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Bruins 6 game ends vs Habs, Claude Julien is tired of the diving tactics of the Canadiens

Mar 4, 2013|

Dale Arnold and Michael Holley talk Bruins hockey, specifically the loss to the Canadiens and their flipping and flopping ways.

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-- let's face it dale let's face it okay. There are some people. Are they might slow -- big slow and -- In my beaten neighbors that viewers. Might be members of your family believes cousins anyone. A to Houston get around them. In now all too well you're around them too much -- -- your round and things happen. It -- the lid. Lol animated. And have -- drive you crazy. You can't stand him. It probably don't think much you we -- they must do building my -- you don't think much of them. When you go to town when you go -- to make -- your town things happen. Montreal. I lava that's the way it is it's just so much fun when you're talking about. Rivalries. But rivalries. That's it Austin vs New York in anything. I probably forget I thought this was the president of this. It it it is. It it it's more animated more spirited. More emotional than Red Sox yankees more all of those things -- Celtics lakers and bowl for one -- -- beat on. -- could actually actually frighten people understand or think you are you know him. -- shop them around customer do something when a fight breaks out. Not just fighting where. Fighting for the Regis -- fight for your top and a -- three and a no it was it was an amazing game yesterday and it's not a coincidence that these last. Six games abroad one Fargo of the last six but all six of them. I've been one goal games at world are all going to be that way when these two teams play and I think if you look at it. The last one last time you were here dale we a lot of people talking about. The -- notes are vs buffalo Jon Scott wanted to go at Johns got he's the biggest guy on the eyes yeah he should go and do something and and we both agree that what the situation John Thorne was and a fight. He can handle a fight on his own work like I pretty much that's why he's there are big reason. And as we -- -- not to do anything right. He he did what he's supposed to do Shawn Thornton did what he's supposed to do you have nothing to would dress if you're if you're Zdeno Chara other and the fact. That your guy your guy got beat by -- My last nine. There look at the address okay that's that's the situation whereby once the -- what started doing exactly did and he didn't do it for the fans as much as we enjoyed it. They did it for those guys are on his on his game he had it happened right in front of them everybody's seen Tyler Sagan. Down on the ice the -- nasty cross -- And broke his stick on Tyler -- three runs pretty much we -- he broke it on his -- dropped the stick immediately so the captain makes a beeline. And in minutes. Minutes I mean you have to do that now and I thought it was perfect look at here's a -- If he doesn't do that they win that game probable. They might yeah I mean I I I I can see where you go there. The Montreal Canadian scored their final two goals during the seventeen minutes that Zdeno Chara was sitting in the penalty box. He not only is your best defenseman he was a Norris trophy finalist a year ago which means he's one of the best defenseman and in the National Hockey League. It it is not a stretch to say that if he were playing those seventeen minutes Montreal might not -- scored those two goals I got no issues saying that. I mean you don't know that obviously the guys that lost the game because he was sitting in the box for seventy minutes. I'm OK with that too. -- an -- he had to do. So in the fact that he did it says something he's the captain. He's a great fighter he picks his spots. He's really think that's why they kill somebody pretty selective out that was pretty funny. I goes over there Amylin again. I -- getting ready -- you doubt standout. Are you viewers and support early before we start here that there're some complaints in Montreal because in all nine Alexi Amylin had facial reconstruction surgery he's got a plate. In his face to help hold things together. And in Montreal what you're hearing is all -- Zdeno -- beaten up on a guy who couldn't fight -- got to -- his face he's not he's not post fight. -- -- -- Don't cross checked somebody in the ribs. Because you've had facial reconstruction surgery because you've got to like your face. Does that then give you carte Blanche to do one thing that you can't fight it -- I got -- year. But you also become an army air Tuesday. Don't cross checks and money you have from sort of event and about what I'm saying is don't do cheap stopped it if you don't wanna have to answer for. I'll take the next -- are you playing in the National Hockey League and NHL. Chances are something's gonna happen to your