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D&C discuss just what we should expect from David Ortiz this season

Mar 5, 2013|

Big Papi ran some bases on Monday, but the guys are still skeptical about how his health will hold up once the Red Sox regular season starts. The guys run down their realistic expectations for the slugger.

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I'm feeling much better today much more positive much more upbeat much more optimistic about the Boston Red Sox based on the results and the activities. In Fort Myers, Florida yesterday the Red Sox want you to know that David Ortiz ran the bases yesterday and did not pop his Achilles so that's good news yeah. And Daniel Bard. In a simulated game. Recorded four outs on eighteen pitches strike outs and -- ground ball outs so he's back to normal. Where's that pictures of the globe this morning where into running now is talking of Farrell. In The Herald reported by at least on site yet. So the run us out to go gonna go to the sidewinder and that created a sub react as some other graduate work in the wind into the quiz in -- delivery for -- that's going well. I just to describe the scene -- this I mean you think the organization is interested and concerned. He pitched a simulated game Monday did Daniel Bard. We have. Pitchers John Lackey and Jon Lester watching manager John Ferrell. Up pitching coach won the Davis front office personnel and scouts and team psychologist Bob to our good talking cast of thousands what's important. I think Dr. Phil was there for that too but until you see anything where they have the same people who cheered David Ortiz when he reached home base yes and early December same guys -- They cheered when when Ortiz made it all the way around the bases I think he stopped at second the rest and they scored standing up no pro. Scored skin standing up they cheered him which they should because. It's kind of important that mile run. And that I guess that hung around and that cheered -- winning yes stark a simulated batter struck -- to. Related battle to simulate a ground ball outs shouldn't even been more motivated by his little things he loves to. Hit a ball and -- GAAP and when he possibly can't and it's not that often because he's a big lumbering guy. -- got a triple did you wanna stop at third go from home to third and get that triple. Yeah I think you just do with that told in the -- yet on the just wanna see him TO it looks it is. From you know it do you feel like it's kind of the dirty little secret or you know the elephant in the room as I wrote this morning. Everybody. Is in the heart. Little skeptical yes a little pessimistic about David pulling your breath. May be 78 years ago ten years ago twelve years ago it says okay this some vitamins and minerals there right supplements for this ailment. I don't think they can do that anymore -- you know a factor taken blood -- guys I don't think he can there's any magic elixir. So just take it in a vacuum and this is a 37 year old a large 37 year old man. Good luck finding large 37 year old man who who hit like it's their prime who produce the way. Some people think David Ortiz is gonna -- and I know Bill James hasn't -- -- -- nine and 99 -- thirty you know hundred. That would be an upset that would be a surprise if you if you. -- -- right now it probably six or five at -- but the the Kirk expert and it's somehow ended. -- was here to start to show all of a letter today and it'd be sleeping in music it is just the Mikey mobile and yeah and yet she's talking about that I'm debt that alarm. -- accurate -- tendencies and talk -- start. So accuracy. I was doing some -- behind the scenes oh do lining up some big interviewer room. It's trying to break adapter took awhile and here that your -- work. Spartans do what do what -- -- of your labor what did you dug up would be Cogent and and then. -- -- -- -- -- What's an adapter. That thing to plug yeah you can have one. I talk I have won I didn't and those are gold by the way those and I don't be got to be careful with -- -- they'll like you know medal. Copper wire in North Korea yes it will risk life and limb to get their hands on a good I've won adapted charger or to adapt to Jack now people call him daddy called to -- Snyder what's the -- -- -- -- -- And you lose that you've screwed it done you know you lose that you can't my deepest apologies work here anymore -- -- -- OK we're just worried about. Thank you don't -- Amare are within we were just expressing our. Of the words pessimism angst. Angst. You know everybody who watched David Ortiz skepticism an -- -- if it looks like football and obviously football's tougher which is just hopefully makes it through sixteen games yes. -- hope when he makes it through 67 months. Talk of running the bases. Two concerns here it's the it's the health and -- about Achilles holding up the entire season and -- and everything else and everything and and and how much production you're going to get out of David when you demand and require and need a lot. How are just for comparison who will be more effective in their import roles for two respective different two different teams. Out Rivera for the Yankees coming off