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Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports, on relationship between Welker and Patriots

Mar 5, 2013|

Jason Cole joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his story that the relationship between the Patriots organization and Wes Welker is strained and that the Pats WR holds "mild disdain" towards the Pats.

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This is how works in the NFL silly season it's model or not -- three point seven WEEI get. Differ reports every damn what's going all the free agent in particular this patriots team. Fans wondering what's gonna happen with Wes walker in the first thing that I woke up to today. Was Jason Cole story Yahoo! Sports dot com talking about that. Wes Welker source telling Jason that still little miffed. About little limited playing time early last year and has a mild disdain for the team. In the offense and our good friend Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports joining us on the AT&T hotline that having your Jason right or every day we get a little nugget about these reagents. Ryan the other part that you pick up a little part of the story which. -- but the thing but the bigger part of versions that. Yeah he's probably Wednesday because he realizes this the best place for empathy and even if that cost him a little bit of money. This is what it can make somewhere else. Could make a good choice it was a team that knows too well. Paid decently. Is gonna give every opportunity is there a little bit you know concerned about -- -- here in the future. A little bit but I think about Erica outweighed by the fact that plan with the operators that option for. It also look at that time last year the first couple games -- there was limited snaps to be upset about it if the patriots step up and Amy repair salary. Admit that -- concerned about you know your competitor he wanna play but you with that the -- get a -- for a payday in the limited time but they pay him. If you really word at that point the next three years. The it and it got released potentially much talked about that look what Walker's current guidance and then when you don't play with the effort that they hold up every little thing. That took them off. Can make -- better. You know we have whatever little thing to drive. You know over that edge to keep working and make a run -- another forty. To keep more open took off. This is what they do and those who worked out what walker do because there are overlooked and every time they get overlooked it reminds them of had a cup -- by the chargers. I got traded away by the gulf. The dolphins would never -- it to Yugoslavia establish myself you know are people angry volatile. Yes -- and I think that's another reason why to give what happened last year and that leap of faith that he thought after the sign that prints I stick if they did it again I'm sure the patriots felt that maybe play a little more hard ball this year has been was a watch -- franchise and work cut a deal achieved got a. We talk. About because the total was eleven point -- think yeah on the number also the leverage that what. He's -- he's content to play at eleven point -- Whereas. You know you can probably get him on -- -- year -- for. 1617 million dollars guaranteed right now. Where it's going to be hard for some other team out there. To guarantee that kind of money if you give -- beloved -- Korea I think it's one of those ones where or how that helped out and you fax me that contracts Republican side and cigarette factory. Let's circle back to the beginning of last year because the reason I started with that is because when it happened at the time Jason on the show week we said boy. How has joined settlements starting had a Wes Welker -- an -- Hernandez got hurt. It seemed like Welker was the odd man out and there was backlash lot of patriot fans and you guys are always making stuff up and this is just bill's way -- -- -- clearly. West felt the same way did you get any indication as to why. Welker felt like the patriots did that was it to get settlement morn ball was -- keep -- fresh was there any plan. That west was given as to why he was. I think it's all what the patriots it's always about who's who's in charge who's the boss here. And that's OK you know that's a couple those things and I know that. Another part of this what they wanted to get a handle the -- the more that whole -- related move on from. And they also have a belief that -- little -- could be back cut because. Remember Josh you know Brandon Lloyd is just within an old guy. You know that doubled the decade quote unquote discover what Denver. And -- than the legitimate receiver. And it took an entire season for real was the rewards of the guy in a pretty good. But he's just he's not a game breaker is not a game changer. He's not back consistent unique how. Welker over the consistency and as much as you might want to fumble the ball more. To a guy like Hernandez and gronkowski. They get -- So what you wanna do is you need help Welker and he got them over their -- and partnered Harvard football season. And movement changed the law and doing that job because these sort of the you know in the possession guys -- concerned that de facto running game. Went because they're still not a great running changes although little things little subtle part of the game. But I think that at the beginning of last year. There was the distinct feel and with that the coaching staff okay that we can set it up to move along and belonged to somebody else that they discovered. No they really -- -- -- personal. They discover that because Hernandez went down because that was the first time that middle that came to against the cardinals. He start to get the same not a snap three seed west cat. -- -- Circumstance. Usually dictate the things that you have to do your eventually. You know that Brady have a figure they'll look I trust all the all the walker -- -- on the ball Lloyd. I'll -- more. But I don't -- that the profit and thrown the ball toward as much more of your talk about -- Hernandez. It looked okay. Is acceptable player. But what they really view from that position. Is the guys who catches fifty years six people and Albert duplicate eighteen or nineteen or twenty eager to catch. That's what happens in -- over the top. Guys who -- utility. And take the top off with these -- Rather than what they're already have with Korea goes and Welker and to a certain extent don't count he goes -- accessible consistently but they don't they don't cause they don't. They don't cause you're in the. Are you in your market talk