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Oprah's boobs, a crazy caller, ripping DnC, and voice activated texts

Mar 6, 2013|

Mut and Merloni spend the final minutes of their show talking to a crazy caller, making fun of DnC, listening to voice activated text messages, and hearing Terrence Howard talk about Oprah's boobs

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-- situated quick thought -- Wes Welker had -- I got -- get a -- thank you for taking my call -- You know like I'm sitting here are just completely perplexed mr. white blue or lonely or not -- -- Wes Welker. Big guy is caught 120 receptions. Oakland the only time when you heard about and put it. -- December 6 put it Wes Welker Doug. All buried in Yemen don't walk -- any Amendola compare to Wes Welker you know that guy. And done so much for this franchise. Has been a part of one of the greatest offenses. In 2007. And you don't you can Russian. War. Douglas Doug Doug Doug should take you medication morning first of all second of all I have talked about Wes Welker what kind of a great wider she -- What he's meant to I don't buy into the fact he's not clutch the guy's a great. Player that is not my -- -- I would tell you listen to -- -- you could. After the Super Bowl boy Matt -- -- Welker because Brady threw her well over a long shoulder dog I had an eight. Doug -- -- all play a team play the -- Doug I've actually blame Tom Brady for that throw you got the wrong cat broke. What you -- -- colder early don't yell at me you don't yell at me seriously you're human need that she old. Seriously medication daily I don't -- on May then if you -- there is something I didn't say I blame Tom Brady. That -- more so go ahead his visit to take Alec listen to. Entertainment I have given everything into the branch I agree I -- as. You know. He used -- the touchdown -- -- and he never -- percent touchdowns. But -- they yardage. Reception -- big games played this guy is always we are yup I agree with Doug. All -- -- are gonna go. That had to be staged. Let let you stick. I don't let Israel that's most saying caller panel their group all his points and yeah. That was the most bizarre cult of this joke I love the instant reaction you get -- on -- this is within a second -- -- Kevin and I locked the doors of our do you guys. Good to be staged it's not a normal phone is -- nailed -- Doug thank your Coughlin but I like your attitude I like I like this kind of -- Yeah they're getting too seriously -- does camera -- guy. He's why he struggles guys were -- his rare and the eyes whether Hawaiian shirts on Fridays he's just relaxed. -- cousy. It's got funny saying on he's got to try and he's just he's chill guy. He's just John like dogs really more callers like that than just. So relaxed little moon I concede -- yelled to the Goran the office he's gonna open toed sandals on a little bid. He's gonna crack jokes. Case of the Mondays right guys you know really it's usually good things -- Goldman hearings and things will does that was splendid title every clubhouse need that guy like that every show needs appalling death it couldn't just got to keep guys -- the Pedro get himself tied up. Back in the day with duct tape that's dog. Until it can -- dogs. -- -- guys or poker started three normal too -- immune. I got in -- get a -- that you're taking my call anytime Doug. Back a little bit more wind when was the first -- Whether. All right I'm sitting here are just -- Really perplexed as to why Lou are lonely or not -- you ought. Wes Welker. The guy is caught. 120 receptions over three times in his career. All buried in Yemen don't walk -- Amendola compare to Wes Welker -- that guy has done so much for this franchise. Has been a part of one of the greatest offenses. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I couldn't go. Dexter Doug's last name is Julio the. But I always been -- Doug I appreciate the call brother I'll hang out -- -- you wanna get together. Got a couple cold domestics would be done let's do it because you seem like a real fun guy. I always -- she's going Jimmy buffer concerts he is. He's just relaxed. Thank you -- appreciate the phone call. Doug institute in my favor caller ever waterway were way late quick break we'll come back we got text audio text on demand. At 145 and we had the morning show written -- don't go anywhere. 2007. And you don't -- -- every person. -- Two main sports talk worth -- while. -- seven don't. WEEI dot comes out. On Monday and we're loaning. I'm 93 point seven WEEI had fans and and and we have no tolerance for this because. Anybody can book guess nowadays it's easy correct. Around and -- love these guys are getting out of bed you know 10:11 o'clock I am getting PJ stock data in the regular hours doesn't go right away empty gas and then we're just we we can never get an NBA player -- they're all nocturnal they -- up at -- baseball players they say glaring. It's they don't charge and students are up against it right and -- these mid day produces the afternoons producers they rolling around noon. And they say -- -- should we give you know anybody else call Roger Goodell he said he and his offer to him on the phone job you know he's going to kill us from -- to do you not you know it's easy to -- -- him every every day. Nobody knows he's -- fourteen yes -- show you. Lineup today judging. I. -- -- -- turning them out. Does he fell twelve short today and fourteen -- goal was Joey what are you doing here did show producer Cingular. Not floral you'll can order a copy DNC game. Well they they claim we have fourteen yes I'm in I'd. We fell twelve short we got to put that we -- now we have 26 tomorrow. The make up for meanwhile look back we picked out just one random show the DNC had done -- don't like they were real short I