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Wednesday, March 6th Whiner Line

Mar 6, 2013|

Michael Vick, dog owner.

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The last couple weeks have been difficult and emotional on the one hand it's extremely tough so it made mistakes but on the other hand. It feels great to be moving forward and it's now my cousin and would administer and it mean -- neither of us know how to use it properly providing. Decide that we both are we consulted no one. And had no good reason to base their decision it was pretty evident that we didn't know we were on WEEI. Laurel new airlines it was really amateur hour these two guys we couldn't go outside you can ask anyone we didn't wanna ask anyone. It was two guys do and very amateur and immature thing again. We probably even taken away dial 6177793535. We did everything we could to keep it between us and my cousin did not provide any other players winning whiner line I'd rather get into my cousin is he felt he was doing something that those going to be open and helpful not hurtful and now I know that -- in a position to have to earn my trust back. And overtime. -- of my career people see is what it is. Stupid mistakes at WEE I think Scott's book out of position -- it can be heard my voice can be heard at -- Kids would not make the same mistake that I. -- -- The same mistake that he made well he's out for the season this is that we played this from IKEA yeah. Alex Rodriguez. -- for a -- yeah Curtis Granderson. All four Lyle come in my Mark Teixeira that the Yankees suck you yankees suck they were here for years and they -- actually be true that might actually sucked this year. Hundred another -- bet involved and make a predictable prediction a legitimate projects governor predicted there's going to be some big names in the Yankees credit for steroid use in the next coming to remark that. Don't think that prediction every year yes Michael thanks for your thought. How many games ago when this year the Yankees either drop down like they -- in communities you know there's going to be like eighty. Team. Pretty good pitching. Andy Pettitte -- SEC's about what he's personal he's about to. -- like the Titanic you know you can't put -- Hiroki Kuroda fifty people who rode -- Its legs that are yet to do and rookie -- -- and language barrier. It is that's stopping him from pitching well Marion orders 42. Monopoly broken whatever one's. I don't mean like he's just gonna keep saying in until that would Norton Norton products sooner -- -- -- -- -- -- below our world thing you know. Yeah the -- side has brought to you by AT&T WEE I live is available on your iPhone or android device brought to you by -- -- -- that's right AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most words coverage in New England Andy before you spoken up. -- the responses today on the Michael Vick thing there's some pretty pretty -- can't wait to men. Back. I don't know that I. That I got the go ahead and voted. Came up about your -- big -- When it comes that is I think on March 20. March -- what is the new guy his name is Mike saw -- SA LK. -- rhyme with Bob Wall. Right Peter fault but it does -- did he invent penicillin. As a distant relative questions that's a -- famous. Use more but I I. But hey guys give -- -- -- to -- that fourth quarter. It would make up contest quite yet. I'll Bahrain. It's funny little and it's a sub culture reference. I think it's pretty you -- -- they get that four point. Could you have to be high on -- what they have born at an athletic sport called hot. And now if you think it has soccer fan right there I -- -- do you think it's boring and that's a personal choice. Our athletic struggled five minutes -- tried RCA IQ it's got to do something on skates that's what this statement knuckle fight -- -- -- are yet to be captain. -- Negotiate. Hey you guys are talking about what kind of mapped out balk at the -- big. Real simple that it felt secure broken up by the handle it academic and thirty. We didn't affect. And I do you think in the world would love Boston course -- caricature. Where they pack you don't think some. 00 less than zero what number is less than zero -- -- it and there are lots of numbers let's zero to depict. Wes Welker should put it toe in the water and perhaps perhaps. And the men now and pretty dead there's -- -- -- Welker there's going to be or rubles. Or how early it really soft. To do you really soft. -- -- -- That everybody forgets about what Wes Welker that would make franchise -- them last year as long as -- great. From the football. Well while we want to play for the patriot. And so that's supposed to make yourself feel better. You're one -- and yes and you started to show Laurie I'm worried and I continue to worry until. He signed that contract march 12 march 12 comes via and he hits the market good is -- Really good is gone -- they can't come up with another offer politics convenience and often accused Obama all I sent in my life and I think Michael's right in this regard usually. 