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Wes Welker, will he stay or will he go?

Mar 5, 2013|

Now that the Patriots chose not to use the franchise tag on Wes Welker, the debate rages on about whether or not the Patriots should sign him up long-term for big money.

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Our second hour the big show rob Bradford and -- shepherd in the house. Left -- 4 at 4 o'clock. -- are tired of fort fort topic what the -- line today you know one on number 6177793535. One of the topics. Will be Boston. A group in Boston trying to put together a bid for the 20/20 four Olympics. And we won an Oprah knew how would you sell the city of Boston. Some of the Internet yeah this Summer Olympics. Does the city of Boston in the international. -- -- -- Some examples got some things places the city. People a lot of halts a lot -- -- eagle a lot of on a lot of direction. Let's work with that now. -- back -- Because. I hear this a lot and texture are not just talking about you know 41 you we're going to repeat shepherd and news day -- you boom. Amendola it's 65 catches in the slot -- to -- -- to address this problem. China have some diplomacy has -- But at Texas again he gets a sixty project is a year from Joseph nobody throwing the ball with no. Other target. We are not talking about how to how to the years he doesn't stay on the field we've played one full season for years the last 32 games in the -- and he's only been on the field but twelfth. Games that's what we're talking about no doubting you know his talent you worry about the guys -- ability as a postal Welker not even close so. It's gossip it's just not -- but you know it's as you get the as the age of special -- nation has come in the sports whether it's a seventh inning guy in baseball or or or even -- closer in baseball. The evolution of that whether -- we talked about it earlier the third corner in football the stock -- the slot receiver in football. At the boards specialized began on -- people really appreciate. The skill involved. With being -- specialist Wes Welker is a special it and he's the best. The this there's a question I would ask who's going back a few years. Which is more important to the Patriots offense Randy Moss or Wes Welker. Well more important. That's at the top one because but I take out -- democratic congress portion that conversation to Michael's point. That conversation that we don't even enter that into the conversation. Ten years ago right right. But but that is a legitimate -- that's a legitimate debate and now he more so. Think it is lower lids or loud and -- -- 2007 after that I'd say Welker hands down I mean moss was OK and away and then he got them that you know than a bigger towards -- really got bad but 07 I'd say. Britain had over them like that so much that's gone on your -- is pretty good no way -- I figured out about what impact -- thrown the ball was agreeable remember. You -- go back with NFL films in the one you dude drunken sailor music in the background and and all these great teams John Stallworth Lynn Swann. Jerry we don't like all those teams take great slot receivers. I'm a make your point but they weren't slot receiver help but that's sort of talk about is that we those guys are big work guys on the outside. And that was it. And but the game has changed. -- -- educate you and say. Even though. Eric -- Bolden is bigger. There Wes Welker. Was they had crumbled into the slot receiver for the Baltimore Ravens this here was either slot receiver. He -- he yes yeah that's what does it whatsoever -- but he's a guy they could do. I think a little everything right. Little more then in other words he could go on the outside where he younger yes when he was younger he can do everything. When he's a quarterback Hitler's state not only when he was. In his first couple -- Arizona rate athlete you're out of Florida still say he was one of the best athletes ever walk through there. Yeah absolutely. -- another architectures that house that even a debate Bradford -- mosque is on the field there are two people covering him an all time when he was. When he was having -- wasn't the case last year was with San Francisco. In -- probably. That that went down a bit into the 2010. When they changed the offense and he wasn't held out of the jets start putting Revis on. Welker exactly. Ego. So I think they think they value of the guy they have to in -- Is just a no brainer if you value Wes Welker but to what degree. And did and they feel like -- eight. Do we not spin. 9000010 million dollars a year Wes -- eight million dollars or whatever it is you look at the guaranteed money but don't go announcement that money and then turn around. And -- in devote our resources to. Another area. Or do we get by do we believe in Julian -- if not Julian settlement can be draft pick. There we bring