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Mr. Kraft calls in for Dino's birthday

Mar 7, 2013|

A special call from Foxboro on Dino's birthday!

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-- Bob good morning. Oh a good job or you all Robert Robert. Well before I get a little -- caller I have a question for reader. Are. But yes yes so often call as well chips like -- or text about it. Very good chance -- -- -- prepared huge rule ought to just say how it broke they have area rapid growth but it commute or. The -- it's. You'll go by so quickly. You'll be popular -- likely were completely. Liberal political candidate a lot of sites. Oh ya ya want this like she's your favorite Bob. Really very very -- -- -- increased points in my book. What we saw her her spot she's like Cuba she is a really attractive young girlfriend. Cuba or go above those levels so little strips flat level replies. But before Deutsche either you. A lot of good food into -- -- Couldn't put right back. -- yeah we'll get we'll get a from a rubber were singles doubles and I don't Foxboro. Well I won't have a very good very Jerry. You have to cut the birthday Jim thanks -- -- that the that it.

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