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Hockey Night in Canada's PJ Stock says the Habs don't dive any more than any other team

Mar 6, 2013|

Embellishment was the topic du jour as Hockey Night in Canada's PJ Stock joined Dennis and Callahan for hockey talk. Bruins coach Claude Julien called out Montreal for diving, but Stock said they don't do it more than any other NHL team. Stock even pointed at Brad Marchand as a player with a reputation for drawing some calls.

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And quite some time as we talked with the PJ stock PJ stock of course part of broadcasting with Hockey Night in Canada he joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LP eat according PJ long time no talk aria. Are paid great to have you on again by my count that you can correct beat ten different teams you've played with in your career PGA it was more than that -- -- -- lose count. All did what. It -- it. Oh without question your greatest success tell me to disagree. I went everywhere where count knuckle back and forth the minors and coming back and forth and plan for the wolfpack in the phantoms and. It still wouldn't be yeah. But. It probably be up for proteins. Creator genes that -- outline of the pot than a week. And the miners -- for a year old. But it is probably you. Up this morning and blocked. Right. -- -- You what do you consider yourself BJU the Bruins for life is and it's hard to be in Montreal. I'll -- but I. I've -- best memory in it and I thought I'd love the people of the city of eight experiences and I'd have loved the way it all ended but -- sure. I'd go back pick achievement my best memories. It is -- down. And why do you think you were so embraced by the Boston fans because certainly you were I mean they they were before you arrived -- debate. Vanilla plain Jane. Hockey team you know the O'Reilly -- of the world were gone the knuckles island of the world -- gone and yet you came along and you were scrappy -- were tough. And and maybe it's because you were undersized and they they they like your -- based on the fact that you were. You know six foot six and 245 pounds. Don't really successful team a couple years and you don't want things are going long they always -- It's always in the top of the food chain had stayed -- you know it's always. -- Caldwell the coach in the goaltending bullet figured out quite well actually work out here they'd be fine. A couple of good stories and dollars and lucky it. In the about one of those good stories we're just being known as G-8 -- supersize me go back. A lot of guys are still playing know. How guilt or -- shot -- -- is retired Joseph Orton. It's still going to say yeah okay -- -- Bill -- actual Italy had a double what Murray wood and a great. She would have -- that I don't just. No adults only obligated to write about it -- good about ourselves. -- top of that I got to get the table for it on the front line all the routines of the that are out of the game but that's why I've probably been -- experience that. BJ the other night as you probably know Claude Claude Julian rail against the the tactics of the Canadians the embellishment. And an -- -- -- Canadian fans responded with a pretty creative YouTube video of all the analyst with the Bruins have done in the last for years. Do you think it's a problem overall NHL and is it it's us or is it specific to the Canadian do they embellish more than anyone else. Oh I action she's at this and get in trouble or you guys hey guys I you have -- politely -- I mean. -- I love this the broad broad quiet probably out what is it about Philadelphia Flyers play at all I love that hard node in -- case. You know. They're the -- level want it. Market outlook that that's right about now. -- people. Exaggerate sometimes they get it on those he -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But do we look at it differently because we are opposite view ought to -- just -- it felt like can be. Let -- get that -- You know it happens all the time. And I know bought it when they get old Montreal -- all the passionate about everything -- can't argue. But everyone does it. I don't think watching it -- -- now there's certain players -- players that might do it more than others. And now Jim -- called players on your team. There or it might happen more. Oh I mean I've got batted -- -- you've just got which is in general. I. Not I. I don't think you can read the letter to when he gets at. I'm a huge black art shop. And I think idiot alien. In Canada. I love it they're Rick -- for the Olympics. You look at players back and got caught inside -- -- -- can skate it a player like big big gains. I'm. Brad -- -- easy birth but it. But I think you've got to sit there look at things he got so much so well and I love everything that he. At the same time did Brad -- and college. You're trying to help Bob. Fully acknowledged tuneup and the other change the wide eyed it a little. Ball went right budget if they're trying to apparently. Well I. I think what you ain't -- bat and he's frustrated that went out the other night. That it. They'll -- in the game to archrival. Guillotine that you know let him -- years earlier. I'm not Zell and -- and that made gains that history. Are there everyone's guilty. Well marsh marsh and does a lot more than just embellish he started a pretty good score is also instigated nodded investigator but an agitator is it fair to say PJ stock that -- and is eighteen make you would absolutely love. But an opponent you would absolutely hate. It exactly. And I think sometimes. You know what you said. Even have a lot of instigate. And so what that sudden everyone else track. Change -- on the other -- And you know what he's found a way to. But don't you go over that edge. He kind of placed on it very often I'd go over the alleged viewed it that way. You know teetering on it and and adding that mean that shot the other night it was dumb. -- I think Google English Saturday night he let. Like LA. Cop caught flat candid shot. Not sheltered. I mean it better know how I mean there's -- -- -- can do that but. At that moment. -- just want the best shot of the night I believe we've got. Be added to its repertoire being the little edit what they've got thousands and but adding to that little game. It is skill is