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LB on Bruins loss to the Capitals

Mar 6, 2013|

LB joins the show in studio to talk about the Bruins loss, what he thought of the third line, and the defensive miscues.

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To -- Christine. Else in -- also afraid of that first -- Landon -- Now but gave us a Holler go read tiger are giving to the color commentator get into it. Always it was Ali might kill our where's Jack it was cells that silly bit wheeled. It's. It's jobs. It's in the world. Call was way way better products sitting there lost the fight he was way better to -- and I call on your product your authority gets mounted did you do the collar guys. It's hockey baby. And yes Lou I was very excited authorities have now and kept throw -- -- that he kept his allies I'm sure authority outside and I think -- the imaginary if he was pretty pumped to take a couple of still be Stan. BI gets back in there Bruins got back in the first period a three zip Doug -- the power play goal. Seemed to let the foot off the gas -- -- -- the next four are you surprised to see that what that's sort of lead cave in and -- these aggressive on the fore check. Yeah I mean I had served first stinker of the year they turned it off man mentally mentally checked out of that game and the caps. Good winning that game -- three or four of they're high flying you know I mean yelled that's in went right to to Rouse their way I mean you know he crashed draster of that. That studio and did that back not to -- was the same after that you know. -- -- to get a pretty good and then when I was but let alone a horrible call that the one with with Chara. Weigh in and he just broke up the play in and that because of the reaction because of -- part in the deposed but it was there goes the Armon you -- it. Not beat kidney out our reserves for each of -- it was a flop he went -- not arguing aren't in the habit that that's what Robert Zoellick you know if you if you guard that like that. You gonna get that call he's got out of the bronze -- if they have a big check out physically. They're they're going know. In other their big team they did they check a physically especially. You know you you you you look at that the top. Who lines those guys deal. If you're gonna play the team game like world you know we've been talking no loot chest and again the goals there -- -- not get the most if you'll. Are playing the team game which I have no problem with that I told you guys are ticked down -- Arctic w.s in the W column team wise. You know of everybody gets tangles at the end of the 48 games and and you know weren't first place in -- these alternate that topic that that topic debt but you've got to play. Aid plus defense and that's what -- you know that's what the Bruins are built on that's Claude -- -- right we all talk about it and they definitely in play we. Seems well we basically Julian a second period up pair up Ciara with -- and boy check with Ference has split that up. We talk a lot of both parents defensively exits of the new media the boy -- with them -- a spark Campbell they select the pairings trying to mix things up. Well -- number I mean is the only again boy chuck had a tough night the other night against Montreal -- -- -- he was -- -- -- cancer hit three of the four goals -- and and I you know so while I think -- was try to do do -- get it going because I think we you know. Physically I think they've started to step boss -- I think in the -- big game. I think that there were there were a lot of one on one battles it could have been one. That that more wind and they won that game anyway. By guy you know like the economy will -- a month to month showed in my case -- -- -- -- -- two point so it was a chart thing maybe. Not have a captain -- they're -- their heads by -- last night you know. You almost acts you know boy took its just its physical man that there'd there'd Derek did the simplest form their game as you've got to win the one on one battle. That's the same thing with -- because interference has been a pretty steady player for his team the last couple games he's been out of position he's not taken the body a body hurt them. Last night in all of a sudden where get the calls today what's what's Ference to what's what's his problem you see the same sort of thing lack of visit Khaled. It is PR YOK I think on the overtime goal via the overtime golden there's no way in overtime a guy splits the yeah I just you know without -- getting a shoulder arm -- he says well maybe I could hit them. Not they would tell you how often you wanna see the playoff match somebody you've got to put your your shoulder direct guys -- next time. But yeah I think they did you know again now -- -- -- I've been preach it forever. This team goes as at their defense as in the defense men. Go and and and -- and Nat is a snowball effect at that moves to the forwards in the forwards make sure they don't they don't. Get beat on the one on one battles in the offensive zone so there's odd man rushes I mean. -- I mean I was crazy you know the odd marriage is over come on back in. Again you know you put fifteen short EF fifty shots and -- -- under you know hold -- you got a year earlier a couple of W a couple of rallies. And at the end of it you know we've been talking about the two big things take -- -- at least to the night defensively. They got to be better we'll see the knicks -- the parents are going to sloppy in their own -- flopping from the net right going to be somewhat last night but. I've ever bureau both Dario could do -- in it clearly upon what three of the figure out what you