face thing to do what he had to do because. When I trust sex you know. When you're good players and -- ribs and breaks his stick. And if there are trees are gonna call it than we've got to do what we got to do here so that's that's what he didn't. It's beginning support -- it's teammate protecting your teammate and he's he was one of our good players tonight to Tyler so. You know we're. We're -- team that reacts and those kind of things and when people's liberties on our current. Good players. -- we go to defense. Are giving another reason why it was important I don't know if you heard Pierre McGuire was on the show before us a little while ago there. And Pierre said he was at the the skate just a little while ago today I think Pittsburgh's playing Tampa I think that's the game tonight now. And he was at pregame skate. And he said guys on both teams were talking about Zdeno Chara last night guys on both teams were talking about what he did. And and what Zdeno Chara did last night was not just tell Alexi Amylin. Back off here and play the game hard but don't take cheap shots and our guys. He told the entire National Hockey League and the message is already been received around the National Hockey League. We might have to answer for -- and here we do some like that these up and put themselves are are but how offered -- -- We only passed it would about once or twice a year I mean he he I think he has that fighting majors a year ago. And there was for a fight of men and I'll I'll go back and look at up as we're talking but I looked up earlier I think he had four. The -- that you think Montreal to the tradeoff. Well they might amateur Alexi Amylin hole. A freedoms exact what are they dislocated fight him right you're exactly. Tickets for the game. -- also after the game we're so used to. Coaches managing their words you have to read between the lives or sometimes it is what it is or try to do what's best for the team you know talking about their times. The coaches don't release today. What they're thinking our props to vote Julian last night. For saying exactly what he was thinking when he was talking about Montreal. In all the cheap stuff -- Well yeah and you know but it's frustrating right now it's frustrating part is that you end up seventeen minutes in the penalty box when you should have been on the power play. It's it's as simple as that and it's frustrating because you don't tonight has everybody's soft has a lot of embellishment. And this is embarrassing per game. Embellishing. And that right now they've got over on her power place so far and it's pretty obviously why canned we're trying to clean that are verging. And it's got to be done assumed because. You know it's not a vote tonight it's about the team in the embellishment embarrasses our game. We need to be better that than it was pretty August when PK gets here in the he throws himself and that a glass and -- its head and you know what we start calling those penalties for embellishment maybe teams or stop doing it. Until we take charge that it's going to be an issue. Well -- good for him vote personal bank offers things -- -- but it. Commissioner of basketball. Again -- what his commissioner agrees with art and general managers and coaches around the league agree with him. And and players who don't do. Agree with them it's only that -- and it literally is a handful of guys and it's a handful of guys who do that stuff. And the rest of the players in the league. Wells can say is commissioners a basketball guy what are they doing in the NBA right now they're trying to penalize people for flopping. And they're trying to legislated. They give people warnings and then if you are. If you are a serial flapper you got to pay a fine for argument you'll be suspended fort. Maybe the basketball guy who's in the commissioner's office on the National Hockey League will. Adopt that from the from the NBA. Where it really belongs in -- really belong to should be doing that hockey. It doesn't bear it it is one thing -- effort to do. To really have to think OK here we go into a situation where I can just I can just fall out I can exaggerate this thing. That's like a cottage industry. They should they -- get some credit for for acting. It it's. Funny and again listing to Maguire as I was driving and you see all the time in the National Hockey League where where a guy late like I I will trip you and you'll also embellish I'll get two minutes for tripping you'll get two minutes for embellishment. What the what the guys in the National Hockey League -- thinking about doing is forget the tree. Even if even if I did trip if you embellish you're the only guy go. And that's exactly what they have to deal and and and say this about the Bruins. Derek teams up there who think they're dirty because they're big and top and they like to hit and their teams can help. Montreal fans think the Bruins