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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 03/06.13

Mar 6, 2013|

Four topics, four people, four o'clock. Today we touch on most powerful man in sports, Michael Vick is spotted at Petsmart with a dog and more

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And then you know -- needs to -- NGOs for. Or poor and toward more like fourth yeah. Orange ball. We -- be yeah. Here it is 444. Topics that we have not discussed before young Andrew Young Benjamin have come up with the questions. Guys. What do you have today at four. Well I think Jose it was right balls are hindrance successfully Griffin. Serge Serge Ibaka -- hunch Blake Griffin in The Who aren't that hot and didn't get rejected or -- -- get a 5000 dollar fine however. 121500. Dollars for each one exactly yet JJ -- gets tossed her semi hard following David Lee and Roy Hibbert both get suspensions for minor tussle. Which sport has -- most inconsistent. Officiating. We have any disagreement here because mine is the National Basketball Association the this this that this surge of Barca. Fiasco. Just takes it for me remind you forgot one other one billion Rajon Rondo was suspended for -- phone etiquette. They like suspended him said they want to talk to him about making contact with an official. Randomly. In Atlanta. They weren't gonna suspend him for that they suspended him because they liked the way he talked to him on the phone. And what he's doing we'd get from Britain LeBron region around Osama nothing that. So he's suspending guys because what he's talking to you put -- that gets pushed in the balls. It's obvious it you don't throw a lot of the game that's the first mistakes than it has in the -- it's your mistake is you don't suspend him. That the problem with the NBA I'll I'll say this about that the only nice thing actually about NBA officials -- Is I don't think the problem is that they're corrupt. It's just mass incompetence. But there's there's always that undercurrent of corruption which always makes you wonder. Because of Tim -- he and you know you always kind of have wondered. At least that as far as I know there's never been a corruption charge made against an NFL official. Not even the replacement ones I mean there's never -- corruption charge leveled that day NHL officials are Major League Baseball officials not I can remember anyway. So there's always that additional added. Now I I agree with you because of that but but I gotta say and and I don't like climate on the officials all that much. That's Mikey Adam's job but but for the most part NHL officiating this -- been really army. Yeah it does show yet is this a penalty is not a penalty want what are you calling here what did you miss there. And and it's such a hard sport to officiate because they're such big guys in the gold at such great speeds and I understand the difficulty. But boy they seem to ban on -- in this. The strange was that a strike will last night the Bruins were it would take advantage of it goes on -- they called interference and a rescue was that Kelly -- Nellie out -- was Kelly you think that was an appearance. Kelly had gotten rid of the -- which technically means you know Vietnam the puck but it it was so close after he had gotten rid of it. It's like it was like a bank bank try to play. Saw I probably I I I wasn't quite as as pop and mad about it as Jack was but I thought it was a borderline call. And here's the other thing Indian then you have LeBron James. We talked about this before he's a great player he's the best player -- basketball -- give him his props. -- you cannot have a guy like that. Who's got aggressive and that strong in guards so many positions. You cannot have that guy code 254. Minutes without a -- here what Danny -- says it all he's Smart and he anticipates in the positions himself well. 254 minutes. Did you play -- you -- known as a good defensive player you're aggressive. That's. That's from a. I got to go to my sports soccer yes it is red -- champions league match up -- -- at all proved it. Then you tell when there with the yields rise up I don't know how and end now support the support rep is standing there in the middle of the field at the end of the game. And this -- -- man united. It's face you know like yeah yeah good call -- If I was that rep I'd hit him right in the face. It it's just punched him right in the face -- I was watching bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll win the Turks who says if you -- -- -- across the guys ribs from behind it's a no -- seems obvious to me no penalty a year ago opened the -- the 339 -- and agility he Mikey I don't I don't hate my key Adams. Mikey is proud of the -- That he thinks all officiating is corrupt who beats. -- -- Back to Sports Illustrated is released a list of sports fifty most powerful people and NFL commission commissioner Roger -- -- number one. Is he really the most powerful man in sports. -- the big -- The wrestler. Yeah seven foot tall four and somewhat bounce is more powerful that. Mark Henry. Nadal now stories joke it's squash and actually guy and the world's most strongest name Magnus something he's Magnus Magnuson was with the trucks and what's his name Magnus what. Magnus Magnuson. His parents should be slapped around -- I think at this stage name is that Richard Richards I mean I -- it come up with one other -- go girl named his kid after. These up and put themselves. These. Things up and put themselves are at all joking aside yes Roger -- most powerful men sport becomes. Look at the job he's done look at the power he wields look at the the overwhelming. Clout. I mean tell tell me when I mean I guess the one challenge that's been made against them was the bounty gate thing and that's the only thing -- Remember him ever Lewis said he lost. We lost that went to his predecessor. Predecessor Kaman said two hours and I agree with some -- your findings but you can't do this yeah. Now you guys are made and an argument before the show which actually agree with I don't think Roger Goodell is number one. In -- your argument was that he may not even be what. I don't think he's the most powerful man in football. I think the owners don't want to do I think Bob Kraft group that he's more powerful arm by bringing a -- to an end. I I I understand I understand the premise ideal I really do. And I know technically he does work for the owners that's absolutely valid. But. He seemed to have an awful lot of clout. He does have -- I think I think Kraft put him in that position I think craft. Got a consensus going