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Should Wes Welker stay or go?

Mar 5, 2013|

The Pats declined to franchise tag wide receiver Wes Welker which means they have just one week until he hits the free agent market. The guys think there's enough room in New England's budget to keep Welker and add another free agent or two.

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In the is he is serious and I it has a great job of -- share buy is on the same page in. And -- has been their best foot forward into stick your toe in the water personally you know your foot up in the air when we go out there industry -- best -- -- -- great -- you know his defeat he's another because her feet you'll make sure that -- -- Brigham best of Florida their nose -- there and and being -- foot soldiers you definitely have to be on your -- and and make sure they reiterated -- That was well crafted a putt that was well it was brilliant and it was funny and it was subtle that was cute and Belichick to -- no sense but it helps the the shock yeah yet. Public parks as the language says it right now but when it comes to -- not. And so as a result he -- about four. I believe I thank the beginning of this past year. They just said earlier. What is had much less to do with phasing him out and thinking oh we have better options than Wes Welker it was punishment it was built demonstrating to west. Anybody else who -- pay attention. The heat bill wasn't happy that west didn't go along with the company line that you should sign this team friendly contract that we been haggling about. Three years now and I don't think I don't I don't. The weather element got -- or not there would admitted reduced role after that first game from west. Question is is there this animosities spill is it simmering below the surface. And as well Walker's agent have instructions from his client to go out and see what's out there. Because that's all it takes its politics him and he could sit look at -- sale library eleven here -- my home and -- -- neighbors. But. What you start looking around stuff look pretty good and the money could be better much better because you know the patriots. I'm just gonna say will pay him whatever -- will match what ever offer he gets all I know for a fact if a Wes Welker and his agent you go look now -- worse a few. 100% sure you go less outlets -- the -- plays are a must break eighty. Brady's restriction came with the quid pro quo and mail that here's what organ and do. You could take that deal and give the field of the book in the parameters are already in place now from up for a PR perspective if Welker go somewhere in the Denver wherever he signed the deal it's really good yes. You will not be criticized by now the reason why it's gonna be completely right and it's not crafts and John the crap. Belichick's going to be the focus Belichick is going to be the bad guys that's the one X-Factor winner to break a civilian against -- and he just say no one says anything bad about him around here Welker. The studies that not a home disloyal. You know he's a creep creation a creature of a creation a break -- that's our defense. -- down on the team and that's one of the X factors here how much the patriots way the negativity of a public relations hit that they won't take. When Tom Brady took the smaller contract and a smaller cap number. And they didn't get it done with Wes Welker. Now how much that matters Robert Kraft and Jonathan Kraft and Bill Belichick I can't quantify at this point but that's one of the expected to the matters much to them you think they care only Belichick as. Now I think they'd bleep okay retirement who cares two craps just the the organization the organization leader at this hour to Belichick they are going to look bad that they are going to be criticized. We're having Tom Brady did what he did and they didn't. Reciprocate that Tom and bring back his little -- west it'd take. Ten minutes to commitments in on the Belichick. No acolytes the -- there's any. Amendola -- is a young version of west -- that arena or in settlement just asked to stay healthy he's stronger faster than Welker. Give me your take take ten minutes and even some that this is the patriot way that. They get the best out of Welker that -- get old is gonna get bad you know he's not going to be the same somewhere else. And they move on you have to be -- you think is gonna Gilani eat young telegenic -- -- -- -- there would be some I'll give I'll bring somebody amend their. It's the patriots -- Belichick. You look at the guys played hard he's played hurt he's taken such a beating if he goes somewhere and it's a lot of money I think most people say well good for him -- the pickets are gonna pay this guy he's -- you know. This all element that last year. Getting -- -- people say you know this is the one guy to go somewhere -- I get a -- England and that they let it get to this point a minute that the that they undervalued in the under appreciated in my can't believe they let it get to this point you know maybe we're just beat your gums and blowing hot -- here because the deal they are already be in place that -- tomorrow that's the day after that. Ask yourself this what did you think when. When Brady took that deal made when Brady was