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Pod Man Rush: Turns out Jack Edwards doesn't like Montreal

Mar 4, 2013|

Bruins NESN play-by-play man Jack Edwards joins DJ Bean to react to Claude Julien's rant about the Canadiens, discuss the state of embellishment in the NHL and figure out who might be on Boston's radar as the trade deadline approaches. A million-dollar idea for NESN is also discussed.

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This. -- million rush him. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. A -- camera phone WEP guys. Plot plot welcome. The latest edition of. Odd man rush to busy month the Bruins so get right to the party. My guess this week is one of several University of New Hampshire graduates including yours truly and the Bruins media he's a legend and a pretty nice guy as well joining us from Washington DC the one and only. Jack Edwards from -- and Jack thanks for coming on this week. Here it it -- Art so Claude Julien was uncharacteristically. Outspoken against the Canadians on Sunday. I didn't see you in the room. As he said it's so I didn't quite get your reaction I can imagine what it would be somebody -- -- -- steer you with -- question to play the audio and doubly. To proceed from there frustrating part is that you end up seventeen minutes in the penalty box when he should have been on the power play it's it's as simple as that. And it's frustrating because they don't tonight has everybody soft has a lot of embellishment. And this is embarrassing per game -- -- And that rate now they've got over on her power plays so far and is pretty obvious why canned we're trying to clean that are per game. And that's got to be done assumed because. You know it's not a vote tonight it's about the team in the embellishment embarrasses our game. We need to be better that than it was pretty August when PK gets here in the he throws himself and that a glass and pulls it's head and you know what we start calling those penalties for embellishment maybe teams will stop doing it. -- until we take charge that there's going to be an issue. He's right as usual. Actually in its structure and he always has been. And you know it's funny how people are saying well you know. It was so close Chileans seem. Which Mike -- -- made the save its Malia and situation in the neutral zone 2004 and it was caught chuckling on the bench just moments later. But ports in major didn't do that votes to Boston. Hasn't done there been individual instances of it but I think sit there or not. Instances. That it hasn't gone that way it worked out of all projects and try to stay up there -- And I haven't embellished when they -- That you called goat -- events by individuals and I think this quote. Body of work. Pretty clearly showed that he is scourges that. On players to play more and that you have to apologize to anybody for saying what he says it's it's true that it's stroke. He does as you does have the body of work to show that he's not to have a guy who encourages that but I guess. My take away from it and I know that you mentioned the -- think that was the first thing I thought as he was thinking at that he should know as well as anybody and not not that it's his fault but. That it's happened to pay in Montreal forever while he was there it's happened throughout the leak forever we've seen Brad Marchand BC and rich -- -- We've seen other Bruins do it at a zillion times and what I think of it it's not quite as -- or not even close to his agree dismayed with the exception of the Marchand triple Axel there. Against the capitals in the first round last year but. I mean it happens enough with each team that. It's not specific to the Canadians it's worse for the Canadians -- they ever reputation but. I just don't see it going anywhere you know we we heard Kevin BX over the offseason. Championed the idea of distributing this divers list and we -- can be exit director in the Stanley Cup finals and when Mark -- hit him low he grabbed his face so. I just wonder is there anything that can really be done to put an end to it. Sure of course they're and what can be done -- put an end to it is that players can respect each other there's so much talk about orders respecting each other all the time we're talking about hitting fairways and of vulnerable position. But. Respect yourself so you respect your game. -- on if you go back and you look at the old. You to fight studios. Guys didn't stop throwing one people -- down there instances where a man is. Into the -- and the guy on top continues to actual budget that happen anymore. Partly because it's been legislated out but also because there's a code. And the guys -- are top guys. Know that when the other guys hurt call in the wind and say enough already okay so that's a form of respect that comes from. What some people with bank and unanticipated. Source by. It's -- or restore respect themselves have to like keep the game. From becoming the jokes that international soccer has over this issue. Then they've got to get their act in in the they got to get their act together forever because it's that it's eating away at the credibility it. They include -- is right there wasn't about one game on Sunday night at the garden. It was about. There's integrity of hockey is all. I can tell you that he does not condone it. I can tell you that I like. Like -- or relatives said. You to their players you know you're not gonna play if you behave that way their coaches to institute -- systems including -- that they. -- news who has said if you dive. I'm gonna find you and you can read it to the players association so that's you know that's the way it is with some guys in the NHL yet there are others. -- in -- on the power play who'll gladly look the other way. That's to the detriment in themselves at -- set of what people -- that doesn't make people passionate about hockey. If you want clean it up clean it out there against players. Do you think that it's also a matter of legislation as you said before to Julie -- point reps are being made out to look bad especially by teams that are more notorious. But it comes with a diving think Jim McGuire was on Monday Lou. On Monday Jack and he was saying it does decision makers the HL kicked around the idea. Of -- more harsher with says that the diving minor and not giving it out to both parties