in -- cheaper than Wes Welker and and Q and do the same thing I think that's to his. One of the greats of all time here at at his position I don't know Heidi just think it's this I can't stand. Of people say it's the patriots system that makes all these players great yet that's part of it part of playing with a hall of fame quarterback. When the greats of all time. But it seat at that to me is a slap in the face a little bit a little bit avoid -- to crust of the brow of Bob Welker. Because you just think anybody can do it now -- think the reason why he's so great there's a reason why Brady's throw to him 30% of diskette to doubled since 2007. It probably would like to be called a system guy but I look at it this way. If it is the system. That is created Wes Welker so what he's your system the system. Of guys that system's not leaving you got the same quarterback. You know the player. So if you think he's -- -- he is truly a product of the system while he's maximized in -- ten years. He has done it is as well as you can expect anybody to do it so resign him. It's beyond Wes Welker. If it's not putting the value -- -- what's the value Welker you'll have to do you have to bring back Tom Brady's. Most -- We're just gonna say that there's there's always the most valuable player on the team. Were -- right you'll have to be the most valuable player they need him to be the most valuable player and team for the next few years how do you do that. Bring gas to bring back west well. That's how you deal. I don't think there's any debate about to be it's a no brainer it's an old rival reached beyond shocked beyond Pluto trade shocked if this it doesn't go down won't you I mean it. You'll also be shocked -- keeps finish in all the right things and you know the Robert Kraft interview with Peter King that it Tom Brady never campaigns for. A player who never makes demands demands that's too strong. Gazette that gives you an image of somebody. Just storming into the the boss's office. Putting their feet on the desk this and this is what you gonna do for me to go over to give Mike Mike yeah -- cigarette didn't light it up. Let's -- -- into I don't know what do you have to be with specific yet the -- out of cigarette. Or the like yeah Adams who -- -- I don't know Gregory you're talking ought not about -- your blog as a bar hostess I don't know if those code I don't. Think I don't think Tom Brady is making demands. You think he wants. He just restructured his contract. It's a good deal for the patriots it's a better deal for the patriots and and as for Tom Brady let's face it. So what do you think he wants resisting premium and all know now say bring back my guys and how many how many more years. Does he have at an elite level. How many times another question is how many times have you seen the patriots go out and try to find that next guy. And it has especially at receiver they've done pretty get they've been a pretty good job -- Same drafted you bring in Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski Bravo has project. Other with receivers. Is it's been really difficult for this team to develop receivers with a slot receivers -- receivers outside the numbers. So it was it was it was more important the food is more important Visteon. To leave -- I I'd know what it's. Can make an argument either way on the news 100 dead or as a lot of greater I've got to meet Welker yes well -- New -- because I've seen the patriots. It's not a perfect defense obviously they've stolen that night in -- club this year which still is the only thing I really give a damn about what it's all said and done. I think they -- find a way to adapt. Easier some police by a second half the season because they always seem to do I mean it may look ugly early but worked late. They don't in the five player like to lead. Or the defense just seem to get gradually better as the season was not this guy to me is in major Wes Welker is in major focal point this offense because. We look Fernandez bloke -- the running game is terrific a lot of that was the last with for years of the continue to do this that takes -- more pressure off some receivers as well but. To me. They can't lose Wes Welker they cannot listen -- look at it comes this comes back the art or of the debate you're having earlier. Which is about the David Ortiz what's the hardest thing defined based all what's hot what's harder to find in football. Is it. Deletes slot receiver like Wes Welker or is it the shut down quorum like toll well well but we're. I don't -- -- to leave a lot of shortcuts so don't go out now he's not Champ Bailey or anything close to that well what's your Israeli -- -- is that a result Clinton pride not -- -- -- -- -- all have your answer yeah. Detectors here and eighteen -- I'd say hey guys. Why isn't he signed if he's the best Welker Welker Brady together are now