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Tom Curran, CSNNE, on the Patriots offseason

Mar 5, 2013|

Curran joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Pats decision not to use the franchise tag, who they should target during free agency, and what kinds of offers Wes Welker may get around the league.

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It boom boom boom. And then the. You close drastic about the end game here with a -- the patriots Q every chance he could see yourself missing regular season games because of -- Now I'm not at all not at all now I'm. Dugard and I'm happy I agree is going eyewitness. -- -- -- -- are we're up. Our -- got -- 93 point seven WEEI that the voice of west well about a year ago but at this time right maybe a little bit. Lesson that ten months ago as he was getting set to sign that franchise -- show up and practice and I'll be part of the patriots offseason and he was by the patriots offseason -- -- franchise and this year and the question becomes. Whereas Wes Welker play next year is it a lock that Tom Brady freed up money. So that Wes Welker could be here on some sort extensively test the market David -- and his agent and Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports dot com join us at 1 o'clock today. Writes that there's a feeling a mild disdain. At the wide receiver has for the patriots organization based on the way he was used last year and all that leads to the question. Should they bring Wes Welker back I think they should I think it should be in the extension -- he certainly deserves it. Passing offense -- one's really well with Wes Welker part of that I disagree with rust from Walpole. And others. When they say the offense could be better without Welker who I don't get that -- -- argue that can lead to the top target that the defense is one important that's fine. But don't try to sell me that somehow well aggregates -- Brady gets to lock in a west when all I -- is -- up there on third down. First down at their first out after first down. -- game after game after game how is that a bad thing to have a party or office. I how I think what you hear from patriot fans we've heard that there before right locked in on one guy and Brees went -- -- wasn't that extreme talent a wide receive Regis hit the open -- which you've seen as a team that. Yet to get over the hump has a lot of expectation. Anything off pit that spotter in the post season you want change want to do it differently. You know and and you know there's -- side of me the probably agrees with that. But I do have a tough time to divide this -- but it's opened this offensively again bring everybody back. The offer still good enough to what is doable -- Walcott include brittle it. I joining us on the AT&T hotline you heard his music. Right that's the -- bots that means CS enemies Tommy current. Is on the line Tommy brought to you by his -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800 get hair free free consultation. Happy NFL offseason Tom -- -- You know I can't Chile and number. Bottom line I gave children the numbers -- -- all really excited about it won't start. You know incorporate the maker of the transitional of that number and didn't -- -- don't call the wrong number and and screamed at me when I just. Well I think Tom in me the wrong number or may have gotten fired because some some guy answer I had no idea who -- -- seventh -- could barely speak English league what's the number one yup. -- -- -- This is year old number now Jonathan Kraft this that would that would be called night gave it to him the relationship he gets tight in nominal as Quebec. Quote it would Jonathan Kraft we don't want greatness it was what you're gonna be here. Yeah I would think so I mean they were making serious partners last week and get something on the -- and you know I think that was a domino that was set all. Now I think if you're one of the interesting things and there's there's -- composer -- about this on Friday. West doesn't necessarily hold all the cards -- 32 year old wide receiver. Because. Say for instance -- -- -- -- its market discipline patriots had interest in a little -- masters to freeagent. A patriot like it -- -- you know what anyone he's basically -- -- just a little younger. And -- sister Indian -- injury prone. Apple could be injury history. They're not let me say that here. Yesterday I said -- a lot a lot of times that. But I mean I think that -- injury problem their guys who get hurt is what is there is corporal injury prone we're already gotten hurt in. Strange way operatives here as strictly as you can kind of well. But I haven't dole has suffered injuries they'll work more the result of hard hit a that you fertile. -- what I'm saying is there exportable. Injuries. So. But he is every bit as good as. Potentially. Wes Welker has. You know I'm guessing at the -- it's like to have -- welcome back obvious he's a good football player but. If they lose him in free agency and it's because of money don't have themselves to blame last year. Two years sixteen could have gone up to three years guarantee and 21 that he wanted we'd be sitting here salary cap number -- be lower and it was when he and be an issue. They dropped the ball last offseason and on extending a. Welcome public blame an imperial it was also when we don't know what they're to blow it much less well what goes elsewhere and does great in the patriot struggle without. There's not -- no blame to go around -- we have. Something that happened that makes it look like a mistake there to be a mistake -- blip. I think it may regret. Not having him around this. Which I thought that it will. If you look at. How dependent we -- to come on Wes Welker including. It being your best. It -- threat and target. I don't think the offense should be built but now it's a -- in bulk of the gains and ended their season. -- -- in theory that Wes Welker might have been the target on key ways that didn't go the Patriot Act. But that says. You need a different player really bigger quarter quote catch radius. We can be a little bit inaccurate where it's still -- -- -- -- there are limitations to what Wes Welker can deal. That -- can do end. As a result. A -- I think he's tremendous and I also think there he's replaceable. Not with an identical player to pick up and could transform. Is he a deterrent to the offense -- -- haven't said that -- lab with a couple callers and -- in particular said that the Brady relies too much on that if he was not here. Brady would go back to back quarterback who just -- the open receiver do you believe that a west is in here would it be a benefit to the patriots at some