are dirty buffalo fans because of the Ryan Miller yet my -- each correcting the Bruins are dirty. There isn't anybody in the National Hockey League who think the Bruins embellish there's nobody who thinks that they flop around the weight -- case who -- -- among others. In fact that are part of their problem this year. Is if they went to it they didn't fight through things as much as they do it it went down once in awhile they get a few more power play opportunities. But close to his credit any reiterated this to his team today. We don't play that way. We're not -- that. That's stuff it now okay now quote says it's obvious why they have so many opportunities because they play that way I do wanna give them credit. They are faster -- right of their fast team they're an aggressive team not the Bruins defensively right. What do you have to say that made this is not. The Montreal to disable Montreal team. That you've seen where you say you know they don't have any toughness is not your strength but I think they don't have toughness you -- off some. -- -- -- I I don't think they have. I don't think they've got a tough -- -- the pro no of course not let but there's a reason that this was a this was the of first place game last night both pieces. Playing excellent hockey. They're not just flopping around to get to mountain coming into last night thirty points they're doing a lot warned that is what what to take. The advantage of the opportunities that they are. I won't I won't -- awarded -- -- awarded is the right -- they're taken advantage album. I I mean I guess that's how they think they have to do to win in this league I got no respect for that. I got no respect and -- -- the front about Iran they have respect for him no none zero. Okay not. If you said if you use them. Maybe maybe this is. Does make your point if he takes that as he takes all the drama. Out of his game ID did you get any help of great what are all -- I think he's got great skills. I think he could be a terrific young defenseman in this game. And I have zero respect for the way he plays in you know what he doesn't have to Michael he's got too much talent to do that -- And and the other guys in the league would would respect him more just played a game. Played a -- stop with the drama stop with the the BS flop around stuff. And and you know Michelle Terry and has kind of got a reputation Weller reputation. First for a lot of the drama himself and all this histrionics behind the bench. Personal -- Kasich wants flop against the glass and that experience going crazy behind the bench screaming at the officials because they didn't -- repeat -- act let me show Terry and needs to clean his act up to. -- doubles advocate on on the eighteenth -- text line 617. Excuse yes and number 6177 of sevens. I try to get a lot and that they guess yellow piece of paper right now Todd on today that it's Monday. To okay. Professional Rourke that's right -- don't try this at all allegedly 6177797. Under -- seven to number. 182 decks -- 37937. Devil's advocate. -- -- -- Hold -- does not absolutely does and protectors as -- is absolutely. Does not eat agitate it's different thing here. He gets in the guys' faces he did at one point last night we remember the famous sixteen -- punches to the face that he doesn't -- He doesn't embellish. And and I think people are confusing the two things here he's an agitator absolutely no doubt about that. Not a flop flop wartime -- did he did it wants Larry -- once I think it was and I think Claude jumped all over his bought I didn't do it anymore. Of may have been the Vancouver game. The Vancouver game here last year they lost it was a 32. We're all excited jury go and Longo didn't show open and Snyder was in there it was enacted many. Your phone calls coming up your comments coming up we're talk about the Bruins right now locks on the table. -- will get to it and nineties. Our plan was a place and we would play every night so we don't we don't play differently because as Montreal Canadians. We play our game and musicality of our game is part of it. And we just had to go out and compete hard and we can't change and I mean if -- answer her clean or you don't. Even pushing -- corner on Terrence you know we're a little push may throw themselves in the -- another power play and a week we can't change our style. We've got to play in a way we play if it's cleaned and should be deemed clean. But you don't land it's hard on referees because when people embellish. That makes him look bad. Well we just got to make sure that we get the right people when it comes of that and we call embellishment maybe it'll stop embarrassing referees. -- Julianne was some pretty candid remarks after last night's game the Bruins. I control -- game they were up 32 they lose it four to three have their winning streak snapped and they kind of and it takes the shine off of