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Fighting in hockey: good, bad or indifferent

Mar 4, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about fighting in hockey and whether it's something that should be tempered in the sport or if it should remain unchanged.

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-- get back planet Mikey show coming on the heels of a a fight. -- Montreal. Canadians brewers' game last night where. Where char spent quite a minute's time in the penalty box and of course you know there. -- show Canadians they like to score in spurts anyway over the took advantage of the absence of child last night and Arnold about it you know -- more school -- -- this fighting thing. Was it seemed to have some symmetry to it back -- in the -- used to work I'm talking 80s90s. And that starts a little bit late nineties I think in in his past decade of course is where occupant -- fighting in hockey and Daniel Portland Maine. Apparently doesn't think it's necessary right Daniel. Yeah that's right and I'm not taking -- either OK good good but we like to -- that. You know like I think it's. Here's the deal you know bare knuckle boxing was outlawed along time ago. For good reason because guys were gonna get their heads toward and ended up like Muhammad Ali shake it all over the place and you know -- is a great sport speed skill hitting hitting -- great clean checking in greater spot make banks are different but. When you get down to you know fighting a guy because of every missed call by the refs are when he double more than ever does it every now. You know it's just yet happened and look what it did the -- slots in order -- on the game. Well I think there was you know this set this to ten minute game misconduct. You know there's seventy minutes all the other country -- that that's ridiculous I mean that's that's got to. That rules stupid. Because. Hockey you don't Danielle or your hockey fan from way back guy can tell you I am I going to be -- -- and he would wait OK so I mean. Is it sure is if that for the most for most people -- hockey fans that fighting is something they liked. That's true so people just like so the flight and now theories that you're clearly in the minority when it comes to people who don't want fighting in hockey all of all of the people who work hard core fans. Yeah that's absolutely true. So how do you how do you change something that's that popular and that that's been such a big part of the -- for that -- I -- you can just I think these rules I don't know. They never change you know I think it's if you look at college are you look at Olympic hockey it's hockey it's great hockey. And you know to have this kind of stuff going on this sort entertain the -- neanderthals of the audience. You know that's that's audience good. But it's not just the neanderthals so you know I mean it's it's such a part of the game. Daniel could you say that there are you could make the argument to be more injury injuries in the NHL if there wasn't fighting. Well I've heard that went to you know it'd be a lot more stick ultimately yet at. People trying to exact their revenge while play is under way that's a more dangerous long term. Health problem for the hockey player. Well it's it's a lot. You know that's the thing here's what I would suggest what I would -- -- -- -- fights like last night -- wants to go after what they're there yet and all right Marty goes after companies got away from -- OK that's games armed. And stick Qualls flagrant -- files are -- -- game products suddenly you've got a much cleaner faster. He'd been -- keep all of that stuff. -- -- either traded to a -- minutes from behind in the boarding. Into the boards I think that's good nobody wants to see I'd like -- -- OK but I missed calls -- one thing you know many reps are there we've only reps on the -- -- three victory now and so you others -- One too many that's the problem to be honest with -- Because you got to wrap so we're wondering is the other -- get a college and I call it okay that there is -- one wrap everything got called stuff got Mets started it all is it. I reviewed and there is some people in the. Someone argued Daniel that a better did tolerant and I'll I'll using as an example. Marty McSorley is skate around or or. And it. It's it's almost better for the half of the sport to police itself rather than try to legislated into the game. Where now everybody's got to be watching all these different things at the videotape reviews of these things thick report finds down on people they want after the game is over. You don't interrupt the flow of the game you don't wanna interrupt the natural progression in the game and to me. -- have a bodyguard out there for great player who might be targeted somebody says sniper type players. Is the answer to that. Because it's always worked so well in the past I mean do you think hockey's better now that it wasn't and say 1988. Much better you don't wait wait wait ports -- you think it's more fun to watch. I think it's about the same amount afford a lot you can always look large and -- -- you know -- other thing real yet yeah I've heard Julian spoke but I know it actually it's an outspoken guy and I think they're really good -- I -- You know. Them the most embarrassing thing that happened last night in my opinion as the -- spared. What's Claude Julian wave in the routes. Because his team couldn't beat a team -- last in the Eastern Conference play and back our goal in the last night. While he was in part I think blaming Montreal and embellishing -- diving in looking for penalties. Well but there were doubts after all over I mean you know this segment gets crossed checked and he went that you went to the guys like shot back on the -- three minutes later. In other -- called all over the ice let's. Sniper -- start you know what for what -- has to unions and blame anomaly in the rafts in the embellishment. Well you know -- I'm off to let people just throw rant and rave all they want to -- that tests on a three wheeled into thank you for the call -- it's a freewheeling type a sports Emmys like. Okay -- exact your revenge for this by doing that or this happens and so the next time out this guy's up there on the ice with a to take care of its like its rates. It's a wage should PS and I can't Jordan other sports you know unfortunately. Derrick bu guard Bob -- -- of these guys that have passed away and we don't know how much you know fighting and head injuries had drug is alcohol. And no I mean who knows right and they're doing a study now -- deal on some of these kids have brains but put but still to be I think there would probably be in the long run more major injuries without fighting because. Be somebody cheap shots or could do and it's right and these guys. By the way that played the same sport but the same tenacity and ferocity with no helmets back in the day you know I mean we don't know about the concussions and we know bottom now and you know -- of all the better equipment let's go to bill in Dover. New Hampshire hi bill. -- in Korea with somebody. I'll just -- last caller Butler you and I I didn't call and let out called -- -- -- David Ortiz but. Iraq got a call -- about the Bruins you know. I'll watch the game not let us not our -- exception to the cheap shot well wait on pilot -- and you know what. I think. I like that on the Rwandan Hutu intellectuals -- And it -- it are getting penalties that I think are knew he was gonna get before he went into effect. That's senate is -- to Montreal bit of the message. Yeah I'm not I'm not big on his game misconduct -- figure seven's good. You know it it it has been accessible and has seventeen minutes. The third of the day. But like you know I think -- -- -- -- -- but I think that if you're gonna -- a cheap shot a lot of players. And the thought gonna get called we're gonna take exception that we're gonna get yourself and what do police think. You know. You know -- -- -- -- -- by the players -- -- -- a fighting have a place in hockey. I agree with you for anybody is -- by -- should go -- of the use of the wrong. Do you mentioned David Ortiz -- I -- I -- into the call earlier about they were people that you guys over the past several weeks. About Ortiz injury and a lot that didn't come back -- -- all of that. I really quirky art yet -- PP in the past probably you know not really know. Whether whether he you know that it's important that. I'm gonna assume he did yeah yeah I actually it's you I think it would really injured last year and I think we came back -- the -- out. All of the club also -- You know yeah and that is Bobby Unser that you know about going back into. All right I agree that this was it was a sinking ship bless your mess scenario what I'm worried about his how's he gonna respond this year -- and be able run is going to be a hold up for a whole year. And or is this tradition of injuries bill a permanent. I mean it's been now. Three full seasons where the Red Sox in one form or another have had to endure. A debilitating. Injury to one of the major -- Indian Wells. -- it would Ortiz I'm sure that you know he's a free agent coming up so you don't want to suffer another injury and his stats birdied terrific so it's probably big part of the -- -- combat.

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