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Tuesday, March 5th Whiner Line

Mar 5, 2013|

The Olympics to Boston? Good luck.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't like AT&T proceed with caution and we -- discretion music box to. -- only Morris and now losing -- you're alive. What is going on and now. To read off him -- he never even the and -- actually yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- Today WEEI. Lorraine you're lying in place yeah what do you say. And it's not done so I don't. I. Well we're -- law and mother and dial 6177793535. What does. While we know this is there and I never senate and more than the -- you know it yet. You know what to whiner line this year are important to do important shot at it. You don't know that's an okay and ask the -- you or your. And quality -- and slipped -- now on the first. Diamond emerald and umpire in professional baseball wallet and my right. And WEEI. Eighteen whiner line. So we got never got that Wally Wally what's -- work. I -- to apply only to block a lower today. Last year were there are looking for manager. How many calls it yet for a -- he back a lot in my tested now because -- testing days ago. Because this let -- forget people like Wally back. I think people like a manager Fabio fight my challenge my. He don't make any contact or does drop out of my pocket and now it's like yeah. Aqueduct because it -- out I accept that that's -- you heard there needs. Of all things that brings -- what did you Pittsburgh as the meanest thing. Rest discount generic cursing you know when he -- -- Sometimes -- take that person. How much those people can be creative. Creative -- oh yeah as -- and everything is kind of jumbled around you don't know what's common actually doing the same. It was a -- -- Tony Soprano was able -- suffering to Kurtz suggests. I'm -- mother beat this week. For twice -- -- Struck. The more abdomen. The airline has brought to you by -- GW. Yeah I live is available in your iPhone or -- revised proxy by AT&T AT&T. Official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins with the most -- coverage in New England like -- Let's say somewhere in there yet we tend to -- -- -- -- the -- And prodigy. You've gotten through this. Bravely did namely root canal. Okay now obviously him not a problem zone -- solid gas we appreciate -- -- -- -- -- advance they'll get. They'll get beyond the civil. Maybe you'll that they're current what well on campus there the whole bit about it. And I'd brought -- went the -- of the total. And now have our. Abundant -- you know I don't know Bob. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's not put -- we. -- there that looks like that'll be project. Gamble's -- about things aren't there. -- about the worst. And you can give somebody -- -- extends doesn't work. -- haters gonna hate salzman -- -- -- I think it'd be you -- They've already being put him out about what is called the long bailout. Are you are gambling and go forward and may have been to prop beat who you don't have -- all of -- -- don't go out. And go watch some more comic book really wrong -- doormat dental. And that message. They are embellished an -- I Montreal I've studied my trio. I'm fortunate among -- doesn't start you know I don't have much split and much talked to five just but tell us ready to put them at the Yankees of how much and -- honest to god lakers. Now not exactly what you're not Philadelphia and put back to Ryan he. Not. Knocked him more than 400. You know everyone's played Miami but what about the game they have had great speed but you know what but that would rather have -- -- they have -- Playoff Boone. And that's why don't really matter because you're 315 again mr. Obama win most of the time goods please they are an unbelievable. Team this year but in the last year. Good customer and I think -- Fifth Amendment that it is that they aren't beat down that meant that the morning herald is doing supposed to be I don't know. It but I think there's a commencement. Commitments that promote -- you you wanted to do this. -- part or. That anybody know I asked the Mattison -- -- holly matchup he's too nice nobody doesn't like him already talked Indian. And a -- aliens. Losing their true. All come on here. -- you know I would advocate palatable today he got a guy in the and rock -- Who is one of the biggest Bolten and off. It's been possible you know I can remember a couple of years ago I'd probably show you're on. And I was making you look like a fool with my dog and they all members that you try to get ridiculed. It's unbelievable. You know. What was your view that we get -- -- you have you -- OK I didn't. The challenge to my knowledge of baseball package off the -- why. You can have the troop commitment with you okay -- pop both -- you wap it's the data that you get -- What you do go back Taiwan actress. Yes and and -- mentor first of all it was gonna get paid to. Now the second one I remember that conversation we had at his spot