of the sonics'. Shawn Camp. Great numbers. No result. It's not opposite to that particular. There was a Super Bowls already wasted no indiscernible also a sock that's -- you know. And -- another Texan here says that people. Know that you probably said back in the day that they need to resign. Deion Branch too big. Deion Branch was under contract. Who wasn't a free agent. I think is a different conversation. I thought it was just a matter of time. And he surprised me -- -- think he would hold out as long as he did he held out. And we were thinking -- what was going on here. It jamming. Is eventually -- report -- -- in the didn't they got traders. He wasn't a free agent. And I thought it was that was a big loss for Tom Brady Brady my results -- -- it was apparently -- -- he came out publicly and lose. Not happy asking how he felt about losing his top two receivers that season. One of free agency they've given the other one. The trade Deion Branch and you're working -- Doug Gabriel and I thought well they don't -- that still almost got the Super Bowl right. -- will -- whatever Alexander Dallas Clark. -- away from maybe get that done. What do you guys think we'll get your answers. And your text and everything else nineties. Back on the big show gotta read you guys this text. We're talking about. Wes Welker and some of the replacements. Excuse as. We didn't really wanna hear Mayor -- try to turnouts Amendola a good -- I do you know what that. AJ detects my and he found mr. defined -- 237937. Phone number 617797. 93 tablets get your phone calls -- in -- that was up. They'll just -- religious -- the thing about the comparison of a lead and Welker are not so much comparison but you know talking about who's more valuable yes exactly. Where until we first came -- and everybody -- maybe not everybody but a lot of other large majority of people kind of -- wasn't really gonna do much city was kind of a liability. -- is you know off field issues and whatnot but I. You know and if you compare that to Welker who has just been nothing but solid the whole time. You know besides one minor injury or one major injury but he came back around I guess I don't see a comparison at all. Although we have put in perspective a little bit Talib was here half a year. And it was a good pass a year for the most part those half a year. So I don't think we can throw all those concerns about the window do you and it's certainly the game did change not initially the Baltimore game if -- championship certainly became out it took about -- have put eventually. It did catch up and preachers -- wasn't there of them turn the ball over the second half didn't help either. But certainly there was. A pretty big difference when to -- was not out there a way that second there was constructive towards the end. I agree but you know I think to note sent to introduce on the patriots are acute. Something that -- -- to be addressed going forward obviously. You know I still don't think leads the answer to that and I think that that -- -- Welker is so key to. Help. The Brady greens itself. It's really a no brainer that you have to get Welker and I just came into the comparison and those two people. -- -- It thank you. All right thanks rather start to Adam Adams on the -- -- What Galarraga and was going on Bartlett called Schobel for a ball moving on from what right but. I wanna I wanna be one of the people will be lumped in with the group that the -- is terrible or to hurt -- or what I think what an unbelievable. But I keep hearing like a no -- to keep him at all not that I wanted to prevent media are rational intelligent opinion moving on from. And -- that hard thing to do it the move on from a great player who's been great for your keep everybody said that you know paper for outperformance. But -- -- -- it's been so good picture at the Limbaugh and out and out rule right. 32. -- So -- the patriots in all I'm saying is we have a number weapons they they utilized the middle. I think the patriot would be -- -- -- Improving offensive line they're still couldn't rub it -- a run against the heat spent in the play -- the Baltimore. That meet. A secondary got eight and the secondary battery and it. Clear communication issue to get people lined up properly I'd like -- -- of every apparently go to light in. And don't let it great patriot but it may -- an answer yet you know everybody had a parliament. -- While -- -- -- the team has a number of options in the middle field who -- where the number of options. Those -- I think that pregnant that you'd like to the middle appealed to pick rock utilized to the middle field. I think Arnold and I know when healthy can utilize the middle. Well that's that's the process -- problem and I think Ed hit it real well why nobody I think the conversation to meet changes at least a little bit. If settlement was a guy who stayed