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Hockey, Basketball and spring training = Spring in Boston

Mar 4, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are talking about the Bruins-Canadiens game, Red Sox possible opening day starter and the Celtics continuously solid play.

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I whose tissue resists. I is this Michael Holley is to issue I guess so. I returned my command here and a half McCoy out after Michael -- notice that. Outlook is a coffee cup look there's newspapers. Coffee Kolb do goals scrolls cop brings outs. I don't use it all of his whiner line copy. You know look at copy his contract. With the read on the year and I'm just kidding. Hello everybody welcome to a week number two of march. It's an exciting time to be Americans think about it now -- markets in this country we have. 88 different programs. That are paid for by the government. -- and those -- does okay I you know I do my calculation wrong that's that's just for justice for job counseling. We have 22. Different programs in the United States of America. For homeless people. Don't we just need one. I make every country -- -- one big program for homeless people to retorted to a and it and some of those guys -- who moved away now Occupy Boston we went over talk to him and you know they were there were all big on that and that's I think in the mail to -- or or serious. With a letter handwritten letter and written letter. Obviously it never happens from a guy who. -- from East Hampton hardware in east into Connecticut he didn't remember talking the other night we had the whole program but gold gold bond -- Dedicate like three hours that we did three hours on gold bond powder among other things and we can do that because no one's ever told us ever writer and to my knowledge. What to talk about what not to talk about on this program which makes it even more fun. But this guy sent -- three not one not two but three jars. Of monkey but potter now. As for those of you were wondering. Half it is the Q this is regular monkey by. It's anti friction powder. And it's a sweat absorber and friction fighter that's one when she is designed for champs right no no Leo says it is anxiety and economic. We look at it there's a monkey's butt on the actual cover this stuff this -- this even existed. So you know the goal bound but people -- kind of have a corner on the market. Because everybody knows about him you know and that's how does the commercials now Shaq. You know. You see him on TV talking about and then there's lady anti monkey but. Friction powder with cal mine also set smooth I wanted to -- bottle in the -- container vessel lady monkey butt and then for baby -- Maybe anti monkey but. Diaper rash are covered -- I got at all. Three jars a monkey but and I wanna thank. Our good friend down and East Hampton Connecticut named Eric for the gifts I mean you we always love gifts of any kind who doesn't. -- so maybe that's going to be the newest and upcoming thing you know we don't know. It could be the coolest thing ever win we're at the cutting edge the front edge of monkey but bottom are probably part. I watched all the you know I told a long time ago writer I start following hockey in February. Not that I don't you know in this year course it was different because didn't start playing until what January and but generally speaking even when they're playing you know October. I don't really pay attention to February and I've I've said that before there's a reason for that. Right now we're trying to jump forward into that real quickly through the the beginning of the season there was no marquee. And it servers OK we're gonna have to get our hockey fix in and 48 games and that's fine if you know Communists that's all -- left and that's that's fine. And here we have yesterday. Bruins and they hated. Hobby it's comps of vote more or they -- a -- -- -- -- -- the EU and another one goal game which has been the true. I think six games in a row they've had one gold. These two -- right now we know each other well but -- fight each other hard and they -- each other's guts and you know all things go well in the -- have dominated him yet there's 15 the previous against much room yes but that's over. And it happened on the home -- for the bees. And it happened with some little sidebar stories. Which are very interesting and I like to talk -- hockey chatter after the hockey players is there men. They're men they always say what they think think what they say and improve themselves on the ice. So why I was very pleased to hear a broad. -- talk about embellishment as a thing you know the one sport that doesn't need data's hockey you know you get -- basketball they have rule now about it flopping and -- but he flopping. And falling down and all this kind of stuff but you know when we talk about the National Hockey League in any generation you talk about men. Men who goal. It hit with a puck a frozen puck go and eighty miles an hour in the base. It splits there had -- they go back and eighteen stitches and come back on the ice tough sport it's