and just giving up the guy who relishes. I think no matter how the bills from healthy is set up it's gonna be something that rats are hesitant to call because. The last thing they want is to send a guy off when it turns out he's actually hurt. Right well this is the situation -- the refs obviously. Do not have. Any good feeling. Four during the game they don't want to do it I ask the Elias Sports Bureau. About three years ago to run some numbers in the second out this season. And they actually produced some sort shocking numbers for me. Included. That there were. Natalie. Many fewer diving penalties called overall the there was only one. One unilateral. Diving Connelly called in the second half of the season and that was against Tomas Holmstrom. Of the Detroit Red Wings who is as are working to -- that's fine. But it was church that he was the only man until the end -- -- -- so you were talking about Morton's 600 game. That you are down so you know if you had a magical Zamboni that. -- researchers. The -- And you can play 24 hours day with various teams matched up that means in the national IQB. Play for something like seventeen consecutive days and only one side but peace until you unilateral. That's literally are. Police so the the only way to solve this since the guys wearing stripes are not willing to do it without at least site on -- -- than the other team. As as a trip and -- that -- -- it's kind of if you think about it illogical. You're you're really need post game video review in need. And I hate to say because. That guy used all the a lot of the shots at basketball guy. By the and it shall probably should study and BA model. About -- where there are people who examined video and they determine it from multiple angles after games. Other players took -- or not and those players should be called out publicly they should be humiliated and we should. Know who they are -- you know we should know and the fans should know and their teams should be embarrassed -- You might disagree with me on this -- I mean. I thought the Evelyn cross check out Sega was bad I think Sega did sell a little bit I think that. He was I mean you didn't miss it didn't miss a shift seem to -- after kind of taken a couple breaths. On the on the bench there but -- here with this when a guy breaks a one piece composite stick doing anything. What's holding it taping it thinking about it ordering it online doing anything with what he's composites that I'm not surprised. Do you think that drilling the hole he broke his stick cross checking him argument is a little bit deceiving when you're talking about -- to stick the breaks ever doing. Actually -- more. The -- as you know week -- one of the weird things we use we tracked. Composite sticks of break in the -- plates and they're breaking at a much slower rate this year and they have. In any of the pastors that we tracked them. Manufacturers clearly -- trying to make more durable and make them -- that would stand. Blunt force or abrupt force from. Ankles so that don't include the the areas that portion of one. The state is being that first shot so you know perhaps sought the manufacturers that way. I I challenge you DJ to take the current artistic and snap but over here need not leave pretty well. That was a cross checked as a dirty play. It it was not a part of legal hockey and chart at the right thing -- -- Tokyo and you know it's just. That's that's the way it is then and because Marshall won one regular season game against abroad and you get an entire day of school what areas. Imperious and -- -- -- -- for real well this is the way you play hockey yet. You know the famous actually key interview that's where all the -- -- hockey except you didn't police themselves. -- it's like you know right okay sure there's the way yours post play hockey. It starts by you know pulling a -- want to rouge sweater over your shoulders and now you know out of hockey. If you don't have that colors what are on the and you don't have any idea of how to play hockey in fact. Anyone who's ever. Did in a resident of Montreal knows more about hockey you do as long as you can accept that then prepared now and just boring that's where royalty like. That plays right into my next question you know on the subject of that. On that -- that sequence and and everything Dave Stubbs and you know a lot of our friends and in Montreal they always wanna find reasons to -- -- -- Chara. And I get that because that's the way they are this is no disrespect to you you know that you get it. Quite a bit of -- fans and other markets who think that you're too much of a failure to passionate about it. On the Bruins and the way you see guys say is suggesting that Zdeno Chara. Is going after a guy with a surgically repaired to face just for the sake of beating up a guy with surgically repaired face that pastor raked up there. With with some of the more absurd things we've heard from Montreal I mean analyst should be fair game if he isn't wearing cage correct. Montreal writers should get surgically repaired arranged I don't need to justify that with the with the discussion just. The ridiculous. Ridiculous -- your plan hockey to preserve your face you're wrong profession I mean my friend -- This is a dangerous job you know that you wanna run around late breaking -- -- -- scoring start. You ought to be accountable for your actions and while we're -- Lars Eller is turning into these posts -- -- solidly this stick work -- you're still on last night and equates flying. You want to act outweigh let's -- accountable for your club and part of and Eller who lost -- into the super glue stick it on his arms before reporters candidate well last night. Because there was no way it was code those Romanoff and you know for people say that's fighting should be banned from hockey. Watched last -- it. Watched last night's game. You can talk all you want about how well it charges. Presence in the penalty bench -- often the -- if they're dead. Those were troop Fort Worth spending because if you're gonna play table hockey. And you listen to the way these guys talked about it yeah hops to know that your teammates have each other's backs. I'm not sure that aside from Brandon prost who many other guys of the Canadians -- each other's backs in a situation like that. What you can be assured but watching that game you