the weekend because. If you look at that game against. It's fun a great game it was fun totally reversed it -- down two zip looks like they have no energy. They scored get a back and get control of it and then with that two minutes left the they were in the game so. Com. Yet but yet if you look at this game last night. It was it was a strange one it was it was a strange. It really was a billiard game. Yeah acting and and look just as say from a Bruins fans perspective I was really disappointed in some things last night. The bruins' top line and I believe that Bergeron Sagan and Marchand is the top line. I know that other people think -- crate G. Portman and -- teaches the top by and I prefer to think that the Bergeron line that line was awesome all night long they were a going concern. -- didn't really show a lot Orton had a couple scoring opportunities in the first period then kind of tailed off. Lucci Chad some hits and had a fight with prost but not the force I'd like to see fourth line gave -- about what to expect some energy injection from time to time. Orton was playing like a guy who'd been a healthy scratch the night before and didn't like it. -- blanket in nothing opportunities Chris Kelly a couple of post. But you know results. And and I just I thought that the Bruins didn't get as complete an effort. From you know the eighteen skaters as I've seen in the past I think that -- more word devil's advocates on. The eighteen -- and they -- YouTube it. Go to the remarks are flop it I had last year march on flop absolutely and the Bruins addressed it with him. Have you seen him flop one time this year this year they played nineteen games this year. Because the Bruins implode Julian what demarche on its that we don't do that crap. You know the -- do that crap -- case -- -- does that crap we don't do that -- he did the past. It was addressed by Julian and he doesn't do anymore. Another -- says that. Siobhan flops and agitate that you can do both -- the skills that. -- an agitator at a -- I have no problem with his agitating play I mean that's fine. But you know it and other guys last night tried to challenge -- Bonn to answer for his actions. And he wasn't going anywhere near them and at least challenging Brad Marchand to a fight. That's only guy I've ever seen a case about -- -- Brad Marchand who's five foot nine defeat you know if he's lucky. And that's the kind of -- -- Obama wants to go with other guys in the Bruins try to get some bunt respondent on and I'm not doing Matt. We'll get to the calls in the second just a couple of -- text here Canadians and has checked and he says I agreed to -- to stand up -- be a man. An amazing how you guys overlook equates cheap shot crossed cheap shot cross check after the whistle. On these are days after the third -- goal that should have been five minutes at least. Well with all due respect to the Canadians and the absolutely pushed him down he did do that. Cross check five minute major for that come on I mean I -- -- and to your credit you knew identified yourself as a Canadian span. He should've gotten two minutes maybe for pushing him down that's all he did five minute major for the -- What is it if that was deserving of a five minute major -- should have been tossed out of a leak. There's there's there's a particular -- -- prepare pats and the car was that that. Eddie was going on. If you -- 10 o'clock -- -- you you guys what my favorite. I actually had to call about the Bruins Tom one point one I think they lost that game because chart without that time. With the goals being scored well -- nobody is on defense. Apple apple would survive a couple of years ago. I thought in going after that -- what he did that was the right thing to bill and that's why I think the broader championship team now. Well -- and I know I've said this in the past but I'll repeat it just it to make your point pat because I agree with you on this. The one thing that the Bruins to a man regret is that when Matt Cooke took out Marc Savard they didn't respond. And -- and to their credit they said it afterwards we screwed up. We should have done it we should have responded immediately now the very next game they did but they fell to two man may and we can't let a teammate have that happen. And they will never let it happen again it'll never happen again. Yet to the next game -- in the hunt for Coke right away you know -- It would have been good bet that would sit out expecting more political thing happen I think even the second -- at the. I don't think that was the right way to do I think what Jared did right on the odd ball. Eagle after that guy in to prove a point now like you said before you send a message directly. And that's our big guys I appreciate it Michael. Our parent that is like their championship team before that happened I think their championship caliber are championship level they are one