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Jeff Green wins it for the Celtics and spoke courtside w/Grande & Max

Mar 6, 2013|

Jeff Green joined Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell courtside just after the Celtics defeat the Pacers 83-81 in the final seconds of action.

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Well just when you think you've seen at all when the Celtics team that has become a completely different group in the second half of the year. They pull off their biggest and certainly most stunning comeback win of the year 8381 is the final five tenths of a second ago when it looked like it was broken down. Got fixed quickly Jeff rejoices downstairs on the court here at bankers life field out walk us through the final seconds and how that -- up. You know we had never -- -- to play with the the wolf. -- grow up the and you know you got to love love to both members like given the all that it is redundant to have -- very focus -- emotional. -- volatile votes throughout the old -- Probably got one. -- is the point you know when you get in a position like that you make it great hit yet but what you make the case now you're fearful we've got you got that make that layup with yeah. You yeah yeah -- You know those of. You know me being you know let ago that I am -- -- -- come come by gonna go back. Not in my body contact and who no doubt going to be -- articles don't put on the glasses it's over the. In Utah Doc Rivers called time out early in the fourth quarter -- looked like that he was getting away you know you're down fourteen middle of the third quarter year and Doc Rivers -- timeout what was the topic. We'll. That is -- You name it have confidence that you know be aggressive continue to attack. You know don't be appropriate. You know they together please you know we had. In and down vote. They made their run. Does that it will no benefit themselves. Jeff used you say that it's the -- -- wolf yeah -- sometimes. You look at team certificate that the year is like they were tasked with the team gave up its last I think the last but that a half. There's never a league that is insurmountable -- you've got because there's -- we need you at all. Yep -- all of that we gave all the disabled list -- forgot when the winds nothing now. Not every -- -- -- -- -- -- was on the road when it takes him with a group that you have an on campus that we have that was on the -- documents from the -- -- on the front room in the rotation and you know which is that -- it is you know. It took awhile but you know we got it going in -- got to the end of. No good off its game definitely is John we people what they go over and over game and we we go back to what ball what we you. Early in the season when you were playing well. And Kevin Garnett -- take you out here or there or -- to this and grabbed Hewitt says we are going to -- Q -- was that a ball with a big. Heard from a from a -- -- -- -- injured while. Come from everything he says the -- No positively beneath it features you know we've got a ticket on you know on the way to implement. -- -- -- from noon. You know -- appointments -- for me not just wanted to. You know they would know what I'm about you know attacking him over to us. You know being aggressive and we're gonna tell me to be aggressive you know with that of both on this vote -- -- to construct -- team work and teamwork and you know fun. Sometimes fans what Jeff Green and they wonder of mostly what's going on in that had they get a read on you. How much does the good the and it's a good thing you realize the fans wanna hear the answer this question how much on are you happy with this -- I mean does that give our. All of the years. You know jet from me. Is you. I'm lucky the play. Alongside these -- you know majority. You know I have with -- you know because you know there that is so you on and join -- You know taken you know everything in from them you know everything they've been through their whole careers you know just doing the people off. Arnold so a lot of emotion they -- -- people you know -- if you no that you gave them you know have fun on the drama you know both the American. Last question give quickly if it almost seems like -- at the college environment you've got to blame him right now. Mean. We're we're making Auguste were -- -- I have one man I got there we enjoyed time that we have together. You know thread that you come across like through you know. Great that a year ago -- though you know -- we're coming together build another thing you know them from defeat. What you guys have built quite a thing to -- enjoyed it thank you.

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