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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Bruins switching up lines

Mar 6, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins loss to the Capitals, the struggling third line, and if Claude may switch up the lines.

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Lucci to -- that's -- good to have those students that Justin. -- of -- historical existence it's not. Joseph Wilson shot in the city's old rebound today is -- she got tackled this shot. Into the system -- Well one of the good moments last night for the Bruins and a bad 43 loss in overtime on the road to the capitals model united three point seven. WEEI and on the collar last night alongside Jack Edwards Indy -- of NASA joins us every week and he joins us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible. Brick was the capitals come back four goals in a row to win napping for three more about what they did at or about the Bruins didn't do when your mind. -- -- tell you who is you know they stick to the dissident. Public they have belief in what they're doing now culpable -- getting along with the sustainable agriculture. Or their remote street and the fact that -- It'll put seven would now together in the last ten games but from where check and I -- it was more about what the the Bruins failed to do it three nothing lead after one period -- the game that you certainly put away. The Bruins have a capability -- should be near deity by now well up until this year any kind that'll lead in the third period they would put games away. Now comes on the heels so cubic feet away at Montreal in -- third period and now although watched two periods volatile time to give that came in Washington. It's disturbing it's frustrating it sure won't happen this -- would portrait of premium. But it it -- It just seems a little regroup here frustrating loss in Montreal. He got to get it Marchand and Hamilton a minute maybe that'll be too cocky and guess nets beat by -- from quote after the game it. Time to get back to their their way their style you know up three nothing you figure that game is over just too cocky surprising. Yeah its response -- he ought to say well that's human nature part. When you really look at this team this core group that's been together for awhile they don't do anything the easy way. We haven't seen them -- -- so an opportunity to do that last night. An even split the things that hurt them meeting of the management and -- turnovers. You know weaker period of late. Not extend -- even greater than three goals. -- -- -- True they have a four run to the upper dropper would -- of that shark gets blocked when little -- at the net drag and that you all at once slashed real important trailing teaching -- -- get a quality chaired the stool -- look at. Our -- -- -- -- -- -- -- likely try to draw I over the crossbar. And a little streak Larry at how completely -- that you really ineffective so. That thought they need to collect some of the year. -- -- -- constituted -- expects some kind actually a couple of blades in a complete war. -- of people talking about -- night the last couple nights but. Britney's defense of an old quote kind of switched up those pairings at some point that second period but. To simply gotta -- -- get the puck out from front of the net or just let guys get behind him is that the biggest surprise defensive minded team. And seeing these pairings play the -- they have been lately. Those problems actually existed for a lot of the -- or liberal and you know look. Point to pick up pretty consistent basis. To the recent two game losing streak. Are they were still making those kinds of mistakes like you -- -- real. Are playing better teams in your. Pregnancies -- teens are improving and teams are desperate for power and all those elements those those mistakes that you make when you don't protect the puck well. Effectively or make more plays coming out of -- so when you're trying to project lead. On the regular -- -- virtue in particular goal and that's what's happening right now but it's what they really. Pay attention to it is intriguing get approved those areas. Then you'll see gains more of -- what you saw last adult. You know they want looting -- they -- losing to Tampa. Come back winds are uncalled for in this league especially this year but the way that -- -- a -- given that they pride themselves on repeating that kind of team is the disturbing part. While the other part is that -- -- to get the power play goal beautiful set up there makes it three sipping your thinking OK to go in this thing 5161. You know you and Jack will be -- time -- in the third period about the the caps fans elaborate and then. They lose in Hamilton. Is involved offensively in those two can they use. That game last as a teachable moment for him especially when they get split latency Doug this is the difference to where you played last year and -- you gotta be. More -- got to be aware to not let a guy get that sort of run a two grass. Kicking -- which occur almost. Ownership by trip basis