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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 03/05/13

Mar 5, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon during the course of the day. Today featuring the Olympics in Boston, best sports agitators, and an NFL team in LA.

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And he and then you know -- needs to be NGOs for. Or poor and toward more like fourth yeah. Yeah. Orange -- We -- be yeah. Aren't sharp for 444. Topics that we have not discussed yet kind of we're cheating a little Britain as we have about made reference to the Olympic topic to -- also going to be -- tied into the water line remit and that -- -- republic for it and mr. -- Ford unlimited number of force which option. Your favorite number four which over Bobby Bobby Bobby. Program when I was in third grade which -- the time Robert door door. Was never for note that explains a lot that that explains a lot which stops and overall Bobby Bobby what are Gordon or you know are out through tougher than nickel steak if you news say no war -- -- -- -- -- Benjamin young injured. After over the top but I got the number one. Right Monday night -- a price. Cut isn't all that you know with the group that's coming true. I'm sorry there's -- legal on the champions league game. Monday night during the fourth quarter of the -- timberwolves JJ Barea and Ray Allen got into heated exchanges -- it was being injected. Warrior called Allen a bleeping pussycat. Minus yeah. JJ has carved out a successful career being an agitator how important is it to have an agitator on your team. I damaged -- out of watching this game the US I -- you're watching him live. The officials were an abomination. They call it the -- they've worked they were so bad in that Minnesota Miami game now JJ Barea. Gave Ray Allen good fought it hard for it to be rejected. For that follow last night he's like five to. Okay all set up and it gives you re an elbow break is doing the Brandon Lloyd and he's leaving his feet. Then he falls down he jumps up and says what the bleep is wrong with you liberate that he's been kicked out games is. Very clearly are about three or four times. You are. An afternoon. But I bet that if they Michael rev David Stern doesn't think that this is an issue I mean he's crazy they have serious issues entirely people around to play about the sell -- Mike is right there at the top of lists about. So it was officiated if you watched. Other games -- -- -- over -- in the NBA you watch some of these other games. It's it's beyond Boston is horrible around the league -- bad. Officiating it inconsistent that is -- -- MBA it's terrible. RT do you need. How important is this -- on your team. I can't think of -- sport well. I don't -- -- can't -- of the -- of the four major sports. Sorry soccer ball in their. I can't think of one where you don't need one of these guys. Called an agitator OK so you could talk about football pocket whether are shot out Jessica hockey obviously you need -- guy and where did and the other team can't push you around you got to know. You can't go into anything again I think Danny was that -- agitator time somebody comes and don't you think about all the other teams Rick Warren of the bad boy absolutely. You know so basketball. Baseball. I did the first guy who comes about Bynum baseball. Is in I don't know I don't know Bradford agrees that this -- I'm baseball agitator Bradford. -- papers. Where everybody says I hate playing against them. But he's on your team there's a value to having -- like that who if you do it -- -- it. Baseball's a tough one. Well look at what not not really think of a hole. Early 70s80s. All agitated and added you know what it into about a guy who comes in the second. Spikes -- and their deaths ago to move for -- or how about this. A guy like paper. Pedro says. Go -- just let him know I'm protecting my teammates. I think I think it's I think it's import I can't think of a winning team would have you think of a champion. Who didn't have an eight year old guys but -- -- -- great guys. Love it but Paul. You get -- but actually. An art Pollard. Duke -- bear great when Dexter -- But on -- that I saw out of editor personal note that at number four Adam. For you -- your. Pocket where it operated -- -- -- and baseless name three hours. What you don't -- but this and in another thing about -- Miami Minnesota game last night. It was their fifteenth straight game. They are so damn cocky to Miami Heat but the good. Grew them -- her to another great and that's why they are great that's why it really six people laugh. That raid went to Miami. Because he makes so much separate -- have a great game last night. It played all right of the great game last night was Dwyane Wade. And then LeBron was LeBron. But Stevens while I just don't see anybody I don't see anybody beating