major knee surgery Ortiz for the Red Sox coming off. What's it been six and a half months of rehabbing not a torn Achilles. Which what do you think has just be more effective and they're in their very important role with the team that. Question is it's a good question I think Ortiz old age is more important. Even -- room there is -- -- reliant on my -- Ortiz is more important. We said yesterday who to back up DH they don't have one who's the back a left handed hitter in the middle line. Lyle Overbay and at a yankees won 95 games last year without worker you did and what a way in my car. Bruce who's who fills that board who -- t.'s can't go and is a good chance he won't be able to go in in April April 1. He picks he'll be OK but. And you have to Gomes is gonna pull up -- at some point. We dropped over -- the ninety -- and ninety games yeah I mean he -- -- seven that's that's. Trouble. And I wanna know who they can acquire somebody is at the goal -- he cannot tell me Mike Carp. Lyle Overbay Daniel -- If -- -- -- -- I mean you're looking at did a little lefty and all the way left don't forget what if if you don't have him. -- they'll never they'll never face. A left handed pitcher you know. They'll people will adjust the rotations. So -- place ladies. Because they have -- Rankings yet don't if Ortiz plays ninety games it doesn't matter to players offensively in this team -- I think potentially can be transformed if that's -- very indoor -- we saw two years ago smells very the last couple years more -- and those guys are. You know worst case scenario forget it means team's gonna wind 7374. Games. Nick Faldo says Daniel not continue to look good taking infield practice the first base is expected to get into the mix at that position overbay and Mike -- Well there you go Ortiz are closed down Napoli. With bone death in his hips issued DH I guess against every. You know hit thirty home runs and driving like 42 round in the -- first and or are. That they'll adjust their rotation just so they won't waste their ace on the Red Sox the people's. It we need this yesterday arrest and and I guess. It will be right beast that they built the one that wanna face some you know -- David Price Mark -- you wouldn't waste against the Red Sox who going to be below Friday's. -- -- or or -- lefties in there's. In and -- thinks that Ellsbury strikes fear into opposing pitchers we disagree a minute think -- Even on the good days doesn't put fear into the hearts of posing pitchers nobody knows unless play. Nobody there's nobody in this team other than our keys you're terrified though he's at his best this idea of overpayments that kind of stuff that Kansas City Royals should -- gotten. The team threats talks operating budget issue one's -- seventy something to him this is in his jacket it's a play right Lyle Overbay. My car. Daniel now Obama. You know we've reached the point where we get bringing up Jackie Bradley because it will in the spring -- -- It's exciting that they need a left handed hitter in the lineup -- maybe they're. It may want not the stars model. Before didn't look at -- -- numbers the sad thing -- Victor -- ago to like go Far East where we're in the US team Arizona. Arizona yes Arizona gun Joseph Torre yes he's gone yes he never gonna hit. He left out of forget it I believe. It Oprah getting to a -- That person how about that corner outfielder -- cost you thirteen million a year. And he left camp without getting hit his club a scale PS's twelve on -- needs to have -- dragged the bunt on the first and so men and -- and legged it out I love that notices that. Significant -- Victor Reno on Ross to the cool guys we likable. Guys. -- for a team so -- aren't camp Lyle Overbay. Two for fifty so far in camp and they'll -- three for fifteen so overbay and now these two candidates via -- five for every thirty. That that's Hearst case and not the shortstop. Catcher. First baseman. Who made the composite first baseman who can hit. And you have -- I'm sorry that I wrote -- for old for seven. You know all for. And I mean I think they have in my gun Jeremy has a bleaker for public. If they give him for space was -- would have to first -- and look to encouraging that's -- -- knows what -- shortstop -- he's he's a great athletes move them -- to learn the position in -- glossed over baby mama and victory and it would tell -- the pitchers -- ahead of the -- that is one of the season that's the problem. You know dusty you know five -- went on the explain. Jackie Bradley. He -- the pitchers use of the pitchers had a reprieve but nobody nobody being 600. These well but we -- an extra year of free agency. That what's the date -- -- a birthday April 23 to yet it's very into the media or -- exciting like she can make it through the -- streak and then you'll start who intend likely always to know this is we pulled him to get to a good start. The last he remembers. Sure. We should point I think to. Two and and last year and then and just about the same the year before or -- Clinton remembered in 2011 might be right last yeah yeah yeah you're about to say right. So we changed the culture players said they have to get off to a good start I and they know that I remember you told