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The Big Show's 4 at Four - 03/04/13

Mar 4, 2013|

We tackle four topics we normally wouldn't touch on during the course of the program. Today we touch on athletes vs celebrity beefs, most amazing ending ever to a basketball game and more.

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And he and then you know -- needs to be NGOs for. Or poor and toward more like fourth yeah. Yeah. Orange -- We -- be yeah. -- total. Bleep yourself. I can't believe in all. That's our broadcast out of a protester a finished story for year OK you should -- -- get it wrong again wrote all the time and tired of the afraid to correct the right time for -- for forty topics that we have not discussed. Young Benjamin young Andrew come over the topic what do you media. Are right in the New York section one class double -- boys basketball championship game between New Rochelle and mount Vernon New Rochelle player Khalil and me inbounded the past two point nine seconds to play down one and somehow the ball got deflected back to and you throw the three quarter court for -- And -- it. I was impressed he got the audio. It sounds like it was nothing can tell -- back to -- impressed that you haven't. I didn't CNET tilt and I thought earlier today and seeing what the question is this the most improbable buzzer beater you've ever -- -- I've never seen that much stuff happening in two seconds before. It is as weird -- play so in that regard yes I would say it's as improbable. A buzzer beaters you've ever seen because the guy who inbounded the ball throw it away. The pass away bright as and it was given back to him -- get a three quarter court shot and all this happened in its second span. Yeah I met mr. but it that's the that's the problem. It was two point nine seconds ago. So you think of the you think a buzzer beaters. How many how many seconds were left in that. That duke Kentucky game Christian Laettner. -- is on a second laughter how many were dated actually take to do the play. Or your questions about that's a courtside -- that was what was so impressive about that one. It was the actress yes it was a great pass on Brad hill. And then late -- -- able to dribble turnaround and I hate -- let everybody else to graduate the duke and even what to do you probably immediately to. Stands out to me those -- number one just because you had. It was a David vs Goliath situation. Had Houston. In sees -- back in the day. Yeah Lorenzo Charles is throwing in an air ball -- and an air ball. I just had never seen much stop happened in that period of time to answer your -- an important point one seconds left in the late this year otherwise in this one don't. The stakes matter to -- Like this was where the what sectional championship the most it's always a safe for those kids -- -- -- dealers many. But if -- four and national championship a buzzer beater for the national title. The article at the NC state Houston. It. I think -- this cycle -- -- plays the most improbable one I've ever seen. Then that I -- where I. Am home and it's all over sports tennis and as bad that's the most problem the best part of that videos on the ref calls good and it's great -- By the way the ref didn't look at replay. You know they they huddle up the three officials huddle up and then the ref has already emphatically makes that the signal for the baskets and it's it's. Even Al -- tell you we looked at the replay afterwards and and he did get it right. The ball was out of the kids and with point one seconds left. No way of -- that like I call it. Exactly texas' don't Richard -- and currently act okay improbable path. That probably I thought that's what the Lille and until that date from past buzzer beater I've ever thank you for certain adult geared gridlock in the eight. Championship where the plane was I was number two. All right as we've seen the last couple weeks slow lane has gone into quite a feud with the Miami Heat. It did not accompany him and me and eat. Yeah yeah. He did that at the MBA all star festivities he's a Laker fan he just sat I don't know is that when he says barely knows -- the Miami OK art. Okay Lil Wayne has been thrown out of Miami Heat gains and has also claimed to have had sex with Chris Bosh his wife really. What is the most ridiculous celebrity -- athlete feud. He said he had sex with responses wife. Chris -- says what. Is lucky you know what he says -- dumbfounded look on why should he want to go to. My -- that's like that's calling out Chris -- you say that. With. Rookie Chris Bosh doesn't go to the courtside -- that he -- it. It just it just tosses them around a little bit little Wayne vs Chris oh Chris Bosh that have a reputation of being a bruiser. In the NBA I think Chris Bosh can take we easy what do you think. I think just about anyone can Louise is that. And upon -- -- got -- afford. I got a ridiculous. Celebrity. Dust up with celebrity -- -- you may not remember. Remember -- -- how about. Ben Affleck -- -- You remember holes don't remember you guys out there every city. This major test how hard core hard you Ben Affleck. 2002. Calls outlook reloading the broadcast with Sean McDonough. On on TV now out and I Maloney had been -- down its market -- -- -- Whose -- up -- Donald -- Jones that's I'll so that's what we're that's would I know on -- so. -- is complaining about being -- the Pataki. He said the Red Sox are being -- was a quote the Red Sox are -- by being disrespectful word disparaging our careers. Which Affleck responded no hitting won 92. How greater -- I think that's how long ago was 2002. I look at it today Carty had Academy Award by overloading big time. Radio host on Boston radio and TV host in Boston and Ben Affleck Academy Award picture of the best picture disaster usually goes. All of when he had good cause yet so I can't say anything bad about Ben Affleck he put us in a move ahead. My favorite directors if you are -- -- absolutely -- all Laker you won't hear that there alcohol Affleck for. While I'll give you one I thought about this initially I was gonna go with rowdy Roddy Piper against -- law opera. But I