has -- three best teams in the NHL. For me it's Chicago Anaheim and Boston in whatever order you wanna put the men. And and you know they are where they are because of a whole bunch of things their deep. They're they're great on defense they're they're very well balanced they can hit they can skate they've got everything go on forum. The fact that. Chara did that last night with Yemen doesn't make them a championship team championship caliber team. There to other things -- everything you said they are but two other things that bear watching even in the short season. He's played they played nineteen games only a 29 games left and -- was right amazing out and and we are today. Oh. We are we are less than a month from the trading deadline April 3 spot in the heat today -- it weird it is strange. Now I truly believe economic woes long before the trading deadline by the way they're not gonna wait till April 3. Peter sure rally is is absolutely gonna make trades but it will be here in the next week two weeks not four weeks from -- But here that the two other things that I think work in their favor you'll see you won the improvement of Tyler saying. So this is that it is is pretty elementary when it comes to Claude -- you heard him talking. You've seen him here in Boston for several seasons. He's a coach. Who doesn't like one way players yet escalators. So if you've got to tell if you're a talented offensive player I think he would lose his mind in Tampa. And -- reloaded my dad and their right and -- and coach you guys -- women like we -- -- guys. But he would go crazy if you ask that did you -- he would ask him to do things that they really struggled to do. So with with Tyler Sagan I think he has hammered that point he's hammered it and he's gotten. I didn't check the stats today on Saturday when I look them up. Tyler Sagan was third in the National Hockey League in plus -- How many people would have guessed that -- And and he has done so much more in his own end of the ice this year. I actually think he's been playing pretty well for the last couple weeks but didn't have the numbers start to show people nice start to see the numbers as well he was the best forward on the ice for the Bruins last. He had to had two people to watch for you just reminded me of a third. In terms of giving better during the season. The other when I was gonna mention. Was dogging him. Doug Hamilton had a tremendous weekend. You think about the power play goal on Saturday vs Tampa and that all the personal set up by his decision making. Hitting Tyler -- at the right time. A with a great pass that also. Saving the puck and is keeping an active yes so he's a pretty good hands you're gonna make it does so he's got to get better and here's the other guy. I went on and on about the JK. Our Phil -- that was my -- What in the same draft class. Had Brad -- And castle -- marsh on both if you just look at it the ability to. Find the net ballclub and great. But march on has taken the coaching. And he has body into being a two way player -- -- castle -- is not a thing and he's dynamic. As a one way player. What he can't he can't play your play like that X. And and by the way he's right. He's right to expect more. He's right to say -- and -- going to be complete player. I don't wanna guys just not -- at the other blue line wait for the home run -- back and help out and you have no better example -- the center on his own line. Always the best two way hockey player in the national hockey -- Patrice Bergeron is one of the best faceoff men in the league one to sell -- trophy last year for best defensive forward can score. He can do everything well it probably doesn't fight and -- and hasn't fought a long time but everything else he can do. He does -- highest level that's the kind of guy Sega needs to and he's got a lot more skill than Bergeron. While you -- oh god yet Tyler Sagan it is is easily the most talented player on this team. Speed shocked and now now he's not Patrice Bergeron yet -- Bergeron does everything. But say -- talent is is other world. See that's me that's the best pitcher that's a tricky thing to gauge up because if you don't -- me skill competition. Yeah okay Tyler Sagan you know give it gets up and on the ice -- anybody else he's got a great shot but I think. Mean -- until you see it translate until it. I understand until it showed up that's a that's a that's a big statement this Patrice Bergeron is a terrific player. Every -- into all outstanding. It right getting to more your phone calls coming up six point 77797937. Text wishing you found us good bad or different would love to hear from the 37937. We're gonna talk about this general manager. Of the New England Patriots Jerry Jones -- Robert Kraft is -- There hands good negotiated a six -- I -- LA we we usually don't hear of this from Robert crap is kind of a craft. It's usually about