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Jack Edwards: A complete team collapse against the Caps

Mar 6, 2013|

Jack joins Michael Holley and Dale Arnold to talk about the game that got away from the Bruins vs the Capitals, and a few biting words about the NHL from Jack.

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Bruins. Lost a shocking. Overtime game last night in the nation's capital to get off to a three zip lead. They lose thwarted three to the capitals. Guy who was there called the game Jack Edwards from -- and jacket which has brought you by British smoke shop and summit Pembroke Brockton where I am radar and talking. By the city of Boston credit union Jack the first thing I wanted to know from you I got my attention that you said during the second period. That. You were figuratively. Called to the carpet. For quote. Running the file of the NHL's marketing mocks. Or riding the officials so what happened. You mean. Yeah I guess -- a double what happened this year to Dick calling the ecology recently. No nothing had happened this year but I think. -- -- let me fly under the radar. We we. Gotten a lot of hot water in 2008. When. There -- city a replay a considerable replay the label in the -- are going down the stretch and there are I don't know. Five teams going for two spots in the playoff does it always says -- Billiton. Can recite year after year after year not so good at that but. It inside out -- it comes down you know their five game culture war few spots and the brought 21 liberal would end up an -- -- that your. But that are playing at maturity and there was they walk. Long video review and from about fifteen seconds before they came Donald for call. We had. The zoom in shot of the -- all losing against the inside the net. And because of the way the goals are constructed. You know because the -- actually -- a wave from the post it is physically impossible for the -- the -- phonetic. While -- is completely across the goal line. So it was pure physical evidence that this goal and scored against the borrowing and we have the replay of it and we showed it and then they've ruled. No goal line. And it was you know it was something that actually. Savor the doubles not the Bruins but you know we went off the defense for two reasons number one. Think the late game by about seven minutes and got it wrong. And number -- Is that no one in the arena had any idea what they were looking at all why they were looking at. And it was in the early days of video review and the league which is handling its -- formally at that time. That you know there are people -- a hundred restricting box seats is that the lol all the rock and to work. And you know. Today had no idea what was going on of course we had access to a lot of different angles and whatever replay but the -- Let me go riot act about that but the fact of the matter was they got it wrong we are right. It actually ended up working in the coolest -- -- but we are outraged by it because it was just. You know if you're gonna have a video review at least get it right and you know now that they're right about 9598%. Of the -- but. At that time they didn't and and they didn't like the fact that we pointed that out it was. Brendan Shanahan today a radio interview in Toronto yesterday and among the things that quite honestly surprised me and I didn't know this until yesterday. There's the war room in Toronto that we all know about where they review all the goals and you know they get on the phone back to the arena. There is a separate war room in New York it NHL headquarters which is just for disciplinary east issues. And we gotta like that play look at that -- we got to look at that high stick we got to look at that mean penalty. And I didn't realize there was a separate war room just for that. Yeah I do it apparel seat and bill would you like to see in that same New York office that now start to track. Dives by players. -- -- No doubt I mean I again and what. The -- -- angels here in older -- plenty of instances. -- the Bruins have exaggerated. Plays and we reported that out on the are reported out this studio is due diligence and you know that the guest commentators you have there. And brick and I pointed out on the year -- aren't -- they're certainly not removed from this -- But I think that they tend to do it. What they at least in the bottom half of the -- in the number of times that this is done that is the rule itself in the NHL needs to address -- need to trust me. -- let's get to the elephant in the room three zip lead for the Bruins last night everybody was happy things were going well and it was funny because -- -- Berkeley say. I in the second period did you guys were talking with some members of the media fortunately for those -- media members brick didn't name them. But they were saying sarcastically. Hey. In the Bruins handled this three goal lead and it turned out that they couldn't. So of all of the suspects for why this thing went wrong podium place the most blame -- opposite to 'cause it Doug Hamilton -- -- Chris -- a lot of people mentioned him. A third line in general where where do you stand. I want -- -- soccer coach and set it apart goalie -- to touch the ball or advocate and god and followed that made a mistake. And it's a valid rhetorical point. This Olympic team collapsed there was no individual who are contributed. Any more than any other individual to this collapse. Some players played better than