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David Ortiz: My Achilles feels good

Mar 5, 2013|

We spoke with David Ortiz on the Big Show today and tried to get a take on when David will be back at full strength for the Red Sox.

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Yeah it. -- like it. I like to welcome back to the big show rob Bradford picture ever Michael Holley and house right now we'll talk to a guy who many people have been talking about. For a long time resign with the Red Sox in the offseason. People are wondering if you'll be ready for opening day David Ortiz designated hitter of the Red Sox on the line David was going moment. They would ruined her Brood War love -- among men robbed twice. And -- lieutenant who shall. And the limits for right now so congratulations. -- -- yeah. I really don't. -- You're doing this for rob slide please XY -- interest is -- -- -- I usually don't you don't need to explain anything that I think. That the -- -- electable but it would only go up. I've never -- a set -- we've been talking about to a lot and it got it got all of our attention when. You -- running at the beginning of spring training that this -- we have take longer than you expected for the Achilles and if so what did you expect. While April order for years ago. And they do not relate in a -- -- blossoms any injuries have a lot to do -- blood flow. So. Doubt or party. And get somebody -- both well so it is rather than any other. It's the good news or -- -- And the -- yesterday. I'm about the on the -- again a little bit. This day it was a -- that they. It was the most unpredictable factor than what I did yesterday. If you do you know normally. It was sort. 56 after. I was like in we have the -- it didn't happen -- -- refuse to go up. It was -- They command. Can do. So war. Were reported in the same page. And the doctors and -- was an injury to. David how worried were you the other day -- it was. Sunday. When I wouldn't you said he didn't feel that great but day indirect who we all know around here is a guy's fixing Larry Bird. Who's on the staff they're now becoming easier mind how worried were you that day. What I -- you know quote I was Atlanta Braves line. What's been going like I did it today. And I got to sort out the worse. Dan. Eighties he'd be right I think because he say that part of it. Three in the so far of their injuries are and we recognized as you do in -- that you haven't done in the past six months. So. It pretty much dictate it within forty and people. Like that because that's just part of the process. There are you feeling -- additional pressure of trying to get back. By opening days if for the fans are I mean just because -- the way last season you know went down and is that a part of this at all -- -- just actually not we come back into you feel you're you're you know close to 1%. Well I definitely be in it -- I got to this -- lot of I don't wanna come in and play a week and then go back -- -- -- supposed to. You know so. The doctors are trying to manage the -- Right so we it was serial format. We would had a good communication. And everything is normally respect. I'll just say Richard you mentioned the communication -- in this but some change in some of the the medical staff the training staff. How do you like the changes the spark. Well. A group little the it's very much approach everything. Being on the same page which is good characters. That. Sometimes took longer the -- you know your diplomatic. And all you heard different things from. But two of them that's the case here. Which is good. -- -- We've been working with a whole lot season. And be very much a day and and -- There was things I was wondering about his Buick dog the Dominican India and the winner bit because of the warm weather obviously helps the Achilles and you can be playing these games coming up. What are you a little worried when you hit New York because obviously is -- cold again hard do you expect that you might have take some time off because of that to the weather. Well I really have me in. You know Mario would go -- That are in the winter than. Or over the course of the -- I -- that. I. It's remarked I normally do that I can also a couple of times. When did you meet me out there it is to. An issue where everything is going well. But. That's written in when I was going to be. Is. Doctor deemed that is where we direct -- -- of sort of replaced. And I was -- which worked with him. And can down there to make sure those in the woodlands. -- what you expected. And it was due -- -- much about sort of situation. But it will conduct of the Albrecht who lost on. Chanel. And that the -- -- we we we of course and bring the right word. -- said that the other day also of that due in December and January I think you. Admitted to being pretty nervous about how everything was gone can you just talk a little bit about how nervous you work. Yeah I. I -- I was feeling you know the same thing. And it and I wasn't able to give an account Judea. We got a memoirs. And it's a picture of my cute and in this -- earned a love for what I got and you and they won December. And but I don't maybe should've let him because -- who's running. Which is -- different. Sort of that we would look at when I first got her. And now. Dot com and some -- -- -- like OK I'm not the possibly afraid. -- are running. Fare airline -- I bet. Missile vote if but. What if Iran. And that start during the period forward and also -- indeed I looked like I was gone greatly. While this the important thing. -- -- -- Doug Davis that