football operate as nine. You know I empower the people who work for me to make these decisions and so now he's -- AA eons. All guns blazing that to Peter King ethnic and counts a property. Talk about guys in the government. Tonight and -- do just that and coming. This week -- vigilant that the indictment came across and stiffness -- almost. -- -- -- On that leads me to a text. On the eighteenth -- to excellent Texas says that Sagan is big disappointment to you know your thoughts. I strongly disagree. Number two pick in the draft. Maybe there expecting him DB. -- don't top five. Are are they expecting you know Steve stamp called artistic goals. I don't I -- well I don't believe he was ever going to be. On II thought he was a solid thirty goal thirty assist a year guy may be more -- Thirty goals you know fifty assists a year guy point game kind of guy. Hasn't gotten there yet. So I guess in that respect you'd you'd tasted disappointment. -- I like most things about it. I'll say well let me wait until he's I'm gonna go crazy and say wait at least 25 but up. Woody is at 21. Before we get it -- -- -- before he's legal drinking age. Let's see what. Let let's see what he's -- to -- you actually just turned one but he's I think he has. I'll look it up make sure you just -- see woody is 21 and half OK what I wanted to have Tony to menaces it's far too early to be saying that. Other guys disappointment and has another -- Dexter wants no. Would you -- why he turned 21 antigen territory when are -- to -- Another text there was no would you trade. David crate G straight up Ford Daniel Alfredsson now. Don't know. I love Daniel Alfredsson he's kind of my fantasy add to this team although I'm not sure that the he's gonna become available. He's forty years old. Contract is up at the end of the season hasn't yet made a decision about whether he wants to play next year. He's one of those guys who looks at things in the offseason might still willing to going to the gym and do the work I have to do is it still. Some that titan -- myself cranked up for so funny enough it's gonna play next year. No one document updated creature even up for Daniel Alfredsson no way. Forty years Mars will be in 99 -- lucky some remarkable player and I wouldn't -- what it has happened on this team and play like he's forty mile wide I take him on this team in a heartbeat but not for David creature. Talk to rob rob and New Hampshire Roberts up. -- -- -- -- -- You're darn right I -- get it yet that you argued that attitude we have nobody wants. A big area. Epic all of the -- A little bit too much about sloppy you know there's that much any ethnic. They've played in the. Who -- -- try to sort out what you ought to be because they worry about it too much. Is that you know we did app you'll angle from where. And -- and all of which are big. You know apology ball it's like okay. Whatever roster -- that you -- more -- you have the cultural. Active culture at. All but then again the rest of the play out a lot to it would get charity that they. -- -- I didn't know he won't be Chara every time Chara was on the ice I can promise you that if if parents had been on the ice he'd gone. -- if -- -- sure I'm OK without because after awhile you stop to wonder though it. And we'll -- stop for a minute so so you're saying. That if they crossed checked Tyler Sagan in the ribs nobody should do when he. I mean yes -- did 'cause you don't go on after him. I did not -- that I'd bet a but I had no problem with terrible act of our lab -- could turn down the road that -- okay. Russia eat it we ought to get the bloom you know how to get out of that. We know -- -- get it added that collected they get a little bit -- about -- -- pick up and you thought you. So so you're saying they shouldn't respond. What telling us and it's like you're talking in circles here. -- And if there -- network. At work. I mean really I mean at what it should beat who who Sagan that guy mr. shipped. At the -- Well. So your saying they shouldn't have done anything -- -- the retaliation I don't include what -- So your saying they shouldn't have done any thing. Do you look at that -- what I've worked out well. Direct flight I'd eaten that they're gonna go after the guys and they bought out again at apple at the time. You gonna happen like black -- -- Well out a -- rob a couple of things one. If it happens a lot then you're right the Bruins will have to pick their spots and say okay. It's a 32 game that's what happened last night those controversial. Return game. If we lose Zdeno Chara for seventeen minutes what does that mean for this game so he can't do that all the time. And then going forward mother another point is. This doesn't necessarily happen in the playoffs. Me. It won't happen in the record you have and by the way if it did happen in the playoffs. Zdeno Chara not born after him in the playoffs prices are complicit in the regular season game in early march. Where you're trying to tell not only the Canadians but the rest of the NHL. Play -- straight playoffs strong. Cut up as cheap stuff because it will respond if you deal. If if this is the third game of the Eastern Conference finals giving -- is gonna go chase them around down on the quarter. Of course not why it's a hard for the -- just say the words. 