on the field right call -- and run it. Actually see what he is I don't even know. I don't know what -- -- you say settlement when he's healthy so when he's helpful. Non adult and I might -- discussion you got a lock in on and no no no no no not because. I think -- you you do bring up some great points you bring up of an obvious he's gonna disagree with you about. I'll Gradkowski in the middle of the field but you come at a different position and. And -- -- -- right you are hitting -- he can't insist they'll veteran. It would be like are tremendous edition to the -- and -- and -- are pretty accurate. To be okay chocolate that it's a -- of course a -- -- had been in the papers rejected him before they thought they had a and it went back to San Francisco. But but what does golds and have to do with Wes Welker you want to go about it. Much money I'm paying to get -- and write about. What about well what about another met members to add to the -- are about Obama's gonna -- you agree opposite like it a little bit overrated. Good out spectacular like. We do it -- on the ball would be certain. What well -- that that that's not fair now none none none none none none update was seventh in the league rushing this year. Agree I mean that there. Throughout the way we do when you're up at that point is we -- some of those rushing to -- That that they can be here -- technically you're bank. Word -- believe in giving up points or when your defense right in that nine to ten minute drive and they get double steal all each step. Still not good -- great city. And that you -- almost -- let it get out in the league in points that -- constituted a fact that you bet all the time. Dollar to cut -- -- I'm saying is -- it cut it it's part of the defense the overall package which also to to me it's points allowed internal was caused. Other two biggest factors in the defense far as I'm concerned and I'll get carried away it would that you are well I think he's artists on the patriots running game you go back and look a lot of those -- between golf for those guys this year what they did at times. And it's that that etiquette on the bought out rushed the Baltimore Ravens in that playoff game but I don't have to look at the numbers I had a question I don't. Don't have a problem but the idea of a moving on from Wes Welker if you get to that point you say. This is this is what we need to do we don't need to spend you know nine million dollars you what are the number's going to be is going to be a number -- it's going to be a pretty good golfer after he's going to be happy with the team's gonna say man. A wish we could have got him up a little cheaper if he does resign with the patriots have a problem if you think it's time to move on from him. But staying on the field in any sport is part of your skill set. Some guys are blessed mall because some guys British hugely important part is an -- so you can't say while. -- Danny Amendola he's pretty good when he is healthy but he's not that healthy. I really don't want to hear about it. I think we're -- -- we're actually an element of what I've seen from him early in his career. Is dedicated to helping to have a theory. Why can't stay healthy. Because he hadn't played the position. Was a college quarterback and -- so now you're asking him to play receivers just a different thing form and when he played receiver he has the ability to play receiver. But part of playing receiver is taking -- Adams says Wes Welker has taken vicious hit. You know -- is the adorable. So you're assuming that this guy has taken so many -- -- at the next one is gonna break in half with some guys will. And some guys just have the ability. To know when to take a hit and no winning hit the turf and that's what he does. And might you might be brought -- some things -- -- earlier about. The patriots inability. To replace receiver and you're right -- obsolete right you know what they have been good -- They have been good at identifying when it's time to move on from guys. I -- they Samuels only one of the few ones I can think of the jumps to -- that they didn't do a good job there. But O'Donnell line and maybe Vinatieri made it but they replace -- -- and that's okay. But Maginnis givens. There's a bunch of old dame they have their rights are those Larry and -- And in building an organization that's so hugely important and they've done an excellent job. Yeah but I think what in the case of Asante Samuel it's a good example rob because. With the southeastern Europe and they said. Well he's a system Guidant. Any if we don't think he he -- -- we don't -- to him that much money are so you figure out you don't wanna pay that got them last month. But don't. Have a replacement. Right. So that's part of that's part of the decision making process of decision making process or maybe they were right I didn't deserve that much