other players but when you blow a three goal lead with forty minutes to go against that team. That. Clearly has its issues and Washington clearly has its issues that the broad displayed. Portly -- playing in the first period. You'd better look at every single player and her personal coach in the rear end and believe me. You know having been a part of that traveling party last night there were looking in the mirror the second. That throughout my a it's been a long time enticing solely. Brought -- -- under the bus and have a -- expression on their faces all the way to the point that you know they got off the plane and got in the car and go away anger and and that's good. Because what happened last night is unacceptable you know well usually -- teams. Have a long record. Turning the key in the lock when they lead by two goals at any point game. They won't read two goalies this year course last three. Goal lead three times and light your world now. -- cut the lead going into the third period and lost game after going 38 forward or when that situation last year. And I know this -- -- but the fact of the matter is. -- systematic breakdown. And it's not like there's something wrong with the system that the same system that produced Stanley Cup in 2000 allowed this is that execution by the players. Lack of intensity lack of paying attention that he felt. And you know in a nutshell -- overtime goal by air -- was the story of that game. There was a breakdown in communication and execution. Between genocide burden that -- helped in the were pretty good he sat there and just -- to the nation's. But not level execution by air -- That is that the the -- in the upper quarter after it was -- skates and you know that -- told everything you need to know about that game right here in the a little. -- -- Tries in my tool -- you've probably had the opportunity by now to see the mark stall footage from the Rangers game last night. -- still -- determination on the situation first ball I I was telling Michael I was in the doubles organization when Hector marine he lost and I. I don't understand why anybody plays without a shield and if stalls career is in fact over. I would guess that mandatory shield usage will come up again. Yeah it will land you know being a libertarian. And I couldn't dial up on this side of letting players make the you have that personal decision of leaving the visor off you know I I think it's. It should be up to the individual. -- At the same time. I would never -- one -- -- cute Stuart if I had a son playing. Professional hockey I would do everything in my power to persuade him. You know you get guys like charity or chuck who. Is a real hot guys and Johnny boy chuck is a top player he's out of our ramp up there and he turned his head. And avoided any permanent eye injury by navy. Three hundredths of a second you know Turkey doesn't turn his -- just that at airport at that time. Early he doesn't get it in the side of the head and it breaks bold in his head instead he gets straightened -- is -- for the rest is like he's -- -- hockey for. You know charter -- that either they're they're lucky guy who don't work masks and part of it's because that's the way they've always played. Or they've been able to play in North America without the quieter day as this case -- Or you know they wanna make some statement about like you know I'm not soft but. Now McCain is just so incredibly fast and so incredibly gators there will be an utterly ratchet. It so like marks all the -- his career and and -- and physical capabilities because hockey action that he was aware advisor. I here's my final question for you Jack and since we saw Adam Oates last night in Washington hall of fame assist man I'm gonna give you an olds like assist. It just that you were up to go off from the commissioner. Gary Bettman who said. That fell lock out was the word that your thought yes. Yeah well thank you thank you for the for the podium. In November. -- -- a commentary on Nelson. That that I'm reading right off the texture that some soup -- they will say that those dollars. Justify this lockout that cash flow is is indication approved for forgiveness. Law of return entry and is not an endorsement of this act of betrayal. But it picked up a power your Sports Illustrated the very last one minute Michael Farber wholesale -- The last line is a quote from Batman. At the end of the day what was the result. Inherited you know I thought it was particularly a couple of years but you know already. Already there's justification for what was -- totally unjustifiable. Act of a betrayal of the they have to the National Hockey League. And you know the fans coming back to the arena is not an endorsement. Of that policy and it's it's a pity. That that they're delusional and to -- -- convinced themselves there was the right thing to do we not the right thing to do the right thing to do open. With a reasonable offer that would bring hockey into the Arenas on the second Wednesday of October that was what was reasonable and what they did was. You know -- -- 40% -- as just it's that it's that that that is the case but -- it and hopefully we got -- also. We do and in and get ready Jack you will be called on the carpet again soon and secure -- they thought about it. They were -- that it would talk to you next week and enjoy tomorrow's game. I bet there's Jack Edwards from NASA mortar phone calls them.

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