got and then in the value the the -- -- I mean they were old man dot you know it beyond. A draft I think it was a big was that the third goal tying goal. Then there were omitted on the defensive players yeah I mean to the bottom of the doesn't just over -- there was candidate there's Sarah. You know I did you know they weren't -- -- on that played appellation election a bit ago. Well here's the other one know because you took pride to African -- last week you to -- asked this but there. Are you getting closer to admitting that there can be improvement in the third line you look now. Minus six minus seven and and minus eight was a plus minus LB and last night. I just from last night's game -- Chris Kelly on the ice for three of those goals and I got his line mates again last night -- and Chris Bork. With a minus two and -- was a minus -- -- less than nine. Minutes of ice time that's that's the way to -- up the greatest team even you see that at this point the way that lines playing. What they -- to play better. -- -- but I am I again when you say they have to upgrade I had they have a big bet a lot of good moving parts in and on this team I just don't. You know again -- -- -- yeah as bad as it was last night they pulled their first anchor OK grade I'm not hinted and changing everybody because. If you look at the big picture. Montreal is first in the northeast -- got fifteen wins -- you know they get the most wins in the east. By the Boston Bruins and the Anaheim Mighty -- outside Chicago. Have the least amount of losses they only have three wants is on the season so. It did do I admit that guys are you their Chris Kelly had a tough night that Chris Kelly house to play better I I do but I I'm not. Gas piping Chris Kelly and I I you know again I. Claude Claude is doing -- coach is doing interchanges the interchangeable parts you know there's no way you're changing anything. On the first two lines you you got to live with these guys if they if they suck for the rest of the year then you don't make the playoffs no argument about -- -- -- idea of -- I was so good last year is now hurting them again but he did you know you just resigned that guy. I'm not given up on Chris Kelly Chris Kelly knows. How it knows how good he has to be in the fourth lines they don't hot how good they have to be you know you can't lose face us in your own and it is if you lose a face -- in your own hand that you best that you bust your -- to block people ought to get the arc and feared he appeared to play at half past effort. If you've checked out mentally like they did last night it looks ugly and you can expect and I and I know they do today that the first people to know that the they played awful -- and blew that game. Your fourteen to -- to sit back and say OK maybe this struggle bitten will play in the way we are you know we note that better in this. You know last couple games disappointing losses and who knows what happens the next week or so. Trade deadlines trade deadline is April 3. You know and we were talking non. The other day forget who we don't have with a trade deadline and would team sweetly third known bronze at thirteen games at the trade deadline. Went to -- on the next week so -- to acquire player I want to play there for 56 weeks in the system so -- -- -- -- playing great. Telling everybody a little bit of the law all it's only two games don't over reacting but still do a little below that's when he can look a little bit in May be justified -- -- when your -- that's what they'll probably go. Here's your measuring stick we talked about this last summer -- here's your measurements are coming out. Ottawa twice and hit. Voice Sidney Crosby leading Muni I'd say it said the kids back and -- he's on fire 36 points when he whatever games. -- Toronto three times. I -- you know I did -- play a third game you know little laughter did this. This they'll just big road trip don't get to at all you know after the two home games here they got to win these two the next via Toronto got to be a win. He can't looser in RO. And that's that -- -- -- playoff race right now police are looking at the east everybody's there -- -- you know three teams that are -- -- -- everybody else. Is within two or you know did to a four points made five points and Boston Bruins date so there's no way you get one of these guys you know mortified and skid. But -- in on and they got -- again and they are washing and come up and -- the you know there on the road. You know they put that twice on the road coming up the next two weeks. Ottawa poison their -- and it's weeks it's a measuring stick you know meeting got checked out there if you know what you see is opt out they went and you know I talked about it. I love the NHL yeah it's also good -- you go to sleep you honestly. The Washington Capitals look like they're the do the other first over on the and they look like this aren't black. I mean it's there now that there is it's a fine line. And not you know BO I I agree Lou I think. This this next couple weeks the got to -- time atomic tests big measuring sticks and guys don't know they have five guys have got -- together I think teacher only maybe portrait. And we come back and took a break here a tuck rule you know at a motel to bitch you know it is. That team is to wait one at one point five points and just every bunch shocked at the note capitals are when they are an economic plans now that middle bit of a run maybe take some time. Alex Ovechkin who was just shredded. Your guy Mike -- that sounds so -- that yes they actually play when we come back -- it's it's classic.

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