money I'll still stay but I didn't have an alternative I'll still open still stand by that. They -- very good at this -- one districts this is one of the reasons why they. Continued that success but I mean give you another example where these. Messed up Richard Seymour. In Adam and Ron Brace did -- come and in fill that spot over crowded Gaza port I don't I don't know what god wasn't -- but I know that. But they they OK by this state of balls and an Angel right graduated got moved they moved on and usually missed it he was still get it. He was still Dave felt like gets let's be honest that would generate if Richard Seymour was on the -- -- god he probably should have paid right. In hindsight way to remember decide Wilfork right Gregg before all -- -- -- happen to a big right you have to identify your time. But still keep the way that he played after -- for what they needed probably in hindsight he should have paid him. I'll go back to it more times than not they've made the right decision and in Nepal did you hear the same thing here. We give back to go back to where your phone calls a second I love the techsters here on the TT tech line texas'. But it caps annual. One. He got a candidate -- Super Bowl. Wes -- kind of guy and then when you don't play it would go as quick as they hold up every little thing that took them off. And make them better. You know we have whatever little thing to drive them. You know over that edge to keep working in. Make -- run you know another forty. To keep more open -- off. This is what they do and those who worked out what walker do because they're -- overlooked and every time they get overlooked it reminds them -- -- I got cut by the chargers. I got traded away by the gulf. The dolphins would never play it took me -- longer established myself you know are people angry volatile. Did you root canal this guy. I'm not. Like your -- little high the high single them do. Just yesterday Jason go -- Number funded would remember -- right now mean. Our later I have two hours on Spacey bottom here and it's awful we -- sitting next. The Inca Ankiel is. The best ticket. Guys got some opinions. About Wes Welker talked about that with the patriots -- -- -- of the patriot ago texas'. What's a good fit for broker feed them the patriots. At number number exact numbers but it Indianapolis. Oh yeah you're -- repeat teams Indianapolis maybe maybe Miami three teams in under the cap have a lot of -- resort and why we go back to Miami. Why are you know without the money was right. If they overpay a post as always one -- -- out there may be willing to do some stupid that you don't think about how the teams have a lot of money -- -- cap Indianapolis is one minute and -- want. Kansas goes give away a lot of money these days yeah potter Dwayne Bowe fight your -- franchising Branden Albert faking their franchise in Branden Albert for review. Anyway back to your phone calls -- and into harper. The end or eight and -- great. Let me ask a question Michael yeah maybe it how to get back to backs on the pay your roster right now. On the -- and available. I would take a cantilever to have Bob -- better what I always thought actually defensive backs. I say keep Talib and Deborah McCord. Okay. -- why would be signed bat well. Why would we give our money away well. When we could block the start of this article it. And Ed Reed -- in the second degree heat so much help you want it. Get a secondary the secondary needs help at the expense of the office. Well of course because last year at the site to spiders that big box pick a quarter they can big money it's kind of got some money on the detectives. -- they have. They got -- and I thought this debate maybe money is not the right word big money in. But but definitely capital big money and this will -- big muddy and and Jerod Mayo capital and all of these all of these draft pick. Ras I Dowling practical guy picked capital that lifted the question that the secondary needs some help when we got to pick. If you're with every available probably what -- -- that available altered I don't know aborted. When another little. Well yeah every idiot I don't disagree to believe me it needs help which you know why almost every secondary NFL needs a lot of help. Dubbed great outbreak was separatist or secondary and it's Super Bowl and stuff I got it. Honestly though I mean he's a great years of these fantastic defense a talent you don't exist not yet -- I agree they need some help but I mean I'd I don't think you. They don't give Ed Reed coming in your stock to put this team all that. -- I think it will help -- about how -- a couple of shots in order to Egypt and let you know -- everything I -- I said he -- how he got box. I don't think -- you -- bit that you -- on the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course not except -- -- I could -- -- hall of fame