remote Welker is legacy and I'm just wondering. You feel he's there right now because. He still says that that may has made his money contract let -- that the legacy Contra critical Brady kind of did hear. A fellow rookie deal making money deal legacy deal is you already there legacy is still. The developer. It's a complicated thing because you'd never have the big contract. But I don't think that yet from what I'm hearing out there. I don't think he's gonna do a whole lot better we have on the other team you have maybe get a billion dollars -- more from somebody else sort different structure. But here the problem with that you know what she's moved to a routine trying to learn the role with somebody else. Especially. When you sign that they have a -- billion dollar your contract with another pain. There's this expectation that goes without. That you're going to be the game board also there's going to be the game changer would be all the result of things. And what is not that guy. What is not at the west is again a chain mover. He's the de facto running game for a team that doesn't you know how you know about to tell -- that all the -- with both guys on the edge and not helping people. With the running game is that that what about the issues seventh goal of the art. And just keep moving along. He's not a good score fifteen touchdowns. To -- scored more than so what happened who's got -- back go to other team. All the sudden -- look at that while it doesn't score a touchdown. In the rugby productive. It doesn't do that they'll have focused on the things that he doesn't do. That they're expecting do because of the money. And all of -- two years down the line you're disenchanted with the guys. And he gets cut. We're talking to Jason called Yahoo! Sports -- does the Dwayne -- contract Jason effects. Wes is value on the market whatsoever. Other than mine probably development is what more liberal and vote. The way both contractors do. A little bit surprising. But I tell you I don't think one -- government money from anybody else besides incident I think that lifeboat really lucky that they got a coaching change and general manager change in the same European city. And all that people who don't know what their way to -- as we look like. As a person. Duke looked at -- as a football talent and that we need to keep that. That's what is that it -- get as much money. Another got to keep an eye on -- jungles and he's come out and said he wants Eric Barry money six years sixteen million dollars. Does he get that would that -- guy that would be the the big money spending for the patriots in the off season with a cap space. I'd be shocked at the commitment that it would now. I've always been I know that people think you can do well. In the is that what if you would of that element is. Safety he would have got offered money before -- who do not back so. Again I'd be shocked if you get numbers -- I think he can maybe get five or six million dollars a year. Maybe seven but I don't see -- and those figures a way you know how I would rather -- about the patriot. I would rather -- But the car community -- impunity and for the first which are the ones that are. And make that my safety what -- that you know look without guys upside. Is himself open for doubtful. Love you -- energy Q and that emotion he showed that Florida team the -- yesterday the -- Olympian. It was like is like 88 players get franchise tag yesterday in the -- exclusive Jason that there were 21 guys a year -- a couple of guys eventually lose the tag and -- long term deals. Was the then knocked up from 2181. Year to the next they cited these teams are looking around saying boy. Black cap. Lot of free agents lower dollar value some of these guys we don't need do guarantee one player. X amount of dollars we feel confident we get players -- a a bargain rate and a free agent market. I think it's partly that I also think that. They -- desperation like you didn't get player won two were totally in free agency. You overpay for before. What I think you've discovered is if you don't get player won two world -- -- -- the adaptive -- that haven't given us whatever happens to be. The difference between them before -- public nine. Thought that the difference but wait for those guys to come down comprised. And look at the one who maybe is three billion dollars a year or two billion dollars in your four billion dollars or whatever those. And don't feel like jeopardy. Yep the top guy get. For the second. Don't feel like you've got over pay and -- Gatorade -- offered before guy. And he's just on Google have marginal difference between him -- a guy who might be back and put a dollar figure. Jason -- on this. You wrote about it and the LA stadium proposal for a long time eight EG. Talked about his downtown stadium -- shopping plaza in this is big deal is back ought to happen with think eighteen is moving to LA in the year near future in the NFL. Not in that plan because the property of money. For both AG which is built kind of built in video and -- haven't felt seemed to be profitable one of the big concerns that kind of felt and how about the point and as. Okay I'm already making money. In whatever Serbia. Whether it is all one Jacksonville Saint Louis OK I've I know one got to make that amount of money. If I think the -- to move to Los Angeles. I have to be here feel very confident that I'm going to make -- X amount of money in the value -- France's go up and become and taken a big risk in doing that. Going into account where there's some established competitive teams are like the lakers the Dodgers the clippers. You'll USC you feel like basketball stuff like that. And they Google is that the guarantee on the money -- -- is good enough. No matter what age you put on the table so to me right now. I don't see it happening I know that does what Bob Kraft. Really want to see achievement Los Angeles and they want a CPA Ichi plant work. -- -- -- -- It's -- great stuff your story that Al west talked about it all -- appreciate the insight and enjoy the week leading up until free agency. I asked one of the best Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports of parliament Jason Cole Yahoo! and he joins on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT. With speeds -- the ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible our 92 break we on the verge year. You know the next days weeks even months -- the track record of the store about the failure. We someone on the verge of more Major League Baseball superstars. Being suspended. Due to steroids talk about ninety seconds.

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