certainly period by period especially when you're in nineteen year old that's. It's been trying to learn how to play at the National League level. Eagle you make a great place and still be teaching moment for young player like an airport since. Well. But -- singled and -- you're actually going to go for it vote. You know under tying goal a pretty clever play by the courts are the game -- -- there. It's something that I remember try to incorporate my game what I saw other places us you know star players certainly that a player than me. We were just kind of -- The bagel shops are at a different reaction. While back up in a vulnerable position -- -- that you know. Any attempt to look at appropriately. Together to play the pot and it doesn't corral it in Italy now he's flat footed he's in trouble out of -- don't come back fuel total teammate. But it causes problems and I think that's what fair -- Did you give him too much credit but it worked perfectly. We have like about their triangle and that you're actually it's true it's such a accountability for he says it was a couple lecture -- -- but what you're -- mistakes made by the -- is this. You know wins and loses that's its -- and but -- yet altered those teaching moment for -- acquired. A lot of people are talking to about this third line and Chris sport is the new guy because you seemed Kelly waiting heavily. Play I levels last year but a look at the whole line even Kelly comes in their late to do -- that face off in the owns only loses it probably plays there to be critical of Bork but. It's just the third line itself I think is under performing. So it didn't. You -- pretty consistently you know when they've ruined Christmas -- -- little and they pretty much lately you know I don't look at that trip gave a couple of games and what it would have taken -- Particular -- Mean none of stayed on the -- Q what was happening in the course became that has recently been together and and I generally try to use the eyeball test and architecture so much to to statistics particularly the plot line. But when you look at -- plus minus. As a lottery. It's aggregate -- relative to say the Bergeron or how dramatically different it is. Back out this contributor as a threesome playing together in it not happen. Not giving desired result as recently gathered obviously expect that the change to -- against against Toronto but when you look at them individually. He built the roadrunner records failure we wanted to be patient with Watergate picture which it like Chris what we think -- an NHL player. Can -- help but -- make a better team. But we want it you can -- like it would change as impressive. 88 shell wreck me yet to prove at that level anymore and -- be consistent contributor at. At the NHL level we wanna -- and games or regular listener what he won't now we're getting in that area. And the question becomes for the next week in a -- good enough with Chris on that third unit in Carolina -- a consistent basis. What do we have options maybe outside the organization in -- make our team better look at -- Chris Kelly. Great reputation regional. The sensitive about peace optical penalty but this game has been slowed around the year. And -- heavily. You know pretty good player a that hockey IQ but at least some extra -- not happening so we're at that point proceed and where you're their relationship shouldn't. But that is a little bit more urgency to figure out what they need to do. We're talking -- Berkeley of NASA and you said you expected to be different tomorrow night brick for tomorrow as it is simple as. Like -- -- couple games Daniel -- eight back up on that third light that there might be a chance that we see a player from Providence and opportunity tomorrow night. And let my guess would be that. Electoral coming here in the air they -- their luster a little bit this year look like a lot of teams in the northeast I've done little bit more great civil war in paper you know look -- like -- -- in the Frazier or Miller. My -- would be -- UH Victor becomes a -- lineup. It BP I able -- a little bit -- -- -- -- -- heavily. But he decree key to our -- to get out of their stale -- beekeeper -- Iran like it was because you're so good. -- -- each week you for the Larry probably. Probably in that kind of direction. Because I expect Ronald -- be difficult to kill us. -- lot of criticism of vets can this year Mike Milbrett guest -- The last thing is explosive and you watched him out there in the speed that he shows. Just got to think about watching Tyler -- with another speed guy in a typical -- contrast to get outside of a defenseman. Take it to the net -- -- somebody in front. And sick it always seems like he uses speed trying to split due defenseman. Gets knocked off the puck. Let's obesity often quick to say doing better suited -- -- -- Or Mexican table play of that what are -- -- feet from senator rice he'd like to increase that -- -- -- -- -- -- nor -- When he's coming from -- he'd always go left to right right to left in order to increase their speed by the running turns and he wants