a very tough sport. And you know the -- thing I just thought it was great and out a loss is loss -- -- loss rate. Now but now -- happy to see the Bruins you know putting some retaliate yes some fisticuffs you know put some punch behind bill. It was very very -- and like the outcome however I don't think many Bruins fans -- know. Also guess Pierre McGuire today. Joining -- and Maloney. Show that I listen to every time I have my radio on and at times. YouTube and and he was -- talking about you know the whole embellishment. And also like to mention this because I said this about three weeks ago deny that it was going to be the duo limped through tonight the Blackhawks in this and the Bruins. In the Stanley Cup finals in his forty gave a lot of people were sent and -- the news continues it until it actually happened and it will. But McGwire echoing exactly affect a quote. The Chicago Blackhawks in the Boston Bruins right now with the two best teams in the league in my humble opinion and most end something I haven't done he's he had. And I've watched every single team in this league so far since the season's start. -- I verified as a hockey guru. -- now you are I've always thought have you as a hockey who were. I'm much like Peter McGuire you know I you know if your hockey who if you could pronounce properly. Every single name of every single player the National Hockey League knew definitely that dale just walked out of the -- can do I do I know deal could do with eat that's the one thing about it he may not like me. He knows a lot about hockey he's cool it. With the hockey -- excellent one of the best if you can pronounce all the names Emmys finally paid attention but you've actually given the attention to detail which is necessary in this modern roller hockey players in the world. We're gonna have a full program that -- tomorrow night Celtics Wednesday night's Celtics Friday night Celtics. Possibly get back into a more free flow when it comes to their schedule after we -- a couple of weeks with the western road trip. And down Annan's one game in seventy days I've been seven and one in seven yet so they're gonna get to get back in action. The Red Sox are just very slowly meandering their way through spring training you know I hear that were given -- -- trip to spring training and on the radio station. And I think you don't -- chaperone. BK court annual -- go down there and just make sure I don't want us as the ship are probably going to go down and you know delay and an adult presence to Witten again real adult us to make sure everything goes as planned I mean maybe the station needs a chaperone for that trip I'm thinking that's a good idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The show from down there. -- -- -- dogs already gathered Dudley in the engineer grab a few guests on get Ryan Dempster is paddy has to be able to get in touch with him through rob Bradford. Can't believe that talk to Bradford Mario see more when Bradford comes in tomorrow to make sure we patio we cornered him and -- QE2 at -- please -- Ryan -- -- -- -- -- He's number one in a series of forty Red Sox players we wanna get on the show. -- -- the whole forty man roster they hit it a set the goals realize you know I've noticed -- last week -- will not be happy. I will not rest. Until we have thirteen million listeners in -- That is a lofty goal good goal it's kids that includes everybody old ladies wives people hate sports ever. We want to make sure they're listening that's that's so you know aids towards to an end this -- and I found fame high writers in this world in regular. So we got baseball on the table and I watched the Yankee game doesn't matter of course I said that across army Red Sox games and in March and march 3 don't mean. Totally squat. Except that you have the opportunity to watch the players low bitsy they look you know the other is this -- throw it funny. Is there is he -- funny easy swing and miss -- balls that are foot and a half on the strikes -- You know that things like that but more than anything else to tease for what's coming April 1. Is opening day. April Fool's Day in New York. Yankee Stadium will be the opening day game respects if you open a week later I believe rightly or something right yeah we weekly. And they open up against the hated New York Yankees they play yes but again what he's seen you know I've seen guys that are you know you might -- 23 at bats. Maybe now about two at the most really from the regular people these clowns coming in here there'll just trying to get jobs. Yankees' lineup was fairly watered down I'd say on a regular Brett Gardner. And yet they images courtesy of Napoli crushed that'll run. Dempster goes three innings scoreless against that for it but. Established veteran pitchers -- and when I was ideas to -- before they'll read too much into. Real success so failure the only -- the there's only the only spring training games you watch when it comes -- the regulars is one that takes place between the twenty. Second house of march in the first of April when they actually stay in the game for a few innings. And