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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande in Philly

Mar 5, 2013|

Doc & Grande's pregame interview just prior to tonight's Celtics/76ers game.

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Celtics -- presented by Lexus continues and Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia final piece of businesses -- conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers. -- is always by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard Pilgrim Health Care. Countless it and I was -- we take this every week when game week in his life. Really beautiful book that was one of these dome dome of the Belichick would be -- -- it's like you're in basketball. European math you'd like -- enjoyed my. You -- -- staging ground to you know he rested up right could you be rusty after the situation which begs the question the only fight against them. Maybe you know when you companies is they're perfect medium. Well I don't know what it is -- all depends on what's going on with it and you know. Every other days great as long -- in every other they all your guys are healthy and feeling -- so. I don't think it matters to me that I'd love to rest I'd rather do any of them besides five and seven identity that. And they get into the day we'll see whether I think this helps us. I don't know what does tonight in the long run I have no doubt that the last seven days -- has been good for today. One thing about gold think it was adjusting Max and I watch him. What sort of to look like so for awhile now than lightweight who's nobody plays zone against Golden State how what was the thought process definitely due to. What are killing I don't really Smart assistant coaches horsepower you yeah they're killing a man. So people why that don't zone and we play great efforts the second there's been scored almost every possession that one stretch and we decided to go zone. -- stretch a bruise in foul trouble what the court in -- have been as well. We put new guys on the floor it you know we're really did not trust at that time -- there -- those but its own. Was better and we figured they had seedings don't mean -- teams have -- straighten. No fortunately. We may have been one of the person who worked -- for us to the point is there today if there an element of surprise. In this NBA team with so many things are at least some certain ways where could become not that we want to play defense but also of the blue. You know nobody -- report well you know -- wanted to temperature goes up and in my opinion Carter retired Miami got it going. They would zone that was only two or three possessions they went back to man so there's absolutely use force just in time. Obviously a ton of games against the sixers must of yours we -- -- but the same thing when you're struggling now. Transition usually. For every for the you know when you take to monetary position they're -- there and that is good. There's still our cable because this guy's going to school wall and school orbit. There are different team if you -- -- ever coordinates we have to do. We just ran the dug ourselves from last week in talking about the sixers know you sought because you were asked about last week. And you know -- rough night here and the microphones in your -- and human emotion that you how does that. How do you not -- almost every night well that's a good question. For -- and that's the first course. -- You know it's statistics. It's you know I love we have liberated you know I talked to my coaches and talk to detain. Hopefully by the and you come off the mountain but it's happened -- -- didn't see it but I heard about Doug's thing and you know he's this passages that probably anybody in the lead and then -- on the sleeve and unfortunately at times. And probably would like some of those. And their similarities in what he's gone through it and -- flash back to you you have very similar we talked about it. You know it. You can in the fact that I thought would grant you know employees. Worse in some ways it played like. For five games and give you open and back and then you know. It just so -- in their case they have this one way to play without him and then this other way to play welcome to which one do you put it. And so it's it's been really hard it's tough to -- ago yeah so like you got to be -- in most -- you know once he was clothes. You know there was a lot of nights where you warm up and then. Now evident by the most it was mostly that then the other matches like that theory we know in radio. If you get back radio and he doesn't even know who's going to be ago you know anything weekend obviously you had a pretty good reason for being up in Maine to watch the but you've kind of he took in the atmosphere everyone has been up there and taken in the game and seen seen me play has been really impressed with. The game presentation and the way it stands there taking too. Definitely like. The Celtics and the -- can be best or just like electorates -- like baseball. You should really take her book there's a lot of fun I mean it's it's like the minor leagues in baseball. You see guys that may some -- be in the NBA in its but obviously I got a chance estimates under Meyer. But it is a great atmosphere a lot of fun. At that coach to have some fun tonight the Celtics sixers on -- WEEI Celtics radio network.

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