player Ian come on now look I think I think part of the the issue here is. Right into -- better in the secondary. And you got to hold the team accountable part of the reason that we can get better in the secondary. Is to have better valuation and better draft when that comes into that was clear cut corners and safety code. -- throw wide receivers there as well -- -- that's been their right Alessio drafting receivers and cornerback. Because you do ascetic they drafted okay recordings are good -- -- -- identified him as what a cute top -- Players back well I mean but he's not small company UK he's been back yet exactly he's not supposed to be -- is not supposed to be safety. They keep drafting these quarterbacks in the game they're not panning out this is the biggest problem. What they need they don't need Ed -- they need cornerbacks. This is at its Texas as what. -- -- Why not get our motel and a -- Carlos Carlos of the grabbing Carlos. -- -- -- -- Big part in all of -- -- like to see him come back. Myself but I'll just wondered I go to watch the I got to gain my DVR and I want to if you try and order a pretty would get a lot of pressure up the middle lot. And his eyes during the whole game. Trying to always tend -- always look at what preferred or put a -- the first. And he really net he was trying to get away from analog to actual decade. And have them like good pretty tall receiver. Run right by any outside defender. -- I'll just wonder what type receivers out there in a market that big tall strong. Can get a actual -- to run by the guy in the. Are they talked about just the Baltimore FC champs had games that again referring to. I noticed a lot Turkey that you were kept it to. Kinda look at the middle I mean I think if we got a little walker I think everything and it -- try to pick up the slack in the middle of fuel Gradkowski. I'll look to -- Tom -- had already bought I think. And I'm not I'm not I'm called I don't why he lost that part of it came over the year I think I don't know -- agreed. But I mean I know every game I want to and that he really don't sit outside the numbers are much everything was kind of on -- -- And 7-Eleven yard combat -- what it's not that really stretched -- fuel -- which used to do that could be a -- -- You know and and even a couple of the other guys that you have -- is he seems like that part of it scheme to diminish somehow. Like the Arctic. There -- Carlos. A couple things here. Number one. With. Tom Brady your first one was that he relies on Wes Welker too much so therefore Wes Welker away from. Sounds -- you know knowing that it's not like power -- like old jazz record play. I I think -- from 1950. Together oh yeah governments out on the caught on fire in your they'll fire fireside yeah. Right here is that in that. -- you that you live with us with the iPhone -- piece of technology race here technologies. You know stop rubbing your whiskers against my obvious. -- rapper wrote an operative who might not okay. It has projected growth we're -- -- about it from my vote companies is to go -- to -- it. You don't this whole point about Tom Brady and he relies -- walker too much so take Welker away. If you think Tom Brady and we've heard it's many times here and nationally if you think Tom Brady is one best quarterback the time. Then Wes Welker. It's not Welker problem that he relies on him too much if you are great quarterback. Something he should be able to stop doing right. If if that's if that's one of his is that a crutch for -- yes. Anything you see that as a problem a guy catching averaging about a 112 catches a year if you're. Think that the problem and I don't. I wouldn't -- be great he's probably about what -- the sombre UB pretty did. With or without Wes Welker -- be better way it went west don't even better to have Hernandez and rock play -- -- -- season together and in the playoffs that's what I'm talk that's an outlook to see happen and audit all the problems kind of go away. But every race we see back it up but we haven't seen in a couple year cattlemen Hernandez gronkowski Welker. Yeah Lloyd and his women dole had a script -- that they have now if I don't Mike Wallace get that like also stretch the field. But in the rocket Hernandez and Welker healthy for most of the season. Especially in the playoffs. I did the -- could be a tough team to beat -- very tough team to beat. I like Carlos -- is a scouting report for that perfect players the united -- big fast strong receiver who can beat the defense didn't throw back shoulder -- to -- -- amazing give you like eleven or twelve touchdowns this season. Now right now -- left to be 1990 tackle ball I was gonna say those guys that are. They're out there they play for the teams you know AJ green is what album Julio Jones is another one. Calvin Johnson I mean those guys. Aren't available in free agency and they