to. Eight UYEQ. To get a half step because you'll get on the -- like eagle -- of deep into the middle. So particularly outside and try to take a real -- able but he thinks that it is advantage. Our exit concerned a lot of times he'd like the middle of the Yankees really -- And the people and although rightwing in Egypt as it -- who -- be moving towards the middle that he -- -- the ability actually act. Good defense -- and that's what they see that -- We'll try to channel him back to the middle of the ice well they can credit corralled and then kind of limited to what his options are. If you could stay wide initially with its great speed. Take a little bit of that tree trouble -- -- -- drive why it if you could be your -- widely used the net as ally kicked the puck deep and make a play from terrible. But the better option if particular weren't as intended mediate the back -- that near post that you pull up. It's edit the record to keep -- relaxed all the charitable take me at work -- -- -- -- quick pull up toward Portugal played as somebody currently. Older -- it plays in. And that's something that -- -- incorporate more into game. -- ovitz can dom was kind of forced into the post at times but at what point -- has become annoying to. Protecting your goaltenders well. Yeah -- a fine line you know they try to really designed the rule does that speak in the technical sense because it's turned into such a political position over the years. Until that is because they're really proposal on the line comes out of the penalty box come all the way across the ice picks up that type with unbelievable speed. In Oakland that drives to the goal at what trucks trying to get back get. You you have to give them the benefit of the doubt that he -- and trying to put the brakes on the Porsche -- a way to go rat. -- -- makes contact with a bit disturbing part about that player particularly. Yeah -- some clock awareness sports you know. So does the ball up you can drop back PP you know that pre -- think he would not let anybody get aren't yet I like the ravens put brought out. Especially. Be the their reaction Sunday from Claude about the Montreal situation. If he got in two he said not to Canadians but it's pretty clear he talked about Montreal on their bells meant their diving was speaking more. On a league wide basis or so he says -- do you think the league. Has a problem with embellishment degree -- may. That there's an opportunity the next day to review somebody's clothes diving embellishment plays and set up like the NBA has for flopping. Awarding system where he can't call but the speed of the game real time look at it afterwards and have. Something set up where there is some sort of penalty system in place for guys who. Try to get penalties and dive around the ice and have their head snapped back when a stick never touches in the face. Understanding how difficult that is the -- official at the -- -- -- look at -- level especially. In today's game with the rule changes. And a lot of gray area because of the rule changes and then the speed of the game and speed of the players very difficult to be that NATO official I totally get. But it's not gonna prevent me from being critical of -- officiated why they went to a two -- -- system. Because of the speed and alleged that happened in the -- from the park -- around. Back in -- The problem and so much about the embellishment -- officiating itself. The then embellishment becomes less part of your strategy at itching to get how place is -- -- it absolutely does they're reaching embellished. Certainly looking to embellish more than -- there's no doubt about it. But everybody is guilty of it at some current. You watch I haven't showed me that YouTube you know funny piece because you know code words and abroad embellishment that. Take a look at the keynote at their play in the majority of that beauty. -- it Cooper and the Montreal they try to play the game the right way -- -- -- because of the Bruins spare work for the war oracle accelerate the basis. But it -- from Montreal. And it gets to the point where if their get well I'll play because of the embellishment. Time you know you gotta get on board do the same thing in order that they get a level playing field but that being said. Caustic and rarely comment about everybody embellished as much improved the officiating I think that would be -- -- for the. Looking up the good work brick because some people at one guy a text and left to right very impressed with the way you'd look keeps asking about your high so I know you style. At games and keep productive stuff. Or -- Andy brick league catcher on these games on NASA and we get Toronto in town tomorrow night thanks -- -- next week. AT&T hotline at the AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds that the ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible 61777979378. TP text line is 379837. We spent a lot of time on one team. That played last night and lost. In the played -- last night actually one talks Celtics 76ers next.

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