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Doc Rivers: Coach of the year?

Mar 7, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate whether the Celtics head coach should be in the running for NBA Coach of the year.

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Jack and it -- ESPN Boston -- -- join us at noon we'll talk to Jordan Crawford. One of the newest Celtics you'll join us at 1245 its model united three point seven WE BI your phone 617. 77979837. The eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Celtics right now are currently. At the bottom of the Easter conference the other half game out of what sixth place. They're gonna be a playoff team this year couple more wins they maven mathematically make that official. Is that enough based on everything surrounding them. Specifically their injuries and losing a player with the talent -- on Rondo. To include Doc Rivers in the coach of the year conversation in the ambient. No none no. They Doc Rivers -- the best coaches and NBA coach of the year we don't know it's. -- -- helping give coach of the year Rondo is down who's currently in seventh seventh seed. You know he's really think it's artist in a forward out Rondo yeah which some consider one of the best point guards in the league the and I understand that and then. I think he's debate on the best coaches in the league. But I think you know being the top five. Can I ask -- top five are pop. Up -- Spoelstra. -- in there. They're 45 at fourteen but the best player in the world yeah that doesn't guarantee you coach the you're looking back coach of the year it's not locate the team that won the most games as coach of the year every year. You've had one to you at three coach of the year. Winners in the Ambien last five years and -- teams had only -- than sixty in what would those teams have a common. And they had what young teams that nobody expected anything out of and if Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce on some cases yes I mean you go back that it's far back when doc went with the only in -- magic in the year before the magic word. Tied for the best record in the copper through and -- strike shortened season and what happening offseason they got -- -- team okay they got it at doc was a rookie coach go to expert was. Off it was Armstrong. It was outlawed it was bad waltzing into at 4141. Doc was coach of the year. This fired the next year after that. Expectations probably pretty low -- and what they're -- -- -- is helping to Rondo went down. Nationally are asking did you expect them to beat three games under 500 with a healthy round. Probably not -- -- to be a little bit better at that point. But big -- -- and -- thirteen for public they're better -- -- so you do that's pretty significant record without you should -- that are barely think he should be coach and you -- it in the seventh so I sit in the conversation you've got -- -- -- a tough -- Got a you couple five more -- -- -- Popovich out west because the the wins are -- significant don't have the best player the best player in the conference -- don't hero Oden the clippers. -- deserves some consideration. People -- Memphis is going to be good probably not mean George coral. Adding deserved more credit than our peaceful pro Mike -- New York. We expect the knicks to being decent people great and it's reported them to -- -- just say it's this is not the coach of the -- is not the best coach in the league. Okay in what doctors do without Rondo OK given credit that he. You know ovals I do -- is not going to be in the top three of the -- up five -- absolutely they trend this way in the winning percentage the Celtics in the year. Ends up being in a and they have to. They have to win gonna stretch here if they get into that 66 -- winning percentage. He's an opportunity if Sam Mitchell. Couple years ago 607 with a bad raptors team finished 4735. That was the last team that was sort of in that 500 winning percentage area the wanna coach Diego about the doc before that. So the benchmarks used to be better get in at 600 -- when they got -- now offering bowl. And all -- with a pink ranger. And a thirty point three. Just lost the Celtics -- that missed -- at a cost you go to a year. Exploration right I think doc is in the conversation -- docs not top five. Take it -- to take offense I'm shocked you say that given how well they play without Rondo Rondo sellinger Barbosa. Okay at some level it's three of the celtics' top eight players at one point Barbosa all up his. The other injuries he became a topic a lap -- you want topic player rotation guy gone -- he was because Rondo. Was out and Bradley was sort of nursing some things first game back another one Bradley. At a come back up that shoulder that was a factor he missed some time beginning of the year and had these other parts of -- Jason Terry Jeffrey was he going to be. I just think that doc right now is actually it's unrealistic to think amendment again and knock on Doc Rivers you bought like eight dock at the wake up knock on doctors is coach of the year. K I think Joba as a best best manager in baseball but don't think he deserves coach of the year every year wasn't in my top three. At -- -- my top three numerically. -- the best manager in the game. What their top three American League. I just figured you look at and you can baseball just got LeBron won sixteen straight. While -- can get Spoelstra out here and that's -- -- It's not -- you don't have the best player -- -- donate the spurs are 88 double wedding it's -- super star break Bogle. Public Gibbs Gibbs is -- the games as a might you ask my top five. Doc is in there he's at the bottom but he's in that top five other guys have put in there are Popovich. Output in Vinny Del Negro output and frank global output and Thibodeau. All what Doc Rivers so just because you get. A great player in LeBron James Q nine a top five. How good these -- copper this year in European. It's shaky thinking that Miami I the next group. Exactly shaky it's Miami everybody felt they should have 45 wins because they've dealt with. Very few injuries right -- early in the year I was banged up east L rod he's helping is an ox. You should have 45 wins right now. The Celtics without Rondo. I don't think anyone thought that would be still quite a playoff spot the national perspective was Rondo is the thing. The conversation locally with Rondo was out blow up. An out today that is beat Indiana at their building and doctors are some credit for that absolutely top five for coach of the year. But -- best coaching job but he has top five right now on the NBA. With -- and a pivotal and with Popovich. And with Dell may grow to what might. And you look at the east symbol of good is the least amusing Cleveland's got LeBron James 66 wins a cup is that. In agree with that distribute the best player. Phil Jackson won in Chicago ration of one because it Michael Jordan. Now I'm just saying this year specifically can you stay with me just make -- this year -- the reasons why you often. It's the reason I am not so old street in the top five. Well not not even top five and what is he okay let me ask you what's he done. For a take a break at these called what makes him so that he deserves to be in a top -- what adversity is Miami faced that's my only question for. Does that an -- lot of -- that did not a lot of injuries and the -- conference is down this year I wanna that are alleged patient person. And -- and that was one of the dots it's about the process you went last year when they get the guys adversity here this is where they won't face adversity Ashton mining. Odd coming up what happened a year before could they win together that they face some borders actually won a championship. The different this year and they went anyway last year faced adversity. Pop that would fifty games and tougher Western Conference room. No that that's what I should not debate at the Western Conference -- in more difficult in the east it's not part of this debate. Now if you wanna just look at and say -- over the Western Conference is more typical than me so therefore the coach of the year rustic come from. Fine but you know I'd love Doc Rivers. But umps are you if you finish number six seed you know going to coach of the year and a team. With that head Rondo I know we went down still appear still has Garnett brought on different pieces done an amazing job this year there's no question of playing outstanding right now. But I just don't think realistically in the eyes of people -- from the coach of the year and look at Doc Rivers this year. Well at all if they've opera -- to their hopes on sorry it's a terrible pictures the other guys you mentioned finder in the conversation. I think doc actually has over Spoelstra. We had this city your conversation about the Celtics my Celtics Thursday at 617. 77979837. That the photo be bought and docket six point 77797937. Updating your top of the hour on the right back to your phone.

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