know every single player on the Boston Bruins roster. As the other guys -- Switching gears a bit Jack guts site to spoke to Chris Bourque got today he said that he isn't worried going into the trade deadline you know a lot of times. Entering the trade deadline guys -- -- they attention getting -- things like that but I guess and Bork's case the -- with him should be is he going to be replaced do you think that. He has reason to worry about though losing that -- lineup. Made that very worried and worried and anybody else does because. Aside from Patrice Bergeron and there a chart -- no movement clauses. Just about everybody else has this situation where. -- and ask them to leave or can ask for a list of teams to which they could be moved. Here are surely go improve the team he's gonna -- for the trading deadline. April 3 and that -- and that's that's. To have a job as a professional athlete. It's not to have that much security that's why these guys make a lot of money because. The job -- current fleet and that you don't produce in the way your team wants you to produce. You're going to lose your job and -- that's really good moments. But he. How strong enough of them together. To make him in the untouched category and it takes a long time you know so. You know he's he's not inside the court right now and he's a guy. Who either could be moved or. Or just loses job outright if not it would be it you'd be hard pressed that the quote natural killer is scratchy -- keep Portugal -- it. Right exactly and out of the names that have been linked to the -- you -- to give law. Briere has also been out there Alfredsson. Stephen -- some of these guys obviously have more sentimental value to their teams which might make the asking crystal bit. More than then surely would like to spend but. Of those guys that'd been thrown around it feel free to add some more of your -- what do you think is the most likely for the Bruins go forward. Well you know the guy that we've had our eyes on the Internet and broadcast for years as Smart strike. You know tremendous. Skill. Smart defenseman. Kind of like currently but so effective. And a really valuable player. Usually would fit inside the enormous amount caps they are surely. You know I don't know how long islanders at this time around -- economic playoff spot if they think they're going to be and it's certainly a guy that. That they would depend on but the ownership there are so wacky you know Renault surges on. No reason other than -- -- stockpile goods -- fixed. Immediate prospects for the future so. You know part. Hard to tell he's going to be available but. I think -- Geithner definitely can help you always want to add a doubt that and promote Aaron Johnson right now but -- You're an upgrade that situation going with eight guys. It depends. That says. The biggest need the obvious need is at forward. I I don't know if the Bruins wanna take on freer I think he's got a cup. You guys got that two more at six point five mil and meet with it without -- coming up with Horton fair and maybe he's gone that. I mean that that's too cloudy. Yep and even though you go to your payout is actually woke his career at one of the original are starting contract I think it's something like rebellion few in a you're right it's -- -- -- -- -- exports -- that's just taken -- much is. As they are white we had an interest in discussion with the department or it was then and I mean no -- got a lot any course he's that he color commentator order for virtually all white career and last year. Which switched to Ottawa. And you really liked -- a lot and he thinks that they eat your creeks and Oprah wants. You know. Bruins haven't seen -- much awesome hockey Steve -- but. You know I would just. -- is it Democrats on that though. Yup -- and it also I want to forward any popularity says the guy has great charter is that our history that charter -- operators. You know he's view he is definitely one of those standup guys. True all they ever. In every sense of the word and understands the game. Analyzes the game well actually gives the player is recommendation and eat he brought is -- -- -- five. That's prior predict pick up and right now oral looks like -- -- -- -- -- -- you know maybe he'd be out there. Until especially on the -- on right now. I would like the most -- -- target. And or -- that he he would often because it's. You -- you know. She has these -- back you'll fight for anybody on the roster. You will scored huge goals shall -- -- move the puck. They'll block or shot they'll do anything yet after you got -- Kabul. Character references. And we've seen that by example for his entire corner so. Keep the perfect -- Q and then you know that that you -- you like Nathan Horton insurance if you know that it was situation where. Orton gets cold cocked by our role he's like game three is Stanley Cup final. That's later in answer for that you -- Jim Byrd lined the first one having all smoke. That's. That is serious. All right Jack one last thing I want let's say I've I've actually got a suggestion for you and Essen and feel free to say it's the worst idea in the world I think it's a million dollar idea. -- -- -- much during Bruins games just because. As a writer it's tough to tweet and right in watched the game. And the more things that you had as you're watching the game it seems you take away time from being able to watch the game. But I will say that. On the games that NBC takes away from us and I know the you'd rather be calling them. The your fantastic on Twitter throughout the game and here's my idea I love the caps locks tweets from you. When you would normally be yelling during the telecast so my suggestion is. Hash tag Jack's lock every time you do it and -- and could do this thing we're like the show all the -- locked tweets or whatever and fans can get in on the action night. I just I just feel like deck and that this can double lessons profits somehow. Or are sure they'll be glad you're not sure -- not see one any of that but this. That's why owners -- of player's player right now well well look into that Vijay now. I'm sure there's other related all the all over. Awesome quite I don't know how but don't quite confident that'll make a lot of money. At the order order all right thanks Jack -- wouldn't -- DC. --

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