level. Well I think that's. Taking a week who are sticking up. Escaping. Oh lit match and turning it into bonfire it's not. Not that he's -- tremendous complementary receiver. In the NFL does his job so -- and well. Very -- grown. Could be Morton after the patriots you need to -- -- out you need to return on. They're being more compliment its portion and not all three contracts under and -- -- who is. -- episcopal that would Ratko last year because Julian Edelman got hurt. And Aaron Hernandez got -- is still at oak which is 200 balls. Patent it and between our return and pick up the turns and runs and also the target to. Early early on in Brady's career it was genome it professionals in gamers. -- but it was always most talented wide receiver and crew and word was a Brady can make anybody look great a week. Why -- we said that recently what are we need to go get Mike Wallace -- -- we need to go after doing global forties re signed -- we passed that all of a sudden. Not a great clips and the reason is. The patriot 019. Since 2008. And into which they scored fewer than one point. From 2001. To 2007. It was sixteen point four. They've only won one game against buffalo 2009. -- the over at some point point defense. Compact with these after school that like in. Italy could score. Seventeen points but he didn't AFC divisional playoff game seeing Brady built. Using amnesty he. Represented and he could score seventeen points against Tennessee Titans the appropriate divisional play reluctant and still win. -- -- that's in dispute here in particular because that defense so we can go. The game has changed to the patriot defense has radically change. And as a result patriots need to score more. They weren't explosive boss -- hated it and their closeness and Corey -- you know that -- the -- the byproduct of the defense declined. The one follow up of the eagle back to. I watched in global how. In light in my mind Tom may -- goes life easier because he went up and got balls and all sorts of areas and I think if they bring back Wes Welker. They can still make a move by ridding himself -- Brit awards three million dollars and addressing back on the outs like how the -- was batted just think that. He wasn't that vertical you know and while bold and tight gold jumping get a guy. I thought he was going to be status and Terry could -- big cut ties with Brandon Lloyd and address that outside receiver that way. Definitely I think their eagle on the quirky discipline and we're gonna capture. What you're to -- -- It's what was most surprising to me I didn't understand. Howell first physical contact Brandon Wood was the well not hatred and have a a -- -- to compete for the ball in the air because rain must never did. -- -- people. What came that I have to stay underground. Go up and jumped all you rarely get that entry. Yet -- political. But he didn't. Arm -- that Paula can jump. It keeps you don't have leopard -- -- -- Uptick in Jacksonville win and he ran a deep and and let that work after the football so that we -- you get hit out of nearly as. This particular on the ground. Up all -- -- -- off that little miscommunication earlier in the game and get people. That it was a shining example would randomly -- short. He competes and all the way. He doesn't communicate and developed real good relationship Arctic quartet. Quote out there that's our question. -- they're -- -- Physical receiver I mean impossible and I figured would be. That's my dream they kind of had to -- more yeah. And the stock at a decent retire but can. They've given the only guy -- represented in the similar player that the patriots academy outside -- big strong go compete for the ball like that but. It's brought -- out on the field. Last year there -- a -- In full capacity. It's -- Better than it squabble that's the question. Well let me ask -- this -- -- the market for keep to leave -- -- is back here in New England what kind of contract will it be. I think it'll be kind of a Corey Dylan. Really mart's. Real quick look at contract. It'll it'll an option after the first you. In a way. Appropriate voice that. And don't spit ball here -- is the ball. Create one except. Where. Eight million -- You know. It's a thing get out of dough like like Brinling. Think of that would be reasonable or even 3.4 might be more reasonable. That you know what that might you be free to. You think he's back. What would your idea of trying to sell their money list a banged up you suspended you're hurt. You know your ability is probably higher than more than what you get paid right now the -- cap let's go one year deal guarantees him money to -- free agent market next year not enough. No not enough not up where people look at beginning of the year and all the sudden he's he's trying to go to create a market without anything I think that. Bet you're almost trying to get corporate franchised activities. What they give no one year deal that would -- with an option most of the next here. We're -- I mean what kind of triggered the votes bring in or W. You know I think she he would he -- believe six million already. Also the so that might be appealing to a little bit on the virtually to. So I that the concept which is a problem like when he does a full. Now you give us full text subject to a more question again this would be just you spit ball and -- and in -- -- when you look at the free agent list now. -- out there with eight guys tagged and -- not going to be a free -- is there a player or -- than in your mind would be. I'm sort of at the top of the patriots which -- not their own guys but the guys that are out there on the street seemed like Danny Amendola might be a name it -- at the top of their -- Getting Amendola. -- and John Abraham. And two defensive guys okay. Dot com thank you thank you for given -- in the right now we apologize for his. It's up it's all it's ball at the note. There's no doubt about that run number it's it's not your fault it's being held at -- live on air right now violent -- care. Everyone you. Can you -- a full but he can't read text in there. You double check that seeking to apologize Tom at least Portland absolutely not. Thank you we appreciate it enjoy these next week to -- It. Ott Tommy card read enough on CS entity dot com follow on Twitter at Tommy current again we apologize -- producer called. X. Never the gospel. Skids. At move on tap phones earlier work. The wrong number with -- single. I was at 1 o'clock 61777979378. ETX. Seven. 937. The market like in a -- for west while he does get the free agency. One NFL insider said that it's not going to be great -- -- that not expect.

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