them. And I didn't -- see the value million and in the Bruins game. -- -- Well he's already got a -- yeah being Arab -- -- I don't know what happened after that -- know so. At least one thing leads to -- -- -- just got to go -- bill -- beard knicks Wear show her jaw urban. Are -- positive and some verdict Rodney Harrison Reggie Miller's group was very good -- to exterminate start. Why their Dickson baseball. The proposed stadium in -- cardinal of the proposed stadium in LA that was going to be built YE Jean now has seemed have been scrapped. Who does -- benefit more by having team in no way the league being the NFL or the city. Legally legally -- -- -- market didn't care. People of LA to inoculate actually here but it I don't know if Dick -- have a team right now that would. That's an attitude was what 95 that when the rams left. Every team in -- eighteen years but given number two market. Without a football team yes the NFL -- love that don't go credit easy that's an -- Any disagreement in -- c'mon at all. Slice it pretty simple they say the care -- they really go. Heaven can wait for example. What -- -- number three young Benjamin -- staying in LA Mike Trout contract situation is causing a stir. He wanted to renegotiate is deal angels decide to get an extra 20000. Bringing his salary up to 5101000. Should the angels trying to get him to sign an Evan Longoria type deal now this -- then. Let implant this contract is the -- this is a flawed question you must have been worse coming off the screen you -- law. No drugs it was a good day. 000. Affording you liked. The baseball. Google earlier irritated I'm responsible for key -- comment on saying how -- it's of course the angels blog question of course you angels do Evan Longoria contract. Was the most teen friendly contract in the history of baseball. The west the -- right questions. Will do. Of course he wouldn't do. Right of course that if it depends what you listen there's been plenty of times the players today of course he won't do. By but they end up doing because they want the security of the Contra. Seats remain to me it is a different story and always agent has come out and says it's a shame. If they do is boost in 20000 dollar low as you know what that right. Fire the agent. Or you save the agent you handle that. You handle that privately with the angels and try to get something worked out but. It does not. You will not win with the public I don't care what you say and what you do that you were second in the MVP race last year and you are. You were electric and you're excited baseball fans. Minus making over 500000. Dollars a year. It and you know he's making 500000. Dollars Keith law nobody's gonna feels art form now. Don't know Robby and didn't I know mark's -- one point his career read a pretty. You know pretty friendly deal I remember correctly right from -- stick around. On one side or they did yeah he did a very fair a very friendly can't you can't send letters I had a great deal item locked up -- 55 or six years that is. Well the best contract indicative assigned. Absolutely and then then. The flip side is Nomar had a deal on the table with a four for sixty. You know yeah it literally -- back into the I don't -- sorry no more. I would got number -- -- as we've talked about Boston's one of the many cities trying to get the Summer Olympics -- 20/20 four how would you sell Boston to the IOC. Are now that's the question. Also. We should we got we got a few responses are in a lot of -- excellent 77793535. Some pretty good wins and we can do better as well. So we're in the air on a -- line its interest in them. I think it have a tough time selling Boston and I was CP I'd agree there a couple of things here number one. They said that they want 45000. The the market -- 45000 hotel. There's 30000 some red roof and especially if -- at 30000. Yeah hotel rooms in Greater Boston. And number two in this is my favorite. There must be a reliable. Public transit system which. -- threat to raise the prices began to talk moderate prices dampened you're right reliable. Is the world ready for the Green Line let's update after the new dolls bikes count at all -- about people who. Most Leo welcome to get hotels dot -- that his -- say the stated just don't know area up there you take the Green Line. And what's that at the -- revenue -- -- BC out that way with 80000 stops. -- -- -- map you see your car sick. You know treat sick before you get the north station -- -- Google but people it's ago. We don't shape don't grade addition admitted that he -- a pretty -- I drive I fighting cab ride to digital I imagine what you in front of the united Fredricka. They're necessarily are right here. We are so I just know what is all this in your Boston there's word for -- ninety seconds in ninety seconds. We will talk with. David Ortiz.

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