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Patrick Burke of YouCanPlayProject.org says he expects an NHL player to come out as gay in 12-18 months

Mar 6, 2013|

America's still waiting for its first active athlete to come out as gay in one of the four major team sports. There were rumors circulating that it might be Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges, but YouCanPlayProject.org's Patrick Burke joined D&C to say those rumors are false. However, Burke says it won't be too long before an NHL player comes out.

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What about my friends fourth and final hour. Dennis and Callahan minute hand sitting in the dark corner as he usually does -- joining us on the AT&T got like AT&T forgy. LTE. Scout for the Philadelphia Flyers. Patrick Burke son Brian and -- who -- to the project you can play project dot org the morning Patrick how are you. But I was just talking we were just talking to PJ stock and and the hockey world and social media for the last day and a half or two. Is abuzz about eight. The possibility. Of a current active member of the National Hockey League about to come out of the closet can you shed any light on that for -- It's cold -- sent to completely fabricated there's no. The orchard that -- created by. And an honest player now. It will then -- out by couple. Be yeah. Reliable. Say gay blogs. And it's now being repeated didn't than mainstream media so I started as -- rumored player organist putter out. -- has recently engaged to a lovely woman. I've spoken with -- about that that -- infusing them. Obviously they're supportive if they -- -- -- -- supported. Happy potentially -- he makes let it's not him. But Patrick what does that -- going to happen in your estimate probably specifically are we talking a -- this year next year three years from now what you think you -- the temperature of what's going on here. -- -- well you might think you're to have that happen and I thought he'd be. He's in the country were very very cold here in the next year personal -- You know people always ask about is the you know gay player in the in the league whether it's NFL or -- talents like of course there is. Of course there are but is are you actively encouraging. Like gay players to be the first I mean I know Patrick and outlets which are open for no that'll. Go along way Ford. For for a lot of people. What do you do you actively try to get guys to do this to come out and be there the first. Now I would never do that -- academic knowledge yeah. Yeah your own personal. Personal journey into their own personal decision. The decision. -- -- for the first. How professional athlete who can bring a lot. Media attention and a lot of notoriety a lot like that not matter never want to force that on some -- -- comfortable at that area and right. But there has to be guys on the fence as they're not we've seen another you know when you've seen in other. Industries other walks of life. You know it's gonna happen twelve to eighteen months your prediction. Do you think do you think you know who it'll be. I don't know I don't know no idea Lula who might. Considering there might not. Who doesn't have to be what kind of guy doesn't have to. That movie that got -- what our project that will work that out there -- any type of player no hydraulic dot the our -- our the deal likable player I would fully prepared to stand up with overall player who's trying to figure in the end alongside and -- They're they're all the people out there at all that he -- athlete out there in the her sort of comes out might not be here at -- -- Can't some well spoken guy -- and look in Warsaw where our happiness then that no matter who it. And we Patrick assume that the response -- the reaction will be one way in his Dresser -- and another way when he goes on the road to an opponent's building. I think the majority of them -- support many yeah a lot of statistics that back up. These people European -- there then there. You know soccer experts -- but you know there and you're basically. Terrible people who say anything to get the player they're game. I didn't and it didn't -- 90% of that will be the court about it so you can hear some things that he contrast talk. Yeah no doubt about that but. I can't imagine that really want to stand up and -- again learn acquire who don't communicate. Without acting -- to be kept out of the arena pretty quickly. What makes you think twelve to eighteen months. -- I think -- original the fighters who have done videos brought sale from abroad and that it didn't want Chara shot ordinance and your parents. It on the leader in the leader stepping up and say no we're ready so that's all the embroidery company awarded an award for master quality. And that the I think he -- the boss and Verlander ready for -- player we will figure where we will welcome again fire the one he's good enough to help us went salt. That's something that the echoed around the league by players by management by coaches. I want the guys -- not felt that he might look at. You got a lot of guys who publicly endorsed that the project including as you point -- Zdeno Chara John Borden Andrew Ference com. Has anyone said no sin that can't I'm not doing that. Now we are excited at a plant actually where. Players there are -- get involved salt don't chocolate with a healthy -- and I walked into the -- and he thought he pulled aside and let you know after you know you're doing. It anyway can help it I'll trade all on number eight -- anyway -- never altitude you're at W anytime. That he promised not to beat up the guy in on the the first guy. They hit you that this turnaround upper atmospheric and we're gonna -- that -- important than not that got them that the hockey I don't want to -- on some. You know large and -- -- -- -- by. A separate Cisco forty niners had yesterday of -- -- tail him on their team you'll be subjected to a lot of joking and riveting and stuff that happens in the locker room do you suspect the same thing will happen with the first gay player the comes out. In the National Hockey League that that that person will have to have a sense of humor about it and it will be discussed in joked about and ribbed during the -- a private moments. Oh absolutely no there's no doubt in my mind. Every -- -- -- spoken to -- mountain college your high school or anything like that. A lot and didn't change -- -- find out -- though you know getting out there part time. It opened up all new it equipment on the order and it you know when when my brother -- mount it to open up on the ordering a recognition. In my heart I'm. Get the idea though lead the way some paper reported look at it that if some guy comes out sale of white and Blue Jackets or something to beat his big shock everywhere but I mean the reality is. He's been -- 345 years a pretty good chance you know half three quarters of the locker rooms are gonna know about right. The that's not going to be surprised to do a lot of that he had a lot of people around the league you know we get calls all the time from people saying. Don't don't go. You know to rumors but now along that that was reported today -- a little. Sort by and there are players who are out to member of their -- members that you know that he's -- player. Doesn't have an effect on the way -- treat them. So when so when the first -- does -- do this publicly. That he will be ready for. A final question for me up Patrick is Josh Georgia's upset about this. I haven't thought much about personally. I have to imagine that yeah. Income from being able to stop them being -- and at all that from partner a community late adoptions. All the support of those people who are -- I hit it a distraction that people don't like that that went from. Literally. There are countless 200 followers and now on -- -- about it and the distraction what they got by -- -- -- -- -- Fire and open it no doubt on his back Burke and you can't play project dot org is that correct website you can lake project dot org or. Patrick thanks for the information on the clarification we appreciate it. Patrick -- dancing talent on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE.

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