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Celtics Shooting Guard Jordan Crawford with Grande & Max

Mar 5, 2013|

Jordan Crawford joined Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell courtside after tonight's 109-101 Celtics win in Philly.

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Five games over 500 for the first time this year for the Celtics 109101 is the final at Philadelphia took awhile. Who finally got done a one of the reasons that god don't fourth quarter performance of Jordan Crawford joins us courtside. In Philadelphia and we talked a lot about all the new influx a lot of new guys in the locker room and was this the night which you did tonight what Doc Rivers told you he wants you to do. Need to be aggressive devoted. Growth of this. You know me just learn how to play off people I think the biggest -- just. What. Learning to play with the Celtics obviously it's different system was different from playing with the felt that -- watch it for you to -- that the we're just the mentality me. You don't wanna win every single you know take myself. You know work and all the things rumors work in this day and leave -- with a great combination. We become -- There's a lot of youth there's a lot of talent and Washington what was -- what was it like for you to walking to -- locker room and all the sudden Paul Pierce's home once night it was on them. -- you it's epic you know you open Gaza movement of the bureau for it was a day and just the article in the work would they do -- there's -- Those that have left. You guys lots of it tonight's game you -- -- to really. Close the door there are several times you you documents death be a little bit disappointed that you guys didn't close the door -- -- -- -- -- are no. Turnover in the made news disappointment that the but the way of food we scored they. You know he wanted to tighten up with the pictures come down you're ready for the playoffs -- no one of the to hopefully -- and I know he gave book is that it gave up. Ninety opposite rebound to. While. Her. Today there was nothing makes it stated their coach government run. Noted that the amount. Jordan Crawford joining us downstairs and what was this isn't very usual schedule break the Celtics when game at seven days but it worked out better you know for all you guys were you what was the primary focus. Were you for Terrence Williams with the team went to simply ran over the last week with only one. Has learned in the guide them in that they'll learn the system book. You know people ought to learn we're. You know with players like VO you know more to learn how to play golf you -- this -- just. One of the newest members of the Boston Celtics and if you haven't seen it already find it don't come LeBron on YouTube. Back in the day demand and I try to -- -- -- you know that's a great Jordan Crawford moment so might as well as Jordan Crawford got the tape but that. Non. To letting bio talk about. There are obviously on the plate that.

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