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Most bizarre athletes in sports

Mar 7, 2013|

Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson, Jose Canseco, and Ricky Williams all are nominated by the Mut and Merloni Show to be named the most bizarre athlete in the last 20 years.

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It's. Sports Radio telling them yeah. Saying and I noticed. There. Learned. Excuse moon you know my -- 93 point seven WEEI okay. Not GSM first to report from the confirmed by a bunch of sources today that's the Bruins a place Chris pork. On waivers this afternoon in the way waivers work in the NHL. You placed on waivers every team league has a chance to claim you for 24 hours in all puts any claim for you. You be signed back to prominence. So there's no corresponding roster move as of yet I'm Elaine McDermott was a guy that. We talked -- briefly yesterday. He simply make there was going to be on the roster his opinion tonight Elaine McDermott often -- fork out for Chris pork. Signed in the off season placed on waivers today. And if he clears waivers we can be signed a problem. But every team's got a shot at picking them up and a Romer had no corresponding movie or not yet know move Roman hammer what was placed on waivers couple days ago arranger. Scooped him up somebody could pick up Chris for Horry can go unclaimed all together and be back to prominence that a third line at least for tonight the looked differing and the trauma beliefs. Mean I -- predictable right and we talked about it before whether you wanna look at him and look at the brawl the problems and their lines Chris walks fault. Whether it's just the play of Chris Kelly pavlik. Most usually the corresponding mormons. And keep an -- at the minute we get you'll have a 41 here on 93 point seven WEEI we asked Jackie to question general conversation with her about -- athlete in sports because. Mike Tyson's going to be in town next week part of his one man show. And it came up off the -- we thought let's make it a pop just poll question and the -- early poll question has always present -- a puppet you know here's today's question. Who is the most bizarre athlete. -- the last twenty years now we inherit down to four and I expect many people are gonna wanna add a guy or two or three or four. On this list -- take your -- on this but for voting purposes. Who has the most bizarre athlete. The last twenty years did you text in their last name devote. Mike Tyson. Dennis Rodman. Jose Canseco. Or Ricky Williams. Get the text in their first full or last -- when everyone to do 237937. Right now. It also -- your vote online by visiting W we TI dot com slash what Maloney. The -- Maloney Paul present my pop -- stoppage you know just introduced their new Mac and cheese pizza hot tropic pizza sweet sausage and rose red pepper pizza. And the buffalo Mac and cheese pasta call or online a -- the deals dot com let's eat who has the most bizarre athlete. The last twenty years text your answer at 379837. -- last name Tyson. I wish when you read I'm -- if -- -- kick them and had accompanied testicles. For you to feel my pain from the pain I have a question of them very. -- We just talked about -- -- quite a bit. -- a lot of control. Great guy that's 200000 people in prison camps. Where we don't know what it is amazing how we do the same thing here. We have prison camps union wanted to -- guess what it's all politics right up with a sub par just I guess what kind of winding path. You don't want to do that very hard that's for him I think the fact that you know she's a good guy to me personally is my friend. That's what I don't condone what he does but -- forced as a person to person. He's my friend. -- Ricky Williams the like I -- incoming call is okay. Always seemed. You love me. For the draft I was -- -- -- chest. So I just I'm on the trash can -- Her attention. Wow and Jose Canseco. We know a little bit about an -- text your answer Tyson Robin Williams Canseco 379837. How about this by the way. FaceBook dot com check out -- you know us FaceBook page -- there was like that page get a chance to win free pizza for a year. That's the pop yells FaceBook page is -- your FaceBook like them and your chance to win free pizza for -- it's a pretty good -- -- Rodman. There's probably the most bizarre but I mean Mike Tyson I mean just allude to which one is well. -- -- Rodman probably -- is cousin of the outfits in the all the bizarre and everything else so they went along with from the Mike Tyson is -- when a -- it's just it's somebody zero off. We've frozen Lennox Lewis who don't want one your heart when he used children. I mean that's just. Crazy individual player that I that that's a -- crazy oh by the way he has a huge tattoo on his face times so gentle way the in just about him biting any year. Which in the ring was pretty crazy. But he got a huge face -- to the white while you lasted -- because he's and you hang over one and -- I mean Dennis is still -- on North Korea. Right so mean Tyson's kind of joking now and kind of has some fun with some things Rodman still knots. Mike Tyson said you know what I'm not what boxing I'm going to be at WW we wrestler went -- wrestling for a while it always is I don't think. -- got -- to pass pretty crazy that for a long tie that's bizarre right you'd at one level but whose link to. Oh -- boxing or wrestling as Robinson guess what go back to where Tyson was at one point in time. Mike Tyson was the heavyweight champion of the world and how what that meant something. And he was smaller than most guys. He was -- a shorter heavyweight descent but he was shorter news faster and transform the fight game that dude is now known for being -- hang homer in his one man show is doing a Boston. I'm I'm my name's Alan garner. I think the Asiatic people for allowing a senior landed her did you learn. Stated I'm really happy to be here and I have a wedding gift to present to -- Lauren and sue. And -- are. -- horrendous and I hope you appreciate you as much as I didn't start going to. OK guys. -- -- Tell me it is out of control I -- actor. Probably still -- -- your vote Robin over Tyson yes yes your vote rotten at 37937. -- old Ryan Mike. Now the Rodman angles a pretty good one right give the OK so but the basketball. -- hair different colors during different gamers tie with the bulls certain green hair platinum blonde hair red hair black care guy. Tattoos everywhere which it isn't that at that point tattoos and piercings were bizarre now you look around you going to go local coffee shop there was got tattoos. Not everyone's got these things. He was pursued by high profile singer Madonna. Briefly carried a married to -- electric shore pretty good track record aluminium is army so lucky mated so bizarre that you know Mike Tyson rafters. Boxing career went to wrestle and yet -- went to wrestling. While in his career back after a while still playing in the NBA. Right yeah he -- you beat that's fair I he was a member of the NWL alongside Hogan I forgot that. I he had his own TV show the Rodman world war. Yet rolls a couple -- Simon Says in double teamed with Claude van Jon Claude van dam. He appeared in several reality TV series one something called celebrity mole back channel -- I forgot about that. Because now I see him on the apprentice celebrity -- and the guys out of his mind. Oh by the way -- wedding dress back in the day -- -- forgetting about Rodman the alcoholism. Is probably part of that conversation. Yeah he's pretty crazy. We we do need to know before we go to vote for Canseco. This is all our Ricky Williams you know always wearing -- shield and going to India and studying all these things and living in a -- -- come back. I can't remember this -- just I just smoked weed with -- -- like I know I'm calling the tour. -- -- -- it was a little disrespectful. Valuation and was with other women. -- -- -- -- -- world know you have to be personally involved with me it was in my book but is it won't be trying to kid. -- we trying to get your guys in Alberta is covering -- wife and -- date. You know I got tied up when you guys but I'll do my Melinda Melinda Giuliani play in the court oral almost all of the up and what are you are you doubting me again. Are you got me again the whole thing did OK until I declare. -- -- -- Hello that we do. You bizarre the legend Steve bird news tonight up there a while. It is a two man race right now -- asked why are brought up Canseco Williams this is day is a two horse race or the others get to vote for others. -- Carl Everett. But the a lot of tax hole gets and you know it's still let's take a break all updates and pour salt we get back and you can jump on jump in the conversation again 617. 77979378. TT tech slide is 379837. Most bizarre athlete. Last twenty years -- Tyson Rodman Ricky Williams Canseco. You guys -- some as well get to those next -- talk. At 617. 7979. We send us -- 3093. Point seven now you have no idea if they WEEI dot com.

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