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We talk some Spring Training

Mar 4, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Red Sox prospects, David Ortiz, and PED's in baseball.

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Back to planet Mikey show a lot of text messages coming in here and now that guy that -- this Texas -- that -- seem. Seems way too spiritual. In regard. To sports addict -- says that the other one says. Was that last caller on LSD EU. If you -- Texas has righted in this guy call the other night playing songs and talking -- -- good ears I did recognize that that was towards the and a -- sure I was on yesterday. Rhode Island says whoa I feel -- -- smoking in listening to someone read Pink Floyd lyrics take it down a notch dude now employed -- a -- man. -- effort recite players never to anything wrong like steroids or other things open -- you moron. John tell this a hole. Okay what I just value he said well let me just say he tees been used impede these decisions -- -- -- bird. I. God open up your ears you'll moron. Lot of people are so stupid sometimes. I can't believe writer -- I was listening to what they're giving us the last Friday show but it is tonight. It's just said I think -- probably started. Award. You know three. Which is the big year in Texas where a rod won the MVP right before he came to the Yankees. And he admitted he used to. Love took a while that would -- but probably 90% of the league was doing steroids in two of us. But I just said and I never said before that ten years ago to prop used to dishonest guy here. Poppy and Manny for example Jews stop please tell me open my eyes opened my eyes now. At -- tell this guy well known he was -- cares what the city and most people that double what year did I say Manny was on emirates I don't know how -- member was note to her before -- -- keep track chase. I need some now and it's a monkey but potter and so freaked out by this moment. Some of the steroid guys to -- might have a sprinkler around those rations he's -- much of a slap this in my collection -- -- different from any other Monday night. Better. -- changes in the car on the planet monkey show hello shank it. Well how are in our new album gonna have had some shrimp my wife Christine -- via big launch tonight. Upload it and it meant. A -- -- that he died down and we haven't seen -- amendments -- and brought. Art they limited power to compare. Bradley you had to. You're stuck up and protect them to be somebody you -- open about it on our minds of the young when he -- then when I wanted to get your thoughts about. Well I think he's got more pop in his bat to Kenny Lofton. I think that you know as far as his speed I don't know he's as quick. And Kenny Lofton was one of the quickest people in Major League Baseball history. -- no I don't think that's way off an analogy and if you pans out to be Kenny office is solid player I'm here is a pretty good army know that and -- and -- and never had a good arm often loses it comic -- the consummate lead off hitter. Slap hitter great defensive center fielder Lofton was you know always be in the world he can go get on track -- -- to make the catch. But you know I'm I'm gonna have to take some time. To watch him play in real Major League situations for awhile before I can never compare apples and oranges you know I'd take Kenny Lofton. It can you ought to malt ball star player in his prime caddy lot that he bounced around like every team. After it's finished up quickly at the end they're never heard as was his shoulder diving back to first base in a playoff game Nia. And that sort of off Robert no he's also great basketball player -- Arizona via. So Boston is great all around athlete I I don't be here this Jackie Bradley stuff chain over and over like you have. From everybody -- -- make -- the other night it was that we don't know. How good or -- on ready projects are rarely yeah might be -- I was trying to make the the inference that if he continues to hit. Major League pitching and you know gets a crack at the club early April. And and continues to hit it there's no ways to send him down based on any principle I can think of you wanna have them. But as guys on your team and and that's and if his -- -- -- you know destined to be started now well -- -- -- -- platoon guy but again they wanna have that. You know years of service. You know the arbitration control. Right and it could be up at some point this season if there's an injury it would yes Prez do the same thing the whole theory of arbitration control in control over player you know based on his contract years service -- stuff. I think is shot to crap if you. Forgo the opportunity to have the best player in the lineup all I agree good hitters set -- in the -- what you want control and off I understand that but as at the same point wise. I think you'll be similar may be the middle Brooks where if there's some sort of injury or someone slumping in the news indeed and if she's tearing it up and down of the miners and they bring him up. Right by you know again it's about -- what do you do when you break camp he's a leading here on your team he's had 325. At the end of spring training leading your team batting average -- he said about you know well again look if PC in mostly fastballs from from pitchers. Appearance. Eight for eighteen then I want to see a little bit more of -- since he only has one year professional experience. Get some ecstatic AAA insulate us.

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