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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Mar 5, 2013|

Doc spoke to the media after the Celtics defeat the Sixers in Philly, 109-101.

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It's amazing we turn it over one alone -- that's what they do there's there's your great job of forcing turnovers but overall I just love our effort in our the zone was huge for us tonight. You know the new guys at all alternative was -- so. Are just good team. Yeah okay. -- -- -- -- -- There is comfortable with Donald -- halftime is running television all the guys in their own moment of time. Because he missed a couple of shots and you conceded more shooting more and our guys. They beat me before I have to say that this is what you do you should tomorrow. She did all the going to go out sometimes they don't make it that you got to shoot -- and I thought these -- -- when he came accountants looking horse that's what we need him there to. The yeah it was courier has been. But it won't let you want guys in the listened and use of player Garnett and Paul Pierce and Jason Terry and they wanna sit there. And we -- to fitted we wanted to do the right thing at at the other could easily -- Greg -- You know he's going in the right way. But won't we tiller one of whom -- seniors we have no problem with that future. I thought we missed a ton of shots in the first that's a -- on the second. At the beginning of the third quarter was huge force. Of course quarter and that she applied in things that yeah. Well for the yes you know that's the new us in the lot of ways it's the -- -- an open guy you know we don't. We're just come down and a lot when they made around and you know the global -- Barclays for their -- good defense and the ball -- -- movement. And eventually found an open -- It's simple. But it's hard to do and lets you buy in and everybody's bought it. -- -- -- -- -- -- all the Protestant Christian -- and I start the magical pull up jump shot and you know he's been making the threes for the most part you know keep shooting them we want to. I'm really happy what is pull up off the dribble that's a big shot for us later. And start to make that that's a much. You. Did. At the. Well he's he's he's competent. Did you ever lost. You know we've -- and and at times and we. Which usually won't cumulative cute kid you know you're coming off a pit -- Kevin Garnett. -- what are they gonna do they're gonna get back to Kevin Garnett you're gonna have to step in that pocket and take its. And when they used to worry about that than Kevin Garnett -- So until they and you got to shoot and management uses. Its. Just needed immediate comment you know -- court and was felt that would have been -- minutes at that time. About -- -- a great job and on the floppies. You know I told on the one turnover that she did you know -- got out which of the basket and bailed out distorted around there was a chance to rebound. But other than that it was good as well. -- beat them down. Everybody's. Got to play in a row didn't cabinet the thirty number which we wanna keep my head every night. Where -- wanted to in different roadways and understandably a lot of times -- -- small. We're going zone it's a small. Is just working out. And yet you know help the scoreboard first tee times that it. And they -- -- so we didn't mean that we had no -- clinical zone net much. But what we do if we it is only works and we score we stay in zone we miss. When you go back to man we made a lot of shots it would allow stencil. And wrote. Yeah yeah. Yeah what was meant what -- acceptable defense to win a basketball -- You know and you know we can play defense is doing the game you could see I thought we had that mindset that we're gonna come out of school. We just trade baskets and that's just how we play and that what I thought we settled in defensively we kept score and then again today. -- about but he also made plays with us to know where we're. Our audience asked him and bring criminal record is dangerous you know. I don't know what did you do you know what else does but that's what makes it dangerous and I told him that you do what it whatever -- Just keep doing that aggressive. He gives us another weapon and that's what we need. It's this year is huge you know. Because when Ronald come back you up to -- when guards and he's got a pretty good job you always Greta bottomed out at the one time where he drove to the baseline. And Andrew well being home. And certain number of them. And before us you know I was Kenyans but that didn't use the baseline it's another defender and so I just kept myself but their money into the -- edit. That's really good. Thanks guys.

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