federal liberties. Oh that's a great idea -- he has -- was looking a little note -- realistic -- to use that as a manager he did his pitching coach Wright stuff notebook. At the same barrel -- he's managing that the old and a few more dedicated in and and they just will focus on him when team. -- on the bed he can focus on the tall handsome manager you have seen the robot camera as we have been here. Next to dog or solo and often when he gets a little group decides to stare down that oval cam operator just attached to the wall stares -- this to us we have an extra one America's current or locally that -- -- -- ongoing and there you have your -- can't be proud of that and I'd like to be on -- We showed it today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Boxes in its side in Timor and Paul -- that's what Jack. Of all -- -- at least that the capital funds for president jealous they'll rugged as well. A man's jacket right here to see it. Says notice and notice that he should be very -- air marketers it you know usually do it looks like a broad account that looks up and down things -- dire here. -- -- -- Bonnie Powell that shirt doesn't match as its current. The Sox yesterday that's for. But a bit closer. To close yes that's over -- I apologize now. His battle this particular scene did you follow room acts in the office where we want to Milton and -- and you shaved -- chart. Tickets went on TV guys and -- this TV thing TV as well critique kitchens wardrobe yeah. And makeup and I don't know them that have no clue team. That is annoyed I honestly for the first time since you've been on. Yeah a little more light on. Your doubles tennis and dark corner it's not too bad thing dolphins viewers more light on these great actors juror was nice and bright outlets and right on the white and the good. -- let -- right not to do a lot of bright light on -- And you seem to be sitting at a minute -- -- These will make them make up -- there's supplement that oppose anyone anyone calling you like. I know years ago the numbers all the reporters -- -- -- because it -- and now when it was like I was on those guys are doing television program last. The basket -- o'clock and I discussed a couple of them before -- -- in the short -- us -- would be -- what time. And it went to -- time. A lot riding on the third and fifteen and in the last minutes there. Late did his job that's a Canadian health promoting the show that's okay it was other channel that mention everyone -- ownership. No man named host of the programs are frankly said from from the Dennis Kelley Angeles it's a bit presumptuous. And credit. It was but the diversity you know this gentleman them backstage but you -- admire these to be. Remembered we talked about. Would you say certain management people -- that he -- -- Bob rock that's yeah now they're all curious to see retreat in the year -- Wednesday's what does it must be comfortable as I could. You know checks to see is she a conviction that I wore a little weird why would the default assumption being that must be a little uncomfortable why I think the and again. The narrative with you guys and I think it's completely accurate is that you geysers you know little prickly little tough to get up. Would do a little different little protect its -- knows that this goes to shape. As sick as can be further from the truth very warm very welcoming -- loving great loving embrace I think it's I think this sarcastic. So -- introduced you as a member of the in the account and family from the -- and then and then he said how's that going. Not -- he's a troublemaker he puts on this football front he's rapture right. It's the end of it is an awfully yes you know it's going. He said what's going -- -- No idea what's going to be fired tomorrow. You know. We all feel that promise and set an. It's a fortune -- -- tomorrow's promise to know they go to bed I was late I got the options for them Morton known. You know getting going there you talk about -- and the penguins felt kinda. 6777. On 7937. AT&T text like 3790s. I ration -- question you know you're flying by the -- the opinion about some of this is this is. Surprise you more for -- played a hundred. 45 games. Would -- or Wes Welker signed with the dolphins. Ortiz would be -- -- -- You can get -- 125. I'm talent -- this I said it would shock me to the court it would be like watching Buster Douglas knocked on my tennis yet to Villanova knock off Georgetown. If Wes Welker left after Brady restructured but. There's whispers and that we got whispers as we do we reports. Out of Miami that. Welker might still be a little. Might still be holed a little bit of a grudge against. Patriots against the management against this place and wonder all it will take is a phone call from another team it's that we will pay you more and walk across this was the plan all along. Take the money and you build mobile birds and if the -- Why it was yesterday's franchise -- day like so many act -- weather forecast will deal with that in 92 and ninety seconds and we will give you. Day three of the bean town beat. Our am am a steel cage death match in the octagon a media personalities we get back.

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