for him when he was up four. Commissioner was -- 2006 somewhere around 20052006. And he's even had that job is now up for Bob crap yeah ability to to build a consensus I think the most powerful man in sports. It is the controversial one ESPN has habit being SI has been number five he should be number one John skipper from ESPN's. I think they've ruled the world I think they've ruled the sports world you know I really do the only. Recent I would disagree then edit the valid argument you make is that I don't think I could pick him out of a police lineup. Okay and and it's I don't know years in a fight I don't remember seeing in them that's okay I understanding he carries clout I understand that. Well but you know -- see who's the guy from a AG. If you guys like number two -- number three on the list. And he has mature. He's notoriously. Understated. Gives other people the credit but he owns. I mean he's in charge of this stadiums are gonna put Los Angeles owned sports team Philip financial hand checks it's powerful but nobody knows who we is. Think that's the thing with ESP -- the contracts. -- you know what what came first is it Roger Goodell. Who has broker these deals with ESP in their -- powerful or ESP and saying we're gonna. We're gonna hold back the competition that we're gonna get from Comcast and hold back competition and different account NBC fox. Would have deals with the NFL and deal with the NBA it would have deals with college basketball. We gonna have all of these counter Major League Baseball. I really do think that. ESPN tale of these leagues what they want and for the most parts for the most part these leagues do with it. It doesn't mean anything it's just something. Said John skipper not -- to -- a Shawne Merriman at the age of 28 is calling it a career what player had the hottest start to his career and fizzled the quickest. -- Ultimate warrior. But he fizzled out by the time we get to the ring. It's all blown up Tammy yet during camp just make Smart -- rest. Tom you must watch wrestling. Lately then you've got to go when mark the bird had rich. -- Madison. And and I was mechanical with John Stevens. Our John Stevens from the patriots. Rookie of the year right. Looked like he was gonna. Be a meteor across the sky. What if you look at how about this this is unconventional. If you start to -- start your career late. Then. When you when you burst on the scene you are nominal. Say to Vesna trophy. Then you go away. What about that. Zack -- qualify. Him -- Well the question was hottest start to his career whether what the but the start to a school with -- what was the start of his Finland. Out of that idea went to Finland and play better and Campillo. That aesthetic it would not about super Joseph sharper now. That we it's -- good ones on the attacks on Bo Jackson. Kimbo Slice. Kimbo Slice ethic that is ago YouTube videos don't count. Now Harold miner of Harold miner ever got out to the start of credit and I don't know I count. Guys who who you know only because of injury like Bo Jackson always go went Talbots -- old days ago when. Randy Jackson lawyer blame worker that's a good one and a Daisuke. Good rookie season yet the good rookies -- -- edit content and make -- his second season they won 181 year and about thirteen or fourteen that's a pretty that would. What Jacoby Ellsbury. I don't know yet -- integration mean in the start of his career was a World Series essentially was awesome. But that's a tough one answer it's up to the Sean Merriman retired at 28 years old. You know he had a hot start to his career but that was all drugs Hartley -- it was all steroids. William the refrigerator Perry steroids -- -- with a -- news. Art movement. Michael Vick was recently photographed at PetSmart -- is pet dog would you trust Michael -- with your hat though. One -- you know maybe so. And guns being candid and you know I still do my key is -- each and every day. You know and for the last three years now being able to have a dog because. Max. And that is just don't think that's fair this may be something that's therapeutic in there for them and I can't take goods and away from them best this selfish on my behalf. You know so you know got to find a way to make it right and you put everything Gaza has to make you right. Just imagine his reputation in the dog community if you got a misbehaving -- And you got Michael Vick and sandy I don't if you don't NSA did it together. Held. Hell no I know he has and always reform but it's just. You know those two things like that animal that at this. Well here's here on out I'll I'll -- this proviso. Do I like my dog. Yes you love all on net and got resolutely not now not send them. 61777. 3535. Let us know if you trust Michael Vick with your pet in if not why not when Michael Vick. But you know an unfair to him. Because the -- been through. No he did it not only to keep saying -- selfish and it's immature now it was it was beyond that it was sick. What what he did with those dogs was truly sick who wasn't just that. He had the dogs fighting wasn't just that he was gambling on dog fights but when the dogs could not serve the purposes anymore. He was murdering them. Is drowning them he was shooting them so those were sick acts. What do we really do we think that if if Michael Vick is your is your dog walkers or dog sitters that you would do something like that again. Like I left my dog with Michael peck -- one vote it -- it -- to have that -- and it dies. And in Japan won't -- -- but look at one but it paid Michael Bob -- and Arabic. The -- -- do. It's a lot missed him hamstring ever hurt all right time follow Brian on -- and I trust -- would dogs like I trust Chris Brown with women. Well. Tony and his fortress in mist in the middle of the dog ran with a statement on his. And when he. -- god I gotta I gotta put the thought there. There's as holly holly speaks highly of Jesus and does not believe in repentance that did me. -- -- Corporate be -- -- I'll have to ask you have to ask Larry Johnson really he's in the other dressing room you'll hurt in a fight. Dennis. -- Johnson. Not me. I don't know Michael I've heard you preach a lot of sermons from in here so -- My little white friend. I could preach a lot of sermons all the time I use the -- there's been searched and painful. -- Shakespeare I can quote below had to be in there for hours -- passport for. The topics good contributions from you guys six point 777 -- 3535 let us know what you think about Michael Vick in your pet. Or your phone calls coming up in 92.

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