were available in free agency. Think the patriots would be standing in line with everybody else you're spill is in New Hampshire to fill. They got it on. Burke stopped poppy I needed just relax so let me get that point -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that you keep up a point of all earlier -- -- got to be all that -- that still a good team and out the Olympic team but thought it looked at the wrong move. I'm you know a keen to be tough to beat the -- captain them not pop. You look back -- it that we awarded the trophy. -- not finished in second right now with the colts have been the colts since 2000 -- with the ship in the -- and try to put on the field what 3842 point which is great. Can't stop anybody we can't stop anybody when you really need something. You go back that I read and gain in the hole and change what they hit on the running. That's what we haven't had in years and that's why we continue to finish -- in. Right all the then anybody that how come there atop the league and cause turnovers turnovers caused. Which is a big part of any defense. He -- which he didn't get the -- and -- -- put the player we haven't done we haven't done. -- -- -- Getting into and I didn't go to Baltimore and you forgot the Houston game and forgot the other game against Denver last year but out of account for anybody because Tebow play I'll just tell you I -- I still to sink struggle that's a great review. But at least at least pockets ticket apps looks like it's happens every single time. True. -- I want the Lombardi trophy did that apparently these bitter that early patriots doing what are we that are who we are that's the I didn't fulfilled what. Team is what to I mean you've seen the ship in the entire league. What what what great defense is a route that -- -- terrific. That play in the playoffs bill -- -- -- -- you can ask -- question. What -- -- to -- -- will -- let me ask you question. Well who -- the three toughest players in the patriots. Well apple OK well you what -- did you you wanna play one team is going to be tough. You don't take away Wes Welker well don't get it out while it is still abuse jumped up top players and offensive. You'll what you'll get it to -- a -- backing unable -- your quote shortly right maybe that's what we Abbott and -- -- Was Obama went -- looking to get it back you'll put the looked at Eric thought and -- Right and I read an acute that it wobbled. -- -- Not the point. We got it -- and -- we gotta get back that was all we -- out you know. We look at it at that Pete Carroll nick -- -- now when you watch them we you drop into the other team that beat. Or orderly -- from a it needs you guys jumped from around your bitterness from a lot of people art. Wes Welker is well -- blockers either nice player but they need to pass rusher Wes Welker is a great player but. They need somebody who cannot pop somebody in the secondary. They need a quarter. They need another arrive back on and on. You know what you're not -- you're not. You are not discrediting. Wes Welker. You don't have a problem Wes Welker you have a problem with their defense which is legitimate you shouldn't have a problem with their defense. But that's not -- Wes Welker issue. I think that's a personal issue Leo I -- because -- -- Kurdish and it is -- -- they can't pay for that player -- you don't slow and you don't just solve the problem and freeagent. That's one way of solving the problem. In free agency and the other thing they have to do with their very few draft picks and -- their five draft picks. They're gonna have to hit on those draft picks. And so that's eight. That's an easy way of of doing it you have -- have to do is pick over eight until we know what those players are under -- control for awhile. The issue. But the caller just you know I understand appreciate his passion brings her some good points but. To say that this team is the colts he's not saying that if -- -- doesn't make that catch no seven he's not saying that two years ago welcome makes a catch you're supposed to make. All that I really think we have just become. As a football -- anyway everyone to call I just really think Michael and and -- that. We're just trying to. Over think ourselves too much -- catch the ball. Things will take care of itself the little things and it's not. That complicated there are no great defense is right now the NFL but especially wants to get the best package that that's what's that got there. Did you know they had they had moments Seattle was great it's about yelled and do anything. We're really matter they got beat several reporting I didn't look like world beaters and playoffs -- only heard about top physical they were all here and. I mean super. Don't critical thought is being lost vet lost large group supermodel. As not too bad news.

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