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Monday, March 4th Whiner Line

Mar 4, 2013|

Harlem Shake for Whiners? Hello... hello ?

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Music music music -- and expressed. My mind these aren't buying ETT. Proceed with caution. -- least -- discretion advised us to. Suddenly Morris yeah and now losing Laura your -- People always look guys you like your whining what we can both things. And the bottom line everywhere -- -- on the sand is Michael Palin one life. You had a goal and and snow denied a second chance you know what am I gonna 40 I don't know forty. Stomach you can do what you want afforded a forty who are very limited what the -- that you and again. WEEI. Laurel near lives. I got to come in every year it's hard to do something just click here to announce. But I don't think myself and more money went over the. Dial 6177793535. And imagine that the war is right and I'm glad good bodega and I am the problem when they're going down. To go on there and whiner line I didn't take a moment to handle things here. And the most elevated the -- of guys that you and -- and now. Can be a lot of political fumble the ball below. To find -- site at WEE nine soldiers not only. I -- hasn't sunk in that I don't think I've ever. -- know people. Whiner line. As local. All. I know Mike -- jobs boards on us me get this out of the way for a couple people on the text line you're asking. If you aren't investigator of an altercation rule 4611. You -- you get a two minute minor and major penalty and a ten minute misconduct the seventeen minutes was automatic. As soon as they gave in the investigator and he was clearly investigator he has to get seventeen minutes and long pastime there a lot of time to see as a lot like apple -- -- and -- Calling -- you know later ironically he said he thought it was only gonna get seven. I'm not church are understood that the ten minute misconduct was automatic. The talking after the game he sort of sounded like. He knew about two in the five and wasn't sure about the tan. Pleased about -- praised they had a good stead over the pin what the captain may think about it watch. It -- -- is now -- Dealers that -- language. The water -- brought to you by AT&T WEE I live is available in your iPhone or android device brought to you by AT&T. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. The most forgy coverage in New England some somewhere Mike yet in saying -- and times that somewhere. And yet I feel that my ball yesterday he got to go one stoke -- Yeah. All Michael okay. I'm haven't ever Ali. That not at a gala -- -- and then have Abigail and. And -- -- -- analysts are possible because you know. The deal which will live forever -- it will live forever ever ever quality last elect debit and -- We're talking it used to give us some much crap about that. And he used to be so bitter about that that I didn't mind that. It was -- ABB AB behavior was what you baby baby baby -- -- of you mentioned. Big baby Davis PP PR Hawkins hit. Are there has been led to them so many times which should place second time around Michelle Lamar and you guys are reunited and wait -- I write my radio book. I can tell the real WUPI story really gonna write a book I read was war one day and what -- Second we'll be Cold War room -- Atlanta. -- -- -- apartment block told him I had already -- -- could have been -- debt and unity my own. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message. Come as a matter he did tell me -- worry about that march 3 gave -- don't matter now. I thought the world at last night -- perhaps could but got a lot of -- and I actually got up. The negative about why Tom had gotten no cabinet who -- didn't know it went chicken anymore. A lot -- that I think a lot about what. Never -- and what's -- been up to lately Indian than what's been up. Party just recently got factions from trying to just recently got back from spring training basically know -- and I think you'll. Maybe rob Bradford will be on the show tomorrow and it's more than just a maybe. Hostile action rob Bradford ended. Oh get them both before a public. Thank you -- You won't be the body has been over. -- competent and go look video. Put it on YouTube of that problem hate being let go -- -- that he -- callers to vote. -- guys who don't want to live call -- the WEEI. Sort of action -- There are no government or yeah ma. Yeah. There. Not Bobby yeah yeah yeah but there's a real quality. But -- you it. Do. Mike isn't it right now it to -- what. Great idea right -- don't do -- but in this case summit except it's a great idea that he forgot one guy. Gonna have accordion man who's actually I. Eminently. He can do that. Ugly according Arlen take on the accord on the accordion you know and you're right -- you fads trends that they get old after a while but I'm enjoying this when you really. Just learn how to do the mockery. Via the Simpsons opened up plus. World should spoofed pretty good. There was some kind of fed of some lines from game two months I realize from Moses there's their own version of the song with them all doing them are functioning. On the news this morning they were did they were doing a story of this this mining in in South Africa or someplace and a bunch of the miners did a video Harlem shake. -- got fired. Every of them lost their job for two in the Harlem shake as I've. Canaries dike. Walls crumbled yeah actor Matt I can imagine Erik Spoelstra doing that to the Miami Heat and and LeBron I'm gonna get out of here right. -- -- -- trying to win. He goes way into the morning -- and pen and paper but I don't believe that somebody is page is that for attention it was bad but that's. All reverend. Bob hey come it. And all that goes -- for -- pays a dollar a minute for attention at the foxy lady. So I mean I'm out of could -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The retired and walk around Beaumont and that it broke out of tightly thick -- I. -- -- -- That deposit. At the prison guard it was yeah. He says 633210. Yeah. He says it's one I've got it at six I was listening doesn't make a difference on the middle of it if you're a little girls. I ought to be that -- -- -- Powerful -- -- also say that let. Who waited that they would they be yet over and over and over again. I have adopted diagnose and Ortiz is dangerous and they well know what. Set up within four and you know what are more on. And how things. And a mosque what does that trend right here Sports Radio WPI workers friends twice a day. One -- one -- but what had. And from billiard purity in the back and look at I would think that would check yes. And that Andy resemblance to its OK what's -- jackass accent no. I. Hey -- of a Montreal Canadian probable 100 power play. A lot of -- pregame. -- -- -- NBA -- that tied up in the NFL and. You know at the -- -- Accented with his heart and waffles. Again it's a Shrek joke you got to that. -- do. I don't. Watch donkey and Shrek now. What ports. -- judge jury -- yes. If people would pop -- -- best -- about our abided. It is quite I would pure Canadian I was it -- company. All of. The Canadians and. I thought it. -- -- Did they know about it and who for happy go over -- guys like -- value of poker players know what mine. -- part. These people would -- When people about it hole with -- bit bigger than -- somebody over. But we -- joy when it releases from pressure I don't think so it's powered Wimbledon Bill Clinton look Smart. What we -- until. Deep philosophical wasn't a life and occasionally we all have a -- Let's listen we all have a whole mystery Leo all we all help thank god so hard when you know so how do you make that designation. On this letter sent to -- have more than one register -- the captain. Got the alternate captain. If you're the team in hole. There should be something in your sweater age. So that picture of explain our in the probably as you can only have. It'd be good I hope fans only eight Hulk into a -- for him. Somebody else designated April -- breaking a rule that's. And it got out that the car that I had made other audits at all lap band back. Not what I'm glad I had that game renovated we blew it up that it would not fired up and got one aspect of the -- You have -- What about now bar K. Is he related to act out. It's salary and our random and you get one of the best point guards in college basketball in the country is Barry Larkin -- I don't lose you can -- a plan for acts on this weaken Miami yeah. They lost right at that game if they lost to duke. I think it and it's not my bit now that target our foreign policy. Now I can't help apparently Antoine Walker Antarctica continent. -- -- -- A third girl where it is go where there's a -- all of a sudden Dennis Rodman is an Kissinger had half hour by AT&T. AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most -- coverage in New England.

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