structured. I asked you guys on the next -- done deal it was over -- result right now it will be a shopping -- still -- still find it will be a shock if Welker leaves bucked. There needs what's the tampering period march 7 where you can tamper -- I think that's a couple of days away two days away that the dolphins in the in the Colton and memorials can tell. -- agent what to thank him in with a -- well on the today. And and now that it franchise him don't you won't find out if you Welker and his agent. Of course coaches differ on the find out what's the most I could possibly get her how much less will he take to stay here and there lies the second X-Factor. His loyalty his love his appreciation for what Tom Brady and the system means to him. Album means just he likes Tom and pumped up from the coast Rica but they're pretty much the same page comes to playing football. And he understands that in the next war three or four years they'll have a chance to win a Super Bowl or to. So what is that X-Factor mean to Wes Welker what else a little bit about whether he would go for a dollar less 100000 dollars a million to say well. It's in the polls say the deals made and there's there's more money they have more money to spend two -- someone. Who cost more than say five million a year they do that -- mean Paul Kruger. According to a Jason likened pores look for eight million a year Paul Kruger is probably gonna get it's the someone's gonna say. He's worth that he's he's a pass rusher and that's what you need first and foremost on defense. Patriots could use another pass rusher they pay that kind of -- for anybody as hell. They didn't wanna franchise Talib at ten million a year and I don't blame them. -- is better than Talib has that history told -- -- a lot of eggs in one basket they may be like they like they've done it before and doesn't our work. But it don't they need to improve on defense so you think it's just gonna bring in more. The wild and -- some yeah. That the answer to address some defense to the united I have no doubt that they don't have as many draft picks is as usual I don't know. Do you draft quarterly -- blockers and we've gone. Also Mary's head to lead to a series and the. They and I don't -- it they were willing to pay to leave candidate for French Obama they work they were willing to play. Pay Welker 114 for franchise tag and they weren't willing to pay -- 96. Or franchised. So to think that the gonna pay eight or nine million dollars for somebody else. I don't know that one -- one year that'd be a multi year deal mean somebody's gonna pay Paul Kruger right somebody's gonna play it might pay Dwight Freeney -- John Abraham not that kind of maybe not that money. Maybe -- BA value. Signing like blackened forests and you get. AA -- for the and or Abraham what 45. -- just overeating may -- Brady within their means to deal with Kraft and there's no weakling in the just move money. Maybe -- -- I just believe it was just totally Welker is gonna sign we're new we're going to do other things permit that would. Aaron Hernandez would be your your -- record gronkowski and Ballard. Would play a larger role -- -- -- -- at the time with settlement -- whole thing being -- the Brady what happened but I mean people to say that. Let's talk to a -- and -- it would take a break bread personal agency good morning. I gentleman I was curious -- Walter's mind he thanks Belichick was trying to drive down his contract price. By sitting amount in the beginning of the year -- big telecheck struck out the money. I don't know but that I mean he knows. The deal. I think he knows why wasn't starting week one we don't know but he knows -- do you think Bill Belichick no matter how much he wasn't happy. Would Welker not taking the contract they had been offering in the offseason. Would would would play somebody far inferior to him. And and lose that game -- not the -- it on purpose but not put the best team on the field and risk losing a game or two or three or four. Over the course of the sixteen game season just because try to make a point that I wasn't happy in the contract. Well I think maybe they were trying to phase them out anyways and Welker and his own mind feels that. The only reason they're doing it as the cost him money. -- there one -- them -- if they if -- -- a lot in the tank was clearly he did get better I don't think that -- side and so -- gonna try to see what they have with everybody else. What Mike indicated that they can -- mine he might think that Belichick trying to drive down his bat so that his contract money goes down and so. Risk putting together a nine and seven season. Or Nate -- season because you'll have Welker in -- because you're -- make a point C which you can have. Well accomplished without it you have something with -- Hernandez gronkowski. Mean you think you have something an injury to move on if you think it. Welker is leaving at the end of the year anyway so let's prepare for like about Welker. And and elements the guy maybe someone else comes in maybe it is. It Danny Amendola help would be going over this seemed like for -- couple years 6177797937. Your phone calls when we come back also when we -- -- More bad for John Henry Red Sox.

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