you've -- embossed in the fewest games you've played it in your career as a member of the Red Sox is ninety. How come into play more than ninety games this year. Always do. But I. Now some say the fewest you've do you play it was last year that was ninety when he got hurt company comedy and a better way of asking is how many games you expect you'll play this year. Well this bird expert Leo. What my goal -- common. Such forward -- who the right thing right now and and make sure in the pool for the -- -- are going to be in all of them I don't let it well. Old you don't want to get on that they definitely be at it and -- I'm beat up on the line. And hopefully for you though I'm sitting on the stand up and kind of it's hard to sit on the present who. The two on the positive note that the -- it because the -- so. I. A burden for him public like a number -- game. But I would make could be in there there's America's role in. Portland injury happened not much in the world body's gotta deal. Did you did you think did you think that your injury having it happen in a contract year for you. It ever cross your mind that the Red Sox in word to use that against you -- that -- that your injury would affect. Your contract talks with them and they easily could come back then we'll wait a minute -- we'll wait and see in see how you recover from knee injury did you ever that ever cross your mind. Well when you're answers. In and partner. Doctors dictate. What kind of iron -- about that interview. And in my cage. Owes more aware about it and now he's -- To -- which has been drinking in public concert. I know that I and the employment come back and play. And I guess it was a good situation. Because. That didn't notice. How much immunity here so. You know on the mark it was going to be because -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know -- promote -- -- -- here so. I think. You credited verbal and alerted the right at a court. And but obviously abrasive. There to get a sense that this team is more focused at this at this particular time right now in camp as opposed to last year at this time. Yeah I wouldn't have been reviewed. I think. And it's in this short -- time and then I would. Well -- Iran. And then Iran and Britain are tailored to -- comfortable so. Approaching things. And but because juvenile -- -- which is something that would make him the practically -- problem. David the first day you get to Camby said you were 90% what would you say your art right now. -- -- from the first day get to camp I think you said you were felt about 90%. What do you think you are right now. Well from. -- record let -- -- then it is. They've been positive. And in. I'm the kind of person but I like to book myself. Very much more than that now so. Burton and I and it's -- when you get to know you're so yeah. Good at all confident you can be. And I'm pitchers that they -- to -- that level. Right now I burned bases. I've been able to -- sense that it wasn't able to. And I'm not on the sensitive. I was playing right now. Look -- You know the last test -- to pass before you play. You did you have to be -- media member in a race. What you wore. A doce which -- -- On how to -- a what do what do what do you know what do you what do you think you're gonna play what do what do you think you know play music you play but -- in the week. Hopefully everything goes well yeah I think those well obviously I'm loving what cubicle as. Several months. In they're not on your club frustration. It is. You know about a month on the governor and a reboot and blue -- on my thanks Walsh. Both. I can -- have been approved by -- whoever right. Our David. Thanks for taking the time and we will let. Bradford wife -- that you didn't that you. You -- Guys. -- Is David Ortiz is joining us from Fort Myers and -- -- it is a picture. David Ortiz offense I think well hey David thanks. -- David. Doing this for Bradford. -- story there. Anything for you. My wife's motto. Liberty toasts -- about I must go for maybe you'll five. When his wife Tiffany welcome opening with a degree in business with the twins about going wake him up and do ridiculous shots in the parking lot of David Gergen -- is -- zero outside one appointees it was a maxed at historic. Bug we went as first Packard service is absolutely stare at someone capita cap. The dollar dollar don't know about that it is like you know I'm not used to the weather. Now listen I told you good batter in different on the text machine it's all in place so couple people back to backs -- as stupid question Michael when I asked him. How many games. He expects the player how many games he can't play. Because that's the only question for me if that's a stupid question are now being bay Buccaneers asked the better. But the one thing I wanna know is. Is David Ortiz who played ninety games last year is David Ortiz capable of playing. Ninety. Is he capable playing 105. He said he wants to be careful we still not 100%. Is it 1151. To me I think that's the question that everybody. You need him to play -- thirty. They legitimately need him to play our thirty we didn't. The we've talked about this before the importance of -- her -- importance of Mike Napoli in the middle of that order is huge. And so if he does play nine games UC what happened would have happened last year. At what what do you think would have well I'll ask you this question I'll ask you a contract. David Ortiz contract question. In a couple of minutes so remind me just in case I forget in two minutes.

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