99% of the time it seems like once they test the waters ago they're out that Adam Vinatieri anyone -- -- there. All this talk about -- -- Amendola. It got one question that I -- short black productive but injury prone -- people. What we call bill doorman Wes Welker. -- -- always and beat anybody anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is Barbara during radio or not we gender children I'm out guys -- 2000 Jonas all didn't invent penicillin. Invented the vaccine for polio plan. Notice and water. There's little -- who controlled surveillance in the United States. It looked at -- don't get. Does -- matter. Because and appropriate. Accusing Bill Belichick a guy -- that practice with the draw out. I think it brought my own debt at the ball well. I think it is -- Kabul. Big at the dark. And I think it doesn't. -- but it might go with my pet knocked down doing it I would bet no good dirty about it. Packed my favorite part about -- I would like I. Every -- your parent what did you and detector dog out of all for your dog got -- Yes Malia 202. Groups put -- baby. He knows there -- on the -- at a time zone and stuff happens very challenging dog. One of the fate before got the -- -- -- forgot what. I thought our guys. Michael Vick when you get on another. They had kids and -- cranberries and I don't think they have to if they want you as an owner. And message no I don't take the dogs had a choice in that ballot this thing is you get a Fisher cat -- Texas as. Gloucester got bothered to the other night Michael trade on news. Let you know noon. I don't post a public pressure a lot to begin. Anybody can cut we don't look it. I think that the people elected. It's not this have a dot. And got -- baby you're talking epic but added. After he gets out of a moving target -- I guess I got out of jail I don't wooden box but I understand the premise yet he got out of jail would you let out and the -- course. But he'll be when he gets out if he does you know what's going to be when he. To get two consecutive. Practice -- their chips -- factories -- All man. I would Michael what might talk like I -- -- -- -- with. That's. But the -- book. That a frog and does not look. I I've got -- about that and I got bought out at the ballpark and a couple of I don't know. If you could handle whatever four of those who have Medicare and should be okay. And -- What -- the pretty go out really good good work. Well Michael Vick walk my dog but I let it get paid -- -- hit -- bowl party and it does. And let you know that's that's same sort of thing. There has gotten bit by bit CK it depends. My homework. I don't know what the good news there are yes. And -- it. It. That this chipped -- Palin and Michael Vick walk my dog somewhere between. You and Kelly. Watch my girlfriend. I had to watch it my outlook Jamaican red. And that message. That a good plant again that's. My old worker -- -- -- start -- -- -- -- I -- and -- -- all probably dig. What about the war related. Like why are -- get a better to cut out Bob hey you have the courage regret that I I've ever do go out no job. -- have got to teach them you know different. I her line that reminded me of frank yet today that frank has a number of teeth. But he apparently only brushes his favorites. But. It keeps it jar. -- opera effortless just scared. To fueling. We. Actually occurred was right -- was this morning -- -- vote -- Well they've had done -- -- the news this morning. I -- god god overall career and -- a bit. And this mess that -- and passionate and Minnesota closed in. -- pretty good lately though aren't yet he's -- and chairman with a Puerto Rican vets could not hit him. For one. Yesterday a Weiner just said that all the -- who don't want ally in the it never hurt them by Google that you're viewed it as wanting government. Only thing I've ever seen in my life and I don't understand it there aren't people talk about the option what the bat and well obviously. Never participate about sorry. And -- always do well don't get to go Walking Dead for him months and everything that is true that I said the same thing about the twist. For a nice job interview of governor -- -- it is. -- -- -- OK come on now. Additional -- don't know. These are a lot of fish you know. -- Wow that's struggling me. Very current programs are of Indian deep continue please. Texas has picked as a -- what's next letting me anti tale where he spoke. -- -- -- And it has dug up a big blue -- all the thought might not at all. And Doug earlier I here's a guy ended did you hear him calling not Lou. So he's calling my -- it I thought when I first heard and this is not real but he was upset upset. -- Doug called the first two minutes of martian. I'll know where as you need is to get on all -- bottom line now I told me go back tomorrow will put money and media what's he supposed to. Know where's. -- All. The second person that wanted to fight looted judgment Clinton's. I heard that was close please. Come out and I don't know I'm not close to happen all can look at a close inheritance -- apple would have been over -- Hey I've got -- he had done what Milwaukee can I get a piece but I don't say it can take some but I just wanna get more why they -- gonna coconuts. After that I don't give a -- And -- I can't see us that a guy thing now this you want to punch low -- one thing but -- kick another man. Didn't have come in the cabinets don't fight and -- up to parents who won -- It's not a fair fight now. But it does this and have you fare compare prices when these usein business affairs by this guy's a jerk just like. Let it go Mikey. Got it and it's fast. That's what you. And -- -- you know I think that needed a reason why -- and have more definitely showed you don't have time for them to go long when did disappear quite pin. Seriously every kind of related queries conflict some -- heading for prayers helped. And so. Snedeker would vote on them on old via a five part. Five part question when guys passionate. He's passionate about -- and only wanted to know what's the person's name but he got. Africa and sure you eat this -- -- airline power right AT&T AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most -- coverage in the --

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