you know they're -- get close to it to the actions we know we don't know that so. You know we won't we ordered by the -- -- that what I would like -- overcomes the Red Sox as a David Ortiz. And they did Daniel Bard the fresh news out of spring training. David Ortiz says it was moving pretty good about exactly what he said. And I -- it's about time. He only went down in June -- July July July July as seems like it's June now bill. While I -- him play for -- you know but one game for the entire year after that injury. It was not surgery. It was a strained. Right -- stretched you know what public this member when it was only supposed to be one or two days and be back we course. Guess what. What are two days turn into. 202 days. And now he is to remember he's very key to this whole you know element of the under dog. More lovable Red Sox team now he's he's a holdover from the old red -- team clearly he's one of the very few. When -- wondered is how people feel about him right now in relation to how they used to Cuba we all know. That prior to the steroid thing that happened -- him. And I use that as a as a marker for for kind of what happened to his legend here in Boston. He was the greatest clutch hitter and -- -- -- expressed -- such post season he's a very beloved cat. Throughout new England and still it's not taken that away from. When I'm asking is what you think about it now is written in as a relates to how he's gonna produce what he's gonna give this team. What he means to you as a member of this team now and what he represents older. Hire more highly paid. As David Ortiz -- as of right now we don't know may be bad wheels. And and and basically what what's the state of the union when it comes to how you -- about David Ortiz just a 100% with them are you behind the guy. Do you do you still love them but you're you really hurt by the steroid thing as I am I love the guy -- a great guy. But I'm still. A little bit sore from that that hit I took. You'll be happy about this double Bud Selig comments in this is great communal -- this happens -- time offered next year it's it's too soon right now but next year. Talking about a hundred games for first time offender and then a lifetime ban for a second offense see that isn't that just I was -- Then what are we going with both the -- sand that most of been saying that they do -- stupor penalized because you're not gonna. Because these guys just -- in all of this might make the game as Sony once I get a vacation and I think the lifetime thing has to come into in the first tier or second tier. At by the third time around you gotta be out of baseball for sure but now and because people looking stupid going to be be able to say -- got busted once about a hundred games. You'll get paid right well and Ed I mean this is just this is premature revenues has just been talked about as what he's right on the money with this I wouldn't think you'd get paid. And this would be the only thing. It's just like the laws when it comes to the you know guns in this country people -- all well we need background checks. You know by the way the president got this from people try to do -- background check him he court records -- for gun -- right that's fine updates into background check but. What criminals are gonna go through all the motions of getting back in Texas League by gonna committing heinous act. It's the same idea can legally you have to deep tour. The behavior no matter what it is no matter what bad behavior of people have you have to. Deep turret by making and enforcing the penalties and a stronger braces that's all restored. If you say. Well you know get caught you listen we now know if you get caught twice your routes. That's what they're thinking about and certainly what that would do is at least cut in half. You would think the amount of more I think because of the guys already got one offense he's not gonna do it again and socialists lose complete livelihood right yeah that's gonna happen is somebody some player. Early last home game but that's gonna happen computers in many gonna go play in Taiwan yeah I mean why you keep playing is getting a lot of things against I don't know. -- phone numbers this and we'll give you a moment here on 92 break. To load of our telephone lines because we are talking you folks and and remember on this program -- all the programs. The callers. Determined the direction the program right Ryder. That's correct people -- Michael -- I guess they call other shows too but they call this what on this and make him throw this subject out there were knocked -- steer away from it we're not gonna ignore -- have your way with a and right now we've got no fewer than three. Sports on the table to talk about including we'll talk about them a little bit later. The Boston Celtics I have figured out to writer who my favorite western team and is. Oklahoma City Houston Houston -- you know why. I'm a huge heart and then. You wanna watch he is unbelievable -- -- offense he'll like that team and I were a lot of points elect him yeah I do too.

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