he's become this personality. And I think it's a shame because he was one of the nicest young kids. Normal kid from Oklahoma that I ever met and that's to Dennis Rodman. I Osama myself -- are you guys are great great story thank you very bad about Dennis Rodman because that's. -- and he was crazy used to call me at 2 o'clock in the morning much to my husband displays. And and that's when you know I start to realize that there was alcohol issue with him that he can can he should be remembered as one of the great rebounder. Of all time when the great defenders of our time and steady this freak. And around that's -- that's where alcohol can do. I've followed at how recently was he -- 2 o'clock in the morning -- you know months years Saturday night. Was this I hated this under the late eighties early night I will play this one more thing. What I will -- that Turkey Saudi award. That's given out the night before it did you know the major ceremonies and that that your that your dream team has been honored. Dennis Rodman showed up -- day early we were at the cocktail reception that they had. He he came Otellini said. Are you failing here I'd like facility your children picking their -- talked to my kids. Trying to now want to tell he was decked out in the in a weird cavalier that he had a strange stuff funny head. Dark glasses inside the -- people were coming up too -- kept saying. I have excuse me please don't talk with these people will be done since he had conversations like -- I think my kids jaws we're down to the floor because then how kind he was. He was asking about their colleges their high school what they were doing he was coming stories about me in how -- you know work in the league together. In addition to seeing the -- Dennis Rodman is pretty much gone I want that -- Dennis Rodman back you know I really do. -- great dancer get on the soapbox anytime we appreciate hello my blood attitude and I'm sad for him and -- I know he's tried to get help but it just doesn't work in a bad form -- always -- great stuff we'll talk to next week -- pedigree we Jack and acknowledge ESPN boston.com joining us when Jackie joins the show. She's brought to you by HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by drum hill for ninety seconds away from a couple things one last you guys about is our athletes and sports and even before that. The roster move for your Boston Bruins in time for tonight's game against Toronto.

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