guess the -- -- our guests. We wanna thank John Ferrell Dustin Pedroia had Joel Hanrahan and Ryan Dempster. And Jonny Gomes Pedro Martinez Jackie Bradley junior Alex here rob Bradford Jarrod Saltalamacchia Larry Lucchino. David Ross Bob Sweeney just pass and Chris medics and Marc spears thanks to Mike Lupica thinks too but Doc Rivers thanks to. Gary Peterson. And -- Greg -- well. Who has -- great and we -- them again soon do you that's interviewed a -- and thanks to Greg Bedard Boston Globe Darren and hang it thanks to -- Allard thanks to Jerry Manuel Adrian -- genachowski tomorrow. A busy day for a pretty busy show I would think but I think -- Douglass John -- calling. He's statistically if I'm making fun and -- and their main thing he's doing all roll. John Dennis Helio calling under the name of Doug. We're gonna has that you what it usually announce it now the -- fake one -- one basket hoop contest we matchup everybody. The brackets everything going one on one invest Iowa say death row March Madness is all we're gonna -- -- beating get we had a meeting this morning when -- wait till March Madness into our fake one on one big 110 no media one -- one break -- -- -- -- brackets -- a match of first round QC. -- gets Aussie I'll take you down I get them show up. Our first round I get a no problem doing it there is no it already bounced and our first fake and it's 101 NBA match upper celebrity online -- -- -- -- I you can look for that we'll have that very soon because to be able to get involved. Terrence Howard most recently. -- it is -- a stardom. A bunch of movies. Use an Iron Man right. -- recently was in a different movie with Oprah Oprah Winfrey of all people. That's going to be excited about right you do a movie -- Oprah yeah -- -- show. Primetime because it's it's a natural bond -- that Oprah circle right -- she. She rolls with these you know big swingers you know whether it's Tom Cruise when it's whoever it is. Now Terrence Howard in talking about a movie he did with Oprah -- a dead man down is that the name of the movie yes okay. He had a sex scene with the one of the most you know richest and most popular talk shows with the ultra. Sexy when Oprah and Terrence Howard that was pretty open with how he felt about that sexy jelly to. To be able to make out with Oprah. Good old -- love scenes with her nose -- obese and there is such -- -- love you -- Jerusalem until they never. She's very very very beautiful and out. That was wonderful California. We got material way to -- biggies. On Oprah Winfrey most powerful richest women and all of entertainment. He went there you hear that -- Joey goes out. Saturday nights that are spot Weston Johnny he tells the body and this -- a legal -- through obedience. -- Terrence Howard -- -- -- Oprah to movies that might keep him out of the Oprah circled by the way I thought he was in good on the show. Out with Gayle and Oprah that entire crew taken over. Sure is getting a lot of our own network spots. When he -- Oprah's got there will be slow to pick on her -- Star power when it comes to home let's go promotional -- got a nose in a move -- Oprah Texas isn't going up my car right now through these main. He's just celebrating something he saudis get excited about it got time for voice activated text messages rather go. Fire about Joseph elected you'll try to pay for the voice activated decks. I shot video it. How is Dennis and Callahan going to feel when Kurt McMillan comes into the classroom to come ha ha ha. -- -- got a problem with sounds like me peace. Maybe the morning show would have more time -- -- asked if they didn't have to look fifteen minutes for John -- to ask each Christian. Thought there you know detailed but those questions I like him. Those girls in the morning or good and bitching because they all have a join us. I love -- he is hilarious. If his wife won't have sex with him I we will. The public -- -- -- 08 a thread jump to conclusions here. No it's what thank you -- three men all you guys are the best in the -- at this hour. Went to numerous camp is a kid. In -- you Lou. You own some. Extra ration my grand scheme your argument -- can you sunk to just shut the F stop. Well finals failure of yet but Doug Texan in Maloney is a bitch no moons ago and -- is it won't spill -- -- -- Those -- actually one text one afternoon a familiar yet that was one -- Texas really details of that three times start. But the good girl. Not do you hope you balls drop in -- strong. Cannot -- enforcer on the ice. Much is -- -- homer puberty in a better had a hair -- my next slide that's an open for his bald spots kill me go ahead from. My condition send tips and thinking can't. And I'm not caught off all off of his home uncalled for clearer even in his dreams -- can't win the fake fight. All commodities but -- this is just if it's a dairy -- I trained for fake fight that today about how -- down. -- saying that you sound like a penis is an insult to penis isn't even -- You could point to us why does it could play on realizing now that Lewis. Read a lot of these -- and the like cut and at the beginning of it he dodges what they are these red these throughout the show. There's not a real surprise some of these forward if you follow the easier texted back you get the ball from dude. Pretend to do Saudia Arabia but feed them the Joey just become the best ones I don't know I think it's good all the best ones. Again in the -- mideast. I -- rather mount a one legged mannequin and even look at Oprah naked. But seems. To be able to make out with Oprah. Tell us over -- love scenes -- -- those -- obese and they know them. 'cause she's such a lovely lunch just romance of being able she's very very very beautiful. And out. That was wonderful to.

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