'cause he kept saying everything but the words. They shouldn't have done anything. Burns and angry Dale's my favorite. At the however I did you know they are very LL have to give up -- -- dale I've made a few times. Mostly by saying stupid. About it dale why your jaw. Why would just say it. Because he kept saying well you know we only missed a shift. So you're saying mission responded no I'm not saying that. What he missed seventeen minutes so you're saying they should've done it all out saying yeah I ER it's okay by the way just say that. Because it's perfectly valid to say leave it alone here's the problem. If the penalty had been call. And that's what clouds point was after the game. The Bruins should've been on the power play. If the penalty had been called on the Amylin. -- would not chased into the corner. I don't know about that I don't picking one up because now he's negating a power play opportunity any think it will wait a -- here this might not be worth it. And that that was clouds point they thought they should have been on a power play in instead they -- Zdeno Chara for seventeen minutes. I guess I guess in the you know much better than -- of them which are it seemed to me he saw it he just all he would Matt. I mean. You don't see him get that way very often -- he's a very controlled person the he's not an emotion he doesn't show was emotions. Early may be an emotional person I don't know. But he doesn't show a very often. It's like the primal scream but he made. When they win the commissioner to hand out in the cup any put it over his head and that primal it was like well where we're at come from because he's always sole control. He was -- He just saw his teammate. Again and broke his com posits stick. On the ribs of Tyler -- and that's a shot don't you meet us Wally didn't miss a shift. At the point that Chara saw that happen he know how long Sagan was going to be out you -- he was gonna miss a shift or a week or a month notes. Let's talk Jack Jackson Halifax -- jerk. A guy that you take my call I'm Gary just touched on that. That crushed checked that we should have -- and called it wasn't so that -- you know being in the cap and reacted. And I totally agree where is it reacting to. And I think. You know and again. -- called by the referee yet. If guy gets called. Chart does not go out. I mean I don't I don't know what but that was kind of the implication code made as well you know we thought we were going to be on a power play and instead. Night and maybe Chara was so mad he would gone after him anyway but you know what it would have been a power play unit lost Chara for seventeen minutes. But it there have been no power play for the Canadians which they're actually wise. Right and and the other thing too is I've seen guys get this sticks slapped out of the Indians. Indian band called for a slash. -- -- part of the guy break a stick over guys ribs. -- copper crushed you. They just missed the call I mean that's all it it there wasn't. A conspiracy on the part of the officials -- it's not that while there was no penalty there they just didn't see if they saw that a called. Maybe maybe it was it was a strange thing last night we're talking about the officials because those things in Montreal we -- We all are complaining about Montreal on flopping. Well there were some hits that the Bruins put on Canadians players last night they didn't get called for either. Four had won that Portland could have been called. I'm not I gotta be honest that the parents about the analog that he got was ridiculous Hamas who bonds lighting into the goal. Yeah yeah you could call that I've -- have been an interference minor I mean but yes Dakota called out on. But there were calls missed both ways and that was the point I made on Twitter last night when I said. I generally speaking try to stay away from officiating beast -- it's counterproductive. But there have been a lot of calls that were strange and missed calls both ways here lately that have just baffled me. I mean Andrew Ference has one hand on -- stick pushes the guy in the corner. And get called for cross -- It can be cross check with only one hands on the stick. It did call -- some melt if you want but it -- crossed. Make something up if you have to more to your phone calls and text coming up but I know I -- this Robert Kraft to Peter King story print some fascinating quote in there. We'll get to that coming up as well.

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