decreasing and it being articulate. Yet he's he's he's more than just a little ball I hate these days and I am wondering though because he has such an agitator and he really. Takes it to performance are getting under people's skin is this is the date coming PJ stock. Where somebody is gonna snapped and just beat his ass even though they're bigger than he has and he's that little ball eight. They can't believe has changed you in Ali it might wanna do it and get back here for four years. You can't give up but not and that is what -- is so much about it. On March. He can change the game now is really. Getting out our what. Got a golden changing game it used to be quite used to be big every Jack that the big now you know others. There's some kind of. But you know that we look at fifteen times you do it you need to see what the unit. I know that there's always -- -- about an altercation. Or are you know there's a big hit. -- the -- that hit the change momentum -- you know you increase the political battle well actually during. You know. -- -- Body check in the crowd into it now unfortunately you can't get that much judo gold players say. Been digging. Up or so the way -- changed at all backed up by trying to get some power play. Which leads to players kind of over Belichick about how well you get about. -- it's the opposite the -- situation and you cannot -- -- -- the -- that I'm. -- seventeen -- right but that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like internal politics and you get seventeen. And no seventeen minutes about. Yeah a couple -- suspended. Just a small ball back -- it ought to let the only good at what would you go a little bit as well although. You like -- -- which are dead. I I really love the bit against it except I love what Atlanta did all of that and now -- and the game now. Do I think got you -- a game right here -- -- -- I don't think she had this not as much the that. I I think. He could have just easily comment I -- seventeen American -- got Weezer bass player and made it a big game and it got to know that. What happened that way I that you want the ball all of this call. But it was -- almost all but all the fun. And -- not to comment on that particular Obama. Wait for the whistle blower web page you're on would -- well let it all all I'm going to -- and fighting at all. You know apple anymore that's the probably would -- it -- And now that and toward Baltimore probably not insult. Do it probably did first one you didn't work doesn't work anymore. Not so much and I think he's just taking a silent cattle are in the what you're going to happen again but and I had another moment of the game. Yeah I understand it but the -- protecting your talented team -- but when he turned out of -- and just went right after -- it was almost compelling officially give him more more time. -- not have made. His point and got the code taken care of in the flow of the game in the second you know in the second rest of the second period and sometime in the third. All right back it up in the game today it it's you can't address that now that everyone knows you're gonna. So yeah the ticket junior's fight like that -- -- be I'd get it as evidence all the gave. You know it -- secure -- one game partly due -- cute -- they're literally no time to address you got -- aggressive verbally. You know he won't say it -- A bit maybe you get that lead again and again you can do something. But it -- play a lot. You get if you make sure that the old baggage now. There have been you know I just want give our bench and that bump into one of the LGR Gallagher. On a small kid that's another way it can make better. -- get guys that got in. You have to get the other guys looking at Yankee talent and I'll do that -- got all of our -- all right so we is -- Yet but -- probably there are a lot of the. Eight PJ the hockey world and social media is buzzing about the fact that a Canadian. May at some point in the very near future maybe as early as this week. Come out and announcing he's the first. Gay active player in the National Hockey League how will that play in Canadian dressing room or any other for that matter when the first guy comes up and says yes -- -- -- went back from the Canadian wind did anyone generally don't its social media that the name is out there everybody deceit. Although we're gonna -- just like that -- in the Canadian diver go right back into this category a a. I didn't know what did Bob -- a little bit later this morning about a potential player that. Might be in the game and IP -- actual. You know I think we. There would be no jokes there would need those you open the opposition. Are which there are all the time. In a locker room would be completely different I think it would be respected and that would be. I have joked about it and they didn't want it acute likely die every year you learn about all your -- -- on. In Arabic -- it would be something that would be addressed. But they'll be talked about -- an -- all -- a little odd I don't care what you got -- again all that. Thought -- had a couple of jokes here or there that would be default. It would actually act you know. It love it out out of the court. The opposition is where you get and do some situations. Are. It would be. It just -- to see how other players react. I think I don't understand. How people. In any sport. And say that they may do I stretched out. I you know I never. I'd start by talking about the flared -- again -- whatever but some people. Very direct. Rule road. What the intentions. Of no really. How did it verbal assault bright and I've seen it and I you know it and I need it. What happened you know what happened. Probably a bit. I don't know the -- -- -- -- because got to obligate to justify -- and going to be adjusting to CIA. Helped so -- that that I don't really know. And I don't think what Boston -- its order lecture. That job a lot. Now no no it's gonna say a word. Yeah yeah. And that the -- Well then I'm sure everybody in Montreal -- perfectly understanding and and and kind. -- -- All always a pleasure talking hockey with the PJ stock cocky -- and -- talk to other different things on the morning out. -- -- -- -- from Hockey Night in Canada on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTE.

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