thought that might be too far back for folks remember. Got a better for. Can card -- inning Chris Humphries. Kentucky hold up the divorce. It now that's as bad as it gets right. She's already pregnant -- -- guys -- he's what he's all that it is because it's more cash out of it that's mile time athlete. Well is Kim Kardashian and technically a celebrity it's a celebrity of cool somebody's got Tony which is Clinton's prostitute. -- that it is gonna say she's famous for making a sex tape right -- touchy about it show -- they've reverses. Alicia comfort. Really happy to be back in Calgary two of Canada I was and sort of comment on how. It's becoming a common thing in the NHL for guys to. Fall in love with my sloppy seconds. -- -- Enjoy the game tonight. Sean Avery is a huge Richard. Yeah actually got suspended for that it was grass that gets suspended for saying that I wanted to fight him. A little issue copper infatuation myself Maloney said he got pearl harbored. By Affleck a reference to really what -- his movies are all all about away or continue with number three Dwayne Bowe has re sign with the chiefs. Any name populist Andy Reid talked -- -- -- your contract converted to celebrity it's likely vs how. He's likely vs everybody that there courtside and just -- harass everybody walks by you of course have lots of -- Old school Jerry Lawler vs Andy Kaufman who that was good -- Aspirin does completely made up -- faked a great -- -- at number -- was victim dollars in. There was there was sort this weekend Magic Johnson offered a one million dollars of LeBron James or to participate and win -- slam dunk contest. Should LBJ except the offer and give the people what they want. Well. It's -- good. But of dollars. That again. -- what are what are we spending so much time talking about the dunk contest why does it matter to just totally heat home game every night is that what was it mattered that much to Magic Johnson. To give LeBron James a million dollars it intelligent life does get back. But really that the -- the dunk contest. I think we've reached the point. What we've seen. Pretty much everything there is to see what it comes to the dunk contest. -- And the other thing is enjoy it. I don't necessarily need to see LeBron James or Blake Griffin -- again or anybody I didn't see celebrities and. Where will this time players and in addition he magic Johnson's McNeil I don't care how expands it I guess Simmons offered up to 1000 of his money to add to the pot. None and -- Bill Simmons offered 2002200. Anyway. The contest is a little boring for me. I mean let's be honest you don't have to names that are in it for crying out loud. I mean that a star power you got grip -- against LeBron James would bring back to the two for Saturday night to watch that really -- Is it. To say in the contest BC heat. Why don't nobody I may say -- -- but I don't money thing. Or is it you need to see something else I like most people talk about that it was not basketball we know all the beauty of the game it's five guys you know playing together. The beauty of teamwork -- people talk about. Jordan vs LeBron or they talk about. Now LeBron vs Colby this guy -- you know. LeBron vs Kevin Durant what they're talking about. What -- one what most people like to see. LeBron and Kobe. Playing 211. I wanna be fun to. Win by two now right. There aren't the contest having -- bit -- -- for what. No I mean everyone just wants to see LeBron do. All the major stars have done -- at some point he's the only woman hasn't. I just policy and take magic money. Hasn't dumped in ten years in the league I'm guessing that he probably doesn't wanna do it wouldn't be pissed off your heat fan guys and a dunk contest may get hurt. And seen some of the YouTube videos that people been posting from Miami Heat pregame warmup. Oh great to. Create it it's great it's great -- it's the stop I watched on Saturday night. Michael for the also I don't know these guys better because those guys miss like fifteen -- -- -- -- in -- -- shooting percentage was better in the three point contest but it was in the in the dot com -- statistic Europe. Was a report right round two. Who'll lose first black hawks vs heat only and it's gonna keep bring it back to happen. How can come with another -- Where it happened before. And every -- -- -- meet -- if you like money moments fail three. That people. Use the Blackhawks will lose to blues. I said. Sure I'm positive. Hope people like the bad. I'll argue that money. That the kids' college bond OK here's in this century. That. Good dad did as good. Marion posada unbelievable. Well keep their dramatic to it would yesterday and humid out. They've had a close to losing that but in dollars and then Miami fourteen straight -- -- close to losing to bear down sixteen yesterday to the knicks. They went to overtime with the grizzlies. Were down to the cavaliers lately came -- to win that game. Man -- and I'm still gonna say Blackhawks -- a little tip for you gamblers out there I'm giving you this one. That was the jets vs 49ers who knows that all important. So go the opposite of what to what I tell you right here the Miami Heat will lose first. Miami they've come close to losing. They're -- -- Harlem shake. They're thinking about offers from magic in the dunk contest they're distracted. They lose before the Blackhawks. -- -- -- -- -- Luther it's just just that -- the happened it got a blues react -- and the way that the schedules compact and they'll play three more games before the play another -- probably. I got that. We're going to record -- I of the Blackhawks losing first of the second yeah -- Friday about it before the break here and more girls Texans. -- 1000. Twitter followers. -- 980. Did you all the Islam so I did lose them actually. To a ball be like today that was the -- -- spoke to shave your head no it wasn't releasing him there. It's opening the terror for the bet that you. It was a statement it will or will -- be embarrassing picture of the two goalies exactly. Shake your head and take a picture -- an embarrassing director Bakken.

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