you lost on his final report which was you can come to my card table anytime. And and will debate right there I'm not coming to baseball card exhibition -- it to the big sports review. -- -- -- -- -- According. To an advertisement to -- it went public he wrote a book. In the an -- -- them the -- installed cleaner in the thirty. Guitar off to. That's very -- ball that would with the on the road but they all. And just let it. -- -- One other things that directly and perhaps he's -- it OK you don't know get squat about football you know Bob. I have to with the team and cricket and that our -- look it up center fielder would say. That it. -- pathetic. Yeah and the men and. I missed that free safety is Carroll actress and her shoulder. To look all you think you would be able price -- notice a strong. 1974 top form. Perry hasn't. Yeah -- you know that's why I value his opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I've gotten. I would any of these guys that. Didn't happen. And the second three to the secondary -- knowledge we're I don't know how -- gonna copilot complain about that a coach for somebody ought not to -- -- as a football league's biggest complaint about you don't want you to make -- happen right. Somebody hit it could be somebody. I secondary. Monday with both it was definitely wanted to you know -- and that's -- well -- open where. All the way from about -- -- What. And that they expect. The the minutes over Minnesota Timberwolves speculative. And so what they do. And a guy and mining teachers he was -- Out of nowhere comes the timberwolves Alaska with a bad script. Than JJ Barea came to sit at zero Lucy. It's good he could. Go to their clubs into this book before. Should have and that. I have been part of a -- it. But I doubt that if Bob but it whitbeck I would say it's about port and dark. And it. All. -- like he. Can he present people's sides of the situation tried very fair. Rooms in the money. Hotel -- to get three -- now -- -- wondered what are mass. Exodus. To clamp that. -- to package our guys up there. -- I love the Boston and attempting to become the 20/20 four Olympics. You know but -- about starting with such historic I have to make an outsider feel welcome and embrace a different culture. Where. And this message. When it doesn't -- The sensor but ultimately it doesn't take one good thing -- -- reporters in town so that they could begin with some of what -- cents a. You know potential -- -- but it won't pick ought to. Black people now. Both minority. Of the. Canada message -- most of mine offered no I think those Swiss. That it can hope for the battle. -- -- you check that -- so. Bad that leads them to follow up questions. You know I was able. And democratic Lebanon has paid big -- but hey the committee. About what kind of bop and didn't get -- -- Grateful bad they did it and -- a -- about you know of school right. And this message. It's not backed -- and. -- spot I would rate. Or about -- and he could have been boycott. Led up the Mystic River. It was great I wrote about it LNG -- -- But I think that Rick Warren and I don't know it yet but I don't yeah. A great. That's terrific and at Red -- And yeah -- Craig. Not likely make an excellent case -- actually case so far. Have been having your pathetic worded statement my love what they've got all that -- they haven't used. Look for I think what awaits the market that is. And troops out of that sort of top of the hill -- reviews three flights. It's. That humans. -- to the weather report -- view of whether you know it was to her. Aged just tax the guys stand and wait for a plane a couple of techsters -- you bearded clam. A medalist that England will -- -- -- Best case. The Olympics being held in Boston athlete the world over. Get -- barter. Perry mumbled and vetoed quote I'm so proud to be hosting the world are more than. -- And that message. Do you regret. The world would love this guy -- stories there were the only it is hot but on those story. On and I've -- I don't think I don't. Think he'll watch the Celtics. Donald was in dollars terms. And if you don't -- are intimately Pacman and Pakistan at that time on it. But it was action tomorrow and -- and I are. Yet it's still bad dad. I've got to get this special disembarked and bitter that they haven't you know that there it would have a leg up on. And met with that jumbled bombs. -- Let's go to my dad. This is what I'm talking about restaurants also. States. It okay stop asking the tough question. -- always -- like order what you could do okay yeah boldly go ahead only. And the message. And mr. Obama really missed just a phony. And -- it. After it broken down hard times where is that written thus setting the idea that don't. Red this. Come up with them should patent. I mean it was dark. But it's fitting -- -- And broken